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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2003

After weathering a financial storm in 2001, Dean Beck, FCHC administrator, said in 2002 the hospital had a $1.2-plus million surplus.

Contributions to FCHC, plus rent from the medical office building addition, generated about $700,000.

There are problems resulting from the closure of the North Defiance Street-Lutz Road intersection.

Many motorists are ignoring detour signs, which cause problems for workmen.

Dennis Howell, administrator, said he spent most of last week working out the detour issue.

Phil Ennen, vice president of operations of Community Hospitals of Williams County, said officials are satisfied with the operation of the Archbold Hospital.

Ennen said the hospital has been “very well received by the community It’s growing slowly, which is what we expected,” he said.

Kent Stamm has purchased The Pop Shop from Mike and Bonnie Rupp. The business will reopen Sept. 2, according to Stamm. bil-jax, inc. received ISO certification for the first time. ISO standards provide confirmation that the company adheres to the highest international design, manufacturing, and distribution standards of any company of its kind.

Phyllis and Dencel Miller are in Hollywood on the set of The Bernie Mac Show. The couple spent a day on the set working as extras.

During July, the village issued five zoning permits for projects in the village.

Deaths– Bernhard T. Friesen, 94, Archbold; Florence M. Planson, 76, Stryker; Tracy L. Boettger, 42, Archbold

The two-day Black Swamp Benefit, June 20-21, collected a total of $112,189.28.

Junior Olympic wrestlers who competed in Detroit, July 22 through Aug. 1, were Luke Stuckey, Chase Schultz, Ryan Rufenacht, Josh Gracia, Cody Ruffer. Brian Becher is their coach.

Lightning struck a giant oak tree in the front yard of the Frank Grime house when a severe thunderstorm hit Sunday, Aug. 4. The tree is estimated at 85 to 90 feet and 165 years old.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 10, 1988

Fulton County Commissioners are making progress on a water study for the county that may someday see Archbold or Wauseon water piped to Pettisville.

Commissioners learned before they can have a countywide water district, they must first have a countywide sewer district.

Lowell Rupp, commissioner, said the resolution that established the countywide sewer district was made in 1960.

Voters in Fulton County will be asked again in the November election to provide tax money to fund an enhanced 911 emergency telephone system for the county.

Commissioners will have a demonstration E-911 system set up at the Fulton County Fair in September.

Regional landfills are the next major issue facing county commissioners, according to Lowell Rupp, commissioner.

The new law, approved as House Bill 592, requires small population counties such as Fulton, Williams, Henry, and Defiance to join together to form regional landfills.

Some counties, if they have 10 or more years of life left in their landfills, can apply for an exemption from the law, but Rupp said the exemptions are hard to come by.

Toledo Edison has set new records for peak electricity demand and six-month sales. But it is not the answer to the company’s money problems. Seven citizens of Ridgeville

Township met with Ridgeville Township Trustees to discuss the proposed Napoleon-Ridgeville Corners waterline.

John E. King, supervisor of public drinking water for the Northwest District of Ohio, recommends the Archbold water supply, rather than that of Napoleon. Archbold already has a line close to the village.

Drought has livestock farmers looking for alternative feed sources. But letting cows roam the woods isn’t the answer, said Randall Heiligmann, a forester in the Ohio State University School of Natural Resources.

“Turning cattle loose in the woods threatens the cattle and the woods,” he said.

Deaths– Caesaro (Jerry) Villare, 83, Archbold; Ira J. Miller, 97, Wauseon; Oliver A. Rupp, 89, Pettisville

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 14, 1963

Application has been made by the directors of The Peoples State Bank Company to have the 56-year-old institution become a National Bank.

Suggested names are First National Bank of Archbold or Peoples National Bank of Archbold.

Lynda, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice King, was chosen FFA chapter sweetheart.

All but four steers of a total of 180 were driven to safety when fire razed a large barn on the Orville Short farm last Wednesday. Other outbuildings and four silos were saved.

Jack Miller and Neal Spengler, assistant coaches at Montpelier and Bryan, attended the Ohio High School football coaches clinic at Canton, Aug. 9-10.

The new fire station was a busy place Monday night when members of Scout Troop 63, Rotarians, firemen, and the police department checked 275 bicycles for brakes, lights, and other safety factors.

Reuben Short, LaFayette, Ind., who has been pastor of the Evangelical Mennonite Church in that city, will leave Aug. 28 for Elkhart, Ind., where on Sept. 1 he is to be executive secretary of the Congo Inland Mission. He is the former pastor of Archbold Evangelical Mennonite Church.

The roof of the mausoleum at Edon Cemetery is collapsing, and on the west side, a gaping hole lets wind, rain, sunshine, snow and all elements pour into the interior.

Peter Stuckey reunion will be held at Stryker Park, Aug. 18.–adv.

The Ohio Little Hoover Commission has recommended the State Library Board be abolished as well as the State Library, which would affect every library in Ohio.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 10, 1938

The largest crowd ever to attend one of Lugbill Bros. livestock auction sales was on hand Friday evening at the first night auction.

The man in charge did everything possible to take care of the crowd of buyers and spectators, and the Lugbills plan to repeat the sales weekly. The next one is Friday night.

The auction area was packed and a great many people were unable to get in. Estimated crowd was over 2,000.

Many former residents are here and hundreds of others are expected to join the thousands of Northwest Ohioans who will be in Archbold tonight and all day Thursday, Aug. 11, to enjoy the 15th annual Archbold Homecoming celebration in “one of the ten best small towns in the nation.”

Donald, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weber, and Virginia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Terrell, were married by Rev. Eli Frey, Tuesday afternoon, with Miss Leanna Nofzinger and Edward Baus as attendants. Bill Hollingshead rescued a young robin caught between the rails of the tracks at the North Defiance Street Railroad crossing. He placed it under a shade tree on Mrs. Coy’s front yard.

Miss Audrey Short, of Toledo, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dan P. Short, was named assistant superintendent and director of the education department at Flower Hospital, Toledo.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Aug. 12, 1913

The body of Almer Boudrou, also known as Hotel de Tree, was found dead under a tree near his shack at the town dump Monday afternoon.

It is probable he had been dead several hours. He was 72 years old. It is believed he had two daughters, but no trace of them can be found.

The body was buried in Archbold Cemetery, Tuesday. The Board of Health burned his shanty. They found 78¢ in his clothes.

Mike Frost has quit the livery stable business at Stryker for a job as handshaker behind a bar at Defi- ance.

Delta merchants find it pays rewards to publish half-page advertisements in the hot summer season. No merchant knows what can be accomplished until an effort is attempted. The merchant who sits down nowadays and waits for the customer to do the hustling is about 30 years behind the times.

Labor Day is Sept. 1. It usually is celebrated in Archbold by attending strictly to business. But we would all be surprised if all of the laborers in Archbold could be seen in a parade. There would be a larger crowd than most people could believe.

The few effects of the late Almer Boudrou, also known as Hotel deTree, were sold at auction on the main street Saturday afternoon. Strange to say, everything sold… the horse, harness, watch, etc. All found buyers.

The money will about pay burial expenses.

Elton Jones broke a leg while trying out his new motorcycle at the Ottokee Fairgrounds, Sunday.

The Farmers & Merchants Banking Co., Metamora, vs. Peter Schmitz; money only.

Friday, Aug. 15, 1913

There is to be no political party business in village elections hereafter. The ballots will be non-partisan.

The silliness of voting for a man because he belongs to some party is a thing of the past. It means the end of the village political boss.

The spirit of progress really starts with the small town. There is where the thinkers have room to think. Let’s give the new plan a thorough tryout. It certainly cannot be worse than the primary idea.

Any one who gets out and induces his friends to sign a petition can get the nomination for an office. It is free for all. No more growling now, get busy or keep still.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Joseph K. Ferguson has sold to Jacob F. Leininger, of Archbold, Ohio, the property at 1551 West Division Street, 50 feet east of Ashland Avenue, located in what is known as the “Triangle,” being the block where Milwaukee Avenue and Ashland Avenue and Division Street intersect.

While the consideration is withheld, the price is stated to have been about $20,000. The transaction is of notable interest for the reason that the grantor acquired the property in July 1906 for $7,300.

A minister was once requested to open Memorial Day services in Archbold. His prayer was so long and full of Memorial Day sentiment that he left no room for the orator of the day to say anything.

Some Archbold people have been wondering ever since whether it was a joke, stupidity, or cussedness.

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