Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Nov. 25, 1998

AHS marching band has been selected to march in the 1998 Marshall Field Jingle Elf Chicago Holiday Parade this Saturday, Nov. 28.

Headline- Rex Wyse Sails 37-Foot Boat Across Caribbean Sea, Pacific Ocean

At various moments during the past year and a half, Rex Wyse found himself eating limes from a bushel basket, hunting red-footed boobies, and scraping barnacles from the undersides of boats.

“It all comes with the territory when you’re a full-time sailor,” he said. Rex is the son of Ivan and Martha Wyse, rural Archbold.

Retiring Chamber officers are Marvin Nafziger, president; Bill Dunn, vice president, retail; Joyce Klingelsmith, secretary; David Lersch, vice president, industrial; and Todd Ziegler, treasurer.

Rachel Ulrich was promoted to vice president of human resources for First Federal Savings & Loan, Defiance.

Three AHS students were honored as Marchers of the Year: Nathan Lugbill, freshman; Ryan Hoverman, senior; and Tim Armstrong, senior.

Bill Hollingshead, AHS ’44, was named West Unity Citizen of the Year Nov. 17.

Deaths- Harvey F. Hancock, 69, Stryker; Britanny Wyse, 14, and Michael Wyse, 9, rural Fayette; Herma M. Mull, 95, Sylvania; Ilva Riley, 92, Minocqua, Wis.; Nancy A. Wheeler, 64, Stryker; Hubert Keafer, 72, Napoleon

50th Wedding Anniversary- Ivan and Shirley (Graber) King, Nov. 25.They have four children and 10 grandchildren, all of Archbold.

Jackson Gerken, helps his grandfather, Jim Short, cover the bingo card at the fire department feather party, according to a photograph.

Molly Graf, Archbold, was elected director of the Fulton County Agriculture Society Nov. 14. She replaces her husband, Jack, who could not run for reelection because he was elected county commissioner.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Nov. 23, 1983

Council learned there is little interest among the industries located at the south edge of the village to be annexed into the village. Ed Oberhaus said a survey of his employees showed they did not want to pay Archbold village income tax. Ed said, “You fellows have to think about the offers our factories get to relocate in other parts of the country.”

Wm. Lovejoy, mayor, told council he received a letter from the county commissioners requesting the village provide housing for stray dogs for periods up to 24 hours.

School board and Wide-Lite, Inc., have reached an agreement concerning the lights at Spengler Field. It could mean a savings to the district of about $10,000.

David Lersch, school superintendent, advised the board to accept chiropractic examinations for physical examinations. Lersch said twelve persons have applied for the clerk-treasurer position.

Archbold Furniture Co. plans to complete a 17,000-sq. ft. addition by Feb. 1 with the aid of a $600,000 loan partly supported by the state.

Larry D. Short, superintendent of the water treatment plant, was elected vice-chairman of the Northwest American Water Works.

Deaths- Linda F. Nafziger, 37, Wauseon; Emerson D. Seiler, 75, Fayette; Frederick W. Kinsman, 12, Hamilton, Ind.

Martha Schantz is responsible for school attendance and a good bit of the monetary work connected with the cafeteria.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- Book publishing is big business in the U.S. More than 30,000 new titles are produced a year. Most of them are not worth reading…. Sydney Harris, columnist, writes, the King James translators of the Bible did much injury when they Englished the beatitude as “The meek shall inherit the earth;” the French translators did better with “The debonair shall inherit the earth,” meaning the good-natured, the affable, the easy-going…. Archbold and Fayette high schools were the first in Fulton County to have basketball teams. Archbold played its first game in the fall of 1910 against Fayette and lost to the visitors in the Rink Hall, above the Peoples State Bank building.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Nov. 26, 1958

Over four million pounds of dressed turkeys plus over 1,500,000 head of live turkeys have been shipped from the Archbold area to grace Thanksgiving tables of the nation. Production this year hit a new all-time peak, and the demand has been steady. That means 1,785,000 turkeys have been cancelled through Archbold marketing units.

Eicher & Son have dressed and packaged 4,560,000 pounds of turkeys for the eastern market.

Tons and tons of turkey feed have been gobbled up on feed lots in this area.

Victor G. Ruffer has sold his grocery and meat market on North Defiance Street to Kenneth Nofziger and James Ziegler, who take possession tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov. 26.

Over 4,000 people toured the new headquarters of the Farmers & Merchants State Bank Friday and Saturday. The weather was perfect. Over 100 well-wishing bouquets of flowers and plants filled the lobby.

William G., son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Crossgrove, was inducted into Delta Phi Alpha honorary German fraternity at Ohio University. He is a junior in the college of arts and sciences.

Firemen served over 300 suppers Saturday evening and grossed $1,390 for a new fire engine building.

The State of Ohio celebrates its 156th anniversary this week.

Seventy-Years Ago

Wednesday, Nov. 22, 1933

The Fulton County quota of men to be given immediate employment under the Civil Work Administration is 154. The men will be employed on projects approved by the Civil Work Administration.

Archbold School Board has filed suit in Common Pleas Court against the Board of Education of Ridgeville Township rural school district, asking $665.40 tuition.

Believe it or not, but a young cock pheasant walked into the front door of the Franklin Nofziger Service Grocery Wednesday morning, the first day of hunting season. While N.J. Rychener and others were sitting in the front part of the Peoples State Bank they saw a young pheasant drop out of the sky and land on the main street pavement.

Gottlieb Hans Schuster, Belgium’s military agent to the United States, stopped in Bryan Monday, to change planes for Troy, Ohio, where he was to view airplanes made there. Mr. Schuster is commissioned to buy fifty airplanes in the United States for military purposes in Belgium.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol was formally launched Wednesday noon, Nov. 15, with the swearing in of the 60 patrolmen in the simplest ceremonies at Camp Perry.

The Archbold Buckeye, the largest newspaper in Fulton County, is an all home product with many features and more reading than any other county publication, $1.50 per year. Join the growing list of Buckeye subscribers.- adv.

Daily newspapers Friday carried the story of a Texas girl who tried for three hours to lead her famous racehorse into an airplane for a trip from Newark, N.J. to Washington. After three hours of failure we wonder if the animal was merely exhibiting good old horse sense.

The average wife would be a lot happier if she could mend her husband’s disposition as easily as she mends his clothes.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Dec. 1, 1908

The horse and buggy of Edward Schaad, minister, Tedrow, which was smeared with eggs after he gave a dry speech Monday In District No. 10, German Township, was on exhibition all day election day in Wauseon. It was viewed by hundreds of people. Frank Gasche also was egged at the same time. The egg throwers were hidden in the darkness and the sheriff is looking for them.

Simon Short and Emma King were married Friday.

Elmer Lauber broke his collar bone Saturday evening in a fall from his bicycle.

Archbold women decorated the IOOF lodge room with lace curtains, etc. It now answers the purpose of a reading room and club.

A large number of out of town guests from Bryan, Wauseon, Delta, Toledo, and Chicago attended the Thanksgiving eve ball in the new People’s Hall at Archbold. Carl Hill’s orchestra, Toledo, furnished the music. The entertainment committee was composed of E.A. Buehrer, C.W. Waldvogel, and A.H. Short.

Harry Lauber and Mattie Short were married Wednesday evening.

Many young men in Archbold are struggling to raise sideburns.

Friday, Dec. 4, 1908

Old Jack Page is out of the penitentiary. His sentence expired Tuesday. Jack intends to make his home with his son Isaac at West Unity. There are many prominent persons who are trembling with fear that Jack will hand in another bunch of confessions. His testimony already has sent 24 men to prison. The two years sentence for firing the home of Daniel Baxter at Bryan expired this week. Baxter is still in Michigan where he is protected by the governor.

Sam Burkholder’s fat little dog crawled into a tile after a rabbit. In sixteen nights and seventeen days Fido was found and dug out. He was quite thin and could not stand. The hair was rubbed off his back. Fido did not get the rabbit. The dog refuses to crawl into any kind of hole.

A trolley party of sixty from Bryan came to Archbold Saturday evening to attend the skating rink. They declared Archbold an all-right place to have fun.

The Scarletina (Scarlet Fever) scare seems to be under control in Archbold. No new cases and the five afflicted are doing well. But whooping cough still rages.

It has long been the public opinion that reform schools and penitentiaries do first offenders more harm than good.

A number of Archbold people who attended the football game Sunday at Stop 84 were disappointed. After a long wrangle the game was declared off as Co. G refused to live up to their agreement with the Bryan team.

Something must be done to check the wave of lawlessness in Archbold. Conditions here are getting no better. Saturday night ladies from Bryan were insulted and pulled about on the streets by drunken rowdies and nothing has been done. A few workhouse sentences would have a tendency to help matters.

Dozens of traveling men come to each village along the trolley line every day and little attention is ever paid to them. Before entering a place of business the drummer throws away his cigar, buttons his coat, puts breath killers in his mouth, composes his face to a Sunday school look and enters. All day the drummer is an actor, a pious man, a villain, a straight businessman, in fact he is everything to everybody: hypocrite, liar, saint, sinner, any old thing to sell the goods he is peddling.

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