Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2007

Headline–Area Voters Okay Levies; Eicher Joins Council; Leupp, Hesterman, Short, Bostelman Win Township Positions

Council heard the first of three readings on proposed changes in the village zoning code, Nov. 5.

The Archbold Area School Board and the Education Association met Thursday without a contract. The two sides are negotiating a salary reopener clause in the master contract, which runs from 2006-2009.

Recognizing a spirit that “refused to accept the inevitable,” Chamber of Commerce presented management and workers of the ConAgra plant with the first-ever Spirit of Archbold award.

Council approved a $1,129,280, 10-year property tax abatement for the expansion of the Sauder Heritage Inn.

Fire trucks from Wauseon and a caravan of fans greeted the Pettisville boys cross country team Sunday, as it returned from the Division III state cross country meet in Columbus, Nov. 4.

Gene Goering and Jimmy Dunning, AHS seniors, and Jacob Fidler, a junior, were selected First Team-Defense on the 2007 Northwest Ohio Athletic League football team.

Archbold cheerleaders pump up crowd enthusiasm during the Archbold Division V playoff game with Liberty-Benton, Friday. Cheerleaders are Kelsey Yaichner, Tonya Keefer, Heidi Behnfeldt, Dani Weigand, and Chelsea Giesige.

AHS students are members of the cast in this weekend’s performance of “The Nit Wits.” In a photograph are cast members Justin Hines, Dusty Kauzlick, Audrey Boyer, and Seth Nofziger.

50th Wedding Anniversary, Ronald L. and Marlene M. (Short) Nofziger, Nov. 9, 1957

Deaths–Edwin Winfield Perry, 77, Wauseon; Gerald W. Miller, 78, Archbold

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Nov. 4, 1992

Brad Peebles won a narrow victory in his bid for county commissioner.

Before bad weather sets in, construction was scheduled to start Monday morning on the Archbold-Pettisville waterline.

Jaywalking, the practice of crossing a street in the middle of the block as opposed to walking to the end of the block at a traffic light, was brought up by Chuck Rychener, mayor. Pedestrians illegally cross between the traffic lights, which is dangerous.

Fulton County farmers might not move corn pickers into cornfields for another week, but once they start, they are expected to haul out a bumper crop.

A home owned by Loman and Mary Radabaugh, near Pettisville, was sold at public auction Saturday. It was purchased by Duane Eash for $30,000.

Ohio’s only center to help with Russian development is located in Bryan. Jim Armstead, president of the Williams County Economic Development Corporation, told Chamber of Commerce members at the Monday noon luncheon that the Ohio Russian Development Center is a division of WCEDC.

One Archbold businessman has a plan for the Fulton County Airport. “If the airport isn’t being used to the advantage of the county, Tim Smith, an interested citizen, said, ‘tear it down, plow up the runways, and cut the expense.’”

The Fulton County Auto Title Department, located at 152 South Fulton St., Wauseon, is closed all day Monday to computerize the department.

Federal disaster payments of $11,000 for 1992 wheat losses were paid to 15 Fulton County farmers last week. To qualify for the emergency funds, farmers had to show a loss greater than 65%, plus proof of crop insurance for their 1993 wheat. In addition, fund recipients are required to sign an agreement that failure to pay insurance premiums results in forfeiture of disaster payments.

Deaths–Kenneth W. Trowbridge, 72, Archbold; Richard E. Lovejoy, 62, Lima

50th Wedding Anniversary– Herthal and Alice (Flory) Layman, July 11, 1942

Pettisville FAA members labeled the names of trees in Pettisville Park last summer.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Nov. 8, 1967

Council approved a new 40.91-acre addition to Archbold. It is known as Woodlawn Acres on St. Rt. 66, south of Co. Rd C.

County voters turned down the $200,000 jail bond issue. Willard Gearig was reelected German Township Trustee, and O. Roger Taylor was reelected clerk. William G. Rupp and Hal C. Hackett were elected to the County Board of Education.

Robert Crossgrove, son of Mr. and Mr. John Crossgrove and a sophomore at Defiance College, was selected to sing in the 60-voice college choir.

According to a full-page advertisement, Paul’s Friendly Service celebrates its 21st anniversary Friday and Saturday. Two new structures have been added to the original building.

Mary Ellen Roth, daughter of Mrs. Florence Roth, plays the role of Grace in the play “Mark Marks the Miracles,” Nov. 18, at Grace Bible Institute.

The fire department extinguished an automobile fire belonging to Walt Short near the Myers farm on Rt. 66, Nov. 3, at 4:45 pm.

Returning to the AHS varsity boys basketball team, coached by Jack Miller, are Steve Rettig, Bill Rufenacht, Dave Rychener, Rick Stotzer, Steve Schnitkey, Bob Rose, Jeff Smith, Dave Zimmerman, Dalynn Badenhop, Bruce Arthur.

Joseph C. Grime, a lance corporal, was home over the weekend to visit his parents, Mr. and Mr. Willard J. Grime.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–”Without wealth generated by business, there would be no security for anyone,” said O.N. Miller, chairman of Standard Oil Company of California. Government cannot provide security unless it first takes money away from business and those who earn paychecks.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Nov. 4, 1942

L.A. Brown, New York Railroad superintendent, met with council to discuss better safety at the main street railroad crossing. Citizens have wanted better protection for a long time and believe a guard is needed more hours of the day.

Council said fast trains pass through town when there is no guard on duty. Mr. Brown said it is difficult to get help.

The King-Wyse Manufacturing Co., of Burlington, is producing a machine to load sugar beets. The device is being tried, and so far has proven satisfactory.

Martin Schweinhagen found a 15-pound cow beet in a field on his farm in Ridgeville Township. It is on display in the Archbold Buckeye window.

A large crowd attended the Service Men’s Santa Claus Fair in the Athletic Hall Thursday evening. The Peoples State Bank furnished the hall free of charge.

Procrastinators may go without gasoline if they put off turning in their excess automobile tires.

Charles F. Braton, 58, a Fulton County commissioner who was despondent over war conditions, took his own life at his farm near Delta. He left a note reading, “War, war, war! Too much war! Everything against me. Nerves and mind going. Sorry.”

Rev. Sauers, a returned missionary from China, will move his family to West Unity and finish the year as pastor of the West Unity and Archbold Methodist churches. Rev. W.H. Reitz, who served the congregations, has been transferred to Hicksville.

MONEY TO LOAN–First mortgage farm loans. Low interest rates. No appraisal fees, no commission charge.– W.G. Theobald–­classified advertisement

WANTED–Highest prices paid for old horses.­Call Hy- Grade Silver Fox Co., Ridgeville Corners. Call at our expense.–classified advertisement

The high school cafeteria, under the direction of Miss Ella Beck, has completed its first six weeks of operation. The usual good-balanced meals are being offered.

The cost to students is slightly higher than last year, and it appears quite certain that present prices will enable the cafeteria to pay out. It should be remembered that this project is to be self-supporting.

As the weather grows worse, attendance for meals keeps improving, and occasionally as many as 140 people are fed in a single day.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Nov. 13, 1917

The Williams-Fulton County basketball league has been reorganized for the coming season. A meeting of school officials in the league was held at Stryker on Saturday. It was unanimously decided to continue the program.

Nine schools instead of eight agreed to participate. Delta school officials agreed to join the league, which makes the ninth member.

League teams are Archbold, Bryan, Fayette, Montpelier, Pioneer, Wauseon, Delta, West Unity, Stryker. There will be eight games for every school to play this year. Neutral referees will again be employed to officiate the league contests. The league will be operated under the rules of the Ohio High School Athletic Association, of which all the schools are members.

C.R. Dustin, of Montpelier, was elected president. He is to appoint the remainder of the officials. A committee was appointed by him to meet within the next few weeks to arrange a constitution and set of bylaws and submit them to the various schools for approval or rejection.

The league games have been so arranged so as to be completed in time for the big high school tournament at Defiance sometime in March.

Montpelier and Archbold will open the league at Montpelier on Dec. 14.

By a special ruling, no war tax will be charged at the door for the league games.

Chris. Leupp paid a $25 fine and costs in Squire Ruihley’s Justice Court, Friday. He plead guilty to the charge for having a green skunk pelt in his possession out of season.

The complaint was made by B.H. Volmer, of Bryan, who is the Deputy State Fish and Game Warden in this area.

Adolph Grime paid $25 and costs in Squire Ruihley’s Justice Court, Saturday. He pled guilty to having a green skunk hide out of season.

Several more cases of alleged violations of the game and fish laws are being investigated.

The season for skunk, raccoon, muskrat, mink, and opossum opens Thursday, Nov. 15, and closes Jan. 1. Rabbits may be hunted between these dates, excepting one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset. Not more than ten rabbits may be killed in one day.

Rabbits may be killed by owners or renters if the animals injure his trees, shrubs, grain, or fruit trees. Squirrel season closed Oct. 20. Every hunter must have a license costing $1.25 from the county or township clerk. Over 60 licenses have been issued in German Township this year.

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