Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2007

Using volunteer labor and donated or discounted equipment, services and materials, the Archbold Rotary Club was able to renovate Spengler Field and save the school district $5,274.02.

The Spengler Field project was a benefit to the school, community, and Rotary Club.

Field commander Sarah Schoenhals leads the AHS Marching Band while playing America The Beautiful during pre-game festivities, according to a photograph.

David Knisely attaches a milking machine to a cow’s udder on the family farm, a job he has done every day, twice a day, for more than 10 years, according to a photograph.

A photograph shows Tracy Knisely with one of the 40 cats who live on the farm.

Voters in German Township will have choices to make, as there are two candidates for one trustee seat and two candidates for township fiscal officer.

Mari Yoder, Chamber of Commerce administrator, presents a plaque to council members, honoring the village being named a Healthy Ohio Community.

Brittni and Brandi Meyer, daughters of Michael and Joan, are members of the Ashland University Women’s Chorus.

Breanna Boysel, 3, tries on junior firefighting gear during the Archbold Fire Department Open House, according to a photograph.

50th Wedding Anniversary– Ervin and Erma (Freytag) Haas, Nov. 9, 1957

Deaths–June M. Spengler, 72, Archbold; Verden L. Beck, 89, Archbold; Mildred A. Manor, 97, Port Orange, Fla.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 14, 1992

In spite of waiting an extra hour and standing in drenching rain, a crowd estimated at 1,000 people was on hand Saturday at Sauder Village to greet Dan Quayle, U.S. vice president.

A look ahead in finances for Pettisville Local Schools appears positive for now. That, could, however, change quickly should the state cut support to the district in order to help balance its budget.

Current financial projections at Pettisville look good, said Stephen Switzer, superintendent, but are subject to change.

Kay Carpenter, communications director of Hunt-Wesson, the parent company of La Choy, said Monday, modifications within the plant have made it necessary to expand the warehouse space.

Fred Witte and Curt Spengler have been named to head committees backing the construction of the Limato Lansing Link, a proposed four-lane highway from Lima to Jackson, Mich.

The Archbold golf team played at the Division III sectional Friday at Ironwood and finished third with a score of 362. The team of five boys– Aaron Baus, Jeremy Grime, Jason Wyse, Marty Merillat, and Brad Roynon– advance to district competition at Bowling Green State University.

While James E. Nuhfer and his wife Lucille are new to Archbold, they are not new to Ohio or its small towns.

The pastor of Archbold United Methodist Church and his wife were raised in the Woodville area. By coming to Archbold, Sept. 4, to serve the local congregation, the couple returned to its rural roots.

Deaths–Bonnie K. Krieger, 51, Archbold

Three Archbold Middle School teachers– Sandra Snyder, Marlyn Krueger, and Barbara Short– spoke to Chamber of Commerce members Monday at noon about a new discipline program and a proposed good-behavior program at the school.

25th Wedding Anniversary– Juan and Odette Rolon, Oct. 28, 1967

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 18, 1967

Installation services were held Sunday, Oct 8, for Edward E. Keim, new pastor of St. Martin’s Lutheran Church. He and his wife have three children: Paul Edward, 14; Margaret Ann, 11 and Joel Andrew, 7.

Harold Plassman was elected vice president of the Capital University Alumni Association.

At Hesston College, Shirlyn Liechty, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Liechty, was named one of two student council representatives from the 172-member sophomore class. Elaine Aeschliman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Aeschliman, was elected treasurer of the sophomore class.

Judy Schmucker has been elected second vice president of the senior class and Judy Springer, secretary of the student council, at Parkview-Methodist School of Nursing, Fort Wayne.

Tim Yoder, Lawrence Nofziger, Lester Rich, Olen Britsch, and Ralph Nofziger, who attended the World Mennonite Conference in Amsterdam, Holland, related experiences to members and guests of Commercial Club, Thursday evening.

The ten-inch water main to serve the Four County Joint Vocational School is completed. A total of 8,000 feet was laid and six fire hydrants were installed.

George Kramer, police chief, reports six windows were broken in the bathhouse at the swimming pool. Four Pavilion windows were broken, as were two in the Pioneer Cabin and six in the vocational-agriculture building. Stones, tomatoes and tomato crates were thrown through the windows and similar objects into the swimming pool area. The outdoor oven north of the Kiddie Korral was damaged.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–You’ll understand how the phrase “tight money” originated when you watch how women tip…. “Gone With The Wind” is being released for the sixth time since it was filmed in 1939. In 28 years, it has grossed $65 million.

Seventy-Five Years Ago Wednesday, Oct. 14, 1942

Fifty-four more Fulton County men were inducted into Uncle Sam’s military service, Tuesday.

Persons whose oil-burning furnaces can be converted to burn coal must make the change with reasonable promptness or their fuel oil supply will be shut off, according to OPA executives.

The War Department announced last week the opening of an intensified campaign for recruiting 18- and 19-year-old volunteers for military service. The volunteers will be given the choice of service: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines.

A survey completed by the Neighborhood War Leaders, under the direction of the County Extension Service, indicates there are 290 grain combines in Fulton County. The number should adequately take care of the 18,000 acres of soybeans.

O.S. Donat, 84, Antwerp, caught the index finger of his left hand– at the second joint– in a corn sheller. Being unable to free the finger, he took his pocket knife and cut it off.

Councilmen say citizens should have all war material scraps in front of homes for the semiannual cleanup days this week, Oct. 14-15-16.

Fulton County was selected as one of the four western Ohio counties to make a spot check survey of available labor supply and probable production trends on farms.

Firemen again demonstrated their ability to fight fires when they quickly subdued the flames that threatened the Harmon Schroeder home on West Street, Tuesday afternoon. A.C. Fagley, fire chief, estimated the loss at about $200.

Louis Morris, residing near Waldron, Mich., lost a thumb and first finger while examining a dynamite cap that exploded.

Delta councilmen donated the old Civil War cannon to the nation’s scrap drive.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Oct. 23, 1917

Much has been written about the investment safety of a Liberty Bond. The safety should never have been questioned.

A United States Bond, whether Liberty Bond or any other kind, is purely and simply the government’s promise to pay a certain amount on a given date, with interest, at this or that rate during the interim.

And a United States greenback is no more or less, lacking, of course, the interest feature. The only real difference is that the greenback is legal tender while the bond is not. You can pay your grocer, your landlord– any creditor with the greenback. Before you can pay from your bond investment, you must trade the bond for the greenback.

But both are backed with all the resources of the country and stability of the government. So long as an American dollar is worth a dollar, a $50 Liberty Bond will be worth $50 anywhere on earth.

Uncle Sam must go broke before either becomes a doubtful investment.

The steel safe at the Grist Mill was opened and searched sometime Sunday night. The combination must have been worked, as no violence or break is in evidence.

The inner door also was opened and the contents of the safe examined.

Three dollars in currency in a small box and checks for several hundred dollars were scattered about.

A hammer was brought from the engine room, but was not used. Just how much money was taken has not been reported. It is said that there was not over $50 in the safe. Marshal Nofziger looked into the office at 4:15 and saw nothing unusual.

Leo Miller, 14, son of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Miller, who reside north of Wauseon, was explaining to three others how he killed a rabbit by throwing a corn knife at it. He accidentally struck his brother in the left eye, destroying it.

Mayor Ruihley has been busy corresponding with state and national officials regarding the scarcity of coal.

Friday, Oct. 26, 1917

About 3:15 Tuesday morning, night policeman A.E. Nofzinger heard a noise that startled him. He began an investigation and started for the North Defiance and Holland street corner. A man appeared at the corner and fired a shot at him. Mr. Nofzinger ran toward the man, firing two shots. Nofzinger fired three more shots, but the man was lost in the darkness.

A few minutes later, an automobile rushed out of town at high speed.

It is assumed the robber was up to some deviltry and would have succeeded had it not been for the officer on guard.

This is the season when highwaymen are active, and if necessary, will kill.

All citizens are requested to make preparations for the visits of the crooks.

Leipsic is the first town in Putnam County to have free mail delivery.

The snowstorm that arrived Tuesday came straight down and continued throughout the day. It was the first reminder of heavy clothing and dry footwear.

Archbold merchants have been energetic buyers, and have a better assortment of winter goods than dealers in neighboring towns.

Detroit capitalists have leased thousands of acres of land between Bryan and Mark Center to bore for gas and oil.

The drafted military men now at Camp Sherman have not been paid. It is reported a shortage of small money is the reason.

Officers have been paid with checks, but the men are to be paid in cash.

An attempt has been made to get change in Chicago and elsewhere, but so far they have been unable to get the amount necessary to pay the men.

Credit books have been issued to the men, which enables them to buy things.

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