Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Archbold High School girls modeled prom fashions at Prom Retake, a fashion show and fundraiser organized by Kayla Martinez, a senior, as part of her senior experience project. Striking a pose in a photo are Megan Hesterman, Renee Hurst, Courtney Wyse, Lydia Kasmoch, Erin Buehrer, Sarah Stuckey, and Taylor Gerken. The event raised more than $400 for charity.

Organizing a fashion show was fun for Kayla Martinez, “but parts of it were stressful.”

Denny Shannon and Cheryl Bostelman, Ridgeville Corners, have volunteered to be the co-chairmen of the Archbold Area School District levy campaign committee.

The committee will support the $2.4 million, five-year emergency property tax levy the board voted to place on the May 2 primary ballot.

“Anything we can do to help support our kids and our schools is a good thing,” said Bostelman. “I think it’s important to have strong schools in our community,” said Shannon.

An accreditation review team cited the Northwest State Community College governance system as one of three areas in need of review and improvement. Northwest State has been preparing for review by the Commission on Institutions of High Learning for several months. The Commission issued NSCC a five-year accreditation, which includes a return visit in 2008 to look at three areas identified needing improvement.

Archbold police have added the Taser to their defense arsenal. It’s a weapon that momentarily incapacitates violent subjects with a burst of electrical energy.

Officers proved the Taser’s effectiveness by testing it on Joe Wyse and Jamie Rodriguez, APD patrolmen. Within a few minutes, each was walking and talking without difficulty.

Nafziger Family Chiropractic, owned by Randy and Carrie Nafziger, opens Wednesday, March 8, on Stryker Street.

Deaths–Virginia E. Batdorf, 84, Indianapolis, Ind.; Mildred I. Schnitkey, 80, Archbold; Elizabeth J. “Betty” Couch, 93, Archbold; Claude F. “Buddy” Robinson, 71, Fayette; Pamela J. Jolly, 47, Wauseon; Mary B. Barnum 70, Stryker

40th Anniversary–Roger and Kay (Munroe) Merillat, March 5, 1966

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Feb. 27, 1991

Among the 14 persons honored at the 61st annual meeting of the Fulton County Health Center, six were from Archbold. It was held at Founder’s Hall, Sauder Village, and the guests heard a good financial report.

Four of the six persons who received service pins for volunteer work were Lucille Buehrer, Frances Gericke, Valeria Hornish, and Kenneth Schang.

In an unusual, if not unprecedented, move, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio approved the Toledo Edison request for a rate cut on the second day after the request was filed.

Virgil Miller, school board president, said the group met in executive session for about an hour Monday night.

The board did not take action in the process of finding a replacement for David Lersch, superintendent, who announced his resignation at the Feb. 11 board meeting.

Robert Aschliman was elected to the Mennonite Mutual Insurance Company Board of Directors at its annual meeting in Orrville.

Don Fluckinger has been appointed associate editor of Southeast Ohio magazine, formerly Athens magazine.

In spite of legal action still pending in the court of appeals, the Fulton County commissioners plan to advertise for bids for the removal of logjams in the Tiffin River in Fulton County.

Deaths–Nelson E. Spiess, 74, Archbold; Rosa Zimmerman,

92, Archbold; George J. Hoffman, 73, Archbold

25th Anniversary–Mr. and Mrs. Roger Merillat, March 5, 1966

Dean’s List–Jennifer Grime, Thinh Van Nguyen, Kim Nguyen, Andy Wilson, Ohio State University; Kimberly Wyse, Ball State; Chad Baus, Archbold, Michelle Poorman and Trinda Stutzman, of Ridgeville Corners, perfect 4.0.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–Andrew Revkin, a journalism teacher writing for the New York Times, says, “There are 500 million automobiles on earth.” He asks a very important question. “Who would need government incentives to conserve oil with crude going for $125 a barrel?”…. Lake Erie covers an area of 9,900 square miles. Nearly 11 million people live near the lake. It has an average depth of 62 feet, and is the shallowest of all the Great Lakes.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Feb. 23, 1966

Dates for the Archbold Area Centennial to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the village are July 31, Aug. 1-2-3-4-5-6. A weeklong program is being planned, starting with religious services on Sunday, July 31, with many special events the balance of the week.

Frank Ulrich is national chairman of the 1966 Alumni Annual Fund for Goshen College. The goal is $100,000. More than 750 alumni volunteer workers also will take part.

Ann Stamm, a ninth grade student at AHS and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stamm, is one of five top math students among the 460 who took the Maumee Valley Math Exam at Defiance College, Feb. 5.

Clifford C. Cox, 214 Christine Drive, has been appointed chief of Community Action and Rural Opportunity, with offices at 50 West Broad St, Columbus. He has 22 executive directors under his office throughout the state.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Schrock presented McLaughlin Memorial Library a copy of the Voice of America by National Poetry Press in memory of their son, Eugene E. Schrock. He wrote a poem while a senior at AHS in 1962 entitled “My Car,” which appears in the book.

Arthur M. Climenhaga, executive director of the National Association of Evangelicals, will present a four-day series of Bible lectures at the Evangelical Mennonite Church, Feb. 24-27.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–This is the season for lush, plush hotels on Miami Beach. Some of them charge as much as $205 a day. The average person couldn’t stay but a few minutes…. The tip you leave when dining out, 15 percent of the total bill, would have bought a wonderful dinner in the good old days…. Paul Revere of Revolutionary War fame had 16 children.

25th Anniversary–Mr. and Mrs. Walter Maust, Feb. 27, 1941.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Mar. 12, 1941

Firemen were called to the Vernier Allen Pool Room, on the east side of North Defiance Street, where the room was filled with smoke and flames were shooting around the oil burning stove.

A.C. Fagley, fire chief, just returned the engine to the station when firemen were called to the Glen Nofziger farm northwest of town, where oil from a brooder stove caught the straw on fire. By the time firemen arrived, Mr. Nofziger extinguished the flames with buckets of water.

Because Fulton County commissioners believe the annual county fair is doing important education work for the schools and 4-H clubs, they have agreed to appropriate $3,000 to pay outstanding bills against the Fulton County Agricultural Society.

Many people in Archbold and German Township have found it necessary to make out income tax forms and report income to Uncle Sam this year who have never before come under the minimum income classification. Saturday is the last day to pay income taxes.

Wauseon has received a WPA grant of $42,056 to construct a swimming pool in Reighard Park and construct shelter houses, ovens, bathhouse, and many other improvements.

Two Stryker boys, William and Robert Caulkins, had a once-in-a-lifetime fishing event in the Tiffin River, Sunday. They caught an 18 1/2-pound carp. They had plenty of action and after the struggle their school clothes were soaked and plastered with mud.

W.O. Taylor, publisher of the Archbold Buckeye, will speak to the freshman journalism class of 75 students at Kent State University, Thursday afternoon.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Feb. 29, 1916

A petition has been filed with the Fulton County commissioners for a road north of Fayette to the state line. There also is a petition for a stone road on the county line. Completion of this will give the people of Hudson, Mich., and Fayette a stone road all the way to Toledo.

A.P. Sandals preached a dozen sermons in a few words at the Town & Township Hall Thursday evening.

As is usually the case, many of those who should have heard him were absent. Those who attended were well paid for the time expended.

While driving west on Stryker Street Saturday, Chris. S. Short’s team ran away with the empty log rack, wrecking the wagon near the T&I tracks. Mr. Short was badly bruised, but not seriously.

The families of P.C. Burkholder and Ben Buehrer, in Archbold, have been restricted until the health department can decide about a rash of which the children are afflicted.

The German Army is making a tremendous effort to reach Paris. Germans are bringing up mighty guns to pound the French lines and forts. After six days of fighting, the Germans succeeded in advancing six of the 130 miles toward Paris, and in capturing one of the 34 outer forts of the City of Verdun.

It is estimated that 60,000 men have been killed on both sides during the week.

William Ruffer has been wrecking the Springfield Church building. Joseph Cramer bought it to use for small buildings on his farm. It was built by Hiram Betts and others in 1872. It has passed through the hands of several sects, the most recent having been the Mission Church.

It is one of 400 abandoned country churches in Ohio.

Friday, March 3, 1916

A front-page drawing shows the new horse-drawn Studebaker pavement sweeper, with an eight-foot round brush with water tank and sprinkling attachment that will be tried on Archbold streets. It will take three hours to do the work of 20 men with brooms and shovels.

A man and team of horses can be had for 50¢ an hour. It is believed the machine will relieve the village of the shame of filthy pavements.

Fayette advertises as one of its attractions, the best moving picture theatre in Northwestern Ohio.

Archbold schools have been closed since Tuesday because of the scarlet fever scare. Miss Lodema Burkholder has a rash that is believed to be a mild form. The patient is up and around the house and suffers very little.

If no other cases develop, schools will resume as soon as the nerves of the public become normal again.

Sheriff McQuillin is off to Texas to bring back Rollo Eberly, who is wanted for non-support.

Rev. E. Barker delivered a lecture at the Methodist Evangelical Church, Sunday evening on the subject of “Appreciation.”

The sentiments expressed by the clergyman were heartily endorsed by those present. Such practical lessons are what the local public needs.

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