Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, May 13, 1998

Tom Vershum, 30-year teacher at Archbold, will retire at the end of the school year. Delila Dilbone resigned her post as concession stand manager.

Fulton County Health Center wants to take over ownership of the FCHC building to facilitate construction of an addition. County commissioners have been concerned about the proposed transfer of ownership, as have officials in the City of Wauseon.

One of the problems is that while the main FCHC building stands on county property, the surrounding property, where the FCHC addition will be built, is FCHC-owned property. That creates problems with Wauseon city zoning.

Rick Hodges, Wauseon resident and AHS graduate, joins FCHC as director of marketing.

Rex D. Rice was promoted to executive vice president of the Farmers & Merchants State Bank.

Chris Beck was named product utilization specialist with the Certified Angus Beef program, Wooster, Ohio. He is a graduate of AHS and the son of Dean and Louann.

A photograph shows members of the Northwest Ohio Rails to Trails Association preparing the 210-foot bridge for new wood decking.

Joe Delaney, Eric Grieser, and Chad Nofziger competed in tryouts for the United States Junior National basketball team April 11 in Columbus.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, May 18, 1983

Council sent Sandra Leach a two-page letter answering questions about sidewalks. It appeared in a Letter to the Editor in the Archbold Buckeye May11.

Larry Lirot, pool supervisor, told Park Board he does not like the sunbathing area and some other aspects of the swimming pool plans. He dominated much of the meeting stating his views on what should be changed. Trustees attending the meeting: Rick Stotzer. Judy Furko, Keith Short. Jack Spotts was absent.

Archbold schools will graduate 100; Pettisville, 36; Stryker, 46

Barbara Mentzer and Julia Emmons described the physical fitness program at Fulton County Health Center to Commercial Club members Monday noon.

Lyle Troyer was elected vice chairman of Bluffton College Board of Trustees. Troyer graduated from the college in 1964.

Mr. and Mrs. Colenzo Short will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary May 30.

Delbert Latta, U.S. congressman, will receive an honorary doctor of public service degree from Ohio Northern University May 22.

Cindy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Basselman, received the annual Arion award from Philip Hoverman, AHS band director.

Alcohol-related traffic deaths are down by 32 percent in Ohio during the eight weeks since the drunk driving law took effect.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- Born in 1483, Martin Luther’s life spanned 63 years. The world is observing the 500th anniversary of his birth…. The first postage stamps, coated with adhesive, started in 1856 and bore the portraits of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington…. Historians can prove that defense of their homeland paid off for three presidents: Monroe, Roosevelt, and Kennedy…. People who drink and drive have a choice. Their victims do not.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, May 14, 1958

Archbold is assured a new industry, which will be completed in the fall. Higbie Manufacturing Co., will construct a 30,000 square foot building on East Lugbill Road. Fifteen acres has been purchased from Lloyd Myers for the building. It will be known as Fulton Tubing Co., and will manufacture small diameter, thin wall steel tubing chiefly for the automotive and refrigeration industries.

Kriss Stutzman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy, is the valedictorian of the 1958 graduating class. John J. Rupp, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer D., is the salutatorian. Both boys excel in science and mathematics.

Robert E. Kleck son of Mr. and Mrs. Allen H, was installed in the Blue Key junior men’s honorary society, at Denison University. He is a junior.

Archbold High School will graduate 49 members of the senior class May 20. It is the second largest class in school history.

Kriss Stutzman, 17, AHS senior, received a fourth place award at the ninth annual National Science Fair, at Flint (Mich.) Junior College, May 6- 10.

A military address appears for Roger K. Vonier, Great Lakes, Ill.

Elmira 8th grade elementary school will graduate five: Nancy Grime, Diane Rupp, Peter Seiler, Ronald Weber, Dean Zaerr.

John C. Schuster, airman 3/ c, Toledo, formerly of Archbold, died Sunday after falling from a base fire truck at Carswell AFB, Texas.

Mutterings: by Orrin R. Taylor- When Archbold waterworks system was started, the village issued $16,000 in bonds to build the first water lines, install hydrants for fire protection, and erect the 60,000-gallon storage tank, near Ruihley Park. It was an uphill battle to sell the citizens…. One Archbold youngster felt butterflies in his stomach and told his mother, “Something is orbiting in inner space.”

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, May 17, 1933

F. H. Rupnow, pastor of St. John’s Reformed Church, Fort Wayne, will give the AHS graduation address.

Pioneers of the Black Swamp experienced blue racer snakes. They are American bluish green blacksnakes growing five feet and longer and found from Ohio to Texas. They were common to farmers. Their bite is not poisonous but have the strength to wrap around rabbits and crush them. They are playful to some degree. When a person runs a blue racer might chase along, or keep ahead.

They are fond of sunning on high knolls. It is easy to catch one with a switch; when it hides its head it can be picked up and sacked. Pioneers sometimes used the skin for a hatband.

It has large scales underneath and uses them for locomotion.

Speaking to the Exchange Club, T.J. Klaudt said the present German dictator, Adolph Hitler, is the bane of world peace and may throw the world into another conflict.

With creeks and ditches overflowing their banks, the carp hunt and eat tender green grass that is under water, and farm boys have been having grand sport spearing the big fellows in rivers and creeks with pitchforks, and scooping them out on the bank with shovels.

Some are too big for family use. By removing the two redstreak mud veins down the sides and dressing them quickly, and soaked in salt water, they become a table fish.

J.E. Petcoff, Toledo physician, has located in Archbold in the Coy building.- adv.

Eight students will graduate from Ridgeville Corners high school: Ada Arnos, Marie Eggers, Lydia Bruns, Lodema Short, Lucille Hoffman, Frederick Rice, Joseph Beck, Jacob Keller. Lucille Hoffman and Lodema Short are the honor students.

Deaths- Samuel Beck, 72, Ridgeville Corners

Greenhouse men have had a discouraging season so far. Suppliers have had little chance to sell plants because of the weather, and the plants are getting too large in the frames.

We often hear about country boys who make good in the city, but seldom hear about a city boy who makes good in the country.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, May 12, 1908

Delta has an ordinance against spitting on the street or sidewalk.

Kendall & Baker, dentists, will be at Hotel Norton, on North Defiance Street, every Tuesday.- adv.

ELMIRA- Bowers’ & Clark’s ten and twenty cent shows were in town last Saturday night. The show had not been advertised here, but our people appreciate an entertainment when it comes to town.

What they want out west are settlers. They want their land occupied and are offering all comers inducements to get people who will stay. One of the advantages of the west is that speculators are easier to get than settlers.

Friday, May 15, 1908

Bert Short’s $162.50 cow is delivering about $1 worth of milk a day. That is a very cheap cow if it can keep up its eightgallon record.

After July 1 nothing but pure whiskey can be sold as whiskey. All other whiskies must be labeled as imitation.

There will be no graduates of Archbold schools this year as the board has advanced the course one year. Parents may breathe a trifle easier.

The frame house is being moved from the John Lantz farm to a lot belonging to Peter Eicher on Stryker Street.

Ed Sagert says the man who chased a hog all over Paradise Alley and through his lawn after the rain, had better call and settle. Ed said he has spent many hours preparing his beautiful lawn and the hog chaser is in for lots of trouble, and, when caught, will find himself waistdeep in mud.

The Archbold school board has listened to public clamor and will demand that teachers employed in the Archbold schools live, sleep, eat, and have their washing done in Archbold corporation five days a week. Teachers ought to be able to endure the town five days a week if the people who pay the taxes can stand it seven.


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