Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Dec. 9, 1998

Council held a first reading of the plan to convert Urbas Consulting into the Village of Archbold Engineering Department.

The home of Ora C. Aeschliman was sold at auction to Joe Short for $71,500.

Dennis Howell, who has been on probationary status since last spring, was hired by council as village administrator. He fills the position left by Joe Duff.

Headlines- La Choy Seeking Tax Abatement; Bringing New Product To Plant….Frank Smith Earns 30-Year Post Offi ce Award.

Ryan Nafziger, PHS graduate, was a member of the play Play On At Hesston College. Nafziger is a sophomore.

Wade Schnitkey, AHS football standout, was named Associated Press Second Team All-Ohio for Division V. Last season, as a junior, Schnitkey earned special mention by the Associated Press.

Bridget Moon, AHS ’98, said, “Life at West Point is better than I could have ever imagined. It’s a good atmosphere for growing, and I definitely see myself growing. It’s like living three lives.” One of her favorite things about West Point is dealing with the people, she said. “They’re all hard-working, very goal-oriented.”

Kurt Krueger told Chamber members about his journey to Archbold following World War II. Krueger grew up on a farm in what was Prussia and today is Poland. The farm was located in a large Mennonite farming area. At age 14, in 1944, he was taken from school to a work camp. All the young men in the camp were assigned to dig ditches, which the German army hoped would stop the advance of Russian tanks and troops.

Hunters involved in the special archery deer hunt in the Goll Woods Nature Preserve Monday took two bucks and five does, according to Bob Sanford, preserve manager. Hunting with bow and arrow will continue through January, he said.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Dec. 7, 1983

Agriculture cash receipts for Fulton County in 1982 were $88.9 million, the fourth-highest county in the state. Total cash receipts from farm marketing of crops, livestock, and stock products for Ohio were $3,673,806,000 in 1982. Mercer County led all 88 counties.

Between 50 and 55 representatives of Archbold-area businesses were entertained at a lunch Thursday in the cafeteria by the Archbold Area Schools.

George Emmons, office manager of Ohio Gas Co., in Archbold, said that on a forced-air gas furnace, the blower motor should be oiled, with the vents clean and open, so the unit is operating at peak efficiency.

Steven Wyse, vice president of Bil-Jax, said Monday his firm will add 5,000 sq. ft. of warehouse. He said the contract has been awarded. They’re waiting for state approval.

The Mrs. Phoebe M. (Cletus) Schrock auction Saturday west of Wauseon grossed $75,750 for 20 acres. Carl Roth, Archbold, bought the home and buildings for $40,500. Wayne Schrock paid $1,875 per acre for 18.8 acres of land.

Deaths- Waneta Gearig, 61, Wauseon.

Archbold is not the only home for Blue Streak athletic teams. There is another in the north country of the United States.

Jon Stotzer, who practiced law in Superior, Wis., felt right at home when he read about the girls Blue Streak team in the Duluth, Minn., daily newspaper.

James E. Hensel discussed various phases of the Ohio DWI law at the Monday meeting of Commercial Club.

A feature focuses on Jo Lantz and her generosity and how it brings her happiness.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- Amtrak operates more than 91,000 trains annually and reports an average of 29 derailments a year, rarely having disastrous consequences…. Paul Harvey calls attention to the income of striking airline personnel. He said, “Pilots received $150,000 a year. Flight attendants average $33,400 a year for a four-day week…. Now that we are more prosperous and the economy is improving, can it be credited to or can we blame Reaganomics?

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Dec. 10, 1958

Construction of the new Young Spring & Wire Corp., is nearing completion. The building is one story, 200×330 feet, or 66,000 square feet, of floor space.

Victor, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Hesterman, will graduate in physics from Iowa State College.

Jack Lauber was initiated into Phi Alpha Theta national history honorary society at BGSU Monday evening.

Gene, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Bernath, was discharged from the U.S. Army and has returned home from Korea.

While home from college at Ada, Phillip Buehrer fell and broke his left arm while playing basketball at the high school gymnasium.

Williams County Fair showed a deficit of $2,600 this year, according to Woodrow Schlegel, secretary.

James T. Altman, Stryker, is retiring as rural mail carrier Dec. 6. He first carried mail in an open horse-drawn buggy 40 years and 15 days ago.

Northwestern Ohio has the greatest concentration of farm field drainage of any area of its size on the face of the planet Earth. No other state has a soil survey program of the magnitude of Ohio.

Archbold people have been enjoying sub-zero weather the past few days.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Dec. 6, 1933

Eva Fagley has graduated from the International Business College, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Peter Seiler says he never knew a time before when the people were in such poor financial condition. On his recent western trip he found the people broke, about everywhere he went.

Weddings- Ralph Fether and Blanche Ziegler, Sunday, Nov. 15…. William B. Lauber and Velma Mae Moore, Wednesday, Nov. 29.

The Archbold High School band will broadcast over WOWO radio, Saturday, at Fort Wayne, Ind.

Inflation is a reversal of the Bible theory. Inflation takes from those who have and gives it to those who have not and never will have no matter how much given.

Want to help Northwest Ohio farmers? Do you want to indirectly help local business conditions? If so, the next time you go to the grocery store to buy sugar, demand beet sugar, instead of cane sugar. By using beet sugar you will increase the demand for the product and if the demand increases, farmers around Archbold may soon have the privilege of again signing sugar beet contracts. Here’s your opportunity to help farmers and your own pocketbook. Buy beet sugar.

C.S. Roe, of the Bryan Press, says worry, envy, fear, and hate as being the great enemies of health. They must be cured by other means than administering of drugs.

Jesse Myers is spending an indefinite time with Frank Bowman and family, near West Unity. Myers is assisting with farm work while Bowman is recovering from a broken arm sustained while cranking his car engine.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Dec. 15, 1908

The South is a nice place to go in winter, providing one can live on the beautiful sky and magnificent scenery, but for men who are in the habit of eating, Ohio is the place.

The holiday trade is assuming its usual proportions in Archbold. Merchants are displaying goods in larger variety and of greater value than ever before.

This is the time of year many people pay up old accounts and start the New Year square with the world.

Citizens did not respond to the call to meet with the Delta council and discuss the waterworks question. The council may now act independently.

Quite a number of citizens of Williams County have been coming to Archbold to buy their supplies and other merchandise since that county went dry. They are usually seen late in the evening carrying big packages toward the T&I Depot. Some are so heavily loaded they stagger under the weight of their purchases.

When the skating rink floor was laid on the second floor of the Peoples State Bank building, the best of matched maple flooring was used. But the damp cinders were placed under the floor to deaden the sound. Now the floor has swelled and bulged so part of it must be taken up and redone.

Five masked robbers forced Mr. Budd, Defiance, real estate man, to open his safe from which they stole $100 and a gold watch. At Deshler, four men got off the train and exchanged shots with the town marshal.

The electric light plant owned by the village of Bryan has more demand for electricity than they can supply.

Daniel D. Nofziger vs. Grace P. Nofziger, divorce and injunction.

In Center Township, Williams County, the schoolhouse in District No. 1 burned to the ground Wednesday evening.

Friday, Dec. 18, 1908

Citizens State Bank, Napoleon, was closed Tuesday night by the directors. They discovered the cashier made loans without the authority of the directors.

The Ohio German Fire Insurance Co., which is in trouble, has a claim of $102,000 against the bank.

Pearl Ruihley returned home from Oxford Wednesday evening to spend the holidays with her parents.

Known as the Peter Stuckey farm, situated 2 1/2 miles southeast of Bryan, consisting of 160 acres more or less, good location for dairy farm. Will be sold at the courthouse at Bryan at 1:00 on Jan. 2, 1909.

Beucler Brothers, Stryker, put up $105 bail for Dick Julliard, who was arrested in Toledo in connection with the robbery of a cash drawer in a hotel. No money was secured, but several bottles of hotel whiskey are said to have been found on Julliard.

John Beckman, formerly motorman on the T&I, was killed at Bay City, Mich., Sunday. He stuck his head out of the window to see how the snowplow was working. A passing car brained him.

Local shippers at Archbold and Elmira have been notified that all stock shipped to East Buffalo must be for immediate slaughter and cars must be disinfected. The Buckeye could get no confirmation on the report that hay and straw had been quarantined at Elmira.

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