Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, July 1, 1998

A temporary income tax hike of .5 would put the community near the middle of rates collected in communities in the four county area.

Even if the park board does not receive a Nature Works Grant, a picnic shelter and restrooms will be built in Memorial Park.

When the bidding was over Friday evening, June 26, E&R Trailer Sales, of Middle Point, became the new owner of the building at the intersection of St. Rts. 2 and 66, north of Archbold.

Lantz Manufacturing Company, Pettisville, was sold to the Huffy Corp., of Miamisburg.

Dave Hanenkratt, Bryan, and Brad Balser, West Unity, have opened Fayette Industrial Coatings in an unused building in that community. The company has the capability to apply coatings to other products. They employ nine. The company could have a tax abatement, but Hanenkratt said, “I feel like that’s welfare. We want to make it on our own.”

About eighty persons participated in the 10th annual Chamber of Commerce golf outing June 22.

John Torres and Jana Crossgrove were crowned 4-H king and queen, June 24, at Camp Palmer.

The 10th annual Sunshine Children’s Home benefit dinner broke last year’s record by raising $12,100, Friday, June 26.

Sai Sinbondit, Pettisville, has two works of art in a show at the Toledo Museum of Art.

Erin Stopher, 14, daughter of Bret and Wanda, was one of 20 students selected across 19 Northwest Ohio counties to attend Camp Med, June 18-19, at the Medical College of Ohio, Toledo.

25th Wedding Anniversaries- Arlen D. and Ellen Schmucker, Stryker; they have three children and eight grandchildren. Also Daniel W. and Brenda Sensenig; they have three sons.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, July 6, 1983

Archbold’s growing number of zoning variances is a problem, agreed all who attended the council meeting Tuesday night.

Hog-raising in Fulton County is second in the state.

Milan Drake is not acquainted with I.M. Scaylee, local carpologist. Nor is he familiar with Scaylee’s institution of higher learning. Bean Creek U. Drake is, however, a carp authority and enthusiast, having done his master’s thesis on this esteemed fresh-water species.

Marvin D. Miller, executive vice president of First National Bank Northwest Ohio, was elected president of the Fulton County Bankers Association.

New Rotary officers are John Wilson, president, who succeeds Lawrence E. Short; Marvin Miller, vice president; Rollie Britsch, secretary-treasurer. Members of the board of directors: Robert Aeschliman, Robert Durbin, John Baumgartner, David Thompson, Lawrence Short.

Kelly Short was elected to the State House of Representatives at the 1983 Buckeye Girls State at BGSU.

St. Peter Catholic Church is sponsoring a community farewell open house for Clement Alt, CPPS, Sunday.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- Cleopatra is said to have determined if her potions of poison could be depended on by trying them on slaves…. If you’re a rock hound you probably have the oldest collection…. “It was our dream that eventually machines would do the dirty work for us- and now it looks as if we may be the servants, not the masters,” according to Sidney Harris, columnist.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, July 2, 1958

Rick Schultz, 14, has been getting good catches of fish in Archbold waters. He recently caught 12 carp in one fishing event. One was 22 inches.

Zion Lutheran Church, Ridgeville Corners, will dedicate its new sanctuary Sunday. Cost of the structure and landscaping was $80,000.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Young and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Crossgrove spent five days at Dean Lake, Ontario, Canada. Fishing was fair.

Several Archbold industries are closed for the Fourth of July week so employees can enjoy a vacation.

Kenneth D. Short has sold his dairy store, in the Lugbill addition, to Carl Schmucker, Toledo. Short has operated the business 11 1/2 years.

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Couch returned Monday after spending several days at Mackinac Island, Mich.

A new traffic light has been installed at the corner of Stryker and North Defiance streets. It replaces a red flasher light that has been in service for the past few years.

William Scales, 25, is reported missing off the shore of San Salvador in the Caribbean Sea. William and a friend went skin diving off shore in coral reefs. They failed to return. Three weeks ago he visited his mother in Archbold. He was employed by the RCA Service Co., tracking missiles fired from Cape Canaveral, Fla., downrange into the Caribbean Sea.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, July 5, 1933

The following were named to the homecoming entertainment committee: O.E. Lauber, E.P. Hollingshead, Henry Nofzinger, O.P. Kluepfel, and E.P. Clair.

Since Jan. 1, over four hundred carloads of merchandise and produce have been shipped from Archbold over the New York Central Railroad. Hundreds of truckloads have been shipped to warehouses. It is reported that more carload lots are shipped from Archbold yearly than from any other station on the New York Central Railroad between Toledo and Elkhart.

Archbold Day at Walbridge Park, in Toledo, is Sunday, July 23. The popular Archbold Band will perform in the afternoon.

Two young men entered the Kroger store Saturday evening between 11:30 and 12:00 p.m. flashing revolvers, and ordered the clerks, Samuel Miller, Le- Roy Aungst, and Clare Bacon, to hold up their hands. No customers were in the store. One man guarded the front door while another emptied the cash drawer of $19. One of the bandits searched Samuel, taking his check book while thinking it was his wallet, then went through LeRoy’s pockets and stole 30¢.

In 1858, seventy-five years ago Monday, Frederick Stotzer opened a harness shop in Archbold. He formerly had a business at 33 Summit Street, Toledo. He came without capital when the town needed a harness maker. He was the first mayor of Archbold, receiving all votes cast. He served 25 years on the school board, and was founder of the Methodist Evangelical Church, in Archbold.

Corn looks better on the sand than on the clay this year. The heavy rains early in the season packed the clay.

Every time a customer chisels a price he helps to prolong the depression. Every time one travels to another town to save a few cents he is increasing his taxes and decreasing his own income. Every time a customer uses up the time of a clerk and buys nothing he is holding back prosperity.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, July 3, 1908

There will be no more Sunday funerals in Ohio if boards of public service and cemetery trustees of the cities and villages accept the resolution passed by the Ohio Association of cemetery superintendents and offi- cials, condemning the burial of the dead on the Sabbath.

Sunday funerals, it was declared, made the opportunity for ostentatious display, were expensive, and interfered with the rights of the cemetery patrons on Sunday, the one day of the week commonly accepted as visitors’ day.

The action was taken by the cemetery association, which held its annual convention in Toledo last week. The resolution was unanimously adopted.

Common Pleas Court, at Wauseon, is closing the affairs of the Wauseon Canning Company. There will not be more than 25¢ on the dollar for the company and nothing for the stockholders.

Propped up in an armchair at home nursing a bruised foot that threatens serious developments, is a poor place to find news. It is only by the help of friends and the heroic efforts of the office girl that I am able to send out a newspaper today. I am sure the readers will overlook any weaknesses of this issue.- W.O. Taylor, publisher

There are neighborhoods in Archbold where there is too much shade for good health. The sun should strike the house the greater part of the day.

A traveling man through Archbold upon looking at the new Farmers & Merchants Bank building said, “Geewhillikens! What a corker of a bank building for a little town. They must be lousy with money around here.”

Its costliness stands as a monument to the confidence of the people and its founders.

Friday, July 10, 1908

Two safes were blown by burglars at Delta. The safe in the T&I depot was cracked for $69.30, and the Geer & Shumaker safe lost $185.

Under a new law physicians who do not report births and deaths which come under their care are subject to a fine of from $5 to $100.

Owners of automobiles must help pay the road taxes and they must have three licenses: state, city, and chauffeur.

Watch for the New York-Chicago motorcycle tour through Archbold the last of this week. There will be 17 riders.

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