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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sauder Woodworking is undergoing restructuring that has led to some shifts of people within the organization and early retirement offers.

Council and German Township Trustees met jointly Monday, June 5, to discuss posting “no through truck” signs on Short-Buehrer Road to keep heavy truck traffic off of Co. Rd. 24.

Bob Taft, Ohio governor, has appointed Vond Hall, Archbold, to the Northwest State Community College Board. Hall, the Fulton County administrator, replaces Bryan Keller, who resigned. The term expires June 10, 2011.

Council employed Anthony “AJ” Schroeder, 29, Ridgeville Corners, as a fulltime Archbold police officer, Monday, June 5.

Christian Burkhart, 20, Portage, was killed when he was hit by a semi at the intersection of US20 and Co. Rd. 1, Tuesday, June 6.

The renovations of Co. Rd. C are on schedule, and the road should be open to traffic on the estimated completion date of Thursday. Aug. 31.

Ericka Priest, 12, daughter of Bob and Kara, Archbold, won the reserve championship in the Pony Western Pleasure Class at the All- American Youth Horse Show, Columbus.

Degree–Logan Short, son of Lee and Linda, Arizona State University

Dean’s List–Ben Groeneweg, Tri-State University; Keri Badenhop, daughter of James and Bonnie, Huntington University; Aimee Genter, daughter of Dean and Kathy, Hillsdale College

Pettisville School Board accepted the resignation of Bob Flack, director of athletics and community programs, Monday, June 12.

Beth Snyder, AHS ‘06, daughter of Jim and Sandi, signed a letter of intent to play volleyball for the University of Saint Francis, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, June 12, 1991

Two hundred Pettisville Blackbird fans turned out Sunday afternoon to honor their own track star, Lincoln Cobb, and celebrate his sensational track victories. Cobb brought Pettisville its first state championship in 1989.

He now goes down in school history as the athlete or one-man team who captured the first team state championship in 1991. Fans took Cobb on a fire truck ride through town and then pulled him into the school seated in a little red wagon. Stephen Switzer, superintendent, and other well wishers celebrated his achievements.

Archbold elementary students who walked for health and profit collected $17,500 in donations for their school.

The Elementary Health Walk might appear less fun than past Elementary Fun Nights, but it definitely was more profitable.

The Archbold Middle School music room will get new acoustic panels as a result of action taken by the Archbold Area School District.

The panels are necessary, said David Lersch, superintendent, because the music room is a “bouncy, noisy room.”

Phil Hoverman, band director, has taught music for many years in the room and has suffered considerable hearing loss.

Kenneth R. Cline has been chosen district superintendent of Archbold schools, according to the school board.

The strong family orientation in particular and the reputation of Archbold are the factors that attracted Kenneth. “I go by Ken,” he said.

Deaths–Mabel J. Wyse, 94, Archbold; Catharine Winzeler, 78, Archbold; Earl J. Schmucker, 82, Wauseon; Julia Etta Hall, 88, Wauseon; Harold “Jake” Grime, 62, Camden, Mich.

Degrees–Dianne Zaerr, Master of Divinity, Goshen Biblical Seminary; Jauquelyn Jean Grime, Pettisville, daughter of Jerry and Sandy, magna cum laude, Northwood Institute, Cedar Hill, Texas; Jamie Blose, daughter of Jim Blose and Marty Kopke, doctorate of pharmacy, University of Arizona.

Louie Mignin and Decon Pinkelman are Archbold delegates to Buckeye Boys State, June 15-22, at Bowling Green State University.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–Samuel K. Skinner, secretary of transportation, said the United States has 77,000 deficient bridges…. Archbold residents have been paying a local income tax for 34 years. Many streets and improvements have been paid for in a painless way.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, June 15, 1966

The Fulton County Board of Education, meeting in regular session, Wednesday evening, June 8, proposed a new school district to be made up of the present Pike District, all of Delta District, and the portion of the York District east of Co. Rd. 11.

John D. Herbert, state treasurer, launched a statewide appeal for Ohioans to observe the Fourth of July weekend by tolling bells to herald the signing of the Declaration of Independence and to remind motorists to drive safely over the holiday weekend.

Mrs. Elmer Miller and her daughter Pat were working in the office of Miller Trucking at 509 East Jackson Street, when the storm struck Thursday afternoon.

They stepped outdoors, watching the clouds and storm and noticed a wind funnel form and dip near the Victor Eash home, one block south at 304 North Street.

Misses Phyllis Grisier and Mary Ann Hahn will be delegates to Buckeye Girls State at Capital University, June 18-26.

All Ohio rivers and creeks emptying in Lake Erie will be free of pollution within four years, according to James A. Rhodes, Ohio governor.

To meet the 1970 target date, Rhodes advises $413 million dollars are now programmed by local governments and industries to accomplish this important improvement.

The Streakette Drill Team won first place in marching and maneuvering drills at the World Twirling Association competition at Montpelier on Saturday. The team is composed of 18 girls from Archbold High School with Mrs. Larry Grieser as director. Beverly Nofziger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Nofziger, was leader for the day.

Four AHS students are attending band camp at Bowling Green State University for two weeks: Rex Stanforth, Michael D. Short, Sandra Weyandt, and Nancy Rueger.

PFC Joseph Charles Grime, son of Mr. and Mrs. Willard J. Grime, graduated from the personnel administration course at the Marine Corps base in Camp Pendleton, Calif.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, June 11, 1941

Harold, 25, eldest son of Mr. Wm. King, Wauseon, and Kenneth, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Yoder, Archbold, were instantly killed in an automobile accident, near the Center School, three miles east of Pettisville, at the intersection of the Archbold-Whitehouse Road about 1:30 am, Sunday. They were struck on the side by an auto driven by Frank Wilder, 32, Delta.

The Ohio speed limit has been increased from 45 to 50 miles an hour. Among the many bills signed by the Ohio governor is no person under 16 may receive a driver license, and state highway patrolmen may receive $100 in monthly retirement at 55 after 20 years of service.

A special Diamond Jubilee souvenir coin has been ordered by the Homecoming committee to commemorate the Aug. 13-14 celebration.

Five Ohio State University students from Archbold will return home this week for vacation: Virginia A. Buehrer, Clifford V. Heer, E. Pat Hollingshead, Myrl E. Miller, and Robert L. Rupp.

The Fulton County Coon Hunters Association will have a coon dog field trial at Harrison Lake all day Sunday, June 15.–adv.

A number of chickens were killed on US20 near the Roundup when a Winegardner poultry truck, of Bryan, was sideswiped. The accident occurred near the gypsy encampment, and the gypsies enjoyed a chicken dinner.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, June 13, 1916

Pat Ratazaak, 28, and Fred Bailey, 18, of Stryker, were coming east on the New York Central. Some say their speeder was making record time when the cart jumped the track.

Both men were thrown an unbelievable distance. Ratazaak was badly bruised around the head and face, and it took the surgeons some time to patch him up.

Bailey was not injured as severely, but he does not care to repeat the experience.

Robert Galloway was fined $5 and costs in justice Root’s court at Ridgeville Corners, Monday morning. His wife charged him with throwing her out of their living wagon. He blamed John Barleycorn.

Bishop George Ladd of the Amish-Mennonite Church, who was a prominent speaker at the conference of the Central Church here last year, was killed when a cyclone blew a train off the track near Waterloo, Iowa. Twelve others lost their lives at the same time.

Solly Schrock was to open his thirst parlor at Elmira at three o’clock Saturday, and about a dozen thirsty ones waited, but when Solly came he did not have the papers and there was disappointment. He said the courthouse was locked.

Anyone coming to Archbold to stagger around the streets had better bring $10, as the corporation needs the money.

Mr. and Mrs. Layman Kunkle were seriously injured at the high bridge west of Bryan, Sunday. They were crossing the bridge in a closed buggy when the horse scared at a passing train, throwing the farmer and his wife out.

She was hurt severely. They found her in a pool of blood. Mr. Kunkle was seriously bruised but no blood was in sight in his case. They live north of Bryan.

All foreign circus performers are now working in America. They would rather risk their lives in the circus ring for $500 a week than in the army for $6 a month with beans and overalls.

Friday, June 16, 1916

The skull and tusks of a sea lion were found 15 feet down in a sand pit at Sandusky. Scientists say such animals once inhabited this region.

O.E. Waldvogel, formerly of Archbold, is the hero of the hour in Toledo. He was at his post as manager of the Continental Savings Bank on Milburn Ave., when a lone robber approached, and, holding an automatic revolver at his head, commanded Waldvogel to hold up his hands.

The robber then commanded him and his assistant Sieple to proceed to the vault, where $10,000 dollars were kept. They did as they were told, but in rounding a corner Otto saw his chance and hit the robber a stunning blow to the jaw.

In the scuffle, the gun was discharged and just missed Otto’s head. Otto held his man and Sieple called the police. Two officers took charge of the prisoner.

He gave his name as George Sheldon, of Colorado Springs, Colo., and said he had been in Toledo only a few days. He claims to have done the job alone. The prisoner is badly bruised on the face and throat while Otto has an injured thumb.

Otto thinks the robber entered the private side door, as he did not see the bandit until ordered to throw up his hands.

The stockholders of the bank are highly pleased with the services of their young Archbold manager.

Harold Stotzer will compete in Toledo’s second annual track and field meet tomorrow. Some of the best athletes in the United States will compete. Harold will enter the 100- and 220-yard dashes.

This will be the last time Stotzer will represent Archbold High School in athletics.

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