Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, June 10, 1998

Dale Nafziger, chairman of the FCHC board, said the health center may scrap plans for an addition to the building and build a separate, standalone building. Nafziger said FCHC has over $55,000 in architect and attorney fees and might need to start over from scratch.

Michael Sullivan, who retired as Archbold Elementary principal four years ago, will become Pettisville’s first certified elementary principal next fall. Pettisville school board also hired three new teachers: Mindi Wilt, Jadea Wixom, Lynn Hoffmire.

Graduating honor scholars at Pettisville are Chad Aeschliman, Drew Bennett, Greg Burkholder, Andrea Christenson, Jodi Crossgrove, Andrea Genter, Mindy Holsopple, Jason Horning, Amanda Jemmott, Travis Leatherman, Rachel Nafziger, Rebekah Schrock, Ed Short, Nathan Wonsetler, Jenny Wyse.

Council transferred close to half a million dollars from the income tax fund to the capital projects fund at its Monday night meeting.

Wayne Newman was the leading pledge collector in the Fulton County Humane Society 10th annual walk for animals, May 9.

The Helen Huffman estate sold a two-story, three-bedroom home at 322 Stryker Street at public auction June 4 to Lonnie Grime for $83,500.

Tricia L. Funk, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Beck, was honored at Quinnipiac College, Hamden, Conn., for academic achievement in the School of Health and Science.

Anjelita “Angie” Avers was elected to the church-wide assembly of the Northwestern Ohio Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Headline- Archbold Library Breaks Circulation Record In March.

Deaths- John J. Bok, 81, Defiance; Chloe B. Lane, 89, Wauseon; Dorothy Zedaker, 90, Stryker

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, June 15, 1983

Local boys are ready for Boys State: Craig Vonier and Clark Skinner.

Park trustees approved preliminary plans for refurbishing the Archbold swimming pool at its June 8 meeting. Keith Short, trustee, recommended both parks be sprayed for weeds annually rather than every other year as has been the policy. Short also mentioned the need for a large pump at Memorial Park to help remove standing water after thunderstorms. Trustees approved the purchase.

Tom Krill was hired by the Pettisville Board of Education to fill the position of vocational agriculture teacher.

Cheri Short was hired by the school board as editor and coordinator of the annual report, which will be published yearly in calendar form.

Thomas Porter, Toledo, former Archbold resident, and his grandson Jeff visited here Monday. Porter worked 26 years at the New York Boat Oar, 209 E. Mechanic Street.

William Frederick Dunn, Jr., graduated Saturday magna cum laude in business administration from Michigan State University.

Archbold Community Band’s summer season is in full swing, directed by Philip Hoverman.

Tom Nafziger thinks of himself as an interdenominational minister working toward the total unity of the church.

Milton Ballor, 54, priest of the Society of the Precious Blood, has been named pastor of St. Peter Parish, Archbold, and St. John Parish, Stryker.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor – Milady who gives self pedicure gets extra dividend: also reduces waistline, according to Confucius…. Maybe what we need in this country is a 36- hour work week. It would mean less money for people who now have jobs, but it would give new jobs and money to those now out of work…. It is a lot easier to get bored when you live longer, and boredom is the cause of so much mischief. We are living with a Bible written when life expectancy was 27 years, says Estelle Ramey, psychology professor at Georgetown University Medical School.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, June 11, 1958

Four students from here will graduate from Goshen College: Delmar L. Miller, Corine Short, Rosemary Wyse, Berdene Wyse.

William J. Stanforth was elected vice president of the Maumee Valley Academy of Pharmacy.

Louis Stork is in Mercy Hospital after he was injured in a car wreck in Jackson, Mich., Saturday evening.

Summer school welcomed 120 students for a six-week period.

Archbold schools served 89,658 meals in the cafeteria last school year. They served meals 174 days. Average number of meals was about 490 daily.

Marcus S. Buehrer will be ordained to the ministry June 15 at the St. John’s Evangelical & Reformed Church.

Little Eden Camp, at Onekama, Mich., begins its 14th year. Always known as a youth camp, it is becoming more popular for family vacations.

Council talked of placing parking meters in the business district to alleviate parking problems.

Gene Rupp graduated from Taylor University June 7.

Rick Schultz, 14, caught 12 carp and catfish at the reservoir supply creek Tuesday morning in about two hours. His pal Rodney Roth, 11, helped land them.

DeRoyce Hornish will graduate from BGSU June 8.

Saturday is Flag Day, also the birthday of Werner Schrag.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, June 14, 1933

Alice Buehrer was among 1,500 graduates of Ohio State University Monday afternoon. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Education.

Because of heavy demand, Archbold Ladder Co. has added a night shift to fill orders of lawn furniture and ironing boards. The company employs 30.

The Archbold Buckeye earned third place in newspaper production in a national competition. It was judged on general appearance, typography, arrangement of advertisements, and news quality.

Harley J. Lytle, Toledo, has purchased the Archbold Bakery.

Because of a shortage of money, Wauseon council reduced the wages of village officials.

Following a four-month holiday without banking facilities, Bryan should have a bank by July 1.

A garage burned to the ground on the John Gigax farm, near Burlington, Monday afternoon.

Ralph, 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Graber, was kicked in the face by a horse Friday morning.

Virginia Buehrer has a pony. All the youngsters in the neighborhood make headquarters in the alley behind her house on Vine Street and take turns in the saddle.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, June 9, 1908

The greatest financier in America is the man who can manage and raise a family on $1.50 a day.

There are 24 saloons in Fulton County: Wauseon 5; Archbold 4; Metamora 4; Swanton 3; Lyons 2; Delta 2; Fayette 2; Pettisville 1; Elmira 1.

On Monday, 136,700 pounds of milk was received at the Van Camp Condensory in Wauseon.

While at the well in Fayette during an electrical storm, lightning tore off the shoe of William Garling and mashed the large and second toes of his foot. A physician removed them.

As June 14 falls on Sunday this year, Charles G. Burton, commander in chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, has directed that Saturday, June 13, be celebrated as Flag Day.

Sunday, during the hottest of the day, a can of pine tar swelled and burst on the shelf at the Red Cross Drug Store.

Friday, June 12, 1908

The dust flies in Evansport since there are four automobile owners in town.

All along the shores of Lake Erie men are building ponds and raising carp in clear water. They are fed grain like what pigs get. They are shipping the carp east where the demand is constantly growing. The fish are eaten by the poor in cities.

It seems strange how some old men will complain and kick about the cost of improvements when they will be dead and forgotten before the payments are due.

Wauseon canning factory will be operated this season by the receiver.

Mrs. J.C. Leu will give an ice cream and strawberry fete at her home one-half mile east of Elmira on Saturday evening.- adv.

William Ruffer resigned his position as street commissioner, which was accepted by council Monday night. He says the job doesn’t pay well enough.

Jacob Ehrat is disgusted in building his new house on North Defiance Street. He says if it should burn down his family would have to live in a tent as he refuses to go through the trouble again.

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