Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, April 29, 1998

Ken Cline, superintendent at Archbold, and Steve Switzer, superintendent at Pettisville, don’t know how much money their districts will get if Issue Two passes.

Donna Eureste, assistant village administrator, said the new village administrator will be named Friday, May 1.

The Mildred L. Peters estate sold a brick ranch home at 909 Olds Lane at public auction to Gary and Nancy Grieser for $110,000.

Deaths- Bernard M. Kimmel, 69, Stryker; Elsie Oneal Schultz, 85, Archbold; Rodney R. Stannard, 47, Wauseon; Chleo L. Thourot, 80, Wauseon

A photograph shows Katie Cline winning the long jump against Delta. She also won the high jump.

Steve Schick, pastor of St. Martin’s Lutheran Church, Archbold, has accepted a pastorate in Howell, Mich.

Richard and Dottie Purdy will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary May 1.

Steve Basselman, Ridgeville Corners, will present a recital of classical organ music Sunday, May 3 at the First Christian Church, Wauseon

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, May 4, 1983

High winds and rain in the wee hours of Monday morning covered drug store robberies at both Archbold pharmacies. It appears the thieves were familiar with the stores.

Honor graduates of Archbold Area Schools: Teresa Seschimarick Lauber, Lisa Miller, Elma Mungula, Laura Nafziger, Tammy Wilson

Stryker High School honor students are Judy Watts and Sabine Krueger.

Richard Weires, councilman, reports the county planning commission will purchase trash receptacles for Archbold.

The home of Emma E. Nafziger, 207 DeGroff Ave., sold at auction Saturday to Paul Leu for $34,500.

Deaths- V. Bob Alexander, 61, Archbold; Byron J. Wyse, 41, Sylvania; W. “Slim” Hartman, 72, Bryan

Phil Rich spoke to the Rotary Club about his three-week tour of Africa.

Calvin, Jan, and Raquel Miller will return to Bolivia for a two-year assignment with Mennonite Economic Development Associates.

John Spiess is a freshman in the Professional Golf Management program at Ferris State College.

A photograph shows Wayne Short standing in knee-deep water on his farm.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- This country wouldn’t be in the mess it is today if the Native Americans had adopted more stringent immigration laws, according to Robert G. Green of the Morenci Observer…. Joseph Arage lived in Archbold many years. He was the brother of the late Mrs. Angela Arage, who owned and operated the ice cream parlor and candy-tobacco store at 114 N. Defiance Street, now known as the Townhouse. Joseph owned and operated a sailing-trading boat on the Amazon River.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, April 30, 1958

Billye Kaye, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Winzeler., was selected by the Legion Auxiliary to attend Buckeye Girls’ State in Columbus in June.

Dale Leininger and Garold Myers appear in a photograph planting a tree on the west side of the football field in honor of the Class of 1958.

Residents will have an opportunity to get answers on the proposed sewerage project for the village at a meeting in the Town & Township Hall Friday, May 9.

Family Life Week and Home Builders Week are two new camps scheduled for the fourteenth season at Little Eden Camp, Onekama, Michigan.

William Dean, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Nofziger, was ordained at West Clinton Mennonite Church Sunday evening. Jesse Short conducted the meeting.

A photograph shows firemen helping members of Northwest Telephone Service Co. pump water from the 12-foot cable vault under the building following the Tuesday deluge.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bock, Bowling Green, are the guest speakers at Commercial Club. They will talk about their trip behind the Iron Curtain.

Charter Dinner for Archbold Business & Professional Women’s Club will take place Sunday afternoon in the State Room of the Peoples State Bank building. Officers are Helen Shibler, president; Louise Short, vice president; Marilyn Smith, recording secretary; Evelyn Rupp, treasurer; Marian Spiess, corresponding secretary.

Irene Kluepfel is showing two weaving entries at the Toledo Museum of Art.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, May 3, 1933

Gladys Winzeler earned first place honors in the 1933 graduating class. She carried academic work with an average of 95.8% for the first seven semesters and also won several places in the commercial contests last year and this spring, She has done exceptional work throughout high school. Thirtyone will graduate.

AHS graduates are Leroy Aungst, Betty Barger, Thelma Kinney, Marjorie Dominique, Donald Dominique, Lucile Eicher, Edward Fraas, Robert Hayes, Bernadine Hollingshead, Richard Lauber, Clifford Leininger, Flossie Leupp, Wilson Nofziger, Wilma Roth, Marguerite Rupp, Harley Sauder, Paul Schlatter, Ralph Seiler, Bessie Short, Earl Short, Glen Short, Jesse Short, Anna Siegel, Mary Smith, Bernice Spengler, Paul Stamm, Pauline Vernier, Margaret Valiton, William Wacke, Gladys Winzeler, Thomas Winzeler.

A hailstorm struck Sunday afternoon. It broke windows and 150 glasses in the Archbold Greenhouse. Some families picked up enough hailstones to freeze ice cream. Hail went through automobile tops.

U.S. Route 20, passing through Fayette, has been named officially as the “World’s Fair Highway” for the Century of Progress exposition which is to start in Chicago June 1.

Frank Mallory, mayor of Pulaski, reports his pet woodpecker, Amatus, which he had kept for several years and taught many tricks, died. Amatus acquired the habit of waiting at the bedroom window mornings for mayor Mallory. Amatus served as the mayor’s alarm clock, and his amazing intelligence is suggested that on Sundays and holidays he always waited until an hour or two later, before tapping.

The fellow who is always telling the world something, seldom takes time to listen to what the world is saying.

Twenty-eight railroads end at Chicago.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, April 28, 1908

Henry Hirsch says he came near getting scared when he and John R. Hoffmire were driving in the Bean Creek neighborhood and a big blue racer snake climbed on the dash board of the buggy and made mouths at them. The snake dropped off and hid in the brush.

Menno Kutzli and William Harsch spent last week fishing and trapping along Bean Creek.

Some poor fellow from nowhere broke into the empty Thomas building Thursday and fell asleep on a partly painted sign board. When awakened and told to skiddoo he leaned up against the wall and said sleepily, “This is my fourteenth time on earth. Fifty-four thousand years ago today I attended a dance in this place and danced all around with wild horses, camels, and elephants to the music of the singing frogs while ten new moons furnished the light.”

The new pension for soldiers’ widows will make more merry widows, and fewer widows marry.

People who came to America from Europe became great savers because they were taught to save in Europe. But the second and third generations got over the penny-pinching habit and learned to get some good from their earnings. There always is enough to eat and wear in America. Famine never comes. So enjoy yourself while you can. When you’re dead no one will ask whether you pinched and saved or spent and enjoyed.

Friday, May 1, 1908

There is a man in Archbold who boasts he never took medicine or a bath and was never sick a day in his life.

The New York General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church has removed its iron clad rule which forbids its members to play cards, dance, attend theatres, or watch a horse race. The church is compelled to remove some of its iron clad rules or lose its support.

If the new company that bought the T&I builds 25 miles west of Bryan it will have the shortest line from Detroit to Indianapolis.

Mrs. Potter Palmer, of Chicago, paid $50,000 to have king Edward of England dine with her. Even kings have their price in Yankee dollars.

Jacob Leu, of German Township, withdrew $148 from the First National Bank of Wauseon. He put it in a bag with the name of the bank inscribed on it. When walking through the Arcade building the sack fell to the floor from his inside pocket. Several persons saw a man pick it up, who has failed to advertise it. Will the man who picked it up return it at once.- J.L. Shinaberger, sheriff

It is education and the dawn of reason that is raising Archbold from a sodden community which was very proud of its stupidity to an enlightened American neighborhood.

It is education and freedom that has taken the descendants of European peasants and endowed them with the learning and freedom of thought of royal families and royalty.

It is education and freedom of speech that has made royalty a thing to laugh at.

Give your linoleum a coat of Rogers Transparent Floor Stain. Make it look like new.- Vernier McLaughlin & Co.- adv.

A new firm will open a general store in the Weiderkehr building in Stryker.

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