Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2007

Enrollment of the Archbold Area School District is down one. Pettisville is up by 18. Archbold enrollment is 1,353 and Pettisville, 574. There are 532 students in the elementary and 49 open enrollment students at Archbold.

Last year, 269,829 guests attended the Fulton County Fair.

It might be inconceivable until you talk to anyone who tried to navigate the midway crammed with people, rides, games, and food stands.

If the fair sees similar attendance figures this year during the 150th anniversary, the fair board will be happy.

Four Archbold men are running for three seats on village council in the Nov. 6 General Election.

Seeking reelection are Edward Leininger and Kevin Morton. Also running for council are Vaughn Bentz and Kevin Eicher. James S. Wyse seeks another term as mayor.

Paul Reichert, new pastor at St. Martin’s Lutheran Church, has a wide and varied background.

The Toledo native’s educational career starts with a diploma from Ottawa Hills High School, and includes study at Cornell University, a bachelor’s degree in business administration in management from the University of Toledo, and study at Nijenrode University in the Netherlands.

“I love the amazing privilege of being here at this moment in St. Martin’s long history,” he said.

Michael Zuver, AHS ‘69, retired from 37 1/2 years of service in the Ohio Air National Guard on June 30, 2007.

Janie Beck, a junior at Goshen College, participated in the Maple Scholars program over the summer.

Deaths– Donald E. Kruse, 78, Freedom Township

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 26, 1992

The McLaughlin Memorial Library Board will ask its architectural firm to develop an alternative plan for the demolition of the current library building and the construction of an all-new, onelevel structure.

Classes started Tuesday with teacher orientation on Monday. Three of five new faces– Kevin Miller, Jennifer Miller, and Michelle Miller– teach in the middle school. JoAnn Short teaches a morning kindergarten section at Elmira, and Thomas Singer heads the vocal music program at the high school.

Carl Buehrer, county fair board president, said the newest building added to the fairgrounds is the new 50-stall horse barn at the far north end of the fairgrounds. Much of the building was built with volunteer labor, time donated by contractors, and other donations.

As of this week, the fair board has purchased the 24- acre farm to the south of the fairgrounds. It extends from the fair property to the Ohio Turnpike.

Fulton County’s ever-popular county fair should be even more popular this year when it grows from six to seven days. Country singer Barbara Mandrell will appear Monday, Sept. 7.

Dean’s List–Mary Helen Richer, daughter of Allen and Siegrid, Heidelberg College

Deaths–Frank E. Rupp, 73, Wauseon; Clair A. Herman, 51, Edgerton; Jeanette A. Short, 84, Delta; Elaine R. Giffey, 55, Ridgeville Corners

Two Archbold residents, Carolyn S. Kauffman and Virgil L. Miller, were recently named to the Sunshine Children’s Home Board of Trustees.

Also appointed to the board for another four-year term was Ellis Croyle. Maynard Sauder, who previously served on the children’s home board, was named to the Sunshine Foundation Board of Trustees.

Degree–Julie, daughter of Mr. and Mr. Ray Kinsey, Western Michigan University

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 30, 1967

The state of Ohio increases the sales tax by four cents on the dollar, which becomes effective Friday, Sept. 1.

Roger Fielitz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Fielitz, returned home from a oneyear tour of duty with the US Army in Vietnam.

Clarence Hartzell III, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hartzell, returned to Vietnam Monday morning for a six-month tour of duty in that country.

Lisa Mack, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Mack, was crowned Corn Palace Princess and given the Indian name of Princess Minnehaha at the world’s only corn palace in Mitchell, S.D.

Military addresses appear for Stephen M. Rice and Keith Lauber.

Only 1/2 mile from home, Karen Genter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Genter, Napoleon, received a broken ankle and cuts around her head when her auto collided with a car driven by Wm. Allen, Ridgeville Corners, in heavy fog at 7:45 am, Friday.

Jill Dominique, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dominique, was selected Sweetheart of the Archbold FFA Chapter.

Gene L. Rupp participated in a conference in mathematics for training school personnel as resource teachers for the elementary.

Brian Graf and Randy Buehrer, Archbold, and Jack Lawrence, Wauseon, will represent Fulton County at the State 4-H Beef Judging Contest at the Ohio State Fair on Opening Day, Aug. 24.

Adda E. Neel set a new record in women’s division of the seventh annual Blade Good Neighbor Handicap Singles tournament, Wednesday night, at Westland Lanes, Toledo.

She rolled games of 244- 208-197 for a total of 649 and posted 711 for her handicap high in the tournament, including the mens division.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 26, 1942

Lieutenant Charles J. Dominique, son of mayor and Mrs. Joseph Dominique, had a first-hand opportunity to see the war in England.

He flew in an amphibious clipper plane that held 39 passengers. It had a small bar in the rear with restroom and kitchen in the front. Meals were served to people in their seats. For security, windows were blacked out on takeoff and landing.

To facilitate the disposal of 10- and 25-pound bags of sugar, in storage since the beginning of sugar rationing, the government has announced that Stamp No. 8 will be good for five pounds of sugar between Aug. 23 and Oct. 31.

Wives whose husbands soon will be drafted can expect no special assistance from the government and must work out their own financial problems, selective service officials announced today.

The new poultry dressing building at the Peter Eicher & Son plant near the depot in Archbold had the foundation poured, and the basement is being filled with sand to make a solid floor for the slaughterhouse. The new building is 34×50 feet and is one story. It will employ 20. There were 70,000 turkeys raised in the county last year; 40,000 were raised by German Township farmers.

In a report from Bowling Green State University, there is a shortage of 130 teachers in this area.

O.S. McElmurry, a new dentist, is opening an office on the second floor of the Stotzer building, which was occupied by H.T. Brown, attorney.

At public auction, the E.L. Frey estate was sold Saturday to Kenneth Beck for $101.25 an acre. Part of the Leatherman farm of 59 acres sold to Ezra Frey for $94 an acre.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Sept. 4, 1917

It has been ruled that medical students are to be exempt from the military draft, and that farmers will not be called until after harvest.

William Haller, 63, Hicksville, died of wounds inflicted on himself. He worried because his son was drafted, and cut his own throat.

Bryan council has repealed the ordinance and citizens will again be allowed to keep hogs within the corporation limits.

Lloyd Schantz’s milk truck and D.W. Nofziger’s Ford tried to occupy the same space at the same time in Pettisville. The Ford needs repairs.

The alarm about coal grows as the cold weather approaches. Archbold coal merchants were sure they would get enough coal to supply their customers, but the outlook is not so bright. Joseph McGhee, attorney, says, “You may have trouble getting coal for your community at any price.”

Cities are being shown favoritism in the matter of coal and that small towns are not likely to be supplied.

Fulton County boys in the Ambulance Corps refused to dine at a banquet for county conscripts.

Silas Roth was at home from Cleveland last Tuesday, on a 40-hour furlough from the Sixth Regiment.

The Archbold Buckeye job printing department is the only print shop in the county equipped to produce ribbonface type written letters. Those who use our product like our service. We can produce typewritten letters at prices 20 percent below what it costs in the city.

Wonder what the Lord thinks when he hears a deadbeat’s prayers?

Friday, Sept. 7, 1917

During the four days of the Defenseless Mennonite Conference southeast of Archbold last week, 5,200 meals were served in the dining tent. There was no charge and no donations accepted.

Mr. Charles Spiess is loading 20 railroad cars of elm logs in Archbold and 20 cars in Pettisville for the Vail Manufacturing Co. of Bryan. The stock is to be manufactured into hoops. Mr. Spiess is helping to distribute considerable money in this area. He handles the logs with ease.

Three men stealing gasoline were fired upon by seven armed citizens at Brailey, Fulton County, early Tuesday morning. The men hurried away and left the machine four miles east of Swanton and disappeared. Two of the men were hit by bullets or buckshot because there was blood on the machine, which also contained numerous bullet holes. No trace of the thieves.

City fathers met Tuesday evening. After the usual grist of business, Ordinance No. 156 was passed. It provides for establishment of a regular night watchman in Archbold and affixes a salary, which makes the night policeman a regular officer under bond with police power.

While marshal Nofziger was acting as policeman at the county fair, James Hayes was delegated as deputy marshal.

The Fulton County draft board will examine 300 more men for military service next week.

New bricks are being laid at the top of the chimneys of the school building. When workmen began tearing away the bricks, they discovered there were more damaged bricks than estimated.

Let everyone be on time the first day of school.

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