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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Old Photo Corner: Archbold merchants sponsored a winter horse show on a muddy main street of Archbold before the fire of August 1913. All the buildings in the photograph between the F&M State Bank, right, to the last building on West Holland Street, left, were destroyed. - antique photograph    from the collection of Evelyn Clair, formerly        of Ridgeville Corners

Old Photo Corner: Archbold merchants sponsored a winter horse show on a muddy main street of Archbold before the fire of August 1913. All the buildings in the photograph between the F&M State Bank, right, to the last building on West Holland Street, left, were destroyed. – antique photograph from the collection of Evelyn Clair, formerly of Ridgeville Corners

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, April 1, 1998

Fulton County Health Center board would like to add on to the health center building, and as part of that, they would like to take over ownership of the structure and the land it sits upon.

Dean Beck, FCHC administrator, said the hospital is planning a 45,000 square-foot addition. FCHC celebrates its 25th year. They opened on April 8, 1973.

Terry Henricks and village officials broke ground March 25 for construction of facilities for Liechty Motors, to be built on property on South Defiance St.

Archbold water treatment plant has been named an outstanding public water system in an Ohio Environmental Protection Agency competition.

Workers cutting up an old semi-trailer ignited a fire at the former Tri-State Elevator about 2:02 p.m. Wednesday.

Tereza Wagler is included in a Goshen College Art Gallery Show in the Good Library.

Lindsey Neiling received first place in the American History Essay competition for Ohio students. She is the granddaughter of Elden and Clare Badenhop.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, April 6, 1983

Archbold Marching Band leaves Thursday for Washington, D.C., to march and perform in the Cherry Blossom Festival. Chaperones are Mr. and Mrs. Phil Hoverman, director; Marlyn Krueger, asst. band director; Dane Newlove, BGSU student teacher; Mr. and Mrs. David Lersch, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Laub, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Roth, Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Rupp, and Mr. and Mrs. James Dennis.

Pat and Marion Allgire, rural Stryker, have purchased the Townhouse at 114 North Defiance Street, and will open Tuesday.

Deaths- Cletus I. Aschliman, 87, Archbold; Arthur E. Moore, 81, Huntington Woods, Mich.

Robert Heft, Napoleon mayor, told Commercial Club members how his 50-star flag was chosen as the symbol of the United States, when he was a 17-year-old boy in Lancaster. The flag is insured for $500,000.

Jonathan Baer has been awarded the Olen Britsch Memorial Scholarship from Goshen College.

Jeffery P. Trudel, airman 1st class, graduated from a Korean language course at the Defense Language Institute, Presidio of Monterey, Calif.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- Appalachia covers a 13-state region extending from southern New York State to Mississippi. Twenty million people reside in the area…. Calories consumed per day the world over is 436 per person. In the United States it is 3,567 a day or 8.2 times the world average…. Nearly 20 percent of the population, and 28 percent of smokers, still don’t believe smoking causes lung cancer…. Brooklyn Bridge centennial commission is sponsoring the 100th anniversary on May 24, 1983, in observance of the colossus of bridges.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, April 2, 1958

Robert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Allen H. Kleck, has been appointed one of six student head residents for the men’s dormitory next year at Dennison University.

Over 350 students from six counties: Fulton, Defiance, Henry, Putnam, Paulding, and Williams, displayed science projects at the 8th annual Archbold High School Quadri- County Science Fair. George Clark, AHS science teacher, directs the fair.

Yoder & Frey, Inc., world’s largest farm machinery auction, was featured in a special article Wednesday on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

Fayette Manufacturing Co. is establishing a branch factory in Commerce, Texas.

Mrs. Donna Ruffer, bowling for the LugHers, rolled a high game of 232.

Nofzinger Motor Sales are displaying the Vauxhall car, made in England.- adv.

An addition of 17,500 square feet of floor space is being added to the Winzeler Stamping Company, Montpelier.

Karl Weaner, Defiance, spoke to Rotary members Friday on the subject “The Trial of Christ.”

Joe Dominique, mayor, requests business places to close from 12:30 to 3 p.m., so anyone who wishes can attend Good Friday church services.- adv.

David, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Neal, was honored as a Quadri-County scientist and gets a five-day cruise on the Navy Science Cruiser.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- A short time ago if you told milady her dress looks like a sack, she might have been offended. Today the sack dress is fashionable…. Any psychiatrist wonders why anyone “enjoys paying taxes.”… Persons who use tobacco are big taxpayers. Last year Uncle Sam collected $1,600,000,000 from tobacco products…. The sixteenth amendment to the constitution legalized income taxes in 1913. It began as an amendment to a bill in Congress lowering tariffs on imports. The idea was that the small deficit from reduced tariff receipts could be taken care of by a tiny tax on prosperous incomes.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, April 5, 1933

Residents of this community sense the value of good reading and make good use of the excellent books and periodicals on the shelves at the Archbold Public Library. In February 3,831 books were loaned and 4,530 in March.

Someone broke into the home of W.J. Killoran, pastor of St. Peter Catholic Church, on the evening of March 30. They ruthlessly ransacked the entire house, evidently looking for valuables. About $50 was taken.

Council reduced the street commissioner salary by $15 per month. Common labor will receive 20¢ an hour, and 40¢ for men with teams; 1.25 per hour for tractor work.

Theo. Dimke, mayor, received word from the secretary of the Toledo Zoological Society stating that Sunday, July 23, is Archbold Day at Walbridge Park, in Toledo.

Fred B. Fowler, of Wauseon, lost the judge race to Fred H. Wolf by 24 votes. Fowler wants a recount.

The Archbold High School Athletic department has decided to buy baseball pants for the team. Steensen will be the mainstay of the pitching staff with Paul Short and Jim Barger slated for an occasional workout. Ed. Storrer looks like catching material; Schlatter first base; Dick Lauber appears to be the best third baseman; young Carl Roth at short stop. Coach Farber has several new ideas and wants to surprise everyone.

The popular German Band composed of the Benien brothers, and Arthur Buehrer, of Ridgeville Corners, and O.P. Kluepfel and Victor Ruffer, of Archbold, were invited to a political rally, in Columbus, Wednesday evening.

Soaking the rich will not help. If the rich man is made poor again he will not hire employees, buy goods, circulate money, or be a customer for the laborer and farmer. Rich and poor are in the same boat, and instead of trying to throw each other overboard, they ought to get hold of the oars and row.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, March 31, 1908

A rear window was raised at the post office and entrance gained to the carriers room Friday night. The knob of the safe was knocked off, but here the burglar halted after removing the rag from the top of his bottle of explosive. The rag was found on the floor. The cracksmen put down the tools stolen from a local shop and went away. His labor to blow up the safe would have been in vain because there was little money in the safe.

D.F. Wyse has moved from Waterville to Wauseon.

Fern Munro and Ella Nofziger taught the first primary room while Alice Vernier, teacher, was ill.

Druhot Brothers sold their poolroom to Cleve Rupp. The new owner took possession Saturday.

The windows in the new Farmers & Merchants State Bank are impressive and pleasing to the eye. They look like lots of money.

The Thomas building was sold at auction Saturday to Joel Plettner for $299. It will be moved to make room for the bank building.

Commencing Feb. 1, 1908, the ticket office at the T&I station at Archbold will close at 6 pm. Anyone who wishes to go away later in the evening can buy tickets before the office is closed.- A.M. Schnetzler, agent- adv.

The feat of the fleet of U.S. battleships, which after rounding Cape Horn, are ready to continue the journey around the world. It is astonishing to all civilized nations. The fleet will stop in Australia, Philippines, Japan, and through the Suez Canal and home.

Friday, April 3, 1908

Dogs were found fighting over a human arm in the backyard of the home of Squire Gridley, at Napoleon. Local sleuths are trying to solve the mystery.

An Edgerton boy found a snake crawling out of a hole. He dug further and found twelve more in a ball. He finished all of them.

Chris. Yoder is moving the house formerly owned by Mrs. Clair to his farm. He will place it near the orchard and permit his renter to live there.

Joel Plettner will move the Thomas building to his lots and make two dwellings to rent.

The old Williams Hotel at Bryan sold at auction for $11,000.

Within the past year, six hello girls at the Wauseon telephone central office have succeeded in getting married. There are now many applicants for the jobs.

A large audience attended the concert of the Saulsbury family at the Opera House Wednesday evening. It was the largest attendance ever.

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