Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2003

Rain on Friday, Sunday, and Monday were the main factors in the seven-day attendance at the county fair, which was lower than a year ago, but still respectable at 229,054. It was down 20,391 from a year ago.

Area FFA and 4-H members who showed and sold animals at the Fulton County Fair received $223,473.99 from the Junior Fair Sale, Thursday, Sept. 4. A total of 637 animals were sold.

Council said it will not do any rebuilding of North Defiance Street in 2004, but when the rebuild will be done has not been decided.

Headline– Council Balks At Rd. 24 Repair

The Archbold municipal income tax still is ahead of last year’s figures.

50th Wedding Anniversary– Howard “Cy” and Hattie Brodbeck, Sept. 5, 1953

Four County Career Center has nine new staff members this school year.

Deaths– Daryl J. Graber, 49, Archbold; Joyce Lewis, 66, Ridgeville Corners; J. Lavon Brachman, 88, Fayette

The Mary Short Award of Archbold Community Theatre was presented to Gareth and Judy Short by Bill Phelps at the annual meeting, Sept. 8.

Wade Enderle was low man (84) for Streak golfers in a tri-match with Ottoville and Ayersville.

Mike Evans, an AHS junior, satisfies his hunger with midway cuisine at the Fulton County Fair, and Becca Grieser has both hands on the wheel and concentrates as she drives a car on the Speedway ride, according to photographs.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 14, 1988

There is cancer-causing asbestos in five of six buildings in the Archbold Area School District.

So long as the material is maintained in good condition, it does not present a hazard. “There’s nothing that says we need to remove it,” said David Lersch, superintendent.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has determined Toledo Edison should receive a 7% rate hike, followed by yearly hikes of 6%, 5% and 4%. Edison had asked for a 9% increase.

School board appropriated $4,477,000 to the general fund for the 1988-89 school year.

Dalynn T. Badenhop has joined the East Carolina University School of Medicine faculty as assistant professor in the department of cardiology.

He will direct the newly established cardiac rehabilitation program at ECU and Pitt County Memorial Hospital.

Gary Short, Ridgeville Corners, is featured in the September issue of Buckeye Farm News magazine.

Dielman Supply Co., is building one new building to replace several old ones, said Glen (Buck) Dielman, vice president.

Ken Pesa, officer in charge at the Archbold Post Office, said the office will not reopen on Thursday afternoons. Since early this year, post offices around the country have closed at various times to reduce expenses.

Board members working for a successful United Way campaign are Marvin Miller, president; Cathy Laub, secretary; Corwin Nofziger, Steve Nafziger, Brent Winzeler, Keith E. Short, and Lynn Aschliman.

Deaths–Eugene F. Neiling, 28, Ottawa; Bessie Miller, 76, Glendale, Ariz.; Geneva Wiebeck, 82, Wauseon

Improvements to the water treatment plant will be paid off in 1991, said Nolan Tuckerman, administrator.

50th Wedding Anniversary– Oakley and Marjorie Short, Sept. 17, 1938; 40th Wedding Anniversary–Edward and Miriam Yoder, Sept. 12, 1948

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 18, 1963

Lead characters in the “The King And I” stage production, Sept. 24-26-28, are Mary Shaffer, Jonathan Wierwill, Beth Walter, Danny Borton, Jon Fish, Terry Stuckey, Marilyn Reynolds.

The first annual Junior Club Calf Show, sponsored by Archbold Lions Club, takes place, Wednesday, Sept. 18, 8 pm, at Lugbill Bros. auction arena.

Members of the building committee of the Archbold Methodist Church took part in the cornerstone-laying of the new structure on Walnut and Ditto streets. Committeemen are Glenn Gallaway, Donald Stotzer, Gordon E. Tatman, pastor; Ralph Baldwin, Dale Pape, Jo Lantz, Donald Stamm, Hal C. Hackett.

Commercial Club members will tour Gendron Wheel factory next Monday noon. John Zimmerman arranged the program.

About 30 sales representatives from many parts of the nation attended the two-day sales conference of Bil-Jax, Inc., held at the headquarters office in Archbold and at Valleywood Country Club, Swanton, Sept. 16-17.

Eugene Winfield is a new math instructor at Archbold High School. Mrs. JoAnn Winfield teaches sixth grade at Archbold elementary. They have one daughter and reside at 103 Christine Drive.

About 225 persons participated Saturday in the Tiffin River Watershed Air Tour, and 500 others visited the Bryan Airport to view the exhibits.

A group of archers headed by Bud and Gertrude Hitt of Hit Archery Co., were challenged by golfers from De- Mor Hills golf course, Morenci, Mich., Sunday afternoon. The archers’ bows will be pitted again the golfer’s clubs in the match.

C&M Stable will have an entry, Delightful Time, in the Little Brown Jug, the second part of pacing’s Triple Crown for three-year-olds at the Delaware Fairgrounds, Thursday afternoon.

Coffee Break, the C&M top money star, won over six other starters in the $11,000 event.

Coffee Break has lifetime earnings of $196,351. He has won 26 of 51 starts in three years.

Marvin Merillat, master magician, will entertain for 45 minutes at the Lions Club meeting, Thursday evening, Sept. 19.

Lauber Clothing, owned by Harold and Marilyn Smith, will open at its new location, Sept. 19-20-21, in the room recently vacated by the A&P, on the west side of North Defi- ance Street. The business was founded by Joseph Lauber in 1888. Marilyn is a granddaughter of the founder.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–Men can achieve much in a lifetime, but mothers become indispensable sharing the priceless treasure of love…. Young men soon learn that a girlfriend has the power to make them most happy or most miserable…. Women will think you are wonderful if you just listen.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Sept. 14, 1938

Pauline Rupp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Rupp, a BGSU grad, will be the commercial teacher at Lyons High School.

The John Rich building opposite the post office was moved to the Adolph Stamm farm, southeast of Archbold, to be used as a garage. Kenneth Grieser did the moving.

Fred Schmidt had a cobbler shop for many years in the building. He plans to build a new shop near his home on South Street.

The long drought was lifted Monday when a torrential, drenching rain fell.

A four-generation photo appears of the William A. Leininger family. School enrollment of all grades is 449. Last year, enrollment was 444.

The latest department to be added to the school is a kindergarten. The teacher is Miss Wilma Miller. Twenty children, mostly from the town, reported.

Wauseon voters will face a bond issue of $15,125 to build a swimming pool. Voters also will decide upon the issuance of $8,000 in bonds for a new fire engine.

The second annual community picnic takes place in Ruihley Park, Friday afternoon, Sept. 23. Roy Weer will bring one of his rides and they will be free to all children.

The Joseph F. Roth family reunion was held Sunday at the old homestead where Amos Roth and family live, northeast of Elmira.

After one year of free textbooks, it was found there was a very small shrinkage of inventory. Out of two or three thousand books in the elementary school, only 12 books had to be replaced because of loss or wearing out.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Sept. 16, 1913

It is said the Allen Bank in Fayette had been conducted for 28 years without accounts being balanced. Today the accounts of all modern banks are balanced every evening, and if the books do not balance the cashier and president sit up all night and work until they do balance or they find out the reason why.

About 21 hunting licenses were issued in German Township so far. There is a reward for the arrest and conviction of anyone hunting without a license.

George Erbskorn and a carpenter helper fell from a scaffold while repairing a house for Eli Richert, near the Dover Church. Both men are in serious condition.

The Ehrat Bakery will soon be ready for operation. The roof is now over the workroom and the oven is all braced and in shape again.

There was an unusual excitement on main street Tuesday. The strangest and most alarming sounds came up the street. The sound was like the dying wail of a regiment of umbrella menders. Citizens rushed to doors and windows to see a duet of mules singing the mule song in concert with a DeWolfhopper finale.

Friday, Sept. 19, 1913

It is now more serious than a smart trick in Ohio for anyone to skip off in an automobile for a joy ride when the owner does not know it. The new Fellinger law went into effect last week. It opens doors to the penitentiary for the festive joy rider.

There was a second fatality within 24 hours at the Lake Shore Railroad water tank at Stryker. The body of Edward Lillian, 20, of Shelbyville, Ky., was discovered. His skull was crushed and there was a large hole in his head.

The scooping of water while a train is running fast invariably means death to blind baggage riders when the water washes them from the car platform.

The big Eli Ferris wheel stuck when the cars were filled with people at the Defiance Carnival last week. The whole town turned out to see the fire department rescue the people from the bench seats.

It is now against the law to employ girls under 16 in stores or factories. Boys under 15 cannot be employed.

Trade where your trade is wanted. Buy of those who invite you. Patronize the merchants who advertise in the Buckeye. They are the ones who support the town.

A new wagon scale to weigh sugar beets is being placed in the Lake Shore Depot yard.

The Delta Band will come and double with the Archbold Band Thursday evening for a main street evening concert.

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