Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2007

Lifelong Archbold resident Larry Baus took an unusual path in public office.

Starting in 1976, he was a member of village council eight years, leaving at the end of 1983 after two fouryear terms.

He said at that time, his two sons, Chad and Aaron, needed him at home.

Then 17 years later, in 2000, he returned to council. He leaves again at the end of this year, after two fouryear terms.

When asked about accomplishments during his terms, Baus was quick to cite the village municipal water system.

Sandy Babcock’s life has turned out differently than the one she imagined as a Bryan High School student.

“I was getting out of school,” she said. “And now look at me.” She’s worked as a lunch lady in the Archbold schools 14 years.

The job can be a pressure cooker, but it carries a certain amount of clout. “They know who butters their bread,” she said.

Lori Dunning, a cafeteria server, smiles as she passes a tray of popcorn chicken to an eager student, according to a photograph.

Two-year-old Griffin Eash points to someone he knows on stage during the Pettisville Elementary School Christmas program. He is being held by Moisa Hernandez, a friend of the Eash family, according to a photograph.

Cub Scouts visited the Archbold Buckeye to learn about publishing newspapers. They are Simon Short, Gibson Burkholder, Elias Rash, Daniel Baus, Caden Garrow, Alex Scott, Jake Steusoloff, John Ruscigno, Jeremiah Hartman, according to a photograph.

Deaths– Chelsey Laine Grisier, 20, Archbold

50th Wedding Anniversary– Art and Mary Ellen (Schaffner) Stuckey, Jan. 4, 1958

25th Wedding Anniversary– Eric and Marcia (Richer) Lehman, Dec. 25, 1982

Brodie Miller, first grade, and Monica Betz, third grade, perform during the Pettisville Elementary School Christmas program Dec. 20, according to a photograph.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Dec. 23, 1992

State legislators representing the Archbold area split their votes on a tax increase package that saved area schools from suffering deep cuts in their budgets. M. Ben Gaeth, state senator (R-Defiance), voted against the bill, which combined the tax package with the state capital improvements bill.

Council agreed to sell revenue bonds to finance construction of a new building for the McLaughlin Memorial Library.

Dan Avers, John Lovejoy, and Mark Johnson, village employees, attended the council meeting to express their concerns over the health insurance package the village has proposed.

Dale Pape, Archbold, and Opal Lauber, Pettisville, will continue to serve on the Fulton County chapter of the American Red Cross board of directors during 1993. Kathryn Bernath, rural Archbold, is a member-at-large of the executive board.

Richard J., son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rufenacht, was ordained as a Church of God minister, Sunday, Dec. 13, at the First Church of God, Defiance.

Sara Wyse-Wenger, an AHS graduate, will present a concert at St. John’s United Church of Christ, Dec. 29. It will be the first local appearance of the Somerville, Mass., mezzo-soprano, who sings professionally in the Boston area.

Deaths–Otto M. Dehnbostel, 90, Freedom Township; Marion B. Anderson, 79, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor, who is 95–According to Merriam-Webster, Inc. dictionary publishers, the word warmonger was first used in 1590….. Nuclear power is now 50 years old, having been available Dec. 2, 1942. Heralded as a future giant, a fifth of the energy around the world is now produced by nuclear power, and no nuclear power plant has been ordered in the US since 1978.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Dec. 27, 1967

A total rainfall of 4.3 inches in 18 hours deluged this area between 3 pm, Thursday, Dec. 21, and 10 am, Friday morning.

The storm was one of the most severe in many years, inundating many areas in the village. It sent Brush Creek and the Tiffin River over its banks, flooded fields and cellars, and caused thousands of dollars in damage.

The rain came in torrents in front of strong whipping winds. Many homes had four feet of water in the basement. Ohio Gas. Company had 75 homes without service, and Ohio Central Telephone Corporation had 350 phones out of order. Only a few reported slight seepage.

Fore-Craft. Inc., honored employees with service awards at a Christmas dinner: Ellen Kennel, Donald Sommers, Clifford Nafziger, Dale Schrock, Robert Grieser, Richard Nofziger, Lowell Nafziger, Richard Riegsecker, and Erma Rufenacht. Erie J. Sauder, president.

Increased rates for all classes of mail except parcel post and international mail will go in effect Jan 7, 1968, reminded Richard M. Lauber, postmaster. “Even with the new rates of six cents for first-class and ten cents for air mail, postal service is still a real bargain,” said Lauber.

Fred B. Hadley, Pioneer, will seek a third term in the Ohio House of Representatives. He represents District 1, which includes Fulton, Williams, and Defiance counties.

Pfc. Stephen Rice, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W. Rice, writes a letter to Buckeye readers, saying, “I have been on my second R&R (rest and recuperation) since arriving in Vietnam in April. Right now I’m on R&R in Australia.”

O.P. Kluepfel presented a Christmas message to Rotary Club on Friday.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Dec. 23, 1942

Tonight, Dec. 23, the drive to sell $282,000 in United States bonds in this community ends.

Local Victory Fund Committee chairmen A.J. Stamm and Theodore Dimke report they have hopes of Archbold reaching its quota by tonight if enough citizens respond today to help complete the drive.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Bernath escaped injury when their auto was struck by an eastbound New York Central passenger train at the Stryker Crossing at about 5:30, Sunday evening.

Ensign Robert L. Rupp, son of Mr. and Mr. Peter Rupp, graduated from Naval Training Station at Pensacola, Fla., Wednesday, Dec. 16, being the first local boy to graduate there. He was designated as a naval aviator at special ceremonies.

Smoke damaged the home of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Seiler on East Holland St., Friday morning, and Mrs. Seiler summoned the fire department as smoke coming from the basement filled the house.

In Archbold and German Township, owners of real estate will enjoy a slightly lower tax rate.

Archbold’s rate will be 1.31 compared to 1.32 a year ago. The German Township rate last year was 1.19 compared to 1.18 for 1942.

General Douglas McArthur sent Christmas greetings and a complimentary telegram to “The Men of the New York Boat Oar, Inc.,” in Archbold. “On this sacred day of our Lord, we the soldiers on the firing line give thanks to you soldiers on the production line for the sinews of war that make victory possible. We are dedicating this Christmas Day to the defeat of our enemies. Yes, this Christmas Day, the day after, and every day thereafter, until we establish peace on earth and good will to men,” (signed) McArthur.

With the advent of gasoline rationing, the government eased up on the release of new and reclaimed tires, and many tire merchants in the county are not only featuring tires, but actually advertising them again.

Charles Dominique is now located in Florida…. Pvt. Frederick Winzeler has been promoted to corporal…. Pfc. Orrin Keim and Ronald Short are home from Camp Perry.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Dec. 18, 1917

Archbold merchants manage to get enough sugar to keep their customers moderately happy. Some of the businessmen have been entirely out of sugar, while others have held to the oneand two-pound limit. It is now against the government ruling for merchants to offer sugar in combination with a bill of groceries, excepting with cornmeal, as it is believed in this manner to encourage the use of cornmeal.

Ney went dry at the election last Saturday, by a vote of 52-21.

They Ney Saloon will be obliged to close Jan. 8. Ney is in Defiance County, south of Bryan, and has been the mecca of Bryan boozers.

After Jan. 8, their nearest oasis will be Archbold, and that is why marshal Henry Nofziger has had the callaboose heated and prepared for emergencies. Archbold is becoming more popular each day.

Edward Schang’s automobile and a T&I rail car came together on the North Defiance Street crossing Saturday morning.

Both were going at a slow speed and the automobile was pushed a few feet to the side.

Nobody was hurt and not much damage.

Alfred Spiess is doing what he can to save the quail. He has a flock of 28, another flock of 17, and another of 11.

He let a patch of buckwheat stand for the quail. He has made covers for them of corn fodder and has placed clover chaff for their use. The birds also have been supplied with feed.

Such kind acts will no doubt result in saving the farm crops from bug pests.

Other farmers are looking after the quail while the ground is covered with snow. Farmers now consider the birds as much their property as the hens and cows.

Friday, Dec. 21, 1917

Albert Stamm, a cashier at the Peoples State Bank Co., leaves Jan. 3 on extended sightseeing trip to the Pacific Coast. He will visit the national parks, Phoenix, Los Angeles and other points.

A cablegram from Bombay, India, says that Mr. and Mrs. Peter Eicher and children arrived in that country Dec. 16. The last letters received from them were mailed at Manila, Philippine Islands.

Mrs. Charles King, 80, died at her home northeast of Archbold Tuesday morning. Funeral is today at the brick church, southeast of Archbold.

C.G. Weber, manager of the Archbold City basketball team, has booked several games for Archbold fans in the coming week. The Redd Furniture Team, the fastest team in Toledo, will play here tonight. Christmas afternoon Damschroeders, Toledo, will play at the Rink Hall.

Mr. Floyd F. Lauber, Archbold, and Miss Bertha W. Leu, Fayette, were united in marriage in Wauseon. Mr. Elmer Leu and Miss Thornetta Lauber were the attendants. After a short wedding trip to Indiana, they will be at home on the Mr. Samuel Lauber farm.

An Archbold preacher said these words to his congregation recently: “When the basket is passed I want each one to give whatever he thinks the saving of his soul is worth.” He said there was a nice improvement in the collection.

Bernath School elected officers for the month: Marion Roth, chief of police; Ernest Trudel, police; Minnie Wyse, treasurer; Bessie Worden, organist; Peter Merillat, reporter.

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