Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2007

Thomas Stuckey was named president of Northwest State Community College.

A German Township application for state of Ohio Issue II grant money has been submitted said Randy Ruffer, president of the German Township Trustees.

During the 2006-07 school year, the Four County Career Center served 3,300 adults, providing 21,000 hours of training.

Ninety teachers conduct on-site classes for 141 companies in Northwest Ohio.

60th Wedding Anniversary– Paul and Josephine (Lauber) Short, Oct. 19, 1947

Treasure Bacon, Archbold, with Logan Nichols, Rossford, were selected escorts for the 2007 Defiance College Homecoming Court.

The Pettisville High School Class of 1957 celebrated its 50th anniversary, Sept. 30-Oct. 2, at a state park in Loudonville.

Earns Degree–David Lawrence, cum laude, Ohio University, son of Chuck and Carol.

Crystal Beck was honored for 25 years of service at the Quadco Rehabilitation Center.

Maria Strawn, an AHS senior, was honored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation as a commended student.

Alan Schweinhagen, a US Army sergeant first class, recently returned from a oneyear tour of duty in Iraq. He is the son of Eldon and Darlene, and has served in the Army for 20 years.

Deaths–Yvonne Anne-Marie Evans, Oxford; Rex L. Beldon, 76, Archbold; Gladys F. Gentit, 95, Crossville, Tenn.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 7, 1992

“By tonight we’ll be 25% finished with the soybean harvest in this area,” said Bill Fricke Jr., of Archbold Elevator. “Yields are average at best, especially compared to last year’s tremendous crop.”

Even though it wasn’t mentioned specifically by the top aide to George Voinovich, Ohio governor, the proposed Lima-Lansing Link highway project is still in the running.

Paul Mifsud, Voinovich’s chief of staff, said about six projects, including an interstate from Toledo to Columbus and the US 24 Fort-To- Port project, are likely to be recommended in the state’s master transportation plan, ACCESS OHIO.

The home of Elias and Katherine Frey plus 4.8 acres were sold at public auction to Michael and Terri Krebs, Archbold, for $98,000. The Krebs also purchased 12 1/2 acres of land for $18,000. Bruce Yancey, rural Archbold, purchased 61 acres of farmland at $1,500 per acre.

The home of Richard and Dolores Ringenberg was sold to Chris and Rhonda Vonier, Archbold, for $79,000. Richard Riegsecker, rural Archbold, purchased 34 acres of bare land in Fulton County for $2,000 per acre, and Ted Rupp, rural Stryker, purchased 20 acres of bare land in Williams County at $2,500 per acre.

Todd Lightner has been elected chairman of the Henry/ Fulton County Job Service Employer Committee.

Richard Stuckey, Ames, Iowa, formerly of Archbold, was named executive vice president of the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST), Ames, Iowa. CAST is a nonprofit consortium of 29 professional scientific societies in food and agriculture.

Over half of the Archbold Elementary School teaching staff went back to school over the summer to attend seminars to teach two new mathematics programs and a new language arts program. “It costs the board money to send teachers to the seminars,” said Michael Sullivan, elementary principal.

Deaths–Bonnie K. Krieger, 51, Archbold; Paul F. Lohse, 83, Archbold; V. Dean Quillet, 49 Clarksville, Ind.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 11, 1967

Romero Estrada, 17, lost his left foot and part of his right foot when they were caught in the auger of an ice storage bin at Wayne Poultry, McArthur Street, Wednesday evening.

Charles Allen, Toledo, saved the life of 18-month old Tammy Repak at Harrison Lake, Thursday afternoon, by using mouth-tomouth resuscitation.

Tammy and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Repak, live in a home opposite the caretaker’s office across the highway at Harrison Lake.

James Barger showed a film of the “Buick Open” at Rotary Club, Friday noon.

The annual joint conference of the Toledo Diocese Councils of Catholic Men and Women was held at the Lucas County Recreation Center, Maumee, Sunday, Oct. 8.

Attending from Archbold were Mr. and Mrs. Larry Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lauber, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Weires, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Burk, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Coressel, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Britenriker, Mrs. Thomas Vitello, Mrs. Denus Welke.

Otto Nafziger injured his left arm when it was caught in a corn picker on the Chauncey Stuckey farm three miles northwest of Archbold at about noon, Tuesday, Oct. 3.

H.F. Ruffer has been named to the newly created position of director of livestock operations, according to E.L. Elberson, president, Eckert Packing Co. It has plants in Archbold, Defiance, and Troy.

A military address appears for Kenneth G. Davis.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 7, 1942

Last year this community contributed $1,900 to the annual Wauseon Hospital Drive. Pledges are to be left with A.J. Stamm,T.J. Klaudt, J.L. Weisenfelder or D.D. Frey.

The school has accumulated a fair-sized pile of scrap at this writing, but it isn’t enough. There is much more scrap lying around many homes and farmsteads that should be used to help the war struggle.

Assets of the two strong Archbold banks are nearly 2 1/2 million dollars. The banks have made great strides the last six months. Deposits have gained nearly a half million dollars so far in 1942.

During September, 10 new cars were delivered in Fulton County, according to the Clerk of Courts. Two new trucks found owners and 257 used cars and trucks exchanged hands.

Tuesday, Oct. 13, a large contingent of Fulton County men will leave Wauseon for induction in the U.S. Army. Ervin Wyse has been called to leave for Civilian Public Service at Camp Luray, Va., Oct. 15.

A letter reached Miss Madalyn Taylor from Capt. Marion E. Carl, Marine pilot, who met Miss Taylor at a National Editorial Association meeting at Pensacola, Fla., in 1941.

Capt. Carl was involved in the most horrific Pacific battles, where his squadron knocked out 35 Jap Zero planes. And he doesn’t consider a dozen Japs worth one of his friends. Of six living together, only two lived through it. Carl spent six months at Midway. Carl said, “About ten days ago I was shot down by a Jap Zero fighter that sneaked up under me when I was leading an attack on an enemy formation of bombers and fighters. My plane caught fire and I baled out some 30 miles from here and three miles from shore. A native boy in a canoe picked me up. I spent five days with the natives trying to find a way back through 2,000 Japs. I finally made it, and am back on flight duty and as strong as ever.”

St. John’s Evangelical Reformed Church will celebrate its 90th anniversary,

Sunday, Oct. 11.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Oct. 16, 1917

Mr. J.S. Reith was here from Sandusky, Sunday, to spend a day with relatives. He said the railroad company is so short of men that a camp is supported near Sandusky purposely to feed hungry hobos who promise to work.

Some of the wearies will get a meal and a bed and then run away. But a few will stay and work and some actually make good hands. For a man who is down and out and wants a chance, such a camp is a great boon.

Commerce seems to be doing for the outcasts what the state has neglected to do. This does not solve the tramp problem, however, as about every freight train has dirty, hungry, and homeless men aboard who are riding from nowhere to nowhere, just to satisfy their wanderlust.

No one was hurt when two T&I trolley cars came together in a collision near Delta, Tuesday morning.

The collision was similar to the one so fatal near Archbold on the Fourth of July near Archbold. The cars were badly damaged.

Pumping liquor into automobile tires is the latest scheme in smuggling alcohol into West Virginia.

The liquor is purchased in Hagerstown, Md., and taken to a point near the West Virginia line and pumped into tires and driven to Martinsburg, West Va.

To help relieve railroad congestion, hundreds of trucks made for the war in Europe will be rolling from factories in Illinois and Wisconsin through Archbold and headed to the Atlantic seaports, where they will be loaded on boats for shipment to Europe.

Friday, Oct. 19, 1917

A peculiar horse and buggy and Overland car wreck occurred on the Archbold- Bryan Pike southwest of Archbold, Sunday.

F.S. Harding, of Toledo, with four persons in his vehicle, was driving east while Charles Saunders with his young wife and babe in a buggy was driving south. Saunders had the curtains down and was giving his attention to the baby, not noticing where he was driving.

Approaching the crossroad, Harding honked his horn and saw Saunders pull the lines back. Thinking that Saunders was stopping his horse instead of urging it on, he drove into the intersection. Everything came together. The horse was stuck in the hip and killed. The parents and babe were thrown out of the buggy. The auto skidded and straddled the abutment of the bridge without turning over.

The machine was a total wreck and is now at the Pelton Garage in Archbold with a bent rear axle. No one was seriously injured.

Letters from the Chillicothe Military Camp say Sam Eicher and Phil Frey have been doing duty in the hospital and are kept very busy. Irvin Gnagey has charge of a telephone switchboard.

A garage in Napoleon was wrecked when a compressed air tank exploded because the safety valve failed. The basement windows, display windows and part of the floor were blown out.

A passing auto struck and crippled a hog with young pigs, which Ed. Leininger was driving with a lantern.

Ed memorized the license plate number as the man drove on. The man returned a day or two later and settled for $37.50.

The burning of leaves is dangerous to the health of the entire neighborhood. The leaves are worth much as fertilizer and should be gathered and worked in the soil. The reason new ground produces so well is because of the presence of the fallen leaves.

Saturday was a good trading day in Archbold. Saturday evening the streets were lined with buggies and autos while all local business places were very busy.

Archbold enjoys its popularity as a trading center.

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