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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The ConAgra plant, the former La Choy Food Products facility, will remain open through the year, a company spokesman said. Plant officials announced in September it would close early in the year. The plant will continue analyzing its original decision of how it produces and delivers products in the most efficient manner. There is no firm deadline for completion of the new analysis, other than it will occur over the summer months. There are a total of 16 production lines at the local plant.

Mike Marti, AHS ‘85, and an army colonel, will be the speaker at the Memorial Day service. Pete Grime said the event will be moved from the Ruihley Park Pavilion to the Knights of Columbus Rebeau Hall. Grime will speak at the Pettisville American Legion Memorial Day program.

Josh Grieser, an AHS senior, is perhaps the first AHS student ever to earn the John Phillip Sousa and Louis Armstrong music awards in the same year.

Tim Booth, AHS band director, said when he made the selection, Grieser was the clear choice for both awards. Josh is the son of Jim and Ilsa.

The Pettisville School Board will explore wind turbine power as an alternative to electricity. Steve Switzer, superintendent, said, “We want a facility designed not just for the next 20 years, not just for 50 years, but for a longer term.

“We want a facility designed for the grandchildren of our current students.”

Sauder Village guests had the chance to view springtime farm activities when sheep were sheared and soap produced the old-fashioned way, over the weekend during Spring on the Farm Days.

Deaths–Nancy L. Grieser, 72, Archbold; Herbert L. Oyer, 80, Archbold; Robert S. Mason, 86, Archbold; Eliasar C. Zavala, 80, Archbold; Mary A. Stipe, 81, West Unity

Andy Brodbeck, fire chief, said he and school principals of the Archbold Area School District met to establish a protocol for bad weather situations.

Christian Grisier, AHS ‘01, son of Todd and Sabrina, and a staff sergeant of the 180th fighter wing of Ohio Air National Guard, is being deployed to Balad, Iraq.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, May 13, 1992

The Fulton County Department of Health is coming back to the voters, asking them to approve the same half-mill (.5) property tax levy they turned down last November.

Archbold High School named 10 seniors as honor graduates: Jesse Grime, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Avers; Denna Hoppe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arley Cross and Mr. George Hoppe; Melanie Leininger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Leininger; Sara Nagel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Nagel; Richard Poorman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Poorman; Anna Schrock, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Schrock; Dwight Skinner, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Skinner; Kimberly Volkman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Volkman; Chad Wieland, son of Mrs. Barbara Wieland, and Katrina Wyse, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Wyse.

Middle School researchers appear in a photograph: Laura Kauffman, Nicole Dominique, Rachel Ringenberg, Traci Erbskorn, Kim Waidelich.

Dean and Colleen Zaerr have purchased the Archbold Gardens Restaurant, 1207 South Defiance Street, and will reopen it as the Home Away from Home, Monday morning.

The Zaerrs are the owners of the Home Restaurant, 218 North Defiance Street. They purchased it from Dean’s father and mother, Maurice and Marguerite Zaerr, in 1984. They had operated the North Defiance restaurant since the early 1960s.

Nicole, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Aschliman, appeared in the Taylor Theatre production of “Quilters,” a mini-musical.

Kim Stover, an AHS graduate and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stover, was featured in the chorus of Ashland University Theatre performance of “Pippin.”

An original design provided by Amy Rich, an AHS junior, was selected to represent the Archbold 5K Run for the Lights next summer. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Rich.

Layne Thrasher placed second in the javelin competition in the NCAC competition May 1. He represented Ohio Wesleyan University.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, May 17, 1967

Eighty-four AHS graduates will receive degrees Tuesday, May 23. Honor students are Joyce Beck, Mary Couch, Sandra Finley, Kathy Hoblet, Andrew Holian, Karl Kuehn, Michael D. Short, Roger Springer, Stanley Wyse, Eileen Yoder, Larry Zuvers.

The Fulton County Board of Education proposed by resolution that all of the Elmira School District be transferred to the Archbold School District.

Leslie, son of Mr. and Mrs. Orlen Leupp, was one of 38 students who exhibited his work at the Fine Arts Center, Bethel College.

Seventh grade mothers prepared and served the Seventh/ Eighth Grade Banquet at Elmira School, Thursday, May 11. In a photograph appear Mrs. Howard Rice, Mrs. Freeman Riegsecker, Mrs. Mahlon Wyse, Mrs. Joe Cowell, Mrs. Daryl Grime, Mrs. Calvin Short. Theme of the banquet was “South of the Border.”

Little Eden Camp, Onekama, Mich., will have a new cabin ready for the 1967 season, according to Jesse Wyse, chairman of the grounds committee. Shareholders voted to provide the new structure as well as four new fiberglass row boats.

The following youth were received as members of St. James Lutheran Church, Burlington, April 30: Randy Nofzinger, LuAnn Zaerr, Linda Zaerr and Douglas Vajen. Noble Lach is the pastor.

For the second straight year, Tom Storrer won the pole vault event and set new district and AHS records at Montpelier, Saturday, by going over the bar at 13 feet.

Last year Storrer set district and AHS records when he sailed over the bar at 12-6.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, May 13, 1942

Thirty-nine seniors will receive diplomas, May 19, from Archbold High School. Helen Weber is valedictorian and Ruth Siegel, salutatorian.

Fulton County commissioners are building a new stone road from Winameg, north to State Route 20. The United States is furnishing 2,500 tons of crushed stone, hauled to the spot. The road is one of the oldest trails in the county.

Lois Neuhauser and Lowell Short played the lead roles in the second senior class play, “Almost 18,” presented in the high school auditorium, Friday evening.

Clarence Haag, 28, and Delbert Moiser, 34, each driving improperly marked trucks loaded with liquor, were apprehended by Fulton County officers, and each was fined $25 and costs.

J.H. Spengler, teacher of social studies and baseball coach at Archbold High School, received a Master of Arts Degree, May 29, at the University of Michigan.

A buffet dinner featuring La Choy chow mein and chop suey will be served by Mrs. Ethel Bourquin at the Archbold Alumni Dinner and Dance. Eck Greer and his 12-piece orchestra will play the dance music. Old popular songs will be sung by the guests. Dinner tickets are 65 cents.

Fulton County farmers joined the majority of farmers in Ohio and the nation in favoring the retention of wheat marketing quotas for the 1942 crop.

A special program of gospel music and art will be presented May 14, in the Defenseless Mennonite Church.

Ada Rupp Skinner and her husband Howard, of Pontiac, Mich., will play the piano and sing. Revs. Ed. Frey, Jesse Short, Phil Frey, and Walter Stuckey are in charge of the program.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, May 15, 1917

Willie, 12, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Leininger, was kicked by a horse, Saturday. The right leg was bruised below the knee. Willie and his brother Gust were on the way to town when the horse ran away and somehow kicked the lad. His leg was cut open badly, but is getting along nicely.

Archbold merchants are discouraged about the coal situation. The coal companies refuse orders and write back that merchants should write again about July. Some of the companies refuse to answer letters.

Colenzo H. Hoffmire left Saturday for Fort Harrison at Indianapolis, Ind., where he will have three months training in the veterinary department. He has applied for lieutenant in the cavalry.

There is a clamor for women who want to be doctors that several medical colleges for women are opening in the United States. Medicine is a profession that appeals strongly to women.

Liberty Loan Bonds, which the government is issuing to defray expenses of the war against Germany, will be handled by country banks without charge to the government or the buyers. They bear 3 1/2 percent interest.

The House of Representatives has joined the Senate in forgetting politics and permitting Roosevelt to lead a division of the United States Army into France. The opposition has come from the White House, where it is suspected that political rivalry is feared. Roosevelt may yet go to the front.

Friday, May 18, 1917

Archbold has a struggling little canvas glove factory. It is trying to get along by paying good wages. The little factory is doing its share toward making the village prosperous. Farmers and citizens will boost the home industry by buying and using canvas gloves made in Archbold. The gloves are made of the best quality. This message is donated free by the Archbold Buckeye.

The new war tax bill will tax each person about $33. If there are five in the family, the war tax will amount to $165. The English are now paying a war tax of $60 per person.

Buyers have been in the neighborhood offering high prices for second grade horses, but farmers are too busy to talk horse.

The estate of Peter Diehlman is being settled, and what is left is to be distributed among his brothers and sisters.

Peter lived alone 29 years in a sod house in western Nebraska. There was no floor in the house, and at night, rats and snakes would make tracks across the sand floor. He spent all his years on a lounge and accumulated considerable property.

He refused medical aid to the end. His flesh fell from his bones when his clothes were removed at the Hastings (Neb.) Hospital where he died. He left 200 acres and some livestock. All his debts and funeral expenses were paid.

A gray eagle measuring seven feet across the wings was shot on the Glen Snyder farm near Evansport.

The eagle has been killing many chickens in the neighborhood and was in pursuit of a young lamb when shot.

Rev. Bonge, the new minister of the Lutheran Church, is to arrive at the railroad depot in Archbold with his family of four from Aberdeen, S.D., June 5.

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