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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2005

The desire of the Archbold Area School Board is to have a new superintendent selected for the district by the end of 2005.

Bob Aschliman, board president, said there are several good reasons to have a new superintendent selected early. “First, 2006 will be a very, very busy year for us,” he said.

Ada Davis and Wes Cartwright told poignant and funny stories about their trip to help survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

Cartwright said while they were in Louisiana, they ate lots of local foods– gumbo jambalaya, red beans, and rice. “That’s great” he said, “but if your body isn’t used to it, you end up a little bloated.

Davis said one day, after listening to the stories told by her patients of being separated from family, of losing everything, “It made me cry, I was so overwhelmed.”

Brian Short, son of Ron and Mary, Pettisville, is spending the fall semester in Guatemala City with the Central American Study and Service program.

A brick ranch home located on Co. Rd. 19, near Pettisville, was sold at public auction by Rupp Family Limited Partnership for $140,000 to Kurt Nofziger, Wednesday, Sept. 21.

Pettisville High School will be honored by the United States Department of Education as a Blue Ribbon School for 2005.

Mike Nofziger shot the second-best score for the Blue Streaks in the NWOAL Tournament last week.

Breanna Lange and doubles partner Leah Gautsche beat their Bryan opponents in the Streaks’ 3-2 victory last week.

“We’re passing by the Rose Bowl right now,” said Marshall Brown, director of public relations and marketing for Northwest State Community College, at about 10:30 pm, Monday, Sept. 26.

Brown is one of three NSCC staffers accompanying Betty Young, college president, on her Lessons For Leno motorcycle tour from Archbold to Los Angeles.

Deaths–Pearl M. McKibben, 97, West Unity; Nancy Riegsecker, 70, Upland, Calif.

A small amount of carpet that no longer adheres to the concrete floor at the Archbold Community Library has presented a challenge to the library board.

Pettisville School Board is looking into the future of the district’s three-hour school delay.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 26, 1990

Nolan Tuckerman, village administrator, informed the United States Census Bureau that Archbold was not counted by at least 74 persons.

Within two months, some residents of Ridgeville Corners should be using Archbold water. Progress on the waterline is completed to the intersection of State Routes 66 and 34, south of Archbold.

More than one Archbold team gave an enthusiastic performance playing in the rain Friday night. Damp weather could not stop the football players on the field or the band members in the stands.

Elmira-Burlington Water Meeting Debates High Costs–Property owners and residents of Burlington-Elmira gave the Fulton County commissioners mixed signals about the need for water in their community at a public meeting, Monday evening.

Brookview Farm, Inc., drew national attention for its entry in the American Cured Meat Championships in Nashville, Tenn., recently. A total of 479 products were judged.

A full-page American flag, in color, appears in this issue sponsored by 27 businesses. Citizens are asked to place the flag in windows.

Three photographs and information of three servicemen who are serving in the armed forces in Saudi Arabia appear in this issue: Mark E. Miller, Marines; Ben De La Cruz, Air Force; Stacy L. Vereecke, Army.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 22, 1965

Lt. Col. Charles J. Dominique, 11th Signal Corp company commander, was decorated with the Legion of Merit last Tuesday by Maj. Gen. Arthur S. Collins Jr., 4th Infantry Div., and Fort Lewis commander. It is the nation’s second-highest award for meritorious service.

A military address appears for PFC Allen I. Carter, MP Escort Guard, APO San Francisco.

Mrs. Harold Liechty and her three children, Annette, 15, Gilbert, 14, and Pauline, 13, are visiting her parents and other relatives in France for six weeks.

Fulton County is one of 26 counties in Ohio without debt at the end of the year.

Clarence Rich presented color slides and related experiences of a trip through western states and several National Parks at the Monday Noontide Luncheon of Commercial Club.

The Archbold United Fund Drive quota that starts Oct. 25 with 14 agencies benefiting is $20,125.

Enrollment in Fulton County schools during the second week stood at 7,521, almost exactly what it was a year ago.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–A wrecking crew will soon start tearing down the Paramount Theatre building in Toledo….. Lyndon B. Johnson once said, “It’s nothing but money,” in a Senate debate…. If you’re stressed by TV commercials and poor programs, try reading a good book.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 25, 1940

The Fulton County Highway Department is widening the bridge just north of Pettisville. It is located midway between the New York Central tracks and the State Route 2 intersection.

Clarence and John Nofzinger have contracted with Archbold village officials to tear up the old Toledo & Indiana rails on Holland Street, and started work on the east end of the pavement. Nofzinger Brothers will pay the corporation $11 per ton salvage.

The Communist Party petition, which has caused much comment in Fulton County, has been corrected since it was first published, resulting in four less names. It was found that Vencil Slaninka, who had signed the petition, was a non-resident; the name of Antonia Slaninka was removed at her request. Also Eugene and Helen Yedica were non-residents.

Two gas shovels, a bulldozer with roller, tractor and a 5 1/2-yard scraper manned by 5 or 6 workers are moving great piles of dirt at the Lake Harrison site. The trench to the northern portion of the big dike is partly filled with the blue clay. Hundreds of people visit the project every day.

According to information received in Archbold by J.C. Saunders, who owns the gas and oil business on the east side of the NYC railroad tracks, the Federal Bureau of Investigation says that there are no grounds to foolish statements that waving U.S. flag stickers on car windows are any work of “Fifth Column” activities.

The design of the particular flag that is used on stickers was first made in 1932, long before anybody heard of the “Fifth Column,” and the flags were printed from the same plates that made the first ones.

Orrin R. Taylor was among a group of 26 U.S. newspapermen who met the Dionne quintuplets of Canada. He was on a goodwill tour of the country sponsored by the Canadian government.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Sept. 28, 1915

Revenue collector S. Cartwright, of Ottawa, arrested a druggist and doctor in Defiance for violation of the anti-dope laws.

He collected revenue and penalties from picture shows at Stryker and Fayette.

In Archbold, he inspected both drug stores, the bowling alley, pool room, two saloons, two doctors, two dentists, and one veterinary, and found everything in lawful condition.

According to the ruling, German Township may have four saloons outside of Archbold. Fisher, Dennis & Doyle, who have been ousted from Amboy Township, are making efforts to locate a saloon in German Township, with intentions at either Pettisville or Elmira. Royalton, Swan Creek, and Chesterfield townships are in question.

A.B. Ford holds the record for length of living in Gorham Township. He came here in 1839, when he was five years of age. At that time there was not a surveyed road in the vicinity, and Indian trails were the only highways to Morenci and West Unity.

He remembers Indians camping on his father’s farm, and wolves were so numerous the family could hear them howling every night. They had to tie their dog to keep it from killing deer.

When you stop your auto at the curb, back it against the curb so it stands at an angle facing out. In this way the machine may be started without backing and bothering others. This is the custom in most towns. In some places the police demand it.

Quite a number of country banks are refusing to handle automobile notes. They claim the auto craze ties up the funds and takes large sums of money out of circulation.

Girls should be warned that there are germs in kisses. They are likely to catch something doing that. Someone knows of a girl who caught a husband.

Delta is completely torn up while tracks of the T&I are being relocated.

All big egg dealers are predicting eggs will be higher next winter, because people are eating less meat.

Friday, Oct. 1, 1915

Buy a home in Archbold. It has the lowest tax rate in the county and the best schools. Fire protection is better than anywhere. Electric service continues day and night. Gas is cheap here, and banks can make arrangements to carry part of the investment in a home. Be sure to buy now and get the benefit before prices advance.

A man was in town Monday looking for a location to operate a moving picture business.

A Stryker boy took eight dollars of his mother’s money and started for Detroit. Marshal Zigler of Delta took him off a T&I car and returned him to his mother.

Gerbert Jerger was killed by a train west of Bryan, Sunday night. He fell asleep in his buggy while returning home from seeing his girlfriend. He was 23.

The Crystal Bottling works has the right to sell soft drinks at the Ottokee Fair.

F.A. Ehrat has closed the air-dome theatre for the season. The weather has been inclement.

Ten counties in Michigan banded together to send out men and advertising matter to induce colonists to settle in that state. When they want first-class citizens they come to Ohio.

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