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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ohio Chautauqua, the traveling tent show presenting historical characterizations, will present its first show in Archbold, Tuesday, July 7. Jennifer Kidder, Archbold Parks & Recreation director, said the tent arrives Monday and will be erected in Ruihley Park.

Effective Monday, July 6, the Archbold Community Library will close Fridays and Wednesday evenings to save money.

Board members discussed that no one knows exactly what’s in the future, as the final version of the state budget has not passed and no one knows whether the economy will turn around soon.

Kade Kern’s favorite professional golfer is Tiger Woods.

The eight-year-old gets a chance to play the same tournament Woods won when he was young, after qualifying for the 2009 US Kids Golf World Championship.

Kade, son of Keith and Kim, Archbold, won the boys seven-year-old age group title at the Michigan World Championship Regional Qualifier, Wednesday, June 24, at East Lansing, Mich.

The turnout of veterans for the first night of the Archbold Farmer’s Market will be light, said Nanette Buehrer, Chamber of Commerce director. So far, six are committed.

“For the most part, the merchants are very appreciative what the Chamber is trying to do,” she said. The Chamber received an Ohio Department of Natural Resources grant to assist with marketing.

When cyclists participating in the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure rolled through Archbold and Ridgeville Corners, they were greeted with easy terrain, friendly people, and some of the hottest weather of the year.

GOBA riders trickled through for much of Thursday, June 25. Archbold was a lunch stop.

50th Wedding Anniversary – Donald and Patricia (Owens) Burkholder, July 3, 1959

Degrees – Michael McDonel, cum laude; Chelsea Solarik, Miami University; Kara Buehrer, magna cum laude, daughter of Keith and Debra; Sara Rupp, magna cum laude, daughter of Dexter and Kathy; Mallory Figgins, magna cum laude, Fayette, daughter of Tim and Carol, Spring Arbor University.

Degree – Joshua Bernath, son of Dan and Diane, summa cum laude, Ohio State University

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, June 29, 1994

There was more than one piece of good news announced June 24 when George Voinovich, Ohio governor, visited Northwest Ohio for the 38th time. He said Northwest State Community College will receive $7.2 million from the state capital improvement budget for a new 60,000 square-foot engineering technology and classroom building.

He also said pending some approvals, the state will make about $1.1 million available to the village of Archbold and Fulton County to construct an under- or overpass at the Co. Rd. 22 Conrail Crossing.

But perhaps Maynard Sauder, president of Sauder Woodworking, created the best news, when he announced the new laminating plant on Co. Rds. 22 and D will employ up to 1,200 new employees within four years.

Hot summer weather has not hurt the Archbold summer recreation programs.

Erin Short, girls recreation director, said the Park Board Summer Recreation Programs had a “really good turnout.”

After about 2 inches of rain last week, area crops are showing significant improvement.

Neil Rupp, Pettisville Grain Company, said the rain helped corn and bean crops.

Bill Fricke, Jr., Archbold Elevator, said rainfall in the last eight days has improved the crops tremendously. “We need the rain bad, and we received good rains,” he said.

Roy Norman, director of Fulton County Farm Bureau, was named Most Tenacious Organization Director in the northwest region of Ohio.

50th Wedding Anniversary – Orville and Geneva (Bowman) Rueger

Earn Degrees – Vance W. Nofziger, Archbold, Shane B. Graber, Stryker, Bluffton College

Honor Students – Carrie Roth, Kerrin Short, Bluffton College; Nicole Fortier, Ohio Northern University

Deaths – Blanche Eicher, 88, Archbold

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, July 2, 1969

A total budget of $1,019,262.79 was adopted for the 1970 calendar year at the budget hearing for the Four County Joint Vocational District and Technical Institute, June 26.

They approved a 1.1-mill operating levy and $445,625 for retirement with a .7-mill levy for bonds. In the beginning, the district was authorized a total operating and bond millage of 2.2 mills, but never has required this amount.

Teri Burkholder, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Burkholder, was crowned Queen at the First District American Legion Convention at Swanton, Saturday evening.

Miss Burkholder was sponsored by BLW Post 311, and won the competition with 12 other girls.

Archbold Streakettes carried off top honors. A week ago the Streakettes won first place in Class A at the annual Northwestern Ohio Firemen’s Convention in Napoleon.

The migrant center located on North Fulton Street, Wauseon, is open each Friday from 2-8:30 pm and each Saturday from 1-5:30 pm until Oct. 4.

Purpose of the center is to provide the migrants with necessities while in our community, at a minimum cost. The money is added to the money received from area Christians and is used to support the Migrant Association, which concerns itself with the physical and spiritual welfare of the migrants while in our area.

The Illinois Central Railroad has promoted Charles J. Dominique, Flossmore, to the newly-created position of director of management services.

Dominique joined the Illinois Central in 1968 as director of data processing, upon retirement from the Army with the rank of colonel. At the time, he was director of specialist training at the Fort Monmouth, N.J., Army Signal Center. He is a graduate of the Command and General Staff College and the Army War College. Dominique and his wife Mary Jane have a daughter and son.

Dean’s List–Jeanne Gallaway, BGSU

Degree–Beverly Jo Martz, School of Nursing, Riverside Hospital, Toledo

Orrin R. Taylor of the Archbold Buckeye was in Atlantic City, N.J., June 26-29, attending the 84th annual convention of the National Newspaper Association, of which he is a past president.

Deaths–Elmer J. Nafziger, 71, Archbold

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, July 5, 1944

Four Archbold sailors met on the Pacific Island of New Guinea: Leroy Schroeder, Herman Ziegler, Archie Hines, and Harvey Brodbeck.

It was the quietest Fourth of July in Archbold in the memory of old-timers. Not a firecracker was heard until late Tuesday evening, when several were lighted downtown. Lester Irwin, county sheriff, reported a quiet 4th. His force had a peaceful day– no accidents, no calls, no riots, no violations. He had a snow-white docket, which indicates all 23,000 Fulton County residents behaved themselves.

John Crossgrove, 62, near Lewistown, Pa., was killed last Thursday at 7 pm on his farm when struck by lightning.

Oscar Eicher, pastor of the local Missionary Church the past five years, has resigned and accepted the call of the Missionary Church four miles west of Berne, Ind.

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Beaverson, northeast of Fayette, reported seeing a young buck deer Sunday evening in the field behind the barn.

Mr. Ralph Lytle has purchased the bakery at Oak Harbor, Mich. He operated the bakery in Archbold for seven years.

Mr. Ora E. Lauber attended his first national political convention in Chicago last week with a group of men from Fulton County.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, June 24, 1919

Illinois men have a contract to furnish up to 1000 head of dairy cattle a week for export to Europe. South American buyers also are picking up milch cows wherever they can, or where dairymen do not know their real value.

By the end of this pasture season, all the surplus milk stock will be out of the United States.

When dairymen go to buy again, they will find a wall of high prices.

Rye grows eight feet tall in German Township. William Ruffer brought a specimen from the farm of David Nofziger at Pettisville, which measures eight feet. Who can beat that?

The Archbold Telephone Company can show a record that is not equaled by any country telephone service. Along all their country lines they serve every farmhouse they pass with two exceptions.

In surrounding towns they are paying three percent on savings accounts. Archbold banks have been paying four for many years.

Many Archbold people will be surprised to learn that Rupp Brothers have disposed of their dry goods business and will devote their entire time to their manufacturing plant. After serving the public with dry goods and general merchandise for 18 years, Joel and Emanuel Rupp, never robust in health, find the burden is too great, and that they must abandon the dry goods store or the factory.

Friday, June 27, 1919

Notice is hereby given that the following business places have agreed in cooperation with other surrounding towns, that from and after July 1 to Oct. 15, 1919, business places listed below will be open Wednesday and Saturday evening of each week, and will close promptly at 11 pm Saturday:

Rupp Brothers; Walter Shoe Store; Star Dry Goods Co.; Roedel & Short; Buehrer Grocery; Buehrer Brothers; Hub Grocery; Luxan’s Variety Store; Lauber Clothing Co.; Rupp Furniture & Undertaking Co.; Nofzinger & Kluepfel; F. J. Wonser; Flory Brothers.

Mr. Louis Socie, Civil War Veteran, went to Brush Creek to fish early Friday morning. While sitting on the bank screened by the tall grass he was overcome, and lay in a stupor until about noon, when Mr. Jesse Wyse found him. He could not stand, so Mr. D.S. Wyse was called and he was carried to a rig and brought home.

After a few days of rest, the old gentleman is able to walk around again.

Many horses have sore feet because shoeing has been neglected. Some horses quit just at the time they are most needed. Prudent horse owners look after the feet of their stock in time.

The following were graduates of the eighth grade, District 14: Misses Carrie Weber, Mabel and Almeda Grieser, Bessie Frey, Gertrude Weckesser, Ellen Eicher, and John Waidelich–Mrs. Cecelia M. Grime, teacher.

One of the largest pieces of virgin forest in Ohio can be found a few miles northwest of Archbold, in an area known as Goll Woods. It comprises about 100 acres of the heaviest timber and looks like the country around Archbold 70 years ago. It is worth the time of every citizen to drive over and look at these wonderful woods. Goll Woods is a place to take visitors from afar to show them how this country appeared before men cleared the trees.