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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug, 8, 2007

Betty Young, president of Northwest State Community College, resigned the position to become president of the Ashville-Buncombe (S.C.) Technical College.

Carol Peterson, chairman of the A-B Tech Board of Trustees, said the board was attracted to Young “because she is so vivacious. She’s a real go-getter.

“We have a great college here and we’re looking at Betty to take this college in some new, outstanding directions.”

The Ridgeville Township Trustees took the first step toward creating a park in the unincorporated community of Ridgeville Corners, Monday night, Aug. 6.

Two-a-day workouts for the 2007-08 high school football season officially started Thursday, Aug. 2. John Downey, veteran coach, gave his team instructions for particular drills. First scrimmage for the Streaks takes place on the Otsego home field at 10 am, Saturday, Aug. 11.

Rex Short, school custodian, mops the main hallway floor at AHS in preparation for school days in a photograph. First day of classes is Wednesday, Aug. 22.

Whitney Lecklider will represent Ridgeville Township in the 2007 Henry County Tomato Festival Parade and Pageant, Sunday, Aug. 12.

Brad Roth was approved by council as the newest member of the village board of zoning appeals. “He’s a good listener, and he puts a lot of thought in everything,” said Jim Wyse, mayor.

Council was told road construction on the North Lincoln East Williams streets started Monday.

Andrew Spotts, rural Pettisville, was named outstanding freshman chemistry student at Hesston (Kan.) College commencement. He is the son of Craig and Marilyn.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 5, 1992

“We need to build a northsouth highway. We can’t wait 20 years. We need to do it now,” Fred Witte, Archbold council member, Chamber of Commerce executive director, and county economic development officer told about 40 local, county, and state government officials on Thursday, July 30.

Using a map of Ohio, Witte pointed out all of the other regions of the state that were served by what he called “double-lane highways.”

He said, “All we have is the Ohio toll road, which is eastwest. There is no other double lane north-south highway in the area.

“Transportation is important. Access to markets is one of the most important things to factories. And factories bring jobs.”

The Archbold Area School Board will save its taxpayers $336,012.89, or about $15,000 a year, because of a move it made Wednesday, July 29. The board voted to recall $6,055,000 in recallable outstanding bonds used to finance the construction of the new Archbold High School.

If you’re pulled over by the familiar black-and-white cruiser of a Fulton County sheriff deputy, you may be on candid camera. But it won’t be Alan Funt at the wheel.

If you’re pulled over by a certain sheriff car, the camera will videotape the entire traffic stop. And it may be used against you in a court of law.

While it cost $1,700, “It saves money in the long run, and is particularly effective in drunk driving cases,” said Tracy Zuver, sheriff deputy.

Two Archbold retail businesses on North Defiance Street completed moves during the weekend. Anything Grows and Stacy’s Toys & Gifts relocated to new locations.

Robert G. Frey was one of 15 finalists in the National Auctioneers Association Championship, Lexington, Ky., on July 29. He completed a three-year term on the board of the National Auctioneers Association last week.

Deaths–Ethel Eileen Siegel, 72, West Unity

25th Wedding Anniversary–

Jack and Barbara (Garrett) Stover, Aug. 5, 1967; 50th Wedding Anniversary–Orrin and Elva Keim, Feb. 20, 1942

Earn Degrees–Michelle Miller and Kelly Stahl, Bowling Green State University.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 9, 1967

A contract for the Short- Buehrer Road has been given to Miller Bros., Inc., on its bid of $168,516. The contract provides for curbs, gutters, storm drainage, new base and paving, plus installation of a 58-inch outlet for a sewer to cross the road to the Buehrer farm and empty into Brush Creek.

Miss Lodema Short leaves Tuesday for the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she will resume work as a missionary-teacher under the Congo Inland Mission.

David Schnitkey and Greg Rupp appear in a photograph on a two-week training cycle in riot control with the Ohio National Guard at Camp Grayling, Mich. They are due home by the end of the week.

David Short appears in a photograph eating his lunch with B Company at Camp Grayling, Mich.

School Board agreed to change the name of the school district to Archbold Area Schools.

Mrs. Glenn Gallaway, kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Bessie Frey, second grade teacher, and Mrs. Roscoe Zimmerman, third grade teacher, Archbold Area Schools, were among 57 teachers participating in a two-week workshop, the non-graded curriculum for kindergarten and primary grades at the University of Toledo.

Charles L. Zimmerman, pastor of Evangelical Mennonite Church, told of his experiences touring the Holy Land at the Monday Noontide Luncheon of Commercial Club.

James Monroe, 29, was kidnapped at gunpoint Tuesday near Palmyra and held for 18 hours by two men and a girl before being released unharmed in Stuebenville. The semi he was driving was loaded with 35,000 pounds of meat. It was recovered half empty near Ravenna.

Dalynn Badenhop leaves Saturday, Aug. 12, as a delegate from St. Martin’s Luther League to attend the National Luther League in Dallas, Texas.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 5, 1942

Yes sir, it’s true, a circus is coming to town, today, Wednesday, Aug. 5, and every boy, girl, and adult is ready for the fun and excitement.

The Archbold Fire Department booked the Barr Bros. Circus for tonight.

County sheriff Lester Irwin picked up an intoxicated woman clothed only in a bathing suit at about 10 pm, Saturday, on the Archbold- Whitehouse Road at the Fulton Lucas County line.

She told the sheriff she had been kicked out of a car by two Mexicans. They picked her up at Silica Quarry Swimming Pool. She said her name is Mrs. Linda Baker, and has been married five times and married the fifth husband without being divorced from the fourth. She confessed to being a habitual drunkard and was on a prolonged drinking spree.

Last week, 15 Northwestern Ohio physicians– including Wm. J. Neal of Archbold, who is associated with the Murbachs in their practice– were commissioned for military service.

According to records at the Fulton County Clerk Office, 267 used cars changed owners in July. There were 14 new car owners and one new truck.

Misfortune came to the Lloyd Quillet family, who lives one mile north and two miles east of Zone. Their daughter, Carol Jean, 9, fell from a horse and broke her pelvis. Lightning struck and killed another horse during the severe storm last Friday.

Sgt. and Mrs. Jack Ruffer and son Jackie of Washington, D.C., are visiting his parents, mayor and Mrs. Victor Ruffer and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Moden, at Wauseon.

Mrs. Milton Sigg had supper in the Alva P. Shull home in Wauseon, Thursday.

Mrs. T. J. Klaudt and Doris will leave on Thursday for an indefinite visit in Wisconsin with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. August Vollstedt. Rev. Klaudt will spend part of next week at Winona Lake, Ind.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Aug. 14, 1917

A special election was held last Saturday at Tedrow, Dover Township. Citizens voted the township dry by a vote of 91-27.

Several attempts have been made by outside parties to rent a room at Tedrow for the purpose of conducting a thirst parlor, so citizens busied themselves and voted the district dry before the saloon could be opened.

Peter Bourquin, whose death and burial at Delta has been recorded in this newspaper, was one of the pioneer merchants of Archbold.

He kept store and bought produce 40 years. His name is perpetuated in the official records of the village because of the large addition to the village, which he platted and promoted.

Greens are desirable in fall and spring gardens. Plant spinach now. Rake leaves or use straw to cover the fall grown plants so it is protected through winter and ready for spring use. Onions also can be handled in this way.

The Archbold Mill has been improved by the erection of a new shed roof over the driveway, which will enable farmers to unload grain in rainy weather and keep it free from ice and snow in the winter.

A few weeks ago, a cedar tree that has been lying prostrate in the forests of Washington for at least 14 centuries was sawed into perfectly round shingles. The time that elapsed since it fell was shown by a tree that had grown up beside the fallen cedar that had 1,380 annual rings. This is the longest known period in which timber exposed to the weather has remained free of decay, but there are records of wood having been kept dry continuously covered with ice or water that have lasted longer.

Friday, Aug. 17, 1917

Milton Sigg, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Sigg, met with a serious accident Wednesday. He was driving a team of horses while hauling oats when the horses ran away.

He was thrown between the animals in such a manner a wheel of the wagon passed over his chest. Two ribs were broken and one hip badly bruised.

The patient suffers much from his injuries.

Because of word from Washington, claims for exemption from military service will be examined more closely and men recently or hastily married will not be exempted from the military if the case can be proven.

The Pope, who is recognized as the head of the Catholic Church, has made a peace proposal to all the nations at war. It is said that most of them are ready to consider the proposals. Peace would be the biggest and best piece of news the world could hear.

Just 300 years ago, a small war broke out at Prague, the capital of Bohemia, but the fighting soon spread through Austria, Germany, and into France, Sweden, and finally covered all of Europe.

It lasted 30 years and finally ended because every country was exhausted and bankrupt. No nation gained any worthy advantage. When it ended, nearly all the men who saw its start were dead, and most of the soldiers at the close had not been born when the fighting began.

All Germany lay in ruins. Civilization was prostrated, poverty was universal, commerce, trade, art, literature had practically disappeared, barbarism, savagery, lawlessness reigned everywhere, all because of a personal quarrel among a group of leaders who had all passed from earth long before the war ended.

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