Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Nov. 4, 1998

Headline- Village Tax Hike Voted Down; Graf Wins Commissioner Race.

The largest class in Archbold schools is the eighth grade. There are 131 students; last year there were 133.

Enrollment in Archbold schools is down 15; Pettisville is unchanged.

Terry Henricks Chrysler- Plymouth-Dodge-Jeep-Eagle, asked for and received from council, a 1-year abatement of 100% of the property taxes on the firm’s $1.3 million investment.

Norway has the highest tax rate, 65%.

John Trudel received the outstanding county auditor award by the Ohio state association.

Jason Nofzinger completed Navy Boot Camp at Great Lakes, Ill. His parents are Willard and Mary, Stryker.

Speaking of the grand opening at The Candy Cane Christmas Shoppe, Burlington, Sharon Lantz said there were approximately 2,700 visitors in two days. In the first hour there were 480.

Lynda (Bettison) Suazo, AHS ’81, has been witness to the destruction of Hurricane Mitch in Central America the past week.

Death- Gilbert Lopez, 61, Wauseon.

The Festival of Lights will feature almost 110 lighted pieces.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Nov. 2, 1983

Gordon Swaney, volunteer executive, has recently completed an overseas assignment for the International Executive Service Corps.

The non-profit corporation sends retired executives to give managerial and technical knowledge to enterprises in developing nations.

According to Luther Gautsche, Northwest Products Division of Quadco will add new lines because there is demand for their products. Gautsche spoke at the Monday noon luncheon of Commercial Club.

A visit to the Fulton County Jail is an unforgettable experience. Built in 1876, the jail has not aged gracefully. It is an antique that needs remodeling.

A photograph shows Lenny Miller, Archbold, ranger at Independence Dam, Defiance, lecturing a group of students on the importance of the canal system built in Ohio in the 1940s.

Community Commercial Club received a new podium at the Monday noon meeting. It is made of walnut and was built by Dean, son of Mr. and Mrs. Russ Gericke. He made the lectern during industrial arts class. A photograph shows Gericke with Marvin Miller, club president, and Robert Durbin, vice-president.

The 36th Cherry Street Mission banquet hosted 450 guests at a complimentary meal. Fern Beck and 30 volunteers from Archbold served the mission. Clyde Christy is superintendent; Walter Stamm, Archbold, board president; Bob Lantz, Archbold, board member.

Nathan Bott, Archbold High School senior, was named preliminary winner in the Ohio University history contest.

Toni Smith’s pumpkin costume was named most original at the Jaycee Women’s Halloween Party Saturday.

Award winners on the golf team are Ed Miller, most improved; Chris Miller, lowest average; Mark Stevens, most points; and Dean Gericke, allleague.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Nov. 5, 1958

Banner headline- Voters Defeat Sewage Bond Issue By Nine Votes…. Big Democratic Sweep In U.S.; DiSalle Wins; Bricker Defeated.

Farmers & Merchants State Bank will move to its new, modern, drive-up bank building in the 300 block of North Defiance Street on Monday, Nov. 10, starting at 9 a.m.

A series of revival services will be held at the Central Mennonite Church, near Archbold, Nov. 10-16 by B. Charles Hostetler. He is known for his radio show “The Mennonite Hour.”

An underpass on Shoop Avenue, Wauseon, has been approved by the Ohio Department of Highways.

Late Sunday night Jesus Ramirez was arrested by Toledo police for breaking out of Fulton County jail a week earlier.

Ernest Frey, Orval Richer, and Donald Liechty will show pictures taken in South America at the second Elmira Community meeting Thursday evening.

St. John’s Evangelical Reformed Church choir presented a musical program at the home for the aged at Upper Sandusky Sunday afternoon.

The forming of this year’s archery league begins Thursday at Hit Archery Supply.

Average cost to educate each school pupil in Ohio for all districts is $279.31.

A silo on the Herbert Schaffner farm collapsed Wednesday while being filled with ground corn. Schaffner and his fatherin law were in the silo, leveling the corn as it came from the blower, when they noticed the side buckling. They escaped before it collapsed.

About 1,750 employees of Central Foundry, Defiance, returned to work after ratifying a new contract based on local issues.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Nov. 1, 1933

There are 82 less pupils attending public schools in Fulton County this year,

The state highway department is advertising for bids for a new steel bridge on Route 6, southeast of Stryker. The bridge over Bean Creek, south of Archbold, now a temporary affair since the accident some time ago when the old bridge went down with a heavily loaded truck, is to be built of concrete and steel.

Solicitors for the fund to secure enough money to provide a police radio system for Northwestern Ohio were in Archbold and other county towns, last week, seeking contributions to the fund.

The King-Wyse Manufacturing Co., Elmira, has had an encouraging season. This is the first year they have offered a potato grader and weigher on the market. Orders for the machine were satisfactory. Fifty have been sold, which is the capacity of the factory.

S.A. Powers and sons Winn and Wier, and A.D. Knapp have formed a partnership known as Powers & Sons, Inc., and have located in Montpelier. They will make parts on contract for Ford Motor Co. and will employ about 25 men. They have rented a large garage and are remodeling it to fit their business.

China will buy cotton from Uncle Sam if uncle will loan China the money. China will sell the cotton to Japan and Japan will sell it back to Uncle Sam. Great business.

Hugo Eckner may be a great man recognized nationally in aviation for his skill in operating the Graf Zeppelin, but residents of this community might believe it more fully if he had piloted the Zeppelin over this village in one of his trips to and from Chicago.

The Archbold Milling Co., will soon have a new set of scales. They will be the largestever used in Archbold.

All steel cars are becoming popular with railroad companies. When boarding a train always choose a steel car in case of wrecking.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Nov. 10, 1908

Quite a number of people attended worship services Sunday at the new Lockport Mennonite Church.

The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beck is sick…. Abe Nofziger, wife and son Herald are visiting Joel Beck and family.

Jacob Short is improving his house by building a new porch.

Peter Siegel, Abe Nofziger, and Woodworth Wyse husked corn for Alf Nofziger at Klondike.

Don’t sell the sheep. Wool will soon be up to old prices when they fix the tariff as they have promised.

Now the election is over. To suit the manufacturers, they are offering many thousands of new jobs. Good times for rich and poor can be expected. Archbold money is coming out of hiding and the bank deposits are growing rapidly.

It is said there are relatives of Archbold families starving in the city. They are too proud to let their friends and families know of their condition. Better come back to Archbold where there is plenty.

There are people in Archbold who have words said over them when they are sick. When a man has the jumping neuralgia he can say a few powerful words himself.

Archbold needs to have a new building for its official business and public meetings. The old town hall will not fill the bill if it is gilded and ribbons tied to it.

If committees were obliged to pay for the food, labor, and advertising, how much profit would there be in a church supper at 15¢ a plate?

The demand for cooperage, doors, hubs, ladders, flour, novelties, farm produce and other Archbold products seems to be on the increase.

Friday, Nov. 13, 1908

The general store of Henry Seichrest and the furniture store of F.A. Rowe burned at Ridgeville Corners on Thursday morning.

Bryan druggists have given notice through newspapers that the practice of selling small quantities of whiskey or other alcohol for legitimate medicinal purposes without a prescription will be discontinued under the Rose law.

Fred Yedica is now a clerk at the J.P. Flory store…. Peter Eicher’s little baby is sick with scarlet fever.

An Invitation Ball will be given in the new hall on Thanksgiving evening by a number of young Archbold men. They are engaging good music and a number of guests from out of town are expected.

The new Mennonite Church, two miles southeast of Pettisville will be dedicated Sunday, Nov.15.

The Supreme Court has decided that the word maple must not be used on syrup that is not pure.

Even an American multimillionaire’s checkbook would snap itself shut at the sight of certain gowns which Paris dress experts predict will be the vogue.

Mrs. Fred Yedica, Miss Mary Craemer, and Mrs. Maggie Mine are spending the week in Defiance.

Not everyone laments because the days are growing shorter, for meanwhile the nights increase in length and fascination.

Though it’s not absolutely certain, to the best of knowledge and belief, the barn dance of today is modeled in its main features after the Indian war dance as it was danced from about 1750 to 1835.

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