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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, June 3, 1998

“We, the class of 1998, are dreamers,” said Betsy Case, one of the 108 students who participated in the AHS commencement, Sunday, May 31.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly, until you can learn to do it well,” Ken Cline, superintendent, told the class. “This class likes to have fun in a very acceptable way,” he said.

“They will be missed because they are persistent.”

Chuck Rychener, Archbold mayor and the keynote speaker, said, “What I want to point out is that the seeds of greatness are in this class. You already know how to be successful and happy.”

“Go out and make the hard choices. Make us more proud of you than we are already,” he said.

Phil Rich, chairman of the Mennonite Central Committee international board, traveled to a children’s hospital in Baghdad, Iraq. Rich delivered muchneeded chemotherapy medication for a 13-year-old boy with terminal cancer.

Council has recommended that village voters temporarily increase the village income tax a half percent (.5). It will be used exclusively for rebuilding streets and underground municipal services in older portions of the village.

Receipts from the village income tax are still running ahead of last year’s record pace.

Council approved a tax abatement that will save $20,183 in taxes for Young Spring & Wire.

Dean Buckenmeyer earned seven awards in the Ohio Professional Writers annual competition. He is a feature writer for the weekly newspaper, Farmland News.

County unemployment hit a new low in April.

Deaths- Thelma L. Austermiller, 76, Bryan; Roger Ide, 60, Livermore, Calif.; Reva M. Myers, 81, Fayette; Robert Shireman, 56, Napoleon

Headline- Susan Pape, Pitcher, Ends Brilliant Career.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, June 8, 1983

Suzy Rupp and Shannon Ripke, twirlers for the Pettisville High School marching band, perform for the audience at an amusement park, according to a photograph.

County commissioners plan to seek matching state funds to construct a new county jail.

New offices for the law firm of Mack, Gooding & Winzeler are ready to be occupied at the corner of West Holland and Vine Streets.

Dale Gigax found a 1901 commencement invitation among family possessions.

PESSIMIST’S LAMENT- According to Charlie Walker, Kingstree, S.C., “A pessimist defined ambition as working your tail off at a job you don’t enjoy, in a place you don’t like, trying to save money you can’t keep, in order to spend your declining years in idle boredom at a place you can’t stand.”

Kim, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Stuckey, is one of the newly elected members to the C. Henry Smith scholar studies at Bluffton College.

Sanford Nofziger and his wife found 10 bushels of mushrooms in Northern Michigan in 14 days. Sanford reports there were snowflakes in the air May 25 and the next morning water hoses were frozen in the trailer. “It was a cold and wet hunt,” he said.

Hesston (Kan.) College grads: Kay, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Bontrager; Joe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Graber; Beth Anne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Grieser; Amy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rose; Jonathon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Wyse.

Tom Miller family is training a German shepherd puppy for a guide dog.

Mutterings- It is estimated 119 million Americans will take summer travel trips…. Most immigrants came from England, 49,224,035, according to a recent survey…. More than 350 Americans, 98 between the ages 4 and 8, drowned in home swimming pools in 1982.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, June 4, 1958

Patricia Ide, Ridgeville Corners, is in Atlantic City attending the National Student Nurse Association convention.

County commissioners have approved building a new 22,000-foot water line to the fairgrounds and county home. Last year the fair board paid $1,200 to haul water during fair week.

Lowell W. Spiess will graduate from BGSU on June 8.

William Scales is here from San Salvador, Bahama Islands, visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Scales. Bill is a radar technician for RCA Service Co. and tracks guided missiles and satellites fired from Cape Canaveral, Fla. He recently worked on the islands of Mayaguana and Grand Bahama, where he performed the same duties. Bill will return to San Salvador Friday.

Gerald Young, Elmira, is recovering from a bruised left leg. He slipped and fell under the rear wheels of a farm pickup truck.

Max Smith, son of Harold and Marilyn, has completed another year of ballet, tap, acrobatic, and modern dance at a Toledo studio. Max will appear in recitals this week in Blissfield, Mich., Port Clinton, Delta, and Swanton.

Wilbur M. Wyse will present safety pictures at the Monday meeting of Commercial Club.

Junior Schantz is spending a 17-day leave from the U.S. Navy with his parents.

The Archbold swimming pool opened Sunday and by Tuesday, 400 visited the facility.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, June 7, 1933

Complying with orders from the state highway department, German Township Trustees have appointed John McNicoll as special traffic officer.

Deaths- Mrs. John Brodbeck, 61; Mrs. Jacob Frey, 64.

Farmers whose properties are about to be foreclosed may receive assistance from the court, now that the Best bill has been enacted into law by the Ohio Legislature.

While John Schlatter and sons were working in the field on their farm southeast of Archbold, the tractor caught fire. The men extinguished the flames before the Archbold Fire Dept. arrived.

Ohio is sixth in the nation for improved state roads, with close to 12,000 miles. Pennsylvania is first with 34,000 miles.

Council told Henry Nofzinger, street commissioner, to paint the parking lines on the main street of the business district.

Floyd Gautsche purchased the Eli P. Nofziger house on Stryker Street.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, June 2, 1908

At the Democratic convention in Napoleon Thursday, I.W. Gotshall was named a candidate for state senator in competition with six other candidates.

Lightning struck the bell tower Friday of the schoolhouse in District 4, Ridgeville Corners. It damaged the eaves and took off lots of slate roofing.

It is said there are men in neighboring towns who have automobiles but no credit with their butcher or grocery store.

Lucius P. Taylor, of Winameg, is 91. So far this year he has cut 30 cords of wood with a crosscut saw.

Archbold High School will offer physics as a regular course when school starts in September.

Bryan is having trouble finding men who will dig a 7,000- foot water line for $2 a day.

Archbold Telephone Company has been extending lines east to accommodate farmers who have no service.

Friday, June 5, 1908

Many Archbold and German Township citizens are vexed at Wauseon for the Barber Bank failure. It will take Wauseon a long time to recover.

Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Brown and daughter were upset from their horse and carriage at Silvernail’s Crossing, west of Stryker. The horse was frightened by a train.

Two young men racing Sunday evening on North Defiance Street ran into Joel Short. Robert Walder’s horse received a thrill thrust and fell dead into the ditch. The other mare was badly wounded. Neither young man was hurt.

A boy stood on the railroad Thursday and shot a rifle. The bullet whistled past the head of little Seymour Gigax, who was fishing in the Mill Pond. Seymour made quick tracks for home and the boy with the gun beat it up the railroad track as though the sheriff were after him.

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