Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Feb. 3, 1999

Engineers and government officials will meet Thursday, Feb. 4, to discuss rerouting traffi c during the construction of the Clyde’s Way-Co. Rd. 22 underpass.

On a rare five-to-one vote, council approved a resolution placing an income tax increase on the May ballot. Jeff Fryman, councilman, cast two “no” votes; the first, to try to block suspension of the rules to allow the action to be approved on one vote, and then against the issue itself.

Interviewed after the council meeting, Fryman said, “I’m not big on tax increases.”

Robert “Bob” Von Deylen was appointed the Ridgeville Township Fire Department chief, after Dexter Benecke resigned. Keith Wyse, Ridgeville Township trustee, said the trustees appointed Von Deylen to the post during its Monday night meeting, Feb. 1. VonDeylen has been the assistant chief for 15 years.

Pat Beck was named a member of the Administrative Board of Quadco Rehabilitation Center. Donna Eureste was elected vice president.

Marilyn Stoner, Stryker, was sworn as postmaster at Ridgeville Corners.

Deaths- Delores E. Armstrong, 80, Wauseon; Martha E. (Dimke) Gould, 79, Pearl River, La.; Pauline Marie Schwiebert, 84, Hamler, Ohio.

Lynn Fielitz, Archbold native who leads the Army volleyball program, was honored as the Patriot League Coach of the Year, Jan. 15.

Archbold sent eight wrestlers to the prestigious Top Gun Wrestling Tournament in Alliance, Friday and Saturday. One came home a champion.

Clark Forward, a future University Of Michigan Wolverine, was the lone Blue Streak champion, topping all 140-lb. contestants.

Charles Nafziger recorded his 200th career-coaching win, Friday, Jan. 29, when the Pettisville Blackbirds escaped the grasp of the Fayette Eagles for an 85-81 Buckeye Border Conference victory.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Feb. 8, 1984

Larry Short, water department superintendent, conducts a water hydrant test Friday in downtown Archbold. It is a sure sign of spring, according to a photograph.

Nolan Tuckerman, village administrator, told council the village was sending $25,000 to the county engineers for the village portion of the cost of reworking Co. Rd. 22.

David Lersch, superintendent of schools, said a new device installed in the telephone system at the Archbold Elementary and high schools necessitated the use of a new telephone number (446-2726). The new system went in effect last week.

New headquarters for the Magic Kiln, local ceramics business, is 1404 South Defiance Street. Sandra Shirley is the owner.

Rollin “Bud” Beck is happy in his job at the school because he enjoys the challenge of fixing things and keeping everything running. He said he also enjoys the kids.

Honor Students- Claire Rupp, perfect 4.0; Rebecca Leu and Troy Short, Miami University; Willard Patterson and David Wyse, Defiance College.

Linda Beck and Dalila Tijerina are taking part in the Goshen College study-service trimester in Costa Rica this winter.

John Lauber is quoted in an eight-page article in the Jan. 30 edition of Newsweek magazine entitled, “Can We Keep The Skies Safe?”

Efrain Canales is a champion. He is the 1984 National Silver Gloves champion boxer. Canales is coached by head coach Joe Moda, with his father, Efrain Canales, Sr., and George Ponce, assistant coaches.

Andy Peterson, who set Blue Streak football records, plans to play college football at the U.S. Military Academy next fall.

Judy Dilbone is a member of the 1984 Kent State University women’s gymnastics team.

An ordination service for John L. Schrock will be held Feb. 26, at Zion Mennonite Church, Souderton, Pa.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Feb. 4, 1959

Doyle Hayes, stationed in the army at Fort Meade, Md., is spending a 16-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hayes and family.

R. Thomas Lauber, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lauber, has been appointed cashier of the Monitor Bank in Big Prairie, Ohio. Prior to joining the bank in March 1958, he was an assistant sales promotion manager at M&R Dietetics Laboratory in Columbus. Lauber resides with his family in Millersburg.

C.F. Murbach left Friday for San Francisco, Calif., where he will cruise to Australia. He plans to return in April.

A new program for Little Eden Camp at Onekama, Mich., for 1959 is planned, according to Harley Nofziger. One of the features next summer will be the Golden Age Week. Nofziger is secretary of Little Eden Camp Ground Association.

Firemen were called to the Orval Wyse turkey farm, where the ceiling of a new addition caught fire from a salamander.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Jan. 31, 1934

County Republicans honored the birthday of William McKinley, U.S. president, at Wauseon Memorial auditorium, Jan. 29.

The county relief committee received another large shipment of butter, salt pork, and flour to help the poor families.

Firemen responded Friday to the farm property of Sam. S. Short, where the roof was burning.

Mrs. Earl Bernath will host the Women’s Reading Club Feb. 5 at her home.

There never were enough prohibitionists to make prohibition. It was the railroads and great manufacturers that put the taboo on liquor. They will be the first to demand a return of prohibition or something like it.

A large crowd turned out for the Parent-Teacher meeting at the schoolhouse Wednesday evening. Talks were given by T.L. Parker, Gertrude Schlatter, and O.R. Taylor. Alfred Short played guitar-harmonica music, and Wm. Lauber played the accordion.

Three bandits robbed the People’s Bank at Carey, Friday. They got away with $1,000. It’s the sixth time the bank has been robbed.

Charles E. Yost of the Fayette Review says that improvements and high taxes do not attract industries to a town.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Feb. 9, 1909

Elmer Rupp, son of Daniel Rupp, pastor, is the new assistant cashier at the Farmers & Merchants Bank. He has been employed at the First National Bank, Wauseon, for two years.

He comes to Archbold with highest recommendations, to take the place of A.H. Short, who resigned to go into business. Rupp is a product of this soil.

A speaker at the Bryan Booster Banquet said it is no use for men to go west to hunt gold when the common cow yields such profits and one can live in comfort, instead of sleeping on the bleak mountain side and enduring hardships.

The front of the Hotel Vernier building is being changed to a large plate glass front.

The building will become a hotel again and operated by E.L. Norton.

There is a large dining room and plenty of kitchen space. Archbold is always in need of a hotel.

Bert Weiser’s coon dog was nosing around a buzz saw last Friday at the handle factory and got too close.

About five inches of his nose was cut off, except the skin of the lower jaw. Bert put him out of his misery.

C.F. Brown, Toledo, state building inspector, said the proprietors of the skating rink are forbidden to employ boys under 14.

Henry Nofziger resigned his position with Rupp Bros., to accept a position with Dimke & Roether.

Friday, Feb. 12, 1909

Professor Tubbs, music instructor in the Archbold Schools, received word his mother died in Philadelphia.

Bert Carter is suffering a sore hand. While grinding feed last Wednesday his hand was caught in the grinder. No bones crushed.

Archbold has had two creameries, neither of which could exist; not because there was no demand for the butter, but because they could not get enough milk of a profitable quality.

Emil Lugie has bought the Yeager acres west of town, which his wife and son will farm while Mr. Lugie will conduct a tailor shop in the rooms above the Nofziger building.

The T&I is putting its cars in good shape at the shops in Stryker. The cars on the line are kept up better than on any line that runs out of Toledo.

The Archbold Caswell Club gave a dance in honor of A.H. Short.

Inspectors have found things much worse at the Napoleon Bank. Many of the securities that were supposed to be good were thrown out as worthless.

A glove factory is to be started in connection with the Wetzel Hub Works, if present plans carry. There are many small manufacturing enterprises that will pay if young men will only turn their mind along that line. A manufacturer is as independent as a farmer.

The Red Cross Drug Co., is preparing to move into the room recently vacated by S.C. Nofziger.

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