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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 26, 1998

Responding to the tremendous growth opportunities in ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture, Sauder Woodworking will begin a comprehensive expansion. Sauder is the leading RTA manufacturer in America.

The company will invest more than $100 million in a multi-year space utilization plan. It will produce 1.4 million square feet of distribution space when it moves into its Lutz Road facility. It could create 1,000 jobs.

Archbold and German Township were flooded when between Monday and 8:30 am, Tuesday, the village of Archbold recorded 8.40 inches of rain at the wastewater treatment plant.

Pettisville High School graduating class of 1943 held its 55th reunion. Sixteen members attended.

Heather (Storrer) Jordan, AHS ’91, was promoted to team coordinator of the cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology labs at Sentara Norfolk (Va.) General Hospital. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Storrer, rural Archbold.

Many of the improvements at the Fulton County fairgrounds are under foot. “We replaced a lot of waterlines and sewers that were 50 years old,” said Carl Buehrer, president of the fair board.

Deaths- Arthur H. Dehnke, 81, Coldwater, Ohio; Max Robert Crisenbery, infant son of Traci (Miller) and Marc, Perrysburg; Emma Friesen, 85, Archbold; Luella May Yoder, 91, Midland, Mich.; Julia E. Zuver, 86, West Unity.

50th Wedding Anniversaries- Dale and LeAnna (Sauder) Gautsche, Aug. 22. They have four children, nine grandchildren and two greatgrandchildren; Charles and Janette Rupp, Aug. 21. They have three children; Edward H. and Miriam (Eash) Yoder, Sept. 12. They have four children, eight grandchildren, one great-grandchild; James T. and L. Ester (Hinesman) Bernath, Stryker, Sept. 19. They have two daughters and four grandchildren.

Four new teachers join Archbold Area School District this fall: Jan Lindsay, Kim Walker, Craig Link, Jane Burke.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 24, 1983

Midwestern, Inc., Dayton, was awarded the Archbold Swimming Pool renovation contract, to start the week after Labor Day.

After 17 days of walking and smiling as the 1983 Ohio State Fair Queen, Jodi Short is happy to see the reign end.

Deaths- Florence Huffman, 93, Wauseon; Clair E. Jones, 77, Wauseon.

Rosella Buehrer, Stryker, and Pat Blosser, Wauseon, members of Sweet Adelines, attended the annual summer music camp at BGSU.

Doug Gearing, Renee Nofziger, Deb Beck, Mary Snyder, Tracy Eby, and Terry Frey, Pettisville FFA members, attended a retreat at Devil’s Lake.

1983 AHS football coaching staff: John Downey, Ron Dilbone, Joe Furko, Steve Storrer, Hobie Krouse, Keith Anderson, Mike Walker.

Tom Taylor Pony Farm, West Unity, received the Shetland in Hand Class award at the Ohio State Fair from Jodi Short, fair queen.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- ” The Russians are not imperialistic,” according to Ford Cullis in the Bryan Times, “they only want to take over countries that adjoin countries they want to take over.”… Dwight Eisenhower, U.S. president, in 1956, signed a bill that hiked the minimum wage to $1 an hour. That was 23 years ago…. Thomas Edison defined genius as “one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 27, 1958

Shirley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Weber, is the FFA Sweetheart.

Richard Lauber, postmaster, said Archbold soon will have another drive-up mail box. Lauber received official notice of being named postmaster, effective Aug. 22, as approved by the Senate.

A photograph shows 135 men and women who helped clear the debris caused by the barn fire at the Harold J. Wyse farm Aug. 8. The women served a big noon meal.

The average automobile owner drove 8,000 miles last year.

The courthouse at Wauseon will be closed three afternoons during fair week.

Bryan Jubilee, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, had higher profits over a year ago of $3,000.

Flour millers say Americans eat 90 million sandwiches every day.

Graber school reunion is Saturday, Aug. 30 at the Graber school.- adv.

Rain and bad weather have delayed construction of the new factory building of Fulton Tubing Co., on Lugbill Road. The building is 60×490 feet.

Plans are under way to raise $15,000 for a new 40×70 foot building to house Archbold’s expanding fire department on land donated by Peter Eicher & Son, Inc., at the corner of Mechanic and Pleasant streets.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 23, 1933

Fulton County’s total public indebtedness amounted to $1,420.136 at the beginning of this year.

After being arrested for drunkenness Saturday night, Clarence Brown, 38, continued his misfortunes at the Bryan jail by falling out of a two-story bunk, and from there landed in the Wauseon hospital. The prisoner was badly hurt.

Millions of visitors are attending A Century of Progress, the Chicago World’s Fair. A feature of the fair is Enchanted Island, the million-dollar playground for boys and girls. For the 50¢ admission, 82 miles of exhibits can be seen.

Away from dishwashing, meal preparation, and other household chores, 500 farm women spent four or five days in camp, resting. Afternoons are devoted to “tongue rest,” music and reading.

Some Archbold citizens who are grumbling over their lot in life should go along with the boys that drive truckloads of poultry to the city, and see the poor folks fighting each other for the dead chickens they throw out of the coops.

Six Civil War veterans attended the reunion held in Wauseon last Tuesday.

Why do you call your wife a Boy Scout driver? Because she makes at least one good turn each day.

September is the month to begin using artificial lighting in the poultry house to stimulate egg production.

Now is the time to fill your coal bin for winter.- Peter Eicher & Sons- adv.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Sept. 1, 1908

Fisher & Saunders have finished repairing the Schmucker Bridge north of Stryker. It will not be opened to traffic until the approaches are filled in.

Wonser & Rychener have rented the Wickey place of 80 acres for a year.

It has been a long time since you saw a cow wearing a bell in German Township.

Twenty-eight years ago today a stand that had been erected in the depot yard in Archbold collapsed with the political speaker, band and all. When the opposite party jeered, there was a general fist fight with many black eyes and bloody noses. They tried to continue the speaking from a pile of shingles but the crowd was too dry to stay and listen.

A man with a long-handled magnetic hammer was tacking tobacco signs on Ed. Sagert’s old shop building, when he disturbed a tribe of bumble bees. The motions the man made would have puzzled a moving picture machine.

Only 75 people were at the Ottokee fairgrounds to hear Judge Kinkade, J.H. Southard, and Gen. I.R. Sherwood. Truly this is a reading and not a listening age.

There may be all kinds of money in cows but some German Township farmers do not like to take the trouble to squeeze it out.

Someone dropped a board on Abe Nofziger’s foot. He walks with crutches.

Josh Nofzinger says his new house will be finished as soon as it is done.

The Buehrer Orchestra assisted in the services at the Reformed Church Sunday.

Friday, Sept. 4, 1908

Mrs. Fannie Aeschliman, widow of Chris, will be buried this afternoon, from the Amish- Mennonite meeting house.

Because of the delay in erecting fire escapes, the opening of the Archbold public schools has been postponed one week.

Toledo did herself proud Wednesday when the city entertained 35,000 visitors who came to honor the old soldiers. Streets were roped off and the old soldiers had plenty of room to march and stagger.

James H. Hyslop, expert on psychic phenomena and head of the American Society for Physical Research, apparently believes the devil is still an active agent in human affairs. He declares “that persons accused of various crimes should be turned over to the experts of the society for examination.”

John Diehlman saw enough on his trip to see his prosperous brother Peter in the West, to entertain the boys at Buehrer’s store all winter.

Otto Funkhauser of Ridgeville Corners is the new clerk at J.P. Flory’s dry goods store.

John Munro does not forget to speak to old friends even if his mill wagon has a new coat of paint.

I have on hand a large stock of first-quality homegrown timothy seed for sale. Please call and examine the quality.- Henry Hirsch- adv.

The longest submarine cable in the world, from Canada to Australia via the Fiji Islands, has the thickness of a lead pencil.

The Chinese newspaper is printed in a roll so the subscriber may tear off and throw away the portion that he has read.

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