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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

The Archbold Area School Board $2.4-million, 9.87-mill tax levy went down to defeat by a narrow margin in the Tuesday election.

Soon after reading a proclamation declaring May Motorcycle Awareness Month, village council found itself in discussion over loud motorcycle exhaust systems. Kevin Morton, councilman, said several motorcycles in the village “are a little too loud to be on public streets.”

At least three councilmen– Ed Leininger, Larry Baus, Kenny Cowell– and Dennis Howell, administrator, ride motorcycles and said they changed the exhaust systems on their bikes.

A home owned by John and Joanne Wilson was sold at public auction, Saturday, April 29, to Patrick Wyse for $107,500. It was the residence of the late Val Beck and his wife, Louise.

The municipal income tax was up $65,000 in April. Unemployment in Fulton County fell by 1.3 percentage points in March from the preceding month, statistics show.

Deaths–Mildred D. “Millie” Schliesser, 84, Defiance; Florence K. Roth, 75, Archbold; Crystal Maria Hoops, 20, Archbold; Adelina “Linda” G. Calvin, 73, Stryker

Headstones at the Goll Cemetery were vandalized, according to the Fulton County Sheriff Department. A report filed Wednesday, April 19, states a total of five headstones were toppled.

65th Wedding Anniversary– Alvin and Evelyn (Neuhauser) Rosebrock, March 30, 1941; 50th Wedding Anniversary– Larry and Donna (Ruffer) Miller, May 5, 1956; 40th Wedding Anniversary– Dexter and Janis (Fredrick) Benecke, May 7, 1966

Bruce Ough, bishop of the West Ohio annual Methodist Conference, recently appointed David David the senior pastor of the Archbold United Methodist Church. He officially began duties April 1.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, May 1, 1991

In a surprise move, the Pettisville Board of Education ratified teacher contracts during a special session Friday noon.

George Bush, US president, appears in a photograph addressing worshippers during the Sunday dedication service for the new chapel at Camp David. Bush stands behind the pulpit made and installed by Sauder Manufacturing, Archbold.

The company was commissioned to build 14 pews, 15 chairs, a lectern, table, and pulpit for the chapel.

Kandy Hawkins, Archbold, and Ike Frank, Stryker, owners of a new restaurant, Just Friends, are hosting a grand opening this weekend.

Cathy (Clair) Konkler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Clair, Jr., was a feature speaker at the state conference of the American Physical Therapy Association, In Columbus, April 10-13.

She also authored a textbook chapter entitled “Principles of Exercise for the Obstetric Patient.”

Robert J. Durbin will receive an honorary doctorate of technical letters from Northwest Technical College on May 19. For 16 years, Durbin served as superintendent of the Four County Joint Vocational School.

State qualifiers in the History Day competition are Daniel Stuckey, Becky Lloyd, Angela Schumacher, Julie Dieringer, Kim Waidelich.

Deaths–Harold W. Lauber, 91, Wauseon; Orval A. Kauffman, 79, Wauseon; Clyde Williams, 73, Archbold; Arminda Lehman, 85, Archbold; Raymond Meyer, 75, Archbold; Olen L. Eicher, 81. Sarasota, Fla.; Beulah M. Nofziger, 81, Archbold

In the Diller Invitational, Saturday, the Pettisville Blackbirds scored 38 points.

Lincoln Cobb set a new meet record in the long jump (21-7) and added firsts in the 100 meters (11.5 seconds) and 200 meters (23.2).

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, April 27, 1966

Wilbur Miller, physical education instructor at the Archbold-German Local School, was one of three Fulton County teachers to receive an award for 35 years of service in the public schools.

David Ruger and Gary Lauber, AHS seniors, and Andrew Holian, a junior, submitted science exhibits at the Ohio Academy of Science State Science Day at the Lausche Building on the State Fairgrounds, Saturday, April 17.

Col. Charles J. Dominique writes his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dominique, that he is now in Saigon, having arrived April 11.

Col. Dominique said his flight took 20 hours, and reported it was “beastly hot and humid, but it won’t take but a few days to get accustomed to it.”

Mr. Ivan (Sparks) Wyse, wife Martha, sons Rex and Bruce, and twins Jan and Jill took a motor boat ride up Brush Creek from the bridge at the Sam Wyse homestead where they live to as far as Eckley Switch, Sunday afternoon. They had good going, crashed several stream dams and sheered two propeller pins.

They returned and boarded to the Archbold reservoirs, docking at the pump house. They saw ducks, snakes and explored an abandoned farm. They are planning another local stream exploration.

Three teenage youths– one boy and two girls, all from Stryker– drowned in a one-car accident Sunday afternoon. A fourth youth escaped. Drowned were Ronald Lee Easler, 18, Sharlotte Carroll, 18, and Lile Schneider, 15. The sole survivor was Russell Godfrey, 17.

It happened about 3:30 pm, Sunday, when the car turned over and plunged into about six feet of water in Leatherwood Creek.

The accident occurred about three-eighths of a mile east of Ohio Rt. 191, the Stryker-West Unity Road.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, May 14, 1941

John H. Casey, a newspaper specialist and journalism professor at Oklahoma University, said, “Considering the small town and the limited field in which this weekly newspaper is produced, it would be hard to find its equal in mechanical appearance, news content, and editorial excellence, anywhere on the North American continent.”

Mr. Donald Parlette, music director, is rehearsing the AHS band for a special program when it will march from the schoolhouse downtown to the bandstand to perform in concert, Saturday evening.

The first graduating class of Archbold High School was Isaac Carey, Charles Diehlman, Sahra Levy, Bertha Whitehorne, Ella Winzeler. All are living.

Today, 50 years later, a class of 46 will be presented for graduation honors. There are 32 girls and 14 boys.

Seven Fulton County men have been called to military service by the draft board on Wednesday, May 28. Only one is from Archbold– Leonard Miller.

Mr. C.F. Murbach has been appointed chief of the surgical staff at Edgewood Arsenal at Edgewood, Md., on the Chesapeake Bay. He is in charge of a 250-bed hospital and assumed his duty last week.

William Lorton and Helen Oyer have the lead roles in the senior class play, “Going Places,” which will be presented Tuesday evening in the high school auditorium.

The latest new business venture opened in Archbold is the new Western Auto Supply store, established in the Bernath building on North Defiance Street. The enterprise is offered by Mr. Orville D. Stuckey, son of Peter J.

The Red Bird is a new streamliner train on the Wabash Railroad. It runs from Detroit to Chicago daily. It makes the run in 3 hours, 45 minutes.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, May 2, 1916

Street commissioner Henry Nofzinger has been busy scraping the streets, so he has not had time to give his other duties proper attention.

However, a lot of trash was hauled away on cleanup days. There still is much debris that should go to the dump.

Some of the things that make town real estate cheap are hogs, chickens that roam, dogs that bark all night, children that have no training as to the rights of others, dirty back and front yards, unpainted buildings and lazy people and peddlers that run in without being invited.

R.A. Harkness, formerly a Wauseon dry goods clerk, died in California and left an estate of one hundred million dollars. Mostly Standard Oil holdings.

Professor Tubbs, who gives the pupils of the Archbold schools instructions in vocal music, was a speaker at the convention of the Ohio Music Teachers Association held at Springfield, Monday, last.

His subject was the system of Credits in the Public Schools for Music Done Inside and Outside the Public Schools.

Archbold parents are pleased with the progress in music that has been by pupils of the village schools. The influence of musical training is advancing and refining the tastes and manners of the children is considered of great importance.

They are digging up the ancient cities of Asia Minor and are finding that some of them had systems of writing, and practiced many of the arts more than 6,000 years ago. The more men learn, the older they credit the earth.

Friday, May 5, 1916

Oliver Schmucker, son of Amos of Albany, Oregon, was seriously injured when an auto hit him and his motorcycle. A girl was learning to drive the auto. They paid Schmucker for his machine and medical bills.

Men are striking for more pay in numerous cities throughout the United States. Strange to say, the strikers are by those who are already getting big wages.

East Franklin School closed Friday. Pupils with perfect attendance throughout the year were Opel Leu, Mary Bernath, Bertha Bernath, and Cletus Wanner.

Street commissioner Henry Nofzinger ought to put in a week of more scraping and do the side streets. He should hurry up and clean the catch basins. In the meantime, he ought to put in several new catch basins. When he is not busy, there are a lot of tile that ought to be taken up and replaced.

After resting, he should clean the sewers and trim tree roots that are clogging draining. After eating, he should tend mason and help with the town hall improvements. When he gets a little time, the boiler and heating plant in the town hall needs attention.

In the meantime, he should be standing with his uniform neatly pressed, so his manly form can be seen to prevent motorists from killing each other while cutting the Stryker Street corner. Also, several crosswalks and intersections need repair, and he should not neglect janitor work at the town hall.

There are many things to be done by one village employee, and council has no money to hire extra help.

How much money do locals have hidden in their pockets, in cupboards, under carpets? Such money is kept out of circulation.

If all the money were in local banks, it would mean easier money and better times and the banks more useful.

The money in your pocket or hidden away earns nothing for you or your neighbors. Put it in the bank so when you are pinched for money, the banks can help you.

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