Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009

Chris Lee, Pettisville schools treasurer, said school officials are tightening their budget belt, since income tax revenue is decreasing.

For now, motorists exiting the Ohio Turnpike interchange will still have the option of working with a live toll collector.

But George Distel, executive director of the Ohio Turnpike Commission, said that could change in the future. “Obviously, when you change to electronic tolling, you don’t need as many toll collectors,” he said.

Patti Rosebrock is the 2009 winner of the Archbold Community Theatre Mary Short Memorial Award. She has served on the ACT board for two terms and has been the treasurer. She also is active behind the scenes selling tickets, handling refreshments for shows, organizing fundraisers, and serving on numerous committees.

A flood risk information open house is Tuesday, Oct. 20, 4-7 pm, in the second floor room at the Fulton County Administration Building.

Justin Cobb, Napoleon, was on his way to Archbold Sunday when he spotted a bald eagle in a field.

Archbold failed to have anyone advance from the Division II sectional tennis tournament, Saturday.

Steve Zaborniak, Archbold, was part of a television production team creating a public service announcement that won an Emmy Award. He wrote the music.

Deaths–Patricia A. Gisel, 68, Archbold; Doris E. Klinger, 85, Archbold; Dale L. Blosser, 66, Pettisville; Vern J. Nafziger, 91, Archbold; Esther M. Diener, 86, Archbold

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 12, 1994

All chiefs of fire departments of surrounding towns are thankful for mutual aid agreements with each other. Under the agreement, any area fire department may call any other for help.

“I tell you, when I call Archbold, I know I’ve got a great bunch of men coming,” said Stanley Miller, chief of the Stryker Fire Department.

Ken Cline, superintendent of the Archbold Area School District, told the school board he has received several responses from the community facility team.

The team will examine the need for new school facilities in the district and make recommendations. Cline said the group will consider site selection for the new building.

German Township Trustees appointed Bruce Lauber to serve on the team, while Archbold Village Council named Vaughn Bentz.

The McLaughlin Memorial Library Board voted Monday night to award three contracts from the 16 bids received for construction of the new library. Much to the board’s delight and surprise, the contractors will complete their portion of the project for a combined total of $1,095,929. The amount is $230,721 less than the board’s final estimate.

“It’s almost too good to be true,” said Phil Rich, board member. “We’ll keep out fingers crossed that the rest goes as well.”

Stephen Switzer, superintendent of Pettisville Local Schools, was presented an Exemplary Leadership Award at the Buckeye Association of School Administrators Conference, Oct. 4, in Columbus.

Richard A. Hodges, an AHS graduate and Ohio state representative from Metamora, was honored by the state’s largest business organization for his outstanding voting record during the 1993-94 legislative session.

Tyson Aschliman joins high school students from five Northwestern Ohio counties at the academic challenge program at Defiance College today.

Jeremy Stanforth, son of Rex and Judy Stanforth, rural Norwalk, is a member of the 1994-95 cheerleader squad at Ohio University. He is the grandson of Bill and Madalyn Stanforth, Archbold.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 15, 1969

National School Lunch Week, Oct. 12-18, is emphasizing the importance of the school lunch program as one of the largest service operations in the United States.

The lunch program as we know it today has been in operation 24 years, but school feeding in the U.S. began almost 100 years ago.

A universal menu will be served Oct. 15, consisting of a hamburger sandwich, buttered green beans, tossed salad with tomatoes, fruit cup, peanut butter cookies, and milk.

During September, the three cafeterias in the Archbold school system served a total of 20,809 meals. Students consumed 25,995 halfpints of milk. Last school year, a total of 133,000 meals were served.

Members of the Lions Club entertained wives and guests at a hayride and barn party last week at the Marvin Nafziger farm. Mrs. Don Turpening, David Garside, Lyle Van Doozer, Mr. and Mrs. John Hall entertained with singing. Mrs. Robert Dominique sat backward on a tricycle and played the piano under a heat lamp, according to a photograph.

New Kiwanis Club officers are Roger Klopfenstein, president; James Clevenger, vice president; Gus Goertz, secretary; Esta Keirn, secretary.

Ralph J. Baldwin was honored at a dinner Wednesday for 35 years in banking at First National Bank. He is treasurer of the United Methodist Church and a trustee of Fairlawn Haven.

Robert Grisier, Richard Erbskorn, Sam Smucker, and James King left Archbold, Saturday. Sunday night, they called home to advise they were delayed in a heavy snowstorm that was blocking main highways. The men were en route to hunt deer and elk at Medicine Bow, Wyo., but were stranded in seven-foot snowdrifts at Ogallala, Neb., on US 30.

Officers and trustees were elected to the Fulton County Historical Society: M.A. Farber, president; Orrin R. Taylor, vice president; Mrs. Merril Bernath, secretarytreasurer.

“Don Quixote USA” will be presented by the Pettisville Junior Class, Saturday, in the high school auditorium. Appearing in a photograph are Odilia Rodriguez, Carl Andre, and Max Wyse.

Deaths–Hulda Lauber, 76, Archbold

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 18, 1944

Sgt. Emerson D. Short, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Short, has been missing in action for a year. He was a crew member of a B-24 Liberator that was lost on Oct. 4, 1943, on a mission over the North Sea, about 60 miles north of the coast of Holland. The crew members of other bombers reported Short’s plane was badly damaged when an enemy fighter plane flew into it.

The Sahra Levy homestead on Stryker St. was sold at public auction, Saturday. Jonas Short was the high bidder at $2,705.

Mayor Clair and council have obtained more public parking space by purchasing the vacant Standard Oil Co. lot at the southeast corner of North Defiance St., and Williams St. Jay Ziegler, street commissioner, has hauled in material and leveled the area.

Miss Lucinda Gernhardt, a returned missionary from Huan, China, was in Archbold last week to visit relatives and speak at a meeting of WSCS of the Methodist Church, West Unity, Thursday afternoon.

Miss Gernhardt returned to this country from China last May because Japanese armies were getting close to her province, which they have since taken and occupied.

A group of beavers built a dam on the west branch of the St. Joe River in Williams County. This is the first time beavers have been seen in Williams County in 100 years, according to Ralph Goll, Nettle Lake, who wrote a history of Williams County and recorded the last beaver having been trapped in Bridgewater Township a century ago.

Lt. Ralph D. Crossgrove, squadron leader of the formation, and son of Mr. and Mr. Charles F. Crossgrove, writes about a typical mission. “Out of a nice peaceful sleep come the words of the Operation Officer, Get up, Crossgrove, you’re flying Green Hornet II, password is ‘Shoo-fly.’

“This one word was our only pass to the operations room where details for the mission were outlined. When everyone was seated the Intelligence Officer gave us the latest news on all war fronts, and the Colonel took charge of the briefing. He drew the curtains apart, which covered the huge map of Europe. There, before us was the route we were to fly. Sometimes it was a long line reaching to familiar places like Berlin, Schweinfurt, Hamburg, etc. A mournful sigh went through the crowd. Other times, when the mission was to France, or a short haul, so to speak, cheers and a sigh of relief echoed in the secret room.

“Then came the details, exactly as they were to be carried out. First, ‘Armament’ gave us the bomb load, how many pounds, how many bombs, whether they were demolition, incendiary, or what have you. Then the weather and what procedure to use, etc.”

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Oct. 7, 1919

Mr. Harvey King has purchased the building occupied by Adam Miller’s Garage and will do general repairing.

The Archbold-Stryker Gas Co. will appear before the village council to ask for an increase in gas rates. Residents of Archbold are now paying $1.35 the thousand feet.

Houses around and in Archbold are filled. Several families are looking for places to live. Good houses to rent are scarce.

The Archbold Brick and Tile Company quit operations Saturday morning, having finished making brick and tile for this season.

The George Reynolds farm of 160 acres in Franklin Township was sold for $237 the acre.

Simon Rychener bought the 40 acres of Chris. Meister at Pettisville for $250 the acre.

Brewers who are using their cellars for cold storage and for raising mushrooms claim they are making more clear money than they did with beer.

Archbold does more business in proportion to population than any town in Fulton County.

Many airplanes are expected to pass over Archbold, Wednesday. The occasion is the transcontinental endurance flight arranged by the War Department to test the efficiency of planes in long continuous flights.

Friday, Oct. 10, 1919

King Albert of Belgium drove a locomotive of a passenger train through Archbold, Tuesday. He was in the engineer’s seat and handled the levers from Toledo going west.

The Wabash depot at Eckley burned to the ground just after noon, Wednesday. The agent, Mr. P. Smith, was at Pettisville at the time of the fire. Cause of the fire is unknown. It gained headway before help arrived and little attempt was made to save the building.

Three thousand dollars worth of suits and overcoats were stolen from the Carey Laub Store at Holgate, Henry County. Thieves left very little of value in the store.

Mr. John Lawrence, Toledo, who is employed by the Acme Level and Manufacturing Company, is to move his family to Archbold. They will occupy the Andrew Buehrer residence.

The Columbia Sugar Company at Paulding has completed installing a beet dump, where cars are unloaded on an endless belt.