Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 30, 1998

Headline- Genter Walks Hog To ’98 State Fair Reserve Champion Title.

Dalynn T. Badenhop, AHS ’69, joined the Medical College of Ohio School of Medicine, Toledo, as a professor in the department of medicine, division of cardiology.

Jennifer Kidder, Archbold’s first parks and recreation director, told Chamber members how the park system has grown since July 1997. Adding land to the parks is a big goal of the park board.

65th Wedding Anniversary – Melvin and Lela Sauder, Oct 10. They have one son, two daughters, eight grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren.

50th Wedding Anniversary- Charles and Patricia Wyse, Oct. 3. They have four children and nine grandchildren.

Kate Emch attended 4-H State Leadership Camp. She is the daughter of John and Bev.

Archbold High School graduating class of 1938 held its 60th reunion Sept. 19. Sixteen classmates attended.

A utility pole at the intersection of North Defiance and Stryker streets was taken down by a semi that turned too sharp.

Headline- Kasmoch Family Rediscovers Victorian Flavor Through Extensive Renovation.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 28, 1983

A planning commission meeting was held to talk about rezoning certain downtown areas for additional retail expansion. One attendee said Archbold does not have a reputation of being receptive to new businesses.

Most merchants recognize the need to grow. One merchant said the profit margin in small businesses is not too attractive at the moment, but this might change in the future. Another said we either grow or fall behind.

In a sudden death shoot-off Sunday at the Fulton County Sportsman Club, William Lovejoy, mayor, lost his title of sharpest shooting mayor in Fulton County. Max Shaw, mayor of Lyons, gained the title. Dick McKibben, Delta mayor, was third.

William R. Swigart, county prosecuting attorney, advised the state attorney general and state auditor he does not believe legal action against the Archbold Area School Board and officials is warranted, concerning the school bookkeeping records as reported in this newspaper Aug. 31.

Deaths- Harvey Beck, 80, Pettisville; Robert H. Hamet, 88, Bryan; Rose LaNeve, 86, Newell, W.Va.; Ralph C. Partee, 90, Evansport.

John Mock and Kevin Anderson, PHS students, are designated commended students in the National Merit Scholarship program. Both students were in the top 5 percent of over 1 million participants in the annual program.

Douglas, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Yoder, Pettisville, sings tenor in the Easter Mennonite Chamber Singers.

Raymond D. “Bill” Rex, Stryker, will be inducted into the Defiance College Athletic Hall of Fame, Oct. 8.

Ed Miller, AHS golfer, has been Archbold’s most dependable player this season.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- The village of Orwell, Ohio, population 965, may eliminate its police department to reduce expenses…. New York has joined the parade of states to pass a bottle-return law, levying a five-cent deposit charge. Michigan imposes the charge, as does Oregon, Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, Iowa, Delaware, and Massachusetts.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 1, 1958

Some of the most excited children going back to school this fall are the 11 attending Happi-Time School, a special school for the mentally handicapped held in the Methodist Church, Wauseon.

David C. Rupp Jr., missionary to Sierra Leone, British West Africa, will be one of the speakers at the World Missions Rally at the Missionary Church, Archbold, Oct. 5-6.

Two churches in this community, Lockport Mennonite and West Clinton Mennonite, will observe their 50th anniversaries, Sunday, Oct. 5. A fellowship dinner is at noon at Lockport and a fellowship lunch at West Clinton follows the afternoon service.

Shirley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Rupp is Homecoming queen. Her court is Shirley Weber, senior; Rosene Miller, junior; Joan Schrock, sophomore; and Dianne Rupp, freshman.

James Bertsche, missionary for two terms in the Belgian Congo, Africa, is home on a one-year furlough.

Byrdalene, 17, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wyse, was awarded top honors in a journalism essay contest offered by the Toledo Blade.

A car crossed the median of the Ohio Turnpike on Sunday, resulting in the first head-on crash on the 241-mile toll road. Seven persons were hospitalized.

One of the cows on the Monroe Briner farm, Montpelier, was struck and killed by lightning.

Lugbill Bros., Inc., had extra help and added parking space to handle the crowd that attended the Fat Cattle Show & Sale.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 27, 1933

Sixty years ago the old Ottokee Fair was not what it is now. Everyone went to the fair on horseback or in buggies drawn by horses. The merry-go-round was nothing to the mechanical wonder of today. The first ones were turned by horses hitched to a sweep. There was no organ music, only screams of delighted youths and maidens.

Adolph Hinderer, proprietor of Hinderer Gas Station at Burlington, bought the other half interest in the hatchery at Burlington of his brother Emil, and will continue the business at the same location. It has been in operation 10 years, since 1929.

The president of the Ohio Art Co., at Bryan, L.M. MacDonald, was in an airplane smash-up at Newark, N.J., Thursday.

High schools in Ohio, which have less than 90 pupils, will be closed except where transporting the students will cost more than maintaining the high schools.

Some schools in Williams County may not open, while others face short terms.

Because of unpaid taxes, many schools will be unable to continue the full school year. Fulton County schools have sufficient funds to continue, but the list of unpaid taxes is growing, and if present conditions prevail, the curtailment of school expenditures will be necessary.

Hi Mankin, a circus performer from Archbold, developed a springboard act where he could do a double summersault. He died in Archbold in 1872. His brother George traveled with his own small show from Bryan. It was not work or danger that finished Hi Mankin, it was old Barleycorn.

When people tell an editor they want him to print the truth, they mean the truth about the other fellow.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Oct. 6, 1908

A terrible farm accident took place on the John Beck farm, two miles east of Hamler, Saturday afternoon, A young man named Sarafoos, 22, was hulling clover. To gain more speed he left the protective hood open, to feed the machine faster. His right arm caught in the cylinder and pulled him into the machine, clogging it to a stop. He died four hours later of his own carelessness.

There was a saloon row at Elmira Saturday, A Bohemian was sitting in front on a bench when someone went upstairs and poured a bucket of water upon him.

The Bohemian seized a chair and threw it at some people in the saloon. They grabbed billiard cues to defend themselves. The man drew a ten-inch dirk and stuck it into the bar and defied the whole world.

As no one attacked him, the barkeeper ordered him and his dirk to get out and stay away.

Delaware County went dry last Friday by a large majority, making it the 17th county in Ohio to go dry. Since Sept. 1,461 saloons are out of business.

St. Peter Catholic Church will be dedicated Thursday.

I took a trip to Middlewater, Texas, to view the land for which Messrs. Yeager and Snyder are agents. I found the land much better than expected and am ready to state that much of the bad talk I heard is mostly false- Sol. S. Rychener

Now is the time to put up stoves. Wood is high priced. If you want to save fuel go and see August Fraas’ stove drum.- adv.

There was a party and dinner at the home of J.J. Oberly to celebrate his birthday.

We have one funeral car, one hearse, and one small white hearse. Reasonable prices. Orders taken for furniture.- Rowe & Rupp, adv.

Friday, Oct. 9, 1908

Dr. Goll of Stryker came to Archbold to have his nose sewed on by Murbach and Fauster.

Thinking a farm house gate was open, he tried to walk through in the dark to see a patient. A curved and ornamental piece of iron on the top of the gate cut his nose, bone, and all nearly off.

He was obliged to hold it from falling over his mouth. He mounted the automobile an agent was trying to sell him and raced to Archbold. The blood was spurting and streaming from the wound in a horrifying manner.

Delicate surgery was necessary to unite the parts, but the doctor’s nose will be saved, even if a scar is visible.

Charles Buehrer has not heard from his horse and rig, which was stolen a week ago Wednesday night.

They are getting ready to open a local option campaign in Fulton County. Of the 29 Ohio counties that have had elections, 28 have gone dry.

Mrs. Cooley’s house burned down last Wednesday.

As cold weather approaches, paper railroads are building. If the T&I builds to Butler and the Toledo & Chicago Air Line builds to Waterloo and joins the line now running to Fort Wayne, then the T&I could run over these lines from Toledo to Fort Wayne. It is easy to plan railroads on paper, but difficult to get the money to build them.

The first number of the lecture course will be given at the Archbold Opera House, Monday, Oct. 19, by the Schumann Ladies Quartet. They are said to be the most evenly balanced quartette of lady vocalists before the public today. Reduced rate tickets for the entire course of four numbers may be obtained at the Red Cross Drug Store.

D.F. Wyse of Wauseon was in Archbold Sunday.

The Archbold Milling Co. has bought of the Vernier estate the lot that formed part of the common street west of the John Wilson property. A coal shed with a cement floor is being built.

A new roof is being put on the grist mill and numerous other improvements are in the making.

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