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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2009

Council discussed an ordinance requiring property owners to remove snow from sidewalks.

Kevin Eicher, a councilman, said he got an earful from a citizen who believed the village should be responsible for removing snow from sidewalks.

Another indication the nation’s economy has gone into a tailspin: Calls for assistance by First Call for Help numbered 211. They refer persons in need to groups, organizations, or agencies that provide assistance. Some call volumes were up from 259% to as high as 1,300%. Food assistance calls were up 506%.

Kevin Sauder, CEO of Sauder Woodworking, said the company has sold the Sauder Transit trucking operation. Selling the trucking business lowers company costs and simplifies the business.

The Fulton County Heart Radiothon goal for 2009 has been reduced $6,540, to $20,000.

With the original deadline looming, there still is no firm date for television stations to stop broadcasting analog signals.

Since commercial television broadcasting began in the 1940s, signals have been transmitted in analog format.

The question is when will the old analog transmitters be shut down: Feb. 17 or June 12.

Honor Students–Emily Grisez, Michael McDonel, Chelsea Solarik, Laura Wyse, Miami University; Jaron Bernath, Trine University; Levi Stuckey, Taylor University

Deaths–Marvin A. Krause, 89, formerly of Blissfield, Mich., and Ridgeville Corners; Lela F. Shinabery, 85, Archbold; Eugene B. Buehrer, 82, Stryker.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Feb. 2, 1994

Al Kreuz, former Fulton County Commissioner, has announced he will again run for the post.

“People have said, ‘You’re crazy.’ I don’t think I’m crazy. It’s just the public has requested it; the public has demanded it. I know what I left two years ago,” he said.

Kreuz will campaign for the commissioner post left vacant by Lowell Rupp, incumbent Republican commissioner. Rupp announced in a Jan. 19 Archbold Buckeye article he will not seek reelection. Kreuz, a Democrat, was first elected commissioner in 1980 when Ronald Reagan, a Republican, was elected US president for the first time. In the same election that saw Bill Clinton reclaim the White House for the Democratic Party, Kreuz was ushered out by Fulton County voters.

Archbold police have added another weapon to their crime-fighting arsenal.

But instead of shooting bullets or chemical sprays, this one shoots videotape.

Both patrol cars have been equipped with video cameras and recorder systems that allow officers to record traffic stops and many other police activities.

Martin Schmidt, police chief, said the video systems were obtained “basically to back up officers’ testimony and document the facts of the case.

“It can be used for anything; more importantly, in documenting DUI cases. It backs up the officer by taping what truly took place: the way the individual was driving; the field sobriety test.” Schmidt said some DUI cases can take a year before they go to court.

Headline–Town Fire Department Called In To Stand By For Two Morenci Fires

Heather Yoder, daughter of Tom and Gloria, is serving a one-year term of voluntary service in Harlingen, Texas. She is working as a paralegal on an assignment from Mennonite Board of Missions, Elkhart, Ind.

The Fulton County Chapter of the American Red Cross is accepting donations to help relief efforts for victims of the Los Angeles-area earthquake.

Honor Students–Anna Schrock, University of Evansville; Nathan Roth, University of Toledo; Kimberly Stover, Ashland University; S. Joseph Wyse, Bethany College.

The Archbold Church of the Nazarene has received $2,350 toward the building fund for a church on South Defiance Street.

Last week’s snow and ice didn’t slow down Archbold 5th grade quizzers, who took a first place and a fifth place in two unrelated computer quiz events.

Deaths–Ralph E. Stuckey, 81, Archbold; Herschel Atkins, 91, Findlay.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Feb. 5, 1969

Council appointed Don H. Walters, clerk; Harold Plassman, city solicitor; and Nolan Tuckerman, superintendent of water and sewage plants, to study assessments for the new sewer system.

George Kramer, chief of police, is investigating the destruction of mailboxes on Short Buehrer Road and Co. Rd. 24. Four mailboxes were destroyed and four stop signs were broken.

The Damascus Bridge, across the Maumee River south of Liberty Center in Henry County, that was scheduled to be abandoned has been saved by enthusiasts who protested its elimination.

Ohio will spend $125,000 of the estimated $170,000 needed to repair the narrow steel bridge. It will have an eight-ton limit and be a oneway bridge when restored. Henry County will pay $45,000 of the cost.

An ordination service will be held for Paul Kulp, pastor, at the Missionary Church, Sunday. His father, Harvey Kulp, a pastor at Boyerstown, Pa., will take part in the service. A potluck dinner will be held in the church following the service.

Richard B. McQuade, Jr., Swanton, prosecuting attorney of Fulton County, told of plans to curb juvenile delinquency at the Monday noontide luncheon of the Commercial Club.

As the demand for registered nurses continues to grow in Northwest Ohio, a joint committee has been appointed to plan for future educational processes.

Meanwhile, the Toledo Area Hospital Council said it is stepping up its student recruitment program to encourage young men and women to enter the field.

Assets of the School Employees’ Retirement System increased more than $22 million, according to Roger Cloud, state auditor.

Spiro T. Agnew, vice president of the United States, will be the guest speaker at this year’s Fifth Congressional District Lincoln Day banquet, according to Delbert Latta, congressman.

Dean’s List–Shirley Short, Defiance College; Phil J. Rich, Goshen College.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Feb. 9, 1944

Riegsecker Bros. has been manufacturing toys in its woodworking plant in the Lugbill Addition. The plant is short of help, so it was sold to Jonas Miller and associates, who will add a finishing plant and engage in the manufacture of toys and small items of furniture.

Mr. Harry E. Schwall, representative to the state legislature, will speak at the community meeting at Elmira school, Friday evening.

G.B. Wieland was high bidder for the Bert VanNess farm near Stryker, which sold at auction last Wednesday. He bid $210 per acre for the 39 1/2-acre farm.

A fish fry Tuesday evening honored two members of the Archbold Fire Department– Vernier Allen and James Gehring– who will leave for military service.

Little Betty Lou, 19- month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Schultz, is recovering in the Wauseon Hospital from an eye injury. Her brother James and sister Helen are being cared for by Mrs. H.L. Fraas while their mother remains with Betty Lou in the hospital.

Cpl. Elmer Schweinhagen, stepbrother of Fred Bruns of near Ridgeville Corners, is a prisoner of war in Germany in Stalag III-B, about 50 miles from Berlin.

He was captured Feb. 17, 1943, in Africa, and removed to a prison camp in Germany. The first word received from him from Germany was March 12. He is allowed to send two letters and two post cards each month.

Another group of county men will be taken to Toledo, Tuesday, Feb. 22, for induction into U.S. military service. Exact number called is unknown.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Jan. 28, 1919

Floyd Mockler writes from Koblenz, Germany, Dec. 20:

“I am in a German barracks overlooking the Rhine River. The Koblenz Fortress is only a few rods distant. Along the Rhine are villages, some way up in the hills, and the road that leads to them winds and winds.

“The German people treat us nice, as good as the French. However, they don’t like the British or French, undoubtedly because of the many German immigrants in the states. They peer around corners in our face hoping to see friends and relatives.”

John Schlepfer writes from Camp Taylor, Ky.: “What do you think of this? Jan. 21 and farmers plowing. Everyone running around in shirt sleeves. The boys over at the canteen are sitting on the fence eating ice cream cones.

“I have been transferred to the convalescent ward and when the doctor sees fit he will mark me “duty,” then will go down to the other barracks and do a little guard duty. We must be fit for duty before we get discharged. It is easy to get in the Army, but hard to get out.”

Now is not the time for a milk condensory in Archbold. The condensory is anxious to come as soon as the milk is in sight.

I am opening a Bargain Store in the room behind the City Drug Store. Watch for a list of bargains in the Friday Buckeye.–J.D. Miller.–adv.

A carload of Middlings, Red Dog and Bran, will be here soon. Leave your order now, phone us for prices.– Flory Brothers–adv.

Friday, Jan. 31, 1919

Buyers came from all parts of the United States to bid on the horses and mules sold at auction by the government at Camp Sherman last week. Heavy mules brought from $350 to $400. Pack mules sold around $130. Horses brought $140 to $150.

Mr. Chris. Rupp, of south of Pettisville, suffered a broken leg and other bruises on Wednesday morning. He was returning from delivering milk to the road when the bit broke and the horse started to run. He was injured when jumping from the buggy. His leg was broken below the knee.

John Griffith writes the Buckeye from Belize, France: “When we arrived we were sent to the front at Lorraine, France. The Germans shelled us and dropped bombs. Then we went to the Argonne Woods on our first drive. We sure did give the Germans hell. We drove them 15 miles. Dead Germans were lying everywhere and we took 10,000 prisoners in five days. Then went to Belgium to the Flanders Front. We sure did chase the Dutch, we drove them five days and then fell back for rest.

“We get all the beer we want to drink.”

Fred Yedica milked five cows for 12 months and received $1,344.93 for the milk.

Mr. Samuel Weiderkehr and Joseph Craemer are leaders in road improvements. Their views are endorsed by many in this Defiance County neighborhood.

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