Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Dec. 2, 1998

Headline- Fairlawn Haven Announces Chapel Plans, Needs $300,000; All told, the chapel will enclose 9,400 square feet and cost $1.194 million. Fairlawn will contribute $675,000 and the auxiliary, $219,000. That leaves $300,000 to be sought through donations.

A crowd estimated at 4,000 persons stood outside, in ideal weather Friday night, to watch the Parade of Lights travel through Archbold.

60th Wedding Anniversary- Carl and Delores Armstrong Dec. 6. They have four children, 36 grandchildren and greatgrandchildren, and one greatgreat grandchild.

40th Wedding Anniversary- Albert and Bonnie (Fleener) Babcock, Dec. 4. They have four children and five grandchildren.

Leslie Clemenson, Fayette, was introduced as a new fulltime job developer at a joint meeting of the Quadco Rehabilitation Center administrative and non-profit boards on Nov. 24.

James L. Davis III completed basic training at Fort Knox, Ky. He is a US Army Reserve private.

Deaths- Sarah V. Oberlin, 82, West Unity; Lester G. Rupp, 84, Pettisville; Leland Esterline, 79, Archbold; Donna M. Johnson, 84, Bryan; Judith Rae Nemire, 61, Montpelier.

Vern Dahl and his son Isaac, 3, enjoy the Parade of Lights Friday, according to a photograph.

Four Pettisville students helped lay a wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington, D.C. during a band trip to the capital city. Mark Switzer, Katie Linehan, Matt Nyce, and Erin Weber appear in a photograph.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Nov. 30, 1983

Starting Jan. 1, you must have liability insurance on your car; if not, then other poof that damages caused in a traffic accident can be paid for. “But it’s more than signing a form,” said Bill Beck of Beck Insurance Agency. “If you sign the form, and then you don’t carry insurance, it’s a crime.”

Teresa, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Eicher, and several other children got up close to Betty and Maggie, the horses that pulled the Sauder Village wagon in the Santa Parade on Saturday, according to a photograph.

Mary Behnfeldt, county commissioner clerk, said she has sent out more than 14,200 notices of the Tiffin River viewing to owners of 23,000 parcels of land in Fulton, Defiance, Henry, and Williams counties.

Joseph Furko, elementary school guidance counselor, said third graders scored in the 90th percentile in the nation in academic performance and ability.

Lauber Manufacturing Co., began a 5,000 sq. ft. addition to its building that will serve as a raw material warehouse.

Deaths- Herold B. Short, West Unity; William Sadler, 80, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Paul H. Ford, 80, Fayette; Estella Disbrow, 76, Archbold.

Sheila Short and Karen Vonier enjoy driving school bus, according to a feature story.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- Christian Endeavor was organized by Francis Edward Clark of the Congregational Church in Portland, Maine, in 1881…. After a massive nuclear attack, scientists claim there will be no mourners…. In the good old days a “working class beer” included a free lunch for a nickel…. Invention of the TV provided mankind with an escape convenience. You don’t need help to watch the boob tube…. Boardwalk casino operators increase sales and revenue by pleasing customers. One casino increased earnings $3 million a month by installing a mile of thick, plush carpeting.

In a photograph, Andy Wilson shows a super part of the structure of a beehive. Andy harvested 900 pounds of honey from 13 similar hives.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Dec. 3, 1958

Young Spring & Wire Corp., Detroit, soon will be in production here in a 66,000 square foot facility. They will employ from 50 to 100, according to N.D. Ely, president. They will manufacture padding supports used in automotive seating, furniture, and bedding. Company officials found Archbold to be ideally suited in every respect.

Yoder & Frey, Inc., will hold its annual Christmas auction, Friday, Dec. 5, at its sales pavilion one mile west of Archbold.

Larry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fish, will be a featured soloist when the Heidelberg College Choir presents “The Messiah” at Grace Lutheran Church in Fremont.

Tom J., son of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Stevens, pledged Sigma Nu fraternity at Albion College. He is a sophomore.

Pettisville Community Chorus will present “The Messiah” in the school auditorium, Sunday, Dec. 14.

Carl F. Schmucker, 37, Pettisville, died Saturday in Maumee Valley Hospital of injuries he received Wednesday in a two-car crash on State Rt. 295.

Ivan Carter is in Wauseon hospital with serious injuries he received in a tractor accident while working on the Gerald Miller farm northeast of Archbold.

A photograph shows the new Happy-Time school bus purchased from donations to the developmentally disabled children’s school in Wauseon.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Nov. 29, 1933

Fulton County has joined the national campaign to put thousands of men to work on local, state, and federal projects, to eliminate unemployment during the winter months and speed national recovery.

A large number of men with picks and shovels are busy beautifying the three-mile strip of land east of Independence Dam, at Defiance. When the project is finished no automobiles will be allowed in the park strip east of the shelter house.

Wauseon council and waterworks board is considering the installation of a sewage disposal plant.

Archbold Board of Public Affairs employed Dan D. Frey to drill a test well on the Ora Rupp farm, in the southeast part of town on land recently leased by the village from Mr. Rupp. Mr. Frey sunk a test well and struck the best vein of water in the history of his work as a well-driller. He found gravel over 30 feet deep, which ensures the largest supply of water the village has ever had in a well. Mr. Frey is of the opinion that if a rotary pump were placed over the well it could easily produce 400 gallons of water per minute. This is the deepest gravel vein he has ever found and the best well during his career.

The T&I Railroad is now competing with the New York Central for carload shipments of livestock out of Archbold. It is reported that Archbold ships more carloads than any other town between Toledo and Elkhart. A new stock-loading dock has been erected at the T&I siding in Archbold. The T&I now has transferred facilities with the Wabash and can accept shipments for that road.

O.A. Bourquin has been appointed as deputy registrar of motor vehicles in Archbold. Vernier McLaughlin Probeck Company will sell the license plates.

Leonard J. Klopfenstein, son of S.H., has written a song entitled “We’ll Be Happy Just the Same,” which was published in New York. It will soon be introduced over two radio stations.

At his public sale last week, Eli Rupp sold a harness he had used for 52 years. The harness was purchased from Fredrick Stotzer. It was one of Stotzer’s quality products.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Dec. 8, 1908 Fulton County Commissioners seek to secure $5,000 from the state for the repair of the gravel roads of this county.

The Rossman store property in Wauseon has been bought by a firm composed of some of the clerks in the store. The new firm is Brigham, Guilford & Co.

A farmer living near Archbold began worrying about his boys. The more he thought of it the worse the trouble looked. At last he sent for the preacher, and asked him in case of war would his boys be obliged to be soldiers. The minister eased his mind in a truthful and unusual manner. He examined the boys feet, measured them, and told the farmer he need no longer worry as the feet of his boys were too big and they could not be soldiers.

The State of Ohio may approve several millions more for good roads. It pays.

When the skating rink craze is over it will be time to build the Mansfield & Coldwater road.

Ambitious young men and women should learn telegraphy. Since the new 8-hour law became effective there is a shortage of many thousands of telegraphers. Positions pay from $50 to $70 per month to beginners.

Forty hours of devotion begins Tuesday at St. Peter Catholic Church and ends Thursday evening.

Agriculture is everywhere being recognized as the coming industry. The old notion that the man who works with his intellect more than with his muscle is not a real farmer, but only an imitation, is fast becoming relegated to the background. California sent 4,000 cars of lemons east during 1907.

The telephone is beginning to find favor in China. The subscribers in Peking now number 1,700.

Germany’s great new battleships of the Dreadnought type cannot safely pass from the North Sea to the Baltic. They are enlarging the Kiel Canal to pass 20,000-ton ships. Great Britain believes they should build two Dreadnoughts to Germany’s one.

Friday, Dec. 11, 1908

This newspaper reported last week that recently in southeast Springfield some of the dry creeks had suddenly and without apparent reason, became filled with water and were flowing good-sized streams.

All kinds of theories were advanced, one being that the continued drought had coaxed the water from the great depths. Others thought the phenomenon was in sympathy with the local option election.

It now develops that the water came from sand pits southeast of Archbold, which were drained into Owl Creek, thence into Brush Creek.

Bids for the Evansport Pike were opened Wednesday. The lowest bid was $6,230, or about $5,000 a mile.

Be good and you will be rich. If such were true, if it panned out, if virtue really brought wealthy, what a moral country this would be. The facts are that bad people get rich too. Both good and bad can be poor.

Be good and you will be long lived. This too is false doctrine. Everyone knows bad people who live to be old and good that die young.

Ervin Druhot got his $50 dog back. Some Michigan parties had it. The dog disappeared three months ago. Ervin offered $10 reward for its return. Ervin thinks there was some crooked work somewhere.

Mrs. Menno Wyse died of typhoid fever yesterday morning. Her husband was buried recently. Six children and their grandmother are down with the same disease.

At the annual meeting Tuesday of the American Red Cross, William Howard Taft was unanimously reelected president of the organization. He said it gives him great pleasure to continue at its head.

The Stryker marshal watches all cars from Archbold for drunks. He has a place to put them.

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