Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Jan. 20, 1999

The fire department was called to assist at the wreck of three Conrail freight trains early Sunday morning, Jan. 17. A westbound train ran into the rear of second westbound about 2 a.m., at a point west of Williams County Rd. 19, which is west of Stryker.

A photograph shows Don Secondine, gunsmith and silversmith at Sauder Village, holding his great-great-great grandfather’s war club. Jim King has photographed over 100 war clubs for a book being prepared by Scott Meachum, of Grand Rapids, Mich.

Later this week First National Bank, Northwest Ohio, including two offices in Archbold, will officially become Mid Am, effective Jan. 23.

Installation of new lights in the Ruihley Park Pavilion is complete. Jan Schroeder, board member, asked if the board will form a committee to inform voters about the proposed income tax increase for the parks.

Deaths- Grace L. Leu, 79, West Unity; Jennie A. Grieser, 57, Archbold; Harold J. Short, 80, Archbold; Ida M. Hernandez, 94, Fayette; Nellie M. Wyse, 74, Archbold.

A photograph shows Dave and Sylvia Miller in Goll Woods Toadshade Trail on cross county skis.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Boyer celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Feb. 6.

Clark Forward became Archbold’s all-time top wrestler. He recorded his 135th win against Liberty Center Jan. 18.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Jan. 25, 1984

Lester J. Trigg, Fulton County sheriff, won’t be sheriff anymore. Trigg told the Buckeye Monday he will run for the post of Fulton County commissioner.

Lester Rich is named the Citizen of the Year. A charitable nature and astute business mind are the dominant characteristics of the 1983 Archbold citizen of the year. He is a community leader and family man who gives generously of his time to many worldwide philanthropic enterprises.

Nolan Tuckerman, village administrator, said the village is still in negotiations with landowners concerning the Walnut Street storm sewer project.

Jerry Anderson, Channel 13 newscaster, will speak to Commercial Club members Monday noon.

Charles E. Lugbill, one of 20 directors of Livestock Marketing Association, will attend the annual meeting in Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 20.

Deaths- Irene M. Rupp, 70, Archbold; Florence Drake, 80, Light Street, Pa.; Maurice P. Brunner, 69, Defiance; Matthew L. Ruffer, 10, Howell, Mich.; Woodrow J. Clemens, 69, Stryker.

Richard B. McQuade, Jr., Common Pleas Court judge, has been elected vice president of the Ohio Common Pleas Judge Association.

Pat Yoder likes being a teacher’s helper. A photograph shows her with third graders: Ryan Bernath, Christopher Watson, Amy Rich, Amy Holland.

A full page advertisement congratulates the newest industry in Archbold, Al-Meda Chocolates.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Jan. 21, 1959

Production at Young Spring & Wire Corp., began Monday, Jan. 19. There are 25 employees and more will be added. E. W. Littlefi eld, general manager, said the company will reach maximum production by Feb. 15. Young Spring & Wire has 18 plants throughout the United States and Canada.

Fulton County ranks first in Ohio in cattle feeding, second in poultry production, and fourth in truck crops, according to a statewide survey.

Motorists traveling the length of the Indiana Toll Road will pay $2, an increase of 5¢.

Four new refuse cans will be placed in the business district. They are sponsored by the Commercial Club. Club members hope the cans will be a shock to litterbugs.

Officers of the Peoples State Bank are Earl W. Murphy, chairman of the board; Wilmer J. Eicher, president; A.C. Fagley, vice president; Ralph J. Baldwin, cashier-secretary, and Mildred Brandt, assistant cashier.

Ann Otte, Ridgeville Corners. is a member of the 70-piece concert band at Valparaiso University.

John Zimmerman completed an accounting course at the American Institute of Banking, Toledo.

Officers of The Farmers & Merchants State Bank are Fred Ehrat, president; C.F. Murbach, vice president; A.J. Stamm, cashier, and V.M. Rupp assistant cashier.

The New York Central will discontinue train No. 203 Saturday, Feb. 7. It runs between Cleveland and Chicago.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Jan. 17, 1934

A new department has been added to the Archbold public school system. It is a kindergarten class started as a part of the government’s emergency school program. This is the first venture in pre-primary training in the local system. There are 19 pupils enrolled.

A farmer living a few miles from Archbold lost all he had in the crash. They took his farm and all his possessions. The man took work with the CWA to keep his family in bread. With money from the CWA, he paid interest on a bank loan. Bad times cannot keep such a man down.

The state liquor control department is asking for bids for liquor licenses in Fulton County. Only package liquor is to be sold under supervision of the state liquor laws. Two men to be employed: a manager and a cashier.

Jacob Ehrat was re-elected president of The Farmers & Merchants State Bank; George Probeck, vice president; A.J. Stamm, cashier.

Charles Schmucker, northeast of Pettisville, was kicked by a colt, cracking the bone in his right arm.

Robert Aungst, sophomore at Ohio State University, was elected president of Delta Sigma, a national fraternity. It was the first time in university history a sophomore was elected to such high office.

Floyd Crossgrove has opened a new garage business in Burlington. He has many years experience in engine repair.

CWA workers spent several days repairing the bridge a mile east of Zone last week.

A kindergarten class has been organized in Fayette schools. Helen Weller is the teacher.

Babe Ruth has suffered a salary cut from $78,000 to $37,000 a year. The depression hits everyone.

The demand for used autos is exceeding the supply in the United States.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Jan. 26, 1909

Ernest Miley will be the first rural carrier in Fulton County to carry mail on a motorcycle. He has purchased one and as soon as he gets it broke to the saddle he will make a trial trip.

Patrons on route 25 may listen for the honk, honk.

Spies are watching closely to get evidence of the violation of the liquor laws in Archbold.

It is said the local talent has been engaged to get proof of the breaking of the laws.

William Ruffer and Abe Whipple captured a big raccoon Saturday. While cutting wood east of town the coon was scared into a field. William ran after it and caught it by the tail. He held it high by the tail until Whipple came with a club and finished the animal.

There were 201 marriage licenses issued in Fulton County in 1908. In 1907 there were 232. Divorces in ’07 were 31. In ’08 there were 28.

Robert Simon, a French physician, has been in this country some time preaching the virtues of seawater in restoring health. He is the chief exponent of the sea water cure in France and has become famous by urging seawater injections in diseases of the skin, joints, and intestines.

Scald out the pail every time after feeding the calf, and keep all of its feeding vessels clean. This will lessen trouble with the young animal.

Friday, Jan. 29, 1909

WAUSEON- For having two wives, John Petee was arrested at Fremont and brought here.

He says he thought his first wife was dead and married again.

When the first wife showed up he left the second and again began living with his first.

This is the first case of this kind in the annals of the county.

The experiment of placing the headlight in the roof of the cars is to have a fair trial on the T&I.

It is believed that in this position the light will throw further than in the usual position.

A large party of hobos was in Archbold Wednesday evening. They worked back doors in the south part of town and slept in the police station.

None of them asked for work, only free food.

The formal opening of the Peoples State Bank Co., is Saturday.

Let every citizen be present and show appreciation of the efforts of the men who have so much confidence in the future of Archbold and are doing so much to build up the town.

The new bank is a compliment to the entire neighborhood and should be seen by all. Be sure to attend.

Traveling salesmen say collections are not as good as formerly in some of the neighboring towns.

One drummer told that Archbold was the first place he had struck where the businessmen seemed to be able to meet their bills without difficulty.

Where is the winter weather we had a few days ago.

Now it is sunshine and balmy spring zephyrs, tomorrow it may be rain and next day something else.

The weatherman at Washington seems to be trying to please everyone at the same time or else he is getting his cases badly mixed.

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