Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 10, 1997

Headline- Wyses Honored At Fulton County Fair For 71 Years Of Marriage.

Up to $400,000 in state money might be available to Archbold through a grant for revitalization of commercial areas.

An end to the production of ladders bearing the Archbold Ladder brand name marks the end of an era, said LaMar Gisel general manager. The firm was purchased by Keller Ladders, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., as of July 31. Gisel said the company will be moved to Goshen, Ind., where it will continue to manufacture ladders under the Keller name.

New additions to the Ridgeville Township Fire Department building are proceeding right on schedule. Final work is being completed.

Deaths- Charles J. Bishop, 91, Defiance; B.C. Dockery, 66, Defiance; Alice C. Rupp, 91, Wauseon; Merle D. Miller, 74, Wauseon.

A new site for the proposed four county juvenile detention facility has been offered to the Four County Joint Board of Commissioners, according to Brad Peebles, commissioner and chairman of the four county group.

The gold team fired a 308 to finish third in the 14-team Panther Invitational Saturday at Stryker. Teammates are Eric Watson, Tad Aschliman, Josh Fruchey, Kurt Brodbeck, Kyle Von Deylen. Larry Lirot is coach.

Today’s Laugh- You know you’re getting older when you can remember all the changes you’ve seen and are still against all of them.

Troy Jester is the newest full-time staff person for Defi- ance Area Youth for Christ. He will live in Bryan, but work with junior high youth in both towns.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 15, 1983

When the last bid was taken in the county Junior Fair Sale, receipts for the day totaled $162,174.98.

The new pavilion at Ruihley Park is paid, and there is $117,970.76 in the park fund.

Sauder Woodworking and Manufacturing hosted 500 Williams County educators Monday morning. They learned how Sauders manufacture products and had question periods with the firm’s executives, department heads, and employees.

The Jerry Beck home on US 20-A was sold at auction Saturday for $58,000 to Steven Meyer.

The graduating class of 1937 held its 45th reunion in Archbold. Robert Rupp was class president.

Melvin F. Lange, one of the directors of the Fulton County Agricultural Society, was speaker at the Monday noon luncheon of the Community Commercial Club.

History walked the Fulton County Fairgrounds when Floyd and Bertha Lauber attended the Golden Wedding Party. Floyd served 12 years on the fair board, county commissioner 16 years, and German Township Trustee 10 years.

Shari Coressel crossed the finish in the Blue Streak Invitational Cross Country Meet Saturday to finish a strong third in the A-AA with a time of 21:32.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- There were two million adults behind bars at the end of 1981…. San Francisco’s fabled cable car system is destined for a renovation that will take two years…. Shigechiyo Izumi, who lives on the Japanese island Tokunoshimi, has the answer. The 117-year old man claims he has stayed home all his life…. Chrysler said it was building 3,000 convertibles and was surprised when 30,000 orders were received.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 11, 1957

Pettisville school opened for a half-day session Sept. 3 with 559 pupils enrolled. This is an increase of 64 over last year and a new all-time peak.

Riegsecker Bros. Contractors, were low bidders on two projects last week and the bids have been accepted. In Montpelier, the Riegseckers bid $39,723 for the general contract to construct a new public library. Construction of a wing and improvement of DeEtte Harrison Hospital was awarded to the brothers on their low bid of $39,640. Included in the improvement will be new rooms, a dumb waiter, and an elevator.

Lloyd Schmucker and family were enroute to church Sunday about one mile south of Stryker when a deer leaped over a fence and was on the highway before their car could be stopped. The impact killed a 130-pound doe, which Don Ziegler, game protector, sent to the Williams County Home.

The Menno Grieser farm southeast of Archbold was sold at auction by the heirs Saturday. Final bid for the 80 acres was $260 per acre and was bought by Loren Nofziger. Bidding started at $250 per acre.

Son to Mr. and Mrs. William Fricke, Sept. 3. Name: William Lawrence; grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Fricke, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gautsche.

Mayor’s Notice- Trespassing of Archbold Swimming Pool party or entrance of the enclosed area when the pool is closed is illegal and violators will be punished.- Joe E. Dominique, mayor of Archbold.

The price on cut-up fryers in the A&P advertisement this week is 35 cents per pound . . . Twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Buehrer return to Ohio Northern University for their junior years. Stanley will be the football manager and is majoring in physical education, and Phillip is majoring in physical education.

The film of Lindbergh’s famous flight is showing at Scott Theatre. “The Spirit of St. Louis” stars James Stewart, Patricia Smith, and Murray Hamilton.

Mr. and Mrs. John Clair and daughter spent Saturday evening with Mr. and Mrs. William Rupp, Jr., and baby. Sunday afternoon visitors were Mr. Robert Rupp and family and Mrs. Lowell Nofziger and children.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 14, 1932

The seven newspapers published in Williams County took a straw vote of the popularity of the presidential candidates. Altogether 688 went to Roosevelt and 342 to Hoover.

The popular Archbold Band will give its last concert of the season this week.

A gasoline propelled CN passenger train struck an auto carrying school children in the outskirts of Hudson, Mich. Thursday afternoon.

The Literary Society of the Amish-Mennonite Church of Leo, Ind., and the Athenian Society of the Central Amish- Mennonite Church, near Archbold, met in the home of Sam Richer and family, near Wauseon, Sunday, where the former gave a program. About 300 attended.

There are citizens who do not know that they are in danger of arrest if they pass a school bus in either direction when it is discharging passengers.

Married- Thurlow Nofziger, Archbold, and Ruth Liechty, Wauseon, Sept. 5.

Archbold is a favorite trading center for those who like good service.

“Any person who doesn’t read at least one country newspaper is missing half of life.” – Will Rogers.

About everything but alfalfa has been blamed for the depression.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Sept. 17, 1907

The four young men from East Liverpool who took too much liquor aboard and got smart on the street at Stryker, got away in their automobile before the Stryker marshal could catch them, but the sheriff at Bryan took them in. They paid $30 fine with a smile.

Alex Grime has trouble getting stone for his two and one-half miles of stone road. One-half mile is down, but the balance is doubtful. Stone dealers can sell more than they can produce and buyers must take their chances.

Jacob Binder was in Archbold Monday, the first time since May, a year ago. Mr. Binder is 82. His father’s family came to this country in 1834.

There were five families in the party: Jacob Binder, George Mister, Melachia Kibler, John Von Gunde. They came to Archbold from Alsace-Loraine. It took eleven days to cut a road from Napoleon to Lauber Hill.

It was the first road known at the time. Of this party of twenty-four, Mr. Binder is the last living.

The T&I trains were delayed Friday by men cutting a tree that fell across the track, west of Archbold, at Stop 69. They intended to cause it to fall elsewhere but the tree had its own way.

Ice cream was sold out in town Sunday evening. The unexpected warm weather did it.

A stranger paid $6 for causing a disturbance Saturday evening.

There is a demand for money in Archbold recently by farmers who want to fence and tile and make other improvements. It has caused the Farmers & Merchants Bank to raise the rate on time certificates to four percent.

It is bringing in considerable money and eastern men have written to know if money in large amounts is needed. There is healthy growth everywhere.

100 Years Ago

Friday, Sept. 20, 1907

H.K. Warren is the new manager of the T&I. He was the man in charge of the line when it ran from Wauseon to Toledo, and at that time seemed to satisfy the public.

Traveling men in particular seem to be dissatisfied with Mr. Darrow’s management. They thought Darrow lacked discipline and permitted the employees too much liberty.

Be that as it may, the road is short of juice when the loads are heavy. On big days there was often grumbling.

Henry Carey is building a log cabin at Toledo Beach for Mr. Goodyear, of Toledo. It is to be used as a summer residence. As the market stands a log cabin is an expensive article.

Henry Nofzinger was helping build a house at Toledo Beach when he was attacked by bed turtles. His arms swelled and he had a poison chill. Henry isn’t used to that kind of bedfellow.

Josh Nofzinger is digging for the foundation of a house on one of his lots near the Lake Shore Railroad. He is building to rent. Archbold needs a lot of tenant houses.

Dan Weber, who lives south of town, swallowed a piece of glass while drinking. He is much worried about it and went to a Toledo specialist. He thinks the piece of glass is cutting his stomach.

Lightning knocked lots of shingles off the house of Jim Schwalley Tuesday afternoon. It also tore off two pieces of siding. The paper between the walls was on fire but was extinguished.

Several young men were quarreling on the street. One young man said “some thirtyeights would soon fly.” He was called before the mayor, but had no weapon and was discharged with a lecture.

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