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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2007

Rachel (Sauder) Kinsman, who ran in nine high school state championships and was an All-American in college, will make a second try for the U.S. Olympic Team as a marathon runner. But she admits she probably won’t be 100% for the trials. After all, her second daughter, Adison, was just born Oct. 25.

Robert Latta (R-Bowling Green) will take over the 5th District seat in the US House of Representatives once held by his father, after defeating challenger Robin Weirauch (D-Napoleon) in a special election, Tuesday, Dec. 11.

Ted Lange is one of the lucky ones. The Ridgeville Corners resident was nominated for a 2005 Grammy Award with the band John Gora and Górale of Ontario, Canada. The band has been nominated for its second Grammy.

“It’s something that few people get to experience, especially someone from smalltown America,” he said.

Jeremy Smith, AHS ‘03, was a key player in the University of Cincinnati entry in a competition for solar houses.

The son of Leon and Vicki Smith and a UC electrical engineer student, he was one of the lead engineer students and one of three persons who supervised construction of the UC solar house.

Ridgeville Township Trustees are considering placing a one-mill property tax levy on the March 2008 ballot for operation of the Ridgeville Township Volunteer Fire Department.

Roger Nagel, Fulton County prosecuting attorney, said he intends to retire from the office. His term ends in January 2009.

Deaths– Arthur Y. “Art” Fish, 94, Archbold; Arlene G. Nelson, 91, Archbold; Frieda L. Nofziger, Archbold

50th Wedding Anniversary– Marvin and Pauline (Klopfenstein) King, Dec. 14, 1957

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Dec. 9, 1992

Defiance County Board of Elections officials released the official vote tally for the Ohio 82nd district state representative race. It showed Rick Hodges, a Republican and native of Archbold, won the race with 29,115 votes over Brenda Griffith, a Defiance Democrat, who had 21,295 votes.

Hodges said the mostasked question he has received is “what am I going to do with my state basketball and OSU football tickets.”

John Wilson has joined Four County Joint Vocational School as the business and liaison person for adult education, and will assist in designing programs for company training needs.

Anita Nafziger and Troy Kauffman took part in the Goshen College holiday music program, Dec. 5-6. Kauffman was among soloists featured in “Ave Maria,” and Nafziger played trumpet with the 10-piece brass ensemble.

Robin Kauffman and Carole Sprague, Archbold students at Northwest Technical College, were inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, the international honorary of community and technical colleges.

Vance Nofziger, son of Larry and Sally, was a member of the 1992 Bluffton College football team. Nofziger, a 5- 8, 170-pound junior, played wide receiver, defensive back, and running back.

Jean Briskey, Chelle Rupp and Kristi King, Pettisville High School students, sort through grocery items collected for the County Christmas Cheer program. Pettisville is one of several school districts to participate in the food drive, according to a photograph.

Steve Ringenberg, Fairlawn administrator, spoke at the Chamber Noontide Luncheon about the new assisted living addition, scheduled to open Jan. 4, and the apartments, to open by the end of the month.

Antarctia is a continental land mass almost twice as big as Australia or the United States and is labeled “the Southern Ocean.”

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Dec. 13, 1967

A preliminary exploration into the possibility of building a new Fulton County hospital which would meet modern requirements laid down by the State Department of Health, was made by DeEtte Detwiler Memorial Hospital trustees and the county commissioners, Thursday morning.

The county would then own the new hospital as well as the present hospital building and grounds. It would lease the new hospital back to the present hospital association for a nominal fee.

The county could then use the present hospital building as a county infirmary home if the state health department would approve.

The heavy rain that fell on this area Saturday, Sunday, and Monday sent Brush Creek and the Tiffin River over its banks, and in some places highways were inundated.

Army specialist Rodney Roth, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Roth, was awarded a safe driving certificate near Long Binh, Vietnam. He drove military vehicles over 5,000 miles with no accidents or traffic violations.

A brother and sister, Mrs. Gene (Nancy) Rupp and John Rowley, Toledo, will appear as soloists with the Toledo Choral Society in presentation of Handel’s “Messiah” on Sunday, Dec. 17, at the Peristyle, Toledo.

Anniversaries–Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Schaffer, 50; Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Lauber, 50; Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Beck, 40; Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Miller, 40; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bernath, 25

Military addresses appear for Irvin H. Carter and Melvin L. Case.

Births–Tyler Jay, son, to Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Short, West Unity; Holly Kristine, daughter, to Mr. and Mrs. David Kratz, Bowie, Md.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Dec. 9, 1942

A campaign to sell $282,000 in United States War Bonds is underway in this community, and every home will be called upon within a short time to enlist the support of every citizen in the campaign to raise this community’s share of the nine-billion-dollar fund being sought to prosecute the war.

To raise such a fund will take the united cooperation of all citizens, and as this community is known as one which meets every demand made of it for local, state, county, and national drives, the task of selling $281,999 in securities is a challenge to every citizen to show his interest in Uncle Sam’s successful prosecution of the great war in which we have been involved for one year, since Dec. 8, 1941.

The Fulton County gasoline rationing board is still rushed with citizens making application for supplemental gas allowances, and on Tuesday there were still many persons waiting to see the board and many applications are on file awaiting action.

Judge A.M. Barber’s probate court office issued 137 marriage licenses in November, only 18 of which went to couples from Fulton County. In spite of the recently enacted Ohio law requiring physical examination and an additional five-day waiting period, Fulton County is attracting altar-bound couples from all over the state, many traveling 100 to 150 miles to get a marriage license from Fulton County Probate Court.

According to F.L. Fuller, New York Central Agent, about 250 tires were turned in to the Railway Express by motorists in this community prior to gas rationing.

Contrary to the belief of many citizens, there are no restrictions against burning Christmas tree or decorative lights in and around homes and stores this year.

The first anniversary of the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor was Monday, Dec. 7. America paused long enough in its feverish war preparations to review the happenings of the fateful day.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Dec. 4, 1917

Because it takes 30 days to have a wet-dry election and 30 days after the election to close a saloon, the drys of Springfield Township are hurrying their petition for a wet-dry election to head off Frank Chappius, former Stryker saloonkeeper, from using the new building which is under construction just outside of Stryker as a saloon.

Archbold councilmen have been donating quite a sum in salaries to the corporation. According to the regulations established by previous councils, there are to be two meetings each month for which each councilman present received one dollar from the public treasury. The present council, working harmoniously, could do all the business in a short time and thought it useless to have two meetings a month. With this in mind they agree to meet once a month, thus saving the salaries and time. The present council has been able to do the business without wrangling across the table until midnight. Sessions have been short and when they were through, they quit.

Austin Wilkins went to a Montpelier coal dealer to get some coal. The dealer refused to sell him any, saying that the small amount he had on hand was reserved by the request of others. This enraged Wilkins, so he attacked F.H. Stewart and gave him a trouncing. Wilkins paid $50 and costs to the mayor of Montpelier.

The war in Europe will soon be over. An Ohio man will end it. He has suggested to U.S. Marine Corps officials that they direct the aviators to drop potato bugs over Germany.

He declares there are no potato bugs in the Kaiser’s realm, and since the spud is absolutely essential to the Germans’ economical welfare, the dropping of “Murphy destroyers” over Mr. Rhine country would quickly terminate hostilities. Simple isn’t it? Marine Corps officials think so, too.

The Bryan Candy Co. is running only part-time because of the scarcity of sugar.

The story that the government intends to seize the canned fruits and vegetables in each cellar and distribute them to others is all bosh. Your kraut and cider are safe.

Some fellow wearing new rubber shoes stole a ham from the home of Mr. and Mrs. Glade, near Morenci. Mr. Glade thinks the thief was considerate, as he stole the smallest ham.

Friday, Dec. 7, 1917

Mr. Peter Seiler has 1,512 acres of good farmland in Ashtabula County for which he is unable to get a renter. There is much idle linear on his property. He went down there and succeeded in getting enough help to put out a few acres of fall wheat.

Telegrams were received by Pettisville relatives, Wednesday, to the effect that Floyd Klopfenstein, son of Mr. Elmer Klopfenstein, had died at LaFayette, Ind., and the body would be brought by way of Eckley, Thursday afternoon. Members of the Rupp Furniture & Undertaker Co., were ordered to take charge of the remains at Eckley. Old Archbold classmates of the dead boy sent tokens of flowers.

Tonight, the Archbold High School basketball team will play Wauseon at that place. Archbold players are in the best condition and hope to win the game. Wauseon, however, is expected to have a very fast team. Many rooters hope to accompany the team.

The Archbold Grist Mill is running night and day to get out government orders for flour. The stuff goes directly to the government with no middleman profits to pay.

Black gelding draft horse for sale, 3 years old, wellbuilt, will make a horse of about 1600 to 1700 pounds. Olley C. Lauber.–adv.

Mrs. Henry Stotzer entertained the Reading Circle in her home Monday evening. There was a good attendance. Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves.

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