Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Archbold School Superintendent Calls For Fiscal Responsibility: David Deskins, the new superintendent of the Archbold Area School System, said he’s heard the cry from the public for careful fiscal management.

The concern was made clear to him in personal conversations and email messages. “Believe me, I got it,” he said. “We will monitor our spending very closely, and look for ways to reduce it. We’re going to take a good look at our entire system of accounting.”

He’ll be looking for ways to monitor the school district’s spending “line by line,” he said.

Deskins said he appreciates all the benefits Archbold children receive, including the opportunity to participate in the arts. In other districts, arts education has not been given equal treatment; sports are king.

The campaign committee backing the Archbold Area School District $2.4-million property tax levy request will mail information to district residents. The levy is called an emergency levy because it is based on raising a set amount, rather than a set millage.

The 27th annual Archbold Carp Festival, which runs Thursday through Saturday, is back in full force, highlighting new events with a different feel.

Council is preparing for a state grant to establish a 10.9-acre Smart Park in the Industrial Park. To qualify, the village set aside 10.9 acres along Nolan Parkway. The parcel only will be available to qualifying high-tech businesses for 10 years. The park property must also be served by two fiber-optic cable loops. RTEC Communications, Archbold, said it will not be difficult.

Deaths–Clarence R. Andrews, 90, Archbold; James Burke, 49, Archbold; Sharon L Gallardo, 59, Wauseon; Allen D. Whitman, 84, Bryan

Four boys, ages seven to 10, have been implicated in a barn fire that did about $2,000 damage. Andy Brodbeck, Archbold fire chief, said the boys were playing with fireworks inside the barn owned by Archbold Elevator at 21886 Co. Rd. D.

Ryan Wurst, Wauseon, has been named to the Archbold Police Department auxiliary force as a part-time officer.

Todd Warncke, Wauseon, gets help operating his antique tractor from his four-year-old son, Eli, during the “Summer on the Farm” program, Saturday at Sauder Village, according to a photograph.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, July 10, 1991

Back in the late 1950s, Archbold Council was considering parking meters in its downtown business district.

Many people may not remember the controversy, but two men remember: William Lovejoy, mayor for the past 20 years, and Lawrence Short, who held the post from 1963 to 1971.

Short is the only surviving former mayor. The two men represent 38 years of leadership, accomplishment, and in some cases, disappointment.

A fire department open house and a community worship service will open the Archbold 125th Quasquicentennial celebration, Sunday. Before the celebration ends Sunday, July 21, several hundred volunteers from community organizations will have completed assignments, helping make the event the greatest celebration of any Archbold anniversary on record.

Leading the Quasquicentennial committee since last fall have been the co-chairmen, Vaughn Bentz and Chuck Rychener, councilmen.

School employees, including teachers, administrators, and non-qualified personnel, will receive a 4.3% raise for the 1991-92 school year. For teachers, that’s pending a vote of the Archbold Education Association.

On hand for the regular meeting and the executive session was Ken Cline, who will take over Aug. 1 as superintendent of the Archbold Area School District. David Lersch resigned the position in February.

Life, even on ordinary days, is busy for the Paul Van Sickle family. But, these days, there is little formality within their Pettisville home.

As opening night of the Archbold Community Theatre production “Oklahoma” draws near, the pace of their lives picks up speed. Play practice takes up at least three nights for the four of the five family members.

Members of the Grisier family, owner-operators of funeral homes in Archbold and Stryker, have purchased the Edgar Funeral Home, Wauseon, and will operate it as the Edgar- Grisier Funeral Home.

Death–Victor J. Spiess, 81, Napoleon; Julia Rogers, 82, Bryan; CayCee J. Osborne, infant daughter of Jeff and Claudia (Airhart) Osborne, Archbold; Harry Horne, 78, Defiance; Shiane Renee Rittenhouse, infant daughter of Lonnie and Christine (Andrews) Rittenhouse, Archbold

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, July 13, 1966

The large barn which housed 50 cows and heifers on the Noah Kauffman farm where Herman Kauffman and family live, was destroyed by fire at about 3 am, Friday morning, three miles south of Pettisville at the corner of Co. Rds. A and 19 and the Henry County line.

Centennial Belles will promenade in the Archbold business district starting Friday evening, July 15, at 7:30 pm. The Belles, wearing their Centennial costumes, will parade every Friday evening until the celebration.

Stephen Aschliman, AHS ‘62, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Aschliman, has volunteered to spend two years working with the Heifer Project, Inc., in Mexico.

“Medicine Quackery” was the talk presented by Wm. J. Stanforth at the Monday Noontide meeting of Commercial Club.

Archbold’s Kangaroo Court and Keystone Cops will be prepared to handle violators of the mayor’s proclamation ordering all males to grow some kind of facial foliage.

Roger W. Roth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen E. Roth, is attending a National Science Foundation Summer Institute in modern physics at Oak Ridge, Tenn. Institute of Nuclear Physics.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Buerge and Lisa moved last week to Piscapaway, N.J., where he will manage a new plant for Young Spring & Wire Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lovejoy and Ted returned last Monday from a ten-day vacation in the Western states.

Mrs. Dale Rychener was presented the first Mother of the Year award by Richard Grime, scoutmaster of Troop 63.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–With modern jet airplanes, distance has lost its enchantment….. The $1.75 billion price tag on the war on poverty has not been a bargain….. Remember when the majority of American voters were led to believe by some smart and clever propaganda that Barry M. Goldwater was trigger-happy?

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, July 9, 1941

John Schlapfer has volunteered to address the invitations to former residents for the Diamond Jubilee. He needs help from the community with names and addresses.

Council discussed a proposed widening of North Defiance Street from the Town & Township Hall to Williams Street, to provide more parking spaces in the downtown area. Council was told state highway engineers are expected to review the situation and give the possible cost.

This month of June marked the highest volume of sales ever enjoyed by the Archbold Ladder Company. They are putting a new truck in service to handle the expansion of business.

The Brotherhood Mutual Fire Insurance Company, of which Peter Rupp of Archbold is president, and the Brotherhood Mutual Life Insurance

Company recently purchased a residence located at Wayne and Broadway streets in Fort Wayne, Ind., for $20,000, for the office headquarters of the two companies.

Mr. William J. Neal, a physician, is an associate of E.A. Murbach and son, E.R. Murbach, in the practice of medicine.

He is a graduate of internal medicine from Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa.

Firemen were called to the Peter Eicher farm about six miles southwest of town about 1 pm, Friday, July 4. A tool shed was destroyed.

Laurel D. Gotshall, 81, Toledo, formerly of Archbold, died Sunday night. He embarked in the lumbering and stave manufacturing business in Archbold with his brother Ira W., in 1905. The business was known as Gotshall Bros. Lumber Co. Ira established a lumber business in Toledo, which still is in operation.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, July 11, 1916

Assessors found $36,370 more taxable property in German Township than last year. The valuation increased to $779,390.

The tax rate in Archbold is lower than in other villages in the county. If you wish to purchase property, Archbold is the right place to invest.

The increase in chattel wealth in Fulton County is due to the great number of automobiles, which are listed as a luxury. On the other hand, the mortgage indebtedness is increasing in about every county in Northwestern Ohio.

Two cases of infantile paralysis at Sherwood. Nine in Toledo: The boards of health throughout the country are fighting the disease, which usually leaves the children crippled.

Overeating, eating too often, over-exertion and lack of general care is said to keep the child in condition to receive the disease.

While attempting the 300-mile auto run without stopping the engine, Saturday. Mr. Daniel P. Roth and party encountered a serious mishap.

At about 135 miles, a hot box made it necessary to stop the engine. They finished the trip and enjoyed the ride. H.D. Meister and Lester Nofzinger accompanied Mr. Roth.

Late Sunday afternoon, the fire bell brought a crowd out to see the fire in the Chris. Bassinger house on Lincoln Street.

The fire had partly burned a mattress, some bedding, and there were holes in the roof from which smoke and flames were coming.

Men with buckets of water soon had it under control, but not before the fire hose was stretched from the nearest hydrant to the fire ready for service if necessary. The damage was perhaps $100. There were several theories regarding the origin of the fire.

Friday, July 14, 1916

The T&I Railroad has been hauling some great loads of freight along the right-of-way recently. The business of the road seems to be ever on the increase.

Now the agents are complaining that they cannot get the autos fast enough to suit the customers. Some customers have been waiting for months for the machines to be delivered.

Everyone sees more and more motor trucks on the wagon roads. It is no use to kick about trucks cutting up the roads. The thing to do is build roads to meet the traffic.

Archbold people must have been unusually show-hungry, Tuesday evening, when the largest crowd ever saw the Ketrow & Trover tent show.

The attraction was a western drama, “The Cowboy Swede.” It made the audience laugh continuously. Their band music was an unusual attraction.

Don’t swallow ice cream until it is thoroughly melted and warmed in the mouth. The shock of throwing ice into the stomach is what makes you feel so bad next day.

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