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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 28, 1998

The first ever countywide United Way collected $74,359. The goal was $175,000. Contributions still are arriving.

BPW charter members appear in a photograph: Madalyn Stanforth, Frieda Nofziger, Martha Rupp, Gladys Gentit, Evelyn Rupp, Marilyn Smith, and Wanita Young. The club observes its 40th anniversary.

Steve Rupp, his wife Mary, and their son Jeff, at the Fulton County Airport on the first day of the new business, Rupp Aviation, Oct. 25, according to a photograph.

A two-story country home with .57 acres and a barn northwest of Archbold on Co. Rd. FG sold at public auction by Rodney Fielitz to Scott and Jodi Bernath for $86,000.

50th Wedding Anniversary- Vernon and Janice Rohrs, Nov. 7. They have three children and 10 grandchildren

Deaths- Mary C. Beaverson, 89, Fayette; Wayne L. Fackler, 65, Archbold; Richard H. Meister, 48, Delta; Ralph B. Johnson, 78, Archbold; Paul R. Schultz, 82, Defiance

Nicole Stannard is in the cast of a BGSU play, “Those That Play The Clowns”. She plays the part of Fru Gerdes.

A two-page advertisement appears for the grand opening of Candy Cane Christmas Shoppe, Oct. 31 and Nov. 1.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 26, 1983

Proposed zoning changes for the 400 block and part of the 500 block of North Defiance Street and three lots on West Williams Street were defeated by the Planning Commission last night.

Members of the commission also agreed to continue studying a possible zoning change for the block bounded by East Holland, Vine, Depot, and High streets, and an area east of Franklin Street and south of Stryker Street.

The Lowell Miller family and the Roger Rupp family are neighbors on rural Fayette farms, just a mile apart. Robbers gained entry to both houses in the early morning hours, bound occupants and stole household items. There were no serious injuries.

A page advertisement announces the 25th anniversary of Jim & Dale’s IGA grocery store on Stryker Street.

The stilts are put away and the rabbits are lounging on the village green. Sauder Village has closed for the 1983 season. It attracted 78,542 visitors.

DeWayne Orewiler was named superintendent of Bryan Manufacturing at the west plant of the Aro Corp, in Bryan.

Orewiler’s initial responsibility at Aro was supervisor of training and safety.

Deaths- Betty Burkholder, 55, Archbold; Joseph A. Seiler, 91, Wauseon; Julia Steinbrecher, 78, Wauseon; William L. Henry, 59, Wauseon; Gilbert H. Rodriguez, 28, Saginaw, Mich.

The Donald P. Grime house, 409 West Holland St., was sold at public auction Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Hal C. Hackett were final bidders: $35,200.

A page advertisement observes energy savings by burning sawdust at S&W Mills, east of Archbold.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- Marlene Dietrich, actress, once said, “Show me a man who says he had a great meal and I’ll show you a man who just had a steak.”… Historically, many publications fail in the U.S. every year. Time Inc., started a TV cable magazine and it is being discontinued. A 250-member staff heard the bad news last week. Losses last year reached $47 million.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 29, 1958

Archbold High School Science Club visited the Fermi nuclear energy plant at Monroe, Mich.

Jesus Ramirez, 31, broke jail at Wauseon Sunday when he wrecked the padlock on the detention room door of the second floor, according to Loran Yoder, sheriff.

Seniors on the honor roll at Ridgeville Corners are Ronald Crossgrove, Arleen Norden, Virginia Wendt, G. Raymond Drewes, Charleen Hahn, Mary Gerken, Jane Newell, Patricia Gerken.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Short have sold the Arch Motel to Maxwell Williams, Dayton, who takes possession Jan. 1. The Shorts built the motel on Rt. 66, one mile north of Archbold in 1954 and made additions in 1955 and 1957. There are 13 units.

The New York Central has been granted permission by the Ohio Utilities Commission to discontinue another Chicago- Toledo train because of lack of patronage.

Drillers seeking oil on the E.A. Rose and Harry Hamilton farms in Hillsdale County, Mich., near Oak Haven, struck salt water at 4,035 feet.

Robert Kleck was named to the dean’s list at Denison University.

A photograph in the Red & White grocery advertisement shows Sharon Lindley modeling a mink stole to be given away Dec. 15.

Those who haul shavings, sawdust, etc., must cover their loads from blowing and littering streets and roads.- Joe E. Dominique, mayor- adv.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 25, 1933

Tuesday morning Mrs. Etta Pape was up and about in the farmhouse north of Elmira. Her daughter Letha came to the summer kitchen and announced the house was on fire.

Someone broke into the Delbert Geesey home near the Johnson Cemetery Saturday night and stole a truckload of furniture, clothing, and fruit.

Fulton County participated in its third annual corn-husking contest at Seward, Ohio, Friday. Several hundred cornhusking fans turned out to celebrate the age-honored sport and visit with friends and neighbors.

A committee known as the Fulton County Petroleum Code Committee has been appointed in this county. T.C. Murray, Wauseon, is chairman; J.C. Liechty, Archbold, is a committee member.

A program of the Ohio Highway Department is becoming successful to lessen the hazardous condition of slippery road surfaces. A simple yet effective operation is to apply pea gravel or limestone chips onto the excess filler on the roadway.

The gas well being drilled on the Howard Puick farm, south of Morenci, Mich., became successful Saturday afternoon. It produced about 300,000 cubic feet at 550 feet.

A second annual meeting of boosters of Federal Rt. 6, known at the Roosevelt Highway Assn., is to be held in the Congress Hotel at Chicago Saturday. The highway has become one of the most traveled by world’s fair visitors this year. Mayors and other officers from 400 towns along the route have been invited to Chicago to attend the meeting.

The Chicago Live Stock Show is Dec. 2 to 9, in its 25 acres of exhibition halls. Larger entries than ever are predicted.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Nov. 3, 1908

Professor Wilkins will come to Archbold next week to put on the drama, “The World Against Her” for the Archbold Band. The professor is working in Delta this week.

Look after the pits in which potatoes and the like are stored. Put on more earth and close up the openings left for ventilation. In very cold weather it is a good plan to cover the pits with corn fodder.

Archbold merchants are talking of making a “Poor Pay” black list for their own use. There are people who would be much better off without credit- so would be the merchants.

The Rice Road just graded by William Leininger will be graveled this fall and winter. Work on the improvement begins tomorrow morning.

There was a big crowd at the Democratic rally at Archbold Opera House Saturday evening.

Quite a number of Archbold men heard William Jennings Bryan in Napoleon Tuesday.

The Delta Atlas newspaper still thinks that religion and politics will mix.

The Funkhauser gravel pit is now empty. Conway & Zimmerman, of Henry County, pumped it dry. This will save the trustees a large sum of money.

The four men who dynamited the safe in Smallman’s store in Wauseon secured about $30. They got safely back to their homes in Toledo.

Friday, Nov. 6, 1908

Ben Buehrer’s horse got loose from a hitching post in Archbold Monday evening and went home.

It looks suspicious, like someone hired her to take it a few miles in the country without Ben’s knowing it.

The rope the horse was tied with was found at the rail unsnapped from the halter. The blanket that covered it was found nearly a mile south of town with the buckle in the right position to give the appearance that it was taken off by human hands.

C.M. Lower’s new store in Elmira is nearing completion and will be ready for business. The town will be better improved than before the fire.

Adolph Hinderer’s new house is nearing completion in Burlington…. Sam Nofzinger was shredding corn last Monday.

Conrad Zigler and Emma Buehrer were married at the Reformed parsonage Nov. 1.

To please some parents the Buckeye ought to make a fuss about the village schools being so overcrowded, but it would do no good. The school board has no more money to hire other teachers and a noise will not help matters.

There is nothing to do but wait until a new valuation is taken. It is a lame law that makes this condition, but nothing can be done.

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