Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Timothy J. Meister, Bryan High School director of athletics, has been selected as the new principal of Archbold High School. The board granted him a three-year contract at the Monday, July 17 meeting with a first-year salary of $79,900.

Bob Seaman, village engineer, said the rainstorm that struck the village Wednesday, July 12, “was a very unusual event.”

Reports from around the area say the storm dumped anywhere from three to five inches of water, causing everything from flooded roads to flooded basements.

Going to school and painting an octopus with egg carton suckers on the tentacles? Staging a drama scene and writing song lyrics?

Forty kids, ages 6-11, have the opportunity to explore the arts during the Black Swamp Arts Council seventh Creative Arts Camp this week, July 17-21, at Archbold Middle School.

“I’m confident it’s going to be a really fun week,” said Diane Tinsman, camp director. “I think we’ve got a great staff and great counselors.”

The kids rotate through two 1 1/2-hour workshops each day to explore the Sail Into Creativity theme.

Persons driving into Archbold must fill in the blank when approaching the village welcome signs.

That’s because a thief, or thieves, took the name “Archbold” spelled in steel letters from the metal welcome signs at three entrances to the village.

The police report states the letters were taken sometime after midnight, Friday, July 7. Screws holding the letters to the sign were removed. Floodlights shining on the signs also were damaged, as were service organization signs.

50th Wedding Anniversary– Gene and Sue Schaffner, Aug. 5, 1956; Denver and Evelyn Nofziger, July 22, 1956

Dean’s List–Brian Smith and Alicia Buckenmeyer, Ohio University

Deaths–Donald F. Holsinger, 75, Archbold; Jolene D. Miller, 23, Indianapolis, Ind.; Evelyn L. Merillat, 89, Archbold; Kenneth E. Aeschliman, 91, Archbold; E. Ruth Gorsuch, 91, Archbold; Robert J. Remus, 93, Archbold

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, July 17, 1991

John Grieser, councilman, called for a deadline on the construction of a second fire station on the north side of the Conrail railroad tracks.

The village is negotiating with Gaylord Beck, owner of Beck’s Greenhouse, 203 Stryker Street, for the purchase of the property. The site is currently being considered for the second fire station.

“We should put a deadline on it. If Beck wants to sell, it seems he’d be right here getting something done,” Grieser said. Leanna Baus, councilman, said “there is getting to be a little ill will feeling over this. It doesn’t seem like this is going.”

There will be a sidewalk from Lutz Road to Quail Run in the Manor Park neighborhood.

Council approved installation of the sidewalk at its July 1 meeting after 13 property owners along North Defiance Street had voted for concrete and six for asphalt.

Hundreds of persons kicked off Archbold’s 125th anniversary week Sunday afternoon when they visited the Archbold German Township Fire Department building.

Visitors viewed equipment, asked hundreds of questions, had blood checks, and saw a Jaws of Life demonstration. Members of the fire department were on duty in full dress uniforms.

The 125th Quasquicentennial celebration parade will be the crown jewel of the week’s special events.

“I’m seeing a new face of your country, said Sergey Tagashov on his two-day visit to Archbold.”I have never been to a small American village.”

Sergey, 18, came to Archbold as part of a five-week study tour to learn all about American newspapers. The exchange was arranged by The Blade, Toledo, and Novosti Press Agency, Moscow.

The go-kart race through the streets of Archbold Sunday was a dream of the Archbold man for whom the event is named. Eddy Huffman’s son John, himself an accomplished racer, said, “this is something Dad always wanted to do; to show people here in town these are not yard karts.”

With go-karts capable of hitting speeds between 50 and 100 miles per hour Sunday at the Eddy Huffman Memorial, it could be wild.

Water is now flowing to homes in Burlington-Elmira as workers complete taps into the pipeline system built this summer.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, July 20, 1966

Centennial Belles will be in the spotlight Friday night in front of the Town &Township Hall when they hold a Kangaroo Court following their promenade through the business district.

Five members of Archbold FFA are attending camp at Camp Muskingum this week: Joe Nafziger, Don Nofziger, Phil Grieser, Randy Buehrer, and David Aeschliman.

Gilbert Swalley has an 1837 abstract that records his property lots 25 and 26 of Nofziger’s second addition at 101 Pleasant Street at the corner of West Mechanic Street.

R.S. Baumgartner harvested a 10-acre wheat field Friday and Saturday and found the yield averaged 78 bushels to the acre.

Lugbill Livestock Market is listed in the 9th edition of the Certified Meat-Type Hog Directory. It names the locations of 217 farmers who are certified in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

Restricted parking and detours are effective Wednesday through Saturday during the Centennial celebration.

In addition to the 320 acres purchased by the state of Ohio from the Goll heirs to provide a new state park northwest of Archbold, an additional 1,200 acres is to be acquired surrounding the Goll Woods as sites of recreation development.

The stockade was hardly large enough Friday night, as it was well filled prior to the first Kangaroo Court session.

Charles Lugbill was charged with selling used razor blades and razors to the pallbearers who carried the razor to rest in peace beneath the Town & Township Hall. He was sentenced to the stocks.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–Arizona has a town named Buckeye, and it was in the news last week when the thermometer hit 111 degrees….. Steuben County, Ind., which adjoins Williams County, has 32 or more natural glacial lakes….. We hope James A. Rhodes, Ohio governor, is successful in his plan to free the muddy Maumee of pollution by 1970….. Don’t be afraid to use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those who sing best.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, July 16, 1941

Two commemorative trophies will be awarded to high school bands competing in the Band Festival at the Archbold Diamond Jubilee, Aug. 13-14.

In addition to other entertainment, Tim Doolittle and His Pine Tree Gang from WJR radio, Detroit, are coming to the Diamond Jubilee.

The big dam that forms the proposed Harrison Lake, 11 miles northwest of Archbold, is nearly completed as Jesse Storrer and his workmen put the final touches on the inclines.

The Fulton County military draft board has issued calls to two Archbold men, Vern J. Nafziger and Glen E. Rupp. They and ten other county men will report Aug. 1 to the Toledo induction station for physical examination.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, July 18, 1916

Three Hungarian men with awful hard names to spell came to town Friday and got put in the callaboose. They said they would not pay any fine Saturday morning when they stood before mayor August Ruihley.

The marshal was told to put them back in jail and start them to work on the street Monday morning. They asked how many days they were obliged to work and were told 17 days. Then they dug up the $10 and costs. Each paid his fine and was allowed to go.

Archbold merchants are planning the biggest feast of bargains during Red Tag Days, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The goods they offer are from regular stocks and are of the quality advertised.

Of course, those who wait until late in the week will be disappointed in getting the bargains desired, but merchants will try to satisfy each customer that comes. They will have plenty of help during Red Tag Days.

Warrants were issued before Justice Deyo of Wauseon, Monday morning, for Frank Louis and Harry Bernath of Elmira, charging them with assault with intent to kill Walter Ruffer at Elmira, Saturday evening. Persons with Ruffer at the time claim Ruffer was cranking his machine to start for home when the men assaulted him with a club and fists. Ruffer was badly bruised. It is said to be the result of an old grudge.

The Catholic Social Society will hold its annual picnic in Rufenacht’s Grove next Sunday.

During the storm Friday evening, the Methodist Church at Zone was burned to the ground by a lightning strike. It was insured for $1,900.

Friday, July 21, 1916

Archbold people were shocked Wednesday morning by the appearance in the Toledo Times of a half column screed against Archbold. Although it was not news, it was evidently printed by the Times to roast Archbold and the citizens of the village.

The article charges in big headlines that “Coroner Sounds Taps for the Village of Archbold.” It stated Archbold is to be declared officially dead; that Coroner Hartman will hold an inquest over the remains and announce verdict soon; that Archbold is wet; that the thirsty come on the T&I; that Archbold has come to nothing since so many citizens enlisted in the militia at Bryan; that the soldiers made daily trips from Bryan to Archbold; etc, etc.

In addition to a lot of insulting stuff in which the militia and saloons, churches, the Dutch and Archbold were mercilessly roasted, the article also made insinuations regarding the characters of an Archbold young lady of a prominent family; also, the same insinuations regarding a young lady from near town.

The article questioned the practice of a prominent Archbold physician.

Archbold citizens believe it came from some of the bunch of politicians who were disappointed because Archbold did not have a crowd waiting when the bunch arrived in Archbold. This is probably the idea of revenge worked out by some Clinton Township politicians who think everybody else has as much time to devote to politics as themselves.

There is no answer to the article, which the Times so evidently planned to injure the reputation and business credit of our village. It is pregnant with insults–so studiously insinuating and so abounding in falsity that repeating it would only add to the harm it was intended.

Archbold businessmen are ready to contribute to a fund to bring proceedings against the Times, while the shock to the families and friends of the young ladies is irreparable.

The editor of the Toledo Times announced Fred Leu, Wauseon, was the person who wrote the screed and sent it to the Times. Fred has been working around newspaper offices for several years. His most recent efforts were put forth in the office of the Wauseon Expositor, from which position he was hurriedly excused by Mr. Meister when his proclivities were discovered.

Probably the reason he wished to hand Archbold such a knockout was that Archbold voters stood by him when he wanted to be a delegate to the Democratic Convention. That was Fred’s way of biting the hand that helped him.

Leu’s studied insults were probably inspired by some of the other Wauseon politicians who are concerned about Archbold before election.

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