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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, July 29, 1998

Pleasant weather attracted crowds, money, and happiness at the 19th Carp Festival. The auction grossed $3,763, raffle $2,715, carry-outs $807, dunk tank $281, volleyball $250, run for lights $1,171, Shaun Roth shootout poured in over $2,000, fish fry $4,054. Total of $14,150 will be donated to 18 local entities. Everything goes back to the town, said George Jelen, Lions Club treasurer.

Council approved a moratorium on the construction and use of new telecommunication towers in the village.

Archbold Furniture Co., formerly the Archbold Ladder Co., is moving to West Unity. but keeping its Archbold name.

Three companies each have about 20 persons on layoff as a result of the problems of General Motors.

Adriel Foster Care of Northwest Ohio will relocate Aug. 1, 1998, to a new facility at 22450 Fulton Co. F. northeast of Archbold.

ITT Automotive and Sauder Heritage Inn provided summer work experiences for Four County Vocational School instructors.

Headline- Wrestler Clark Forward Named All-American, Again

Joe Wyse, bicycle patrolman, has completed the bike patrol training course and is on the road.

Deaths- Glenford Frey, 80, Archbold; Keith M. Grant, 46, Fayette; Helen M. Peugeot, 88, Stryker.

Doug Good and his daughter, Hali, demonstrate how easy it is to ride their new tag-along bike in a photograph.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, July 27, 1983

United Way goal increases $2,450 from $21,650.

Thirty-three new galvanized steel litter containers were placed throughout the village Thursday. According to Steve Brown, Fulton County litter control officer, the containers cost $210 each. A total of 100 were delivered to the county.

Fairlawn Christian Retirement Living was introduced at a public meeting Tuesday in the Fairlawn Apartments Community Building. John Kolb and John Liechty, of Lead Group, Inc., Goshen, Ind., conducted the discussion.

Edward Miller, Wauseon, was elected to the board of directors of the Ohio Tire Dealers & Retreaders Assn., at their 16th annual meeting.

Deaths- Daniel R. Wagler, 25, Pettisville; Otto D. Nafziger, 77, Archbold; Paul Schweinhagen, 74, Ridgeville Township; Ila McConnell, 53, Archbold.

Florence Ruffer celebrated her teacher retirement by touring Russia.

50th Wedding Anniversaries- Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Sauder, Mr. and Mrs. John J. Grime; Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Short.

Swimming Pool Lifeguards: Clark Skinner, Jan Beck, Liz Crossgrove, Mary Jo Grime, Kris Bostelman, Roxanne Gelios, Kim Bosco, Lisa Taylor, Sue Grime, Kelly Vitello.

Bil-Jax softball team won the men’s Class C district tournament. They won six straight games to advance to state competition.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- Last year growers and marketers of Idaho potatoes spent $3.5 million to extol the spud’s excellence…. Bruce Burman, religion columnist, said, “a fresh generation of bright-eyed, blowdried evangelists has begun to dislodge the patriarchs of religious broadcasting from their lofty ratings perch.”… Conrail crews finished work improving the North Defiance Street crossing in Archbold that had been closed several days.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, July 30, 1958

Edwin S. Ripp, Baltimore, assistant to vice president of operations of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, will retire Aug. 1. He spent his youth in Archbold and has one brother, Ben, and three sisters: Mrs. G.C. Merillat, Bowling Green, Mrs. Bert Seiler, and Mrs. Dan P. Short, Archbold.

Mrs. Opal Weipert, member of the Elmira Garden Club, was named gardener of the year in a nationwide competition.

Archbold firemen were able to battle a New York Central freight car after crewmen spotted the burning car on the main street crossing. Two lines of hose were strung from a nearby hydrant and water was pumped into the car.

Joseph Wyse takes children for a ride with his team of ponies and cart. Mr. Wyse will have them in Archbold Friday and Saturday and will give children free rides during Old- Fashioned Bargain Days.

Thirty-six Archbold business places are combining efforts for Old-Fashioned Bargain Days Friday and Saturday. Merchants will have tables in front of their stores filled to capacity with bargain inducements for buyers who have real money. Owners of antique automobiles should bring vehicles up town to participate in the fun. Everyone will be dressed in costumes.

Aetna Grange is arranging a program to dedicate an historical roadside marker commemorating Col. D.W.H. Howard, chief Winameg and the famous Council Oak.

Peter Rupp and daughter Evelyn, and Mr. and Mrs. Menno Neuhauser, Napoleon, left Sunday for New York City to join a group of 20 to leave on a 35-day Absolute Frontiers tour sponsored by the Winona Lake School of Theology.

Sixth District Court of Appeals has ruled that pigs kept in pens on the farm of J. Russel McKarns, Brady Township, are a nuisance to the turnpike plaza operated by Buddies Food Services, Inc., Toledo.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday Jan. 4, 1933

There was a change in the Fulton County courthouse Monday that was unequaled in county history. Eight new offi- cials were ushered into office; six are Democrats.

Mayor Theo. Dimke, village councilmen H.T. Brown, John S. Schlatter, Peter Lugbill, A.J. Stamm, O.R. Taylor, clerk Warren H. Fetters, and treasurer O.P. Kluepfel met in the Town & Township Hall Monday evening for the first meeting of the new year.

County commissioners Emil D. Rupp, L.E. Murray, and Ed. Russell with surveyor Carl Mohr, made an inspection tour of Rt. 66, south of Archbold Tuesday.

Mayor Dimke called attention to the excellent financial condition of the village and its ability to meet bills.

Married- Orlo Schultz, Archbold, and O’Neil Hodges of Strawberry, Ark.

Alfred Spiess and his son shot a large badger they caught in a trap Thursday morning. The carcass of the beast was on display in the show window of the Vernier McLaughlin Probeck Co. A badger can dig up a lot of ground in a short time. They dig for grubs.

German Township Trustees reorganized with Wm. Leininger as president; N.J. Rychener as vice president; and A.T. Desbouefs as clerk.

Swanton apparently was honored one night last week by a visit from Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd, alias Mitchell, searched by police of the nation for the murder of Ralph Carstner, a Bowling Green policemen, and also for other crimes.

The bridge across the Maumee leading to Indianola Island was washed away by the flow of ice, near Maumee last Sunday.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Aug. 4, 1908

Mr. and Mrs. John Grime, west of town, entertained 44 guests at Sunday noon dinner.

There will be an ice cream social given at Mrs. Mary Flory’s home for the benefit of St. Peter Catholic Church. Everyone welcome.- adv.

Nothing adds a touch of refi nement to the community as a neatly clipped lawn. Of course it takes work, but what doesn’t that brings any satisfaction.

The missionary meeting of the German Lutheran Church will be held in the John Wendt woods, four and one half miles south of Archbold Sunday, Aug. 16. Everybody invited.- adv.

Phillip Leininger arrived from Oklahoma Sunday afternoon, He is the son of George. Phillip has not been in Archbold in 18 years.

Lost- Class pin with letters AHS ’01. Bring to this office.- adv.

F. Julius Dimke was in town Saturday. He is now out of business and intends to open a gent’s furnishings store in Archbold by Sept. 1. His dwelling house is rented to F.N. Yedica for a year. He is looking for a chance to buy or rent a business place.

Friday, Aug. 7, 1908

Farmers & Merchants Bank of Archbold will hold open house of their new bank building Wednesday afternoon. The public is welcome to visit the new building- adv.

Charles Stevens, from Archbold, came to Toledo Monday night.

When he alighted from an interurban car he was attracted by the big electric sign suspended over the Grand Theatre on Market Street.

Charley bought an upper box and was soon enjoying the program. It wasn’t long until Charley met the leading lady. He didn’t know how, but he met her. Then he bought a drink, and then more drinks.

Finally at the last curtain Charley discovered he was shy of funds and concluded that he had been “touched.” He ambled across the street to the police station and made known his grievance to lieutenant Conway.

Motor cops Martin and Conners took into custody the prima donna, another actress, and the villain. They registered as Mrs. Belle Young, Lulu Orr, and Jack Young. They were locked up on suspicion.

On Tuesday morning the detectives investigated the case in the presence of Charley and the girls he accused of robbing him. When Charley was presented with an itemized account of his expenditures at the playhouse, he couldn’t dispute it, and the prisoners were released.

A number of Archbold young men intend to run a relay race against time from Wauseon to Archbold early next week. They propose to have a young man at each mile crossing between the towns.

Each man is to run a mile in his best time and hand the envelope to the next man. An automobile with the judges will follow to keep a record of each man’s time.

Archbold and Wauseon men are interested in athletic sports. F.H. Ehrat and Clarence Waldvogel are prime movers of the sport.

Several Archbold citizens are dickering for automobiles. Don’t let false modesty prevent you from sending in your items about yourself and your loved ones. This is just what your hometown Archbold Buckeye wishes to print. Please give us your interesting news items. They always are welcome.

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