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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 2, 1998

A photograph shows Gary Dominique, Lane Stopher, Josh Garcia, Salome Garcia, Jordan Garcia, and Dan Grime swimming in the flood water in Ruihley Park.

Effects of the heavy rains the last full week will be somewhat neutral, said Greg LaBarge county extension agent….. Sauder Village experienced the worst flooding in recent memory, said Steve Sauder, director of facilities and grounds….. Trees in the yard of Ross and Karen Wyse, northwest of Archbold, were severely damaged by the morning storm, Aug. 25.

Four county residents were inducted into the Agricultural Hall of Fame at the fairgrounds: Vernon Mull; Loren Pennington; William Borton, deceased; Neree Emmons.

Keith Lehman, physician, was elected a district director of the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians.

Deaths- Donna C. Neifer, 89, Wauseon; Orlyss E. Rupp, 85, Bryan; Luella Aeschliman, 73, Archbold; Cora Baer, 90, Archbold; William Gene Miller, Sr., 55, Hollywood, Fla.

Chris Short and Jason Martz appear in a photograph painting traffic lines on Holland Street.

Fulton County Fair will celebrate its 141st year, Sept. 4-9.

Council approved purchasing the former Archbold medical Group building on East Lutz Rd.

Council purchased land known as the Stotzer-Sauder property for a future reservoir site on East Lutz Rd.

Valuable items in the Sauder Museum were saved from floodwater Tuesday morning. It was the worst flood ever at Sauder Village.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 31, 1983

Three incumbent village offi cials will run unchallenged: William Lovejoy, mayor; Gladys Winzeler, clerk; Richard Weires, councilman. No one has filed for the council position vacated by retiring Larry Baus.

Two incumbents, Curtis Spengler and Stephen Rupp, have filed for reelection to the Pettisville School Board. Also filing for a board position is a newcomer, Joyce Nofziger.

The state auditor office alleges that the Archbold Area School Board overspent its income by $51,749.81 during 1980. It is now up to William Swigart, county prosecuting attorney, to decide whether the allegations are actionable.

The 40-acre farm and buildings owned by Mrs. Lena Huffman, south of Stryker on St. Rt. 191, sold at public auction to Kenneth Ruffer. He paid $71,000, or $1,775 an acre.

Janna Short opened the Jewel Garden Child Care Center at 200 W. Beech St., Monday.

DeLine Bike Shop will open at its new location, 105 Depot St., tomorrow.

David S. Apger, marine private, has completed training at San Diego, Calif.

Jack Spotts, park board member, spoke to Rotarians Friday. He said the four parks cover 65 acres. He said receipts-expenditures approximate $229,000. Other board members are Judy Furko, Keith Short, Rick Stotzer.

New teachers at Pettisville this fall are Arthur Bradford and Tom Krill.

A broken leg and a cast to his hip doesn’t keep Brian Sauber from riding a 10-speed bicycle.

New school teachers at Archbold are Mary Ann Thatcher, Linda Rogers, Dawn Walsh, JoAnne Rupp, Linda Ridley, Ron Stuckey.

Holly Louise Hatfield was initiated into the Ohio University chapter of Phi Kappa Phi national honor society.

Mary Ann Fielitz finds fun training kids and horses, according to a feature story.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- The nation has 250,000 tobacco farmers…. The black buffalo is perhaps the most ferocious, dangerous animal on earth. He will charge at almost anything that moves.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 3, 1958

William S. Flory received ordination in a (Spanish speaking) service at Good Shepherd Mennonite Church, Sunday, Aug. 17. Henry Wyse, bishop, was in charge of the ceremony.

Janet, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Myers, and a sophomore at OSU, sang a solo over WSPD-TV, in a variety program Saturday. She spent the summer at home with her parents and brother James, and at the family cottage at Devils Lake.

A record attendance at the centennial Fulton County Fair attracted 56,000 in six days and nights. The record attendance Labor Day was 28,000.

Carolyn Palmer, second grade teacher, conducted a successful “Story Hour” at McLaughlin Memorial Library during summer vacation. She held ten sessions. Children attending reached 317.

Bryan Chamber of Commerce will hold open house factory week Oct. 19.

A new headquarters building for the Congo Inland Mission is being constructed in Elkhart, Ind., on Hively and Benham avenues.

Wendell Grisier, Stryker, and Orrin R. Taylor, Archbold, were judges at the annual beauty contest at the Paulding County Fair Saturday evening.

Military address appears for Darrell E. Stuckey.

Sharon Stutzman graduated from nursing school at St. Vincent Hospital, Toledo, Sept. 7.

The U.S. Army will issue a draft call of 11,000 men in October.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 30, 1933

Four new teachers in Archbold schools will greet students when the doors open Sept. 5. Catherine Brown will teach typing, shorthand, bookkeeping; Alice Buehrer will specialize in music and primary work. She also will assist in the vocal music of the grade school building; Elva Swalley specializes in English, geography, arithmetic, and writing. Kathryn Rupp will teach second grade. R.L. Lorton, superintendent; T.L. Parker, principal.

For several years the Archbold and Stryker schools have shared the time of one music teacher, half of the week at each school. However, because of economic necessity, less time will be spent by Louise Mignin in the Archbold school than in former years.

Gene Sarazen is the 1933 champion of the Professional Golfers’ Association. He won the title for the third time, at the Mound Country Club, Milwaukee. He also received a victory check of $1,000.

Farmers raised wages of their hired hands approximately 7 percent in the last three months.

Richard Grieser, grandson of S.D., likes to go out to the farm to visit his grandfather. He is only a few years old. After he had been there at threshing time, someone asked him what he had for dinner. He replied, “Pajamas.”

The farmer needs so many things that when he gets money again he will put all the factories on double shifts.

The twelve millionth visitor paid admission to the World’s Fair in Chicago.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Sept. 8, 1908

In spite of extra help, Archbold merchants find some customers do not get proper attention Saturday evenings. Those who want to have plenty of time to select goods ought to make their purchases during the week when the business people are not so busy.

ELMIRA- Friday morning after midnight, fire started in a mysterious way on a building owned by George W. Hartman, and used as a saloon. It burned to the ground. The grocery store nearby also was destroyed.

Daniel Roth has been hauling gravel to his lot here the past week.

When Wesley Bliss, who lives near Archbold, found that he was shy $50, he concluded that he had been touched.

It is a good thing that money invested in farmland does not pay a big interest. If such were the case it would be only a few years until there would be a great landlord class here as in Europe, where a few own all the land and those who rent and do the work could not afford to wear anything more expensive than overalls, while the landlords would be supported in idleness and luxury.

The Ohio Dairy Company is constructing a three-story plant at Morenci, Mich.

LOST- A ladies garment between Archbold and Elmira. Finder please bring to this offi ce.- adv.

Clarence Wyse, south of town, is suffering from typhoid fever.

Friday, Sept. 11, 1905

Fred C. Wetzel, the mail carrier, says that Alex Grime and Henry Stamm are building a stone road past the Moine Schoolhouse. First there is a layer of nut-sized crushed stone. It is packed with the steamroller. Upon that is placed a thin layer of clay to hold it in place. After the clay is well rolled a finishing layer of fine stone is placed on top. This is packed solidly with the big steamroller and the road is finished. People say this road will not get away and that it will greatly increase the selling price of each acre of land within driving distance.

The Happy-Go-Luckies had a picnic last Tuesday at Stop 70. Present were Eva Fagley, Edith Rhodel, Emily Snyder, Gertrude Grime, Myrtle Claire, Meda Seigel, Bess Grime, and Sophia Fraas. All reported a jolly good time.

At St. Peter Catholic Church on Oct. 7, dedication and confirmation services will be held under the auspices of Bishop Kondelka, assisted by several other clergymen. Dinner and supper will be served at the church. All are welcome.

Rev. Danial Rupp’s barn raising is tomorrow, Saturday. Go out and help lift, grunt, or boss.

For Sale- Baker windmill and tower complete for $25.- C.S. Nofzinger, liveryman.- adv.

Remember to attend the Good Time Party tonight at the band hall, given by the girls of Class No. 5 of the M.E. Sunday School.- adv.

Twenty-eight young men and girls had a marshmallow roast in Rufenacht’s Woods, west of town Wednesday evening.

With telephones and automobiles Archbold citizens ought to get quick medical service.

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