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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Two llamas visited Archbold Community Library Monday, April 24, for a program entitled “Is Your Mama A Llama.” Visitors were treated to seeing the South American creatures, owned by the Trubey family of rural Bryan.

Kay Wyse has been promoted to vice president of Adriel Foster Care. She will continue to provide general oversight of the West Central region at West Liberty and components of foster care of the Northwest region, based in Archbold.

Archbold High School will host a debate between Steve Buehrer and James Hoops, candidates in the Republican primary for state senator, tomorrow morning at 9 am in the high school auditorium.

Firemen dealt with a gasoline spill at the Sterling Milk store, Monday, April 24, at about 11:45 a.m.

40th Wedding Anniversary– Merrill and Rosemary (Lauber) Short, April 23, 1966

Dani Newman pitched a no-hitter against Fairview in a 10-0 Blue Streak victory, according to a photograph.

St. John Lutheran Church, at the corner of St. Rts. 6 and 66, held a groundbreaking ceremony, Sunday, April 23, to signal the construction of a new church to be built next to the St. John Family Center, constructed in 1997. Kent Stamm breaks ground while Karen, Andrew and Norm Beck sing along with the congregation, according to a photograph taken by Pam Kruse.

A photo shows Larry Baus, a councilman, turning over a shovel of ground in a groundbreaking ceremony to construct a $5.3 million-plus wastewater treatment plant. Spring rain stopped concrete groundwork on the wastewater plant.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, April 24, 1991

There is no formal agreement, but it appears Pettisville teachers will not get an increase in base pay next year, according to Stephen Switzer, superintendent.

A weeklong birthday party is planned for the 125th anniversary of Archbold.

Chuck Rychener, who co-chairs the event with councilman Vaughn Bentz, said the committee is working with the Ministerial Association to begin the week of activities with a community religious service, Sunday evening, July 14.

Beginning Monday, July 15, is a softball tournament for teams of all ages, male and female.

Rychener said Saturday will be a busy day with a large parade, baseball card swap and the possibility of a sports personality, continuation of the sidewalk sales and food stands.

Fairlawn supporters braved the cold and wet Friday to set a new record at the 26th annual Fairlawn Haven Auxiliary Benefit and Auction. The two-day event grossed $30,000. This includes the $10,500 raised through the quilt auction alone.

Opinions among village government leaders are still split on the Stryker Street location for the northside fire station.

Chuck Rychener, mayor, said he had no feedback from the community other than Tim Rupp, a downtown merchant, who called him some time ago to ask that the area be left for future retail development.

German Township Trustees did not express a personal preference one way or another, but did say they would support the decision of the fire department on the location of a second fire station on Stryker Street.

About 170 people from 31 communities will arrive in town today as Archbold hosts the annual Tree City USA awards program. Archbold will receive its eighth Tree City award.

There appears to be little hope for saving the Maumee- Montpelier railroad track. Norfolk & Southern officials said they will fill out papers with the interstate commerce commission to abandon the line this week.

Tuition and enrollment at Northwest Technical College have increased. James O. Miller, NTC president, said the nursing program is growing like gangbusters.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, April 20, 1966

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nofziger, West Unity, began a two-year term of service under the Mennonite Board of Missions. They have been assigned to serve at Sangralea Valley Boys Village, Walton, Ind., as child care workers.

Norma, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wyse, won the Archbold Elementary Spell Down, April 11, for the second year.

A variety show sponsored by Archbold Lions Club is being held Friday night, April 22, in the high school gymnasium.

The family entertainment is being planned as a fundraising project for the McLaughlin Memorial Library, for new lighting fixtures to replace the original lights.

Joseph C. Grime, a Marine private and son of Mr. and Mrs. Willard J. Grime, has completed combat training. Leathernecks bound for the Pacific will receive more training when they report to Camp Pendleton, Calif. The training will emphasize jungle warfare, patrolling, and civic action based on experience gained in Vietnam.

Helen’s Dry Goods, under the ownership and management of Helen Shibler, observes its 30th anniversary, according to an advertisement.

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Zaerr have purchased Ken’s Home Restaurant, effective May 2. Kenneth Nofziger has operated the restaurant for years.

Over $3,500 was grossed at the first auxiliary benefit auction for Fairlawn Haven, which was held at Yoder & Frey, Inc, Saturday afternoon.

The auxiliary was encouraged by its success and hopes to make it an annual event.

It was brought to the attention of German Township Trustees that farmers should employ good farming practices and motorists should refrain from littering public property along roadsides.

Keeping ditches clean and free of trash, garbage, wire, boxes, bottles, and rubbish is important from a health standpoint, in addition to facilitating the maintenance of roads and mowing of ditches.

According to Edwin R. Wyrick, county engineer, violators are subject to fines from $5 to $500.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, May 7, 1941

Barbara Mignin and Charles Winzeler won first and third places, respectively, with scores of 60 and 55 words per minute in typing in the commercial division of the district state meet.

Franklin A. Fish, 37, died in DeEtte Memorial Hospital. Wauseon, Wednesday afternoon, from injuries suffered in an automobile accident early that morning. Traveling alone, Mr. Fish came into town on South Defiance Street and approached the New York Central crossing, where his car struck the concrete abutment head-on, which the flasher signal is mounted on. From the force, the car turned over on its side.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Seifert received word from their grandson, William Gigax, at Fort Knox, Ky., that he has been promoted to staff sergeant.

In the north window of the Stotzer Hardware building is a boat built by Garold Spoerle. Mr. Spoerle, an expert in woodworking, built the 13 feet, 6 inch long, 60-inch wide craft in four months.

Mr. H.C. Lauber found one cluster of 11 mushrooms that is now displayed in the Archbold Buckeye north window. He reports finding two gallons of the rare spring delicacy.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, April 25, 1916

American soldiers hunting Villa in Mexico may be withdrawn. Finding Villa in the mountains of Mexico is a big job.

The Caranza bunch also want to have US soldiers withdrawn.

The American public has twice refused to become excited about Mexico. The Americans do not seem to care what happens to Villa, or to Mexico.

Council made preparations for the big Fourth of July Celebration, provided the new jail be completed by July 3.

President Wilson has sent a final note to Germany on the destroying of the vessels of neutral nations.

The note means that if Germany violates international laws and submarines neutral vessels, all friendly relations between Germany and the United States will be at an end. It is believed that Germany will listen to reason.

We have the original record of the Archbold village beginning Dec. 23, 1865, when the petition for incorporation was submitted to the commissioners of Fulton County.

The petition prayed that the square mile be incorporated into a village to be known as Archbold. To the petition there were the 50 signers required by law. It also is evident the 50 signers were the sum total of the voting population of the village, as at the first election the total number of votes cast were only 50.

Strange to say that of the 50 voters who signed the original petition to incorporate only three are known to be alive. Two of them live in Archbold and one in Swanton.

The first ordinance passed by the first council was one to compel property owners to build sidewalks of burr oak plank no less than 1 1/2 inches thick and not less than 1 foot wide, white or burr oak stringers not less than 4×5 inches. Such a sidewalk today would cost more than concrete.

The second ordinance was for wood sewers. Fifty years have passed, and we are not much better off for drainage than in the old days, although the frogs do not sing in the pools along the main street.

Friday, April 28, 1916

A wet-dry election was held Tuesday in Swancreek Township. The result was a majority of 66 dry votes. This will discourage Solomon Schrock’s saloon, which he intended to have at Brailey.

George Reith holds the fishing record of this season. Hecaughta43/4-pound pickerel in Bean Creek last Friday morning. Fishing in the creek has been quite good. Several fine catches have been reported.

According to official records, Archbold was incorporated June 8, 1866.

Archbold will be 50 years old. It is the custom of towns to celebrate their golden jubilee.

If Archbold were to celebrate its 50 years of progress, it surely will have something to show for its existence.

From a swamp to the “Biggest Little Town” is a big step, yet it has been done.

Archbold, once despised in the county as the drunken dumb Dutch mudhole with 13 saloons and a brewery, has arisen from the mud to a little village that has everything good the city possesses with little of the bad.

If all the boys and girls who have lived and gone to school in Archbold were to return to the village just for one day, it would make the biggest crowd ever seen here at one time.

How many citizens want to celebrate Archbold’s Golden Jubilee?

How should you want to celebrate– street fair, carnival, home talent at the Town & Township Hall with speeches and childrens pieces, big picnic, or shall we hire a lot of free acts, place a dozen or more cages of wild animals around the street, decorate with arches and flags, have airship races and fireworks with brass bands and platforms with pretty girls to sing and dance?

Shall we have aerial acts, record stunts, daredevil acts, cowboys and Indians, Chinese troupes, Japanese performers, natives of strange lands, freaks and privileges?

Archbold can get anything wanted under one condition– money.

Or shall we celebrate Archbold’s Golden Jubilee by staying home and being of some use to someone?

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