Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Sauder family of companies has entered the casket industry.

Sauder Funeral Products was born during a brainstorming session about three years ago.

Seeing the market for the Sauder Woodworking line of ready-to-assemble furniture was shrinking, corporate officials began thinking about new markets the company might explore.

Myrl Sauder, a son of company founder Erie Sauder, said they were looking for products that could be manufactured with our materials and equipment.

Myrl said, “How about underground furniture? And wood caskets are underground furniture.”

The Sauder line of caskets offers good value.

Michael Oricko, Fulton County health commissioner, said Monday a 10-year-old girl in the Wauseon school district has a probable case of swine flu. He said there are seven confirmed cases of swine flu in Ohio and 44 in the US.

Rebekah Meller, a Pettisville senior, received a perfect score of 40 from the judges at the Ohio Academy of Science during State Science Day, Saturday, May 9, at The Ohio State University.

Nick Rodriguez, Peter Schoenhals, and Ryan King, all of Archbold, were three of six winners in the annual Fulton County Spelling Contest, Monday, May 11, at Delta Middle School.

The Fulton County Historical Society is sponsoring the traveling bus museum.

Presenting “Held in the Heartland, German POWs in the Midwest, 1943-46,” the bus-eum is at the Fulton County Fairgrounds, Friday, May 15, 1-8 pm. There is no charge.

30th Wedding Anniversaries– Dean and Kathy (Gunn) Genter, May 12, 1979; Noel Anthony and Rhonda Jean (Wyse) Doehrmann, May 9, 1979

Deaths–Ralph L. Rupp, 86, Archbold; Elnora “Ellie” Figy, 85, Greenviille, S.C.; June Grieser, 82, Archbold

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, May 11, 1994

The name of the new Archbold school principal will be announced by May 20.

That is the objective toward which the Archbold Area School Board is working, said Lynn Aschliman, board president.

Marc Fruth, high school principal, reported that students and staff are working on a substance-abuse policy, similar to that of the athletic department, for non-athletic events and groups such as clubs, class officers, quiz teams, and band.

Members of the Black River Astronomical Society set up their cameras and telescopes to record the eclipse of the sun, Tuesday, in the back yard of the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Stanforth on Murbach Street in Archbold. The club is based in the Lorain-Elyria area.

Archbold could have a new library by the fall of 1995.

That’s the earliest possible date, barring any unusual snags. To meet that goal, construction would have to start this fall.

Archbold native John Fraas was the 1994 recipient of the Ashland University Ellis Award for Motivation. He has received the award eight times.

A total of about 400 employees are being added at the Sauder companies this year, Myrl Sauder said, when he spoke to the Chamber of Commerce meeting Monday noon.

He said the company employs about 3,000, including sales representatives, Stryker plant employees, and others located outside of Archbold.

A record number of 200 college students will be employed at Sauder factories this summer. About 140 of them are children of Sauder employees.

Two members of the Archbold Police Department and two members of the Fulton County Sheriff Department worked together May 2 on an Archbold narcotics investigation.

During the investigation at 300 Holland Court, $5,500 of marijuana was picked up.

Deaths–Kay Stevens, 68, Wauseon.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, May 21, 1969

Opening day for the swimming pool in Ruihley Park was tentatively set for June 1, when members of the Board of Park Trustees met. Wendell Beck was named pool manager; Rex Stanforth was named assistant manager.

The largest class in the history of Archbold High School, 109 members, will graduate Sunday, May 18 and Tuesday, May 20. This is the 78th annual graduation event.

Jill Dominique, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dominique, received a first-place trophy for her win in the Ohio State University May Week Talent Show, and another trophy for being voted a member of the 1969 Queen’s Court.

One Archbold student was among the 23 Ohio State University students who have been initiated into Bucket and Dipper, the 62- year old men’s honorary organization.

Roger A. Weber, son of Mrs. Lloyd Meyers, W. Barre Rd., was initiated during the May Week activities. Members were selected for their scholarship, leadership and service to the university.

Anniversaries -Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Sims, 50th, May 22, 1919; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Flory, 63rd, May 8.

Deaths – Donald K. Leininger, 5, died suddenly of a heart attack at 10:45 am, Sunday morning.

The Army’s unique helicopter, the “Flying Crane,” has recorded more than 400 downed aircraft in Vietnam. The recovery aircraft has a total value of more than $221 million.

Our sun, which puts out more energy in one second than man has used in the history of the world, has swung to the peak of its 11- year cycle, according to Robert M. Boyce of Ohio State University.

Scientists know little about the mysterious rhythms of this fiery powerhouse.

The Northwest Ohio Chapter of the National Sclerosis society of Fulton County has set the week of May 11 for its drive. The Northwest chapter, which consists of nine counties, has set a goal of $25,000 for its 1969 campaign.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, May 17, 1944

A large crowd attended the baccalaureate service at the high school auditorium, Sunday evening. An excellent serman was delivered by Francis A. Miller, pastor of St. John Catholic Church.

Tuesday night, Paul Barnett, Findlay, delivered an interesting and worthwhile commencement address to a well-filled auditorium. Diplomas were awarded to 32 graduates; Robert Keafer, now in the Navy and stationed in California, could not be present to accept his. The diploma was presented to his mother, Mrs. Ray Keafer.

A potluck dinner will be served at 12 noon. Parents and friends are invited to attend and to bring well-filled baskets. The picnic will be held if the weather is suitable.

Pettisville High School will graduate the smallest class in its history, 12 girls and two boys. Russell J. Humbart of the Epworth Methodist Church, Toledo, will deliver the commencement address on the subject “A Long, Hard Road.”

Aviation cadet, Ralph H. Heer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton C. Heer of Elmira, recently reported to the Greenville (Miss.) Army Air Field for further flight training.

Pfc. Charles Rupp of Fort Slocum, N.Y., has been home on a 10-day furlough visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ora Rupp….. Sgt. John B. Couch is home on furlough from Camp McCain, Miss., visiting his wife and friends. He has seven days.

Archbold Boy Scout Troop 63 will conduct a wastepaper drive next week for the military effort.

C.A. Radford, publicity manager for the New York Central, gave members of Commercial Club a new appreciation of the importance of the great railway system, which so fortunately passes through our village.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, May 6, 1919

Mr. Seth Rupp says Brush Creek is trying to take charge of all the adjoining farm fields and boss the crops. He thinks it is enough rain for a while.

The citizens of Archbold and German Township are respectfully invited to meet in the township trustee room in the Town & Township Hall on May 8, 1919 at 8 pm, to arrange for a suitable program for Memorial Day, according to August Ruihley, mayor.–adv.

The Women’s Home Missionary Society of the Reformed Church meets with Mrs. John N. Buehrer, Thursday.

A delegate of the Women’s Home and Foreign Missionary Society will attend the convention to be held at Sherwood, Wednesday and Thursday.

Twenty-six Slavs arrived here Sunday afternoon by train at the Archbold depot. The workmen came from Chicago to toil in the beet fields throughout this area. Many of them are restless because the work does not begin at once. These are hard-working people and are very welcome this time of year.

When a state goes dry, demand for foodstuffs increases greatly. If men cannot spend their money on booze, they spend it for food products, and the women and children get a mouthful for once.

Louis Jodry, a former Archbold boy, represented Wauseon High School at the annual oratorical contest at Defiance, Friday evening. He was awarded fourth place with honorable mention.