Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, May 6, 1998

Council named Dennis Howell the new village administrator of Archbold. Howell has been supervisor of the village water treatment plant since 1995.

Archbold High School Choir returned from a four-day music tour of Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., last week.

Michael F. Schnitkey was named assistant cashier, agriculture loan officer of the Farmers & Merchants State Bank.

Randy Nafziger, pastor of Tedrow Mennonite Church, and James Roynon, pastor of West Clinton Mennonite Church, told chamber members Monday noon how VORP is working with Michael Bumb, county juvenile judge.

Deaths- Wayne R. Double, 64, Archbold; Jennifer A. Engel, 54, Defiance; Orval Nafziger, 88, Archbold.

Winners of Archbold Middle School spelling bee are Carey Zsembik, Amber Clark, Melissa Zapien, Jennifer Ruth, Stefanie Miller, Tony Grooms.

Allen Gnagey and Roland Coon made a table and podium for Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, Va. It will be used in Lehman Auditorium.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, May 11, 1983

Disney Productions was at Sauder Village to film a segment of “Wish Upon A Star,” featuring Dennis Rube, an 11- year-old from Brentwood, Long Island, N.Y., who won an essay contest.

Fairlawn auction set another record of $29,430.29.

Resignations were accepted by the school board: Richard Watkins, George Clark, and Ralph Schroll. Teacher contracts were approved for Mary Ann Thatcher, Lavonne Short, Jane Dominique, and Ron Stuckey.

Teachers at Pettisville School will receive a 9.7 percent wage increase effective July 1.

Tom Beck is promoted to farm representative at the F&M State Bank.

Mark Storrer, AHS 79, is a member of the Ohio Northern University varsity baseball team. Storrer is a third-year starter in left field. He has 23 hits in 76 bats for a .303 average.

The AHS yearbook staff is Nathan Bott, Kathy Drake, Corinna Goertz, Abby Grime, Dawn Johnson, Jon Kunkle, Laura Nofziger, Ronda Rupp, Wendy Rupp, Brian Schweinhagen.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- Americans in 1981 consumed 177.7 pounds of meat per person, with beef continuing to be the favorite…. Drake University, in North Carolina, dedicated a $10 million business school…. Ohio is the fifth largest popcorn producing state in America…. The cold war between Islam and the Christian West went on for 300 years because both sides believed they had the only true way to assure eternal life.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, May 7, 1958

The senior class will present their second play, “The Road To The City.” Cast members are Peggy Yoder, Clara Miller, Phyllis Graber, Graeme Lauber, Janice Wyse, Carole Wheeler, Robert Grisier, Susie Murbach, John Rich, Bernadine Beck, Bud Stuckey, Mary Lou Roth, Robert Miller, Dale Leininger.

Don Hoblet, Zone school principal, reports all of Zone’s small class of eighth grade pupils ranked in the top 25 percent of the county in the recent Eighth Grade State Test. Three of the top ten positions in the county were filled by Mervin Hershiser, Stephen Aschliman, and Brenda Borton. The exceptional class had a class average of 170 out of 200 questions. The county median was 122.07.

Council approved installation of a traffic light at the intersection of North Defiance and Stryker streets. It will replace the red flasher, which has been unsatisfactory in handling increasing traffic problems in the village.

A.C. Fagley, fire chief, outlined the Archbold fire protection system and what would be required to reduce the insurance rating of the village.

Jacob and Leander Riegsecker requested council to vacate an alley in the Jacob Rupp Sr. Addition.

Thomas Allen observed his 87th birthday May 6. He frequently walks downtown to be among friends. He is a Spanish American War veteran.

Mayor’s Court- Nicholas Holian, traffic light; Leon Short, stop sign.

William, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Short, and Bonnie Lou, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Short, won top honors in the sixth annual Teenage Roade o, sponsored by Defiance Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, May 10, 1933

Richard Lauber and Thelma Day have the lead parts in the senior class play. Other members of the cast are Edward Fraas, Leroy Aungst, Thomas Winzeler, Bernadine Hollingshead, Flossie Leupp, Bernice Spengler, Pauline Vernier, and Marguerite Rupp.

The oldest business building in Archbold has been torn down this week. It was known for many years as the Buehrer Grocery. Before that it was the Union Hotel, and stood where the brick hotel building now stands, across the street, on the corner. Aaron Leininger remembers that it was built by Frank Druhot seventy years ago for a saloon and dance hall. After that it became a residence, and later a hotel.

It was conducted as a hotel by Frank Druhot, John Hardenberg, Walter Stubbs, Mrs. Gerand, John R. Hoffmire, R. Downer, and others. The building was the local polling place for many years, when election heelers would force a ticket into a man’s hand, lead him bodily to the window and hold his hand so he could not make changes until his ticket had been deposited in the crack of the window glass.

The building was moved across the street to its last location about 1880. It was well built of choice oak timber, much of which is still in a good state of preservation.

W.O. Taylor, who is the present owner, says he means to use what he can of the lumber. What he can’t use he will sell; what he can’t sell he will give away; what he can give away he will burn. The intention is to erect a building suitable for the use of the Buckeye Printing Office.

It is to be a one-story structure, 22×90, with skylights and a concrete floor.

Theodore J. Klaudt, pastor, will speak to the Exchange Club on the subject of “Hitlerism.”

Coach M.A. Farber and his basketball team had a 10-7 season. Teammates are Richard Lauber, captain; Ed. Storrer, Paul Bowers, Paul Schlatter, John Steensen, Paul Short, John Grime, Paul Rupp, Robert Hayes, and John Stuckey.

Married – Laverne Fankhauser and Geraldine Hollingshead. After a short trip they will reside on North Defiance Street.

Thirty-two citizens of Elmira have signed a petition for a street lighting system.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, May 5, 1908

The old Thomas building was removed from its foundation. Frank Nofziger did the work with his traction engines. When the Baker engine is put under stress it barks like a male fox.

The glove factory is progressing in Elmira and soon will be ready for new machinery.

Ask any Archbold merchant and they will tell you it is easier to sell a working man’s wife $10 worth of merchandise than to sell the rich man’s wife 15¢ worth of anything.

Farmers find it just as hard to get help as before the money scare. There are quite a number of jobs for farmhands waiting for lucky young men with ambition.

Clarence Waldvogel has bought a half interest in the Red Cross Drug Store. He and H.H. Brinkman are partners.

Friday, May 8, 1908

There was a time in Archbold when to wear good clothes and a white collar was to lay one open to ridicule. Citizens can remember the time when grown men took the trouble to spit on shined shoes and boys made catcalls at a person dressed up. While one appeared with a new suit was compelled to wrestle or treat. Now people are expected to be cleanly dressed when not engaged in the labors of their business and one can notice no difference in the general appearance of the people of the village and the city people.

Following is a list of what neighbors used to say about Archbold and German Township:

– Swamp hole under water seven months of the year

– Land so hard it turns to stone

– Kill yourself chopping before you have an acre cleaned of weeds

– Mud up to the horses knees

– Cows and horses get stuck in mud holes and die

– Mosquitoes eat you and your stock

– Chills and fever every other day, burn up the next

– Copperhead and rattlesnake bites

– Squirrels and raccoons steal your corn

– Weasels, hawks, and owls catch your poultry

– Rabbits eat your fruit trees

Calico 60¢, boots $9 a pair, coffee 55¢, wagons $220 each, harness $90

Wade the mud for your mail, only three newspaper subscribers in the township, no roads only trails through the woods

Honestly, young men, would you go through what granddad did for ten times the money he left?

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