Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ted Strickland, Ohio governor, praised Archbold schools and talked about his plan to reform education in Ohio during his visit to Archbold High School.

His plan calls for the state to increase its share of the burden for funding schools, which currently relies heavily on local property taxes.

“We can’t do it overnight, but over an eight-year period, I want us to gradually have the state assume a larger share…so when the plan is fully phased in, the state of Ohio will accept 59% of the cost of educating Ohio children,” said Strickland.

Jim Wyse, mayor, proposed using village of Archbold capital improvement funds to help park board retire about $2.45 million in debt.

Jeff Fryman, councilman, said while it seems council and park board are two different entities, “it boils down to the debt lies with us. We are going to have to take the responsibility to get it knocked down.”

Kirk Weldy, an AHS graduate, is a member of the Dauch College of Business and Economics Student Council at Ashland University.

Rod Cheney, a paramedic with the Fulton County advanced life support rescue system, says the county has one missing element in the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest. The missing element is bystander participation, which means average people stepping up to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation to save a person’s life until rescue arrives.

Keith Buehrer was reelected chairman of the Franklin Township Trustees. Jon Rupp was reelected vicechair, and Mark Ballmer was appointed the Franklin Township representative to the Fulton County Planning Commission.

Honor Students – Christiana Aguilar, State Community College; Cameron Ruffer, Heaven L. Randolph, Capital University

Death–Marjorie J. Richer, 83, Archbold

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, March 2, 1994

The Ohio Turnpike Commission is tentatively planning a late summer 1995 opening of the Ohio Turnpike Interchange on Fulton Co. Rd. 24.

Alan Johnson, OTC administrator, said, “We’re working to get construction plans finalized by August, but it looks like early September. Whatever happens, Johnson said, the interchange will go where it’s going to go.

Cost controls, a rate increase, and a wage freeze helped the Fulton County Health Center finish 1993 in the black. Twelve months of hard work, and constant attention to costs and revenues, gave the hospital a surplus of $788,402 at the end of 1993, said Dean Beck, FCHC administrator.

Fern Schrock, Archbold, presented 1,000-hour volunteer pins to Ilva Bontrager, and Janey Kennedy, Archbold; Iris Grieser, Pettisville; Gladys Morr, Florence Owens, Helen Spiess, Delta; Clarabelle Balko, Mable Brown, Leona Huner, Elizabeth Yutzy, Wauseon. Presiding at the meeting was Dale A. Nafziger, president, Archbold.

In two months, voters will decide the fate of a new library.

Between then and now, the McLaughlin Memorial Library Board hopes to convince school district voters this is the best deal ever for taxpayers. It’s a chance of a lifetime to build a library by paying partial operating expenses.

Kenneth Stamm, board president, said it will “cost property owners less than the price of a library book.”

Just like it took many small postcards to piece together a large poster, it takes a bit of working together to create a drug-free community.

That’s what Archbold seventh grade art students discovered through their post card exchange with Wauseon junior high students. Art teachers Sue Hurst, Archbold, and Judy Kahle, Wauseon, coordinated the effort with the assistance of their on-site drug prevention coordinators Anne Buchman, Archbold, and Lisa Meeker, Wauseon.

25th Wedding Anniversary– Cloyce Jay and Nancy Lou (Yoder) Nofziger, Feb. 15, 1969

Honor Students – John Horning, Huntington College; Christine Richer, Capital University

Deaths–Dora Schrock, 88, Archbold.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, March 5, 1969

Installation of short-arm gates at the Franklin Street crossing were ordered by council and Lawrence Short, mayor.

Richard Harris, school superintendent, appeared before council requesting the village to install gates or close the crossing.

Council said it was told the railroad company will maintain the gates if Archbold pays for installation, which will cost $33,000. Council voted unanimously to install the gates.

Two Pettisville High School seniors are in Washington, D.C., this week attending the first class of a Presidential Classroom for Young Americans.

Steve Lauber, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Lauber, and Emerson Nafziger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Nafziger, are among 300 seniors from throughout the United States attending the program.

Miller Bros., Inc., was low bidder on a state highway project to complete the I-75 interchange near Bluffton on State Route 103.

Messrs. E.R. Murbach, Clifford Higgins and Victor Serino attended a regional health planning meeting for Northwest Ohio at Bowling Green State University, Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Rychener, Pettisville, talked to their son, Pfc. Charles Rychener, Sunday evening by telephone. He is stationed at Dong Tam with the United States Army, having been there since November.

Carl C. Peugeot, Stryker, reports a one-in-a-million coincidence he noted in the A&P parking lot in Archbold. Two side-by-side cars had license plate numbers 6644; another 50 feet away also had 6644. In Carl’s opinion, “that will never happen again, even if the world lasts for millions of years.”

Rodney Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Blair Miller, Fayette, has been assigned to USA-STRATCOM Long Lines Battalion South in Vietnam. He is a fixed station technical controller.

Deaths–Henry Detterer, 95, Ridgeville Corners

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, March 8, 1944

Pfc. Orval J. Beck, son of Mrs. Fannie Beck, was wounded in action, Feb. 6, in Italy, according to a telegram. Details will follow.

The honor of being the first Fulton County industry to warrant the presentation of the coveted Army-Navy “E” for exceptional performance in the production of vital war materials goes to the Fayette Manufacturing Co.

Ivan W. Werder, owner of the Archbold Seed & Feed Store, has arranged a special program to be held in the high school auditorium, Thursday evening. He has secured the popular Joe Geels family– father, mother and four daughters– to present an evening of entertainment. No admission, according to an advertisement.

Miss Cora Reeves of Berea, Ky., recently spent two weeks in the laboratory at La Choy Company collaborating with Mr. Max Reeder and acquainting him with methods of preparing Chinese foods, particularly foods made from soybeans.

Council is talking about resurfacing North Defiance Street, according to George Clair, mayor.

A resolution of respect was passed in memory of Peter Eicher, father of Wilmer, president of council.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Weber and Jane Marie of Pellston, Mich., arrived Friday morning to visit their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weber and Helen, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Terrell and Ruthanne. They left Monday morning for Miami, Fla., where Donald will be the principal radio electrician at the Miami Airport.

Rev. and Mrs. M.H. Kingsbury spent the weekend in Cincinnati visiting their son, Pvt. Herbert Kingsbury, who has been attending Cincinnati University as a part of his Army training.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Feb. 25, 1919

Feb. 12, Theodore E. Buehrer writes from somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean: “Hope to land in the USA about Saturday or Sunday if the weather is favorable. We loaded Feb. 1 and set sail on Sunday at 5 pm. We are sailing the southern route and sailed south of the Azore Islands, near the West Coast of Africa, and about three days out.”

Bryan High had an easy time defeating Archbold High, 47-17. After the first five minutes of play, the score was tied, but Bryan soon got started and piled up a big lead on the locals.

Ray Chase, who is a musician on the USS Finland, writes: “Shoved off on the night of Jan. 19 and got underway when we struck a sandbar near the center of the bay. We stuck there three hours, but finally got loose after they had given the job to all the tugs in Newport. We had good sailing weather and landed in St. Nazaire, France, on the morning of the 29th.

A tremendous explosion occurred in Bryan about 6 am, Monday morning. It happened at the gas plant where a building was damaged, a few workmen were knocked down and a small fire started. Nobody was seriously injured, although a number of houses in the neighborhood were badly damaged.

Conference began at the Lockport and Clinton Amish- Mennonite churches, Monday morning. Conference will begin at the Central Amish- Mennonite Church, Wednesday morning. Rev. Hochstettler is to be present.

Tramps are putting in an appearance again. They do not seem to improve on their personal appearance.

Marshal Nofzinger says citizens are welcome to what they find on the street to put on their gardens. Getters is keepers.

Friday, Feb. 28, 1919

Bryan High defeated Archbold High for the third time this season at the Rink Hall, Wednesday evening, 34-4.

The Midgets won from the Bryan Boy Scout team, 16-4.

There will be a program and pie social at the Claire School, District 5, Tuesday evening. All are invited. Admission 10¢. $1 prize given to the lady whose pie brings the highest price.

Pleasant Valley News–Little Verdon Beck has been ill with lung fever…..Mrs. Jonas Short and children had Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wyse…..Mrs. Chris Short entertained 13 ladies at a quilting bee, Tuesday.

About 500,000 men of the American Expeditionary Forces will return to the United States or be homeward bound before July 1, according to an order by Brig. Gen. James W. McAndrews, chief of staff.

Mr. Cletus Aeschliman underwent an operation for appendicitis at the home of his father-in-law Mr. C.F. Wyse, Thursday.

Try a pair of Lion Brand work shoes this spring. They are stronger and wear longer.– Lauber Clothing Co.– Adv.

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