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Mostly sunny

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago Wednesday, July 21, 2004

An early evening downpour Friday turned the 25th annual Carp Festival from a silver anniversary to a gray event.

Jerry Rohrs, Lions Club Carp Fest chairman, said overall, funds were down $1,000 from last year’s $7,000 earnings.

Anderzack-Pitzen will receive a $50,000 bonus from Archbold for completing two of three phases of the South Defiance Street reconstruction ahead of schedule.

County commissioners will not ask elected officials holders to close offices early one day a week.

Vond Hall, county administrator, proposed closing offices five hours earlier on Fridays and cutting staff pay to trim the general fund budget for next year.

Cecily Rohrs met with local pastors last spring and launched the idea of a Shepherd’s Circle organization, to help persons make wise decisions.

The shepherds will help the needy learn to make better choices about how to spend their money, and how to live their lives. Rohrs said to do this will take money from the churches, and also volunteers and people who will help mentor needy people.

Ken Cline, Archbold schools superintendent, said the cafeteria fund ended the year in the black. He said the cafeteria is now 15 years old and in need of equipment because of wear and tear.

Luke Fisher, 7, flattens a can with a sledgehammer in the children’s Carp Can Crush concession, according to a photograph.

Bob Seaman, village engineer, said work is progressing on the expansion of the Archbold Cemetery.

Deaths– Raymond A. Avers, 69, Archbold; Arden Roth, 75, Wauseon; Lawrence H. Rupp, 84, Elbow Lake, Minn.; Leah Riegsecker, 96, Archbold; R. Anne Harper, 60, Defiance; Carmen L. Perkins, 93, Archbold

50th Wedding Anniversary– John and Virginia (Behnfeldt) Miller, Aug. 1, 1954.

Dustin Buckenmeyer represented Fulton County at the recent Ohio Farm Bureau Regional Youth Leadership Conference at Bluffton College.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, July 12, 1989

At presstime Tuesday, the fate of a zoning permit for a Marco’s Pizza carryout was still unsettled.

Village officials have struggled with the permit for several days. The village overturned the June 29 action of the Board of Zoning Appeals, which denied the permit.

Unusual interest is being displayed in the fall General Election for German Township Trustee. Two trustees, Willard DeGroff and Paul R. Short, will not seek reelection.

As of yesterday, Tuesday, Robert Nafziger and Bruce Lauber, both living northwest of Archbold, have filed petitions for the November election.

Petitions also were issued to Russell Watson and Jack Graf, both of rural Archbold, and one unidentified person.

It is not legally required to give the name of the petitioner.

Wheat harvest in Fulton County began in earnest this week with higher than normal yields. Barring any rainfall, harvest could be over by Saturday.

Graduates–MichaelBritsch, Wauseon, cum laude, Ohio State University College of Dentistry; Kimberly Furko, Archbold, Ball State University

50th Wedding Anniversary– Lester and Marjorie (Wyse) Nafziger, July 11, 1939

Joe Wyse, AHS ‘89, and John Downey, AHS head football coach, will be part of the North team in the 44th Ohio High School North- South All-Star football game at the Paul Brown Tiger Stadium, July 15, in Massillon.

Fifty Years Ago Wednesday, July 15, 1964

A new school district was proposed by the Fulton County Board of Education, Wednesday evening, July 8, to comprise the villages of Fulton, Lyons, and Metamora.

Carl Snyder, Archbold reserve boys basketball coach the past three years, is the new varsity boys basketball coach at Wauseon High School.

Jack Miller, a former AHS student, has been hired by the local school board to serve as the reserve boys basketball coach and teach social studies.

With the employment of Ronald Roby of Clarksburg, W. Va., and Walter Bortz, Napoleon, the Ridgeville Local School teaching staff is completed. Roby will teach social science and English. Bortz will teach industrial arts.

Seventy-Five Years Ago Wednesday, July 19, 1939

Eleven Ohio men have been serving sentences in Michigan jails convicted of driving while drunk. In Michigan, one drink is a drunk.

Michigan officers believe it’s their duty to enforce the laws whenever violators from out of the state transgress Michigan laws and endanger the lives of innocent citizens.

Andrew Shibler, secretary of the 22nd United States Infantry Association, is in Columbus attending a reunion of Spanish-American War veterans.

In conjunction with the office of the county engineer at Wauseon, WPA is employed in grading and tiling the east-west road south of the village of Pettisville, known as the Whitehouse Road. Blacktop will be laid next spring.

The Bureau of Business Research at Ohio State University states retail trade in Ohio gained four percent in May.

Dale Rufenacht has leased the Merry Building, 225 N. Defiance St., recently vacated by Light’s Shoe Store. He plans to move his haberdashery & electric shop from the Peoples State Bank room to the new location. Rufenacht founded his store five years ago, according to an advertisement.

Mr. Peter Blosser, Wauseon, found five yolks in one egg. He has spent a lifetime in the poultry and egg business. This was the first time he ever found more than three yolks in one egg.

Mr. William C. Schultz has been a motorman on the Toledo & Indiana Railway Co., for 30 years.

Mrs. J.S. Fenstermaker fell and fractured the wrist on her right arm Sunday.

Frank Ham, Wauseon, reports robbers broke into his home and stole $800 in jewelry.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, July 14, 1914

The happiest man in the U.S. is the successful farmer. He is undisturbed by the maddening crowd and noise of the great city.

Banks fail, railroads go into the hands of receivers, booming towns collapse, business stagnates. But the wise farmer can snap his finger at such things. He is the monarch of all he surveys on his broad acres.

Don’t replace burned fuses with bits of wire. The fuse is designed to protect you as well as the circuit.

Beginning July 1 money orders may be cashed at any post office within 30 days after date of issue. Limiting the time they may be cashed prevents travelers and transients from using them in place of a savings bank.

For the first time in 20 years, flatboats are hauling freight down the Mississippi River. The rivers may yet become the highways.

A candidate’s glad-hand won’t put anything on the kitchen table to eat.

Professor J.J. Bruehlman, superintendent of centralized schools at Dorset, Ohio, has been visiting Archbold relatives. He says the centralized school idea is gaining converts wherever it has a fair trial.

After deciding to publish a newspaper at the Illinois State Penitentiary at Joliet, to be edited by the convicts, prison officials were somewhat embarrassed and surprised to find there was not one who could write news.

Friday, July 17, 1914

Archbold now has a real milkmaid. She comes every morning and evening and lets customers have one pint of milk each– no more. Miss Emma Buehrer has bought the Seifert milk business. She is a graduate of Archbold schools, and is putting her learning to some practical use. Miss Emma can dish out a pint of milk with a smile that makes the milk taste better. The milk business in Archbold is capable of greater development.

Ira Ernst of Tedrow, upset his horse and buggy near Adolph Stamm’s place, Sunday. The horse got scared at a cultivator. Ernst was unconscious for about 1 1/2 hours. His wife and daughter were uninjured.

Mr. C.W. Sankey, who served as principal of Archbold schools last year, writes a letter from his home in Newcastle, Pa.:

“I would like very much to return to Archbold for the coming year, but I have a position in the Newcastle schools at $25 more a month than I received in Archbold.”

If politicians were compelled to earn their salaries, there would not be so many candidates. It’s the prestige of the office that draws the candidates.

With the reverse lever set, William Wineland cranked an auto in Bryan. The machine backed into a plate glass window and endangered the lives of the occupants of the auto and people on the sidewalk.

Whoever took the wheelbarrow from St. John Catholic Church Wednesday, please return it.–adv.

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