Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday Sept. 9, 1998

A.J. Genter showed the grand champion hog at the Fulton County Fair. Cole Weber was reserve champion.

Jordan and Joemy Buschur spent a great portion of the summer at Interlochen Arts Camp in Northern Michigan, near Traverse City. Jordan assisted the art faculty, and Joemy studied creative writing.

Enrollment at Northwest State Community College increased 110, according to Larry McDougle, president.

Penny Riley was promoted to director of nursing at FCHC.

John Burkholder’s house at 107 Ditto St. was torn down Saturday morning to make way for a new building to house Short Agency and other offices.

New Civil Air Patrol cadets are Andrew Buck, Hank Moon, and Alex Moon. They meet weekly at Toledo Express Airport.

50th Wedding Anniversary- Ralph and June (Barton) Rupp, Sept. 11. They have five children and six grandchildren.

Claire Gisel began a threeyear assignment with Mennonite Central Committee in New Orleans. Gisel will work with an organization called Agenda for Children.

Sue Hurst has painted a mural at the St. John Lutheran Church Family Center, depicting Noah’s Ark.

Annie Eicher appears in a photograph at the petting zoo at the county fair.

Deaths- Helen B. Graber, 86, Wauseon; Elizabeth Hellem, 94, Wauseon; Orval Miller, 77, Archbold; Milo Graber, 75, Stryker; Glenford D. King, 74, Wauseon.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 7, 1983

Glenn Gallaway, retired Archbold High School vocational agricultural teacher, was one of five men named to the newly created Fulton County Agriculture Hall of Fame at the Fulton County Fair Sunday.

Four Archbold residents graduated from Northwest Technical College Buckeye School of Practical Nursing Sept. 1: Deborah Grime, Sara Schrock, Barbara Short, Kay Stamm.

The Evangelical Mennonite Church quiz team was second in conference finals at Taylor University, Upland, Ind., Aug. 6-7-8. Team members: Linda Wyse, Barb Barnhart, Dave Oyer, Sabine Krueger, Dawn Faler, Matt Leach, Mark Stuckey, Rachel Wyse.

Eric and Lynn Miller won first in class in the Dog Obedience Show at the county fair.

Deaths- Delpha Villare, 69, Archbold; Elmer Fedderke, 63, Ridgeville Corners; Clarence (Shorty) Burch, 65, Bryan; Earl A. Kastner, 89, Bryan; Paul N. Short, 66, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- If ignorance is bliss, why isn’t the world happier…. Aren’t we lucky that all the different kinds of sure-cure political snake oil developed in the U.S. doesn’t reach the market?

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 10, 1958

Mr. and Mrs. Harley Nofziger returned from Onekama, Mich., Sept. 2, where Harley was manager of Little Eden Camp. There were 1,000 registrants. Nofziger has been manager of the camp nine years.

School enrollment as of Monday is 848 pupils in the Archbold schools. There are 18 more than last year who registered. The school could be classed AA.

Council accepted the resignation of Maurice Hootman as street commissioner and appointed Ernest C. Mohr, Sr., to complete his term.

Chinatown, USA Day is Tuesday, Sept. 16, by proclamation of the Ohio governor and the mayor of Archbold. A special section of 16 pages produced by the staff of the Archbold Buckeye appears in this issue. It is the largest edition ever produced, 26 pages.

The third annual Cord-Duesenberg reunion was held in Auburn, Ind., Sept 5-6-7 and a parade of the cars was on Saturday. There were 40 Cords, 30 Duesenbergs, and 25 Auburns.

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Baumgartner and sons returned Aug. 30 from a fiveweek trip through the western states.

Fayette council employed Lloyd Ruger chief of police to succeed Orlan Walker. The village has a 16-man auxiliary police force.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 6, 1933

Twenty-five years ago, Aug. 30, 1913, the great Archbold fire destroyed nearly all the buildings on the east side of North Defiance Street. Two residences facing Holland Street were consumed. After the blaze only two buildings remained in the block on North Defiance Street, the Farmers & Merchants Bank on the south end, and the Murbach Medical Office on the north end.

Ezra Short won first place at the Henry County Fair in light horse pulling. Bert Short was fourth.

Roy Heacock and Earl Snyder have taken over the management of the old T&W Railroad from Fayette to Pioneer.

Archbold business places will close Thursday at noon to encourage residents to attend Archbold Day at the Fulton County Fair.

Pettisville’s consolidated grade and high school will open Monday, Sept. 1. J.J. Rychener, superintendent; S.M. Gottschalk, principal.

You can always tell the difference between a regular girl and a gold digger. One saves her love letters in a hope chest, and the other saves them in a safe deposit box.

Franklin Buehrer is recovering from injuries he received when his hand came in contact with a tool at the Archbold Ladder factory. The ends of his thumbs and finger were tipped.

Carl Hubbell, pitching ace of New York Giants, established a new record by pitching 46 successive scoreless innings. The former record of 44 was made in 1908 by Ed. Reulbach.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Sept. 15, 1908

The flying jiny or carousel has been amusing children on the lot near the Corner Cafe. Money is what makes the merry go-round.

The hand of time has dealt gently with J. Hy. Berner, when he came near getting an awful blow the other day when the large wooden clock sign of an Archbold jeweler fell while he was but a few feet away.

C.S. Bucher, veterinarian surgeon, accepted an appointment Friday with the government to serve in the Philippines. He will sail from San Francisco, Calif., Sept 21.

Cow keepers around Wauseon and Delta are filling their silos. A silo is a kraut tub ten feet cross and as high as the barn. Corn fodder is chopped by an engine and put in the tub to be used for winter feeding of animals.

Forest fires are raging in Michigan.

Some day you may read of a shocking crime committed at Alvordton, Williams County. All the neighboring towns are dry, and thirsty men keep the roads leading to and from Alvordton warm. The sides of the roads are decorated with empty bottles and soaks gather there and hold high carnival. There is no visible police force and personal freedom is exercised without restraint.

There are no exhibits from German Township at the Fulton County Fair. It is not because there are no fine horses, cattle, sheep, or hogs to exhibit. Anyone can see fine draft horses in Archbold any market day.

There are no exhibits from the richest farming section of the county because the moral code of the German Mennonites forbids any kind of show. They do not believe it right to make an exhibit of their wealth.

Their ideas of amusement are church, big dinners, and visiting parties.

If all people were as peaceful, law-abiding, energetic, thrifty, prolific and contented as the native-born in German Township, the wall of the poorhouse would crumble.

Friday, Sept. 18, 1908

Wednesday evening a fakir got money from a number of Archbold suckers with the old jewelry game.

Fulton County has received $25,000 of the $85,000 due from the Barber Bank, in Wauseon. It is claimed a syndicate has been formed which raised $50,000 to help out the bank.

C.S. Bucher, veterinary surgeon, leaves today for the Orient. He promises to write the Buckeye from Uncle Sam’s bargain islands. A ball was given at the Opera House Wednesday evening to celebrate his departure.

The Archbold schools began Monday. The school board had many difficulties in getting the schools started this season with the fire escape trouble, making new exits, rearranging doors, resignation of teachers, money troubles and a big increase in attendance.

While at the Daniel Rupp barn-raising, George Whitehorne and Ora Lauber indulged in an old-fashioned scuffle. George is no lightweight and no longer a stripling. A twist of his left knee, crack, and George now walks with a stick.

Land that will raise 30 bushels of wheat to the acre is now selling in South Dakota for $10 an acre and up. People who have never been there, where there is nothing to see but level land and sky and nothing to hear but one’s own noises and the beating of your heart, do not know what it is to be alone.

The surest way to tell whether or not a man intends to be honest is to let him owe you money.

The latest airship stays up over an hour. It has no balloon, just flat surfaces like a kite and a gasoline engine to run the windmill that pulls it through the air.

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