Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, June 11, 2003

The street tree committee will make a recommendation to council concerning the fate of the trees that line North Defiance Street.

Pettisville elementary school failed to reach the state benchmark in four of five areas of the state-mandated proficiency tests. “We’ll work harder,” said Steve Switzer, superintendent.

The Keenan Corporation has moved into a factory building in the Pettisville school district.

Kreg Culler, president, said he and two other area investors purchased L&L Machine from Lynn and Linda Casler.

Deaths– Hazel F. Pilbeam, 91, Archbold; Kenneth F. Rupp, 87, Fort Wayne, Ind.; Marilyn M. Siegel, 67, Holland; Irene A. King, 83, Archbold; Gladys M. Breniser, 97, Archbold

Eli Wagler and Jacob Leu, AHS juniors, will attend the Ohio Business Week program at University of Findlay in July.

Forty talented ACT performers will stage “Fiddler on the Roof.” Dave Perkins, Bryan, plays the lead role of Tevye, a character he has portrayed several times for other theatre groups. His wife, Goldie, is played by Sandra Salsbury, Wauseon. Five daughters are portrayed by Kate Salsbury, Wauseon; Amanda Richer, Jessica David, and Jessica Leininger, Archbold; and Erin Cole, Pettisville.

Affirmation, a vocal group from the Archbold area, is on the Gospel Music Festival program at Sauder Village, June 14.

Lana Short shows a heartshaped plant in her flower garden in a photograph. It is known as an obedient. Lana has enjoyed gardening for about 15 years.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, June 15, 1988

Joe Staudt was inducted into the greater Akron Baseball Hall of Fame, May 15.

Staudt began his baseball career at Buchtel High School, advanced to the University of Akron, and played in the American Amateur Baseball Congress. In 1951 he signed with the Dodgers, but was drafted into the armed forces.

By a vote of 8-3, a plan to clean the Tiffin River was defeated Monday afternoon. Two Fulton County Commissioners, Al Kreuz and Deryle Stiritz, and Dave Hurst, representing Lowell Rupp, the other local commissioner, voted for the plan. Rupp, who is a property owner in the river watershed, disqualified himself.

Commissioners from Williams, Defiance, and Henry counties voted against the plan.

Patrick A. Kennedy, formerly of Archbold, was recently named senior vice president of First National Bank Northwest Ohio.

Deaths– Edwin Wyse, 77, and wife Doris, 69, Archbold; W. Earl Saunders, 85, Wauseon; Gertrude Babcock, 95, Napoleon; Leslie R. Gile, 55, Bryan

Jennifer Henry, Archbold, Four County Vocational School, received the outstanding senior award in horticulture.

Guys & Dolls CCL officers: Kathy Rupp, president; Shawn McCutcheon, vice president; Peggy Ehrman, historian; Carol Short, corresponding secretary; Bev Emch, treasurer; Deb Nofziger, recording secretary.

50th Wedding Anniversary– Gladwin and Marie Bourquin, June 5, 1938

Vond Hall, formerly of Archbold and an AHS grad, was quoted in the Columbus Dispatch daily newspaper. Hall is the community development director for Greenfield, Ohio. Greenfield and five area businesses plan to spend almost $2.4 million to save 29 miles of CSX railroad line.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor– It’s the public’s right to swat a fly…. The Ohio River flows 413 miles along the Buckeye state’s southeast and southern borders…. Remember when Nikita Khrushchev visited the United States and told us, “We will bury you.”

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, June 19, 1963

M.A. Farber was appointed administrator of Fairlawn Haven at a special meeting of the board of trustees, June 13. He will assume the position July 1, with a temporary office in the Sauder Woodworking Company. Farber is following Lucille Roth as administrator, who resigned because of other obligations and personal reasons.

Clyde Sommers, Bluffton, has accepted a position with Gendron Wheel Company as product design engineer, and hopes to move his family here as soon as a suitable residence can be obtained.

The sixth summer school session offered by the Archbold Local School District opened June 10 for six weeks, closing July 23.

Total enrollment is 288, an increase of 18 over last year. There are 169 in the high school and 119 in elementary

Twenty teachers serve on the summer school faculty.

Members of the Archbold High School mixed chorus began preparations Thursday afternoon for the production of the Broadway musical performance “The King And I,” under the direction of Walter C. Treadway, music teacher.

Pat, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Sapp, Wauseon, was named a finalist in the Miss Top of Ohio contest, which will be held at Bryan, July 2. It is the preliminary to the Miss Top of Ohio beauty pageant and Miss America.

Marvin G. Merillat, AHS ‘66, a ventriloquist entertainer, received first place in the Big Break Show in Cincinnati, July 16. He appeared on the Ted Mack TV show in New York City, April 21.

Andy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Short, fell Saturday and broke his arm.

Pettisville High School and Pettisville Missionary Church host the opening sessions of the 57th annual Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities. A large tent was erected to accommodate 3,000 people.

Maynard Wyse, chairman of the general planning committee, said the theme is “Sharing the Living Christ.”

Dale Gigax, a pilot for Erie Sauder, of Sauder Woodworking, flew the company airplane to Cleveland with a load of boys to see the New York Yankees play the Cleveland Indians. The lucky boys were Douglas Gigax, Paul Buehrer, Calvin Britsch, and Steve Pape.

They left the hanger on the Sanford Nofziger farm west of Burlington, Saturday, at 10 am, and landed at Lake Front Airport one hour later. They walked a quarter mile to the Cleveland stadium, and returned home, in Archbold, for supper.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, June 15, 1938

Members of the Archbold Fire Department will attend the annual convention of the Northwestern Ohio Volunteer Firemen’s Association today at Napoleon.

The Archbold band will be one of about 50 bands and drum and bugle corps to participate in the parade.

A public meeting in the Township Trustee room in the Town & Township Hall will determine the dates for the 1938 Archbold Homecoming.

Mrs. E.E. Bourquin and Mr. and Mrs. C.O. Swisher were returning in an automobile from Columbus, accompanied by Miss Jane Bourquin, an OSU student, when their car hit a swarm of bees that covered the windshield. They were forced to stop so Mr. Swisher could scrape the bees from the windshield.

Alf. Spiess was on the roller in the field when he saw H.L. Fraas signaling a swarm of bees congregating around two bungholes in two vinegar barrels near the house.

Alf. said once he got stung by about 160 bees, and it hurt something terrible, but the next day he felt so good like he’d never felt good before.

Victor G. Ruffer was the soloist with the Vernon Mc- Cune Post Band of Toledo at Put-In-Bay last Sunday.

100 Years Ago
Tuesday, June 17, 1913

It is stated that if one grain of corn could be added to each ear, there would be a revenue thus derived to pay for all the agricultural colleges now in operation, and if no seed were planted without being tested, our crops would be increased to an amount sufficient to pay the national debt every year.

The young folks had a dinner and marshmallow roast in Alex Grime’s orchard, Sunday afternoon. There was excellent entertainment and delicious refreshments.

In Berlin, Germany, they are beginning to serve dog meat cooked in several styles at some restaurants. The custom of eating dog is an old one with the American Indians.

Three brothers have married three telephone girls at Napoleon. Let someone in Archbold beat that record.

A tramp passed through town the other morning leading a very common-looking dog. When asked why he kept the dog with him, the poor fellow said the animal was the only friend he has.

Tar and sulfur burned in the poultry house with the doors and windows closed is a good disinfectant.

Andrew Drew, who flew an aeroplane at Napoleon Sunday, flew to his death at Lima, Thursday. He took out a new untested machine against the advice of his teacher. He said he was just going for a little joy ride.

The machine caught fire in mid-air and the man and machine fell to the rocks below. Relic hunters took his clothes as souvenirs.

Friday, June 20, 1913

Another pioneer of Northwest Township has penetrated the mysteries of the unseen and passed to the rewards of another life. Elizabeth Maugherman was 108. She left 50 grandchildren, 40 great-grandchildren and her pipe.

No place on the globe will you find such big-hearted, generous and noble people as reside in this old town, and they are not much on dress parade.

They do not wear silk stockings or silk hats, but they have hearts as big and warm as ever pulsated in human breasts.

When you hear a man glorifying the past and dwelling on the good old days, you may be sure the man’s physical and intellectual powers are wavering, and that he is straggling farther and farther behind in the rush of the world’s progress.

The best thing about the good old days is that they have not a return ticket.

J.C. Leu’s auto went off the embankment at the Henry and Defiance County line, Wednesday forenoon.

The machine about stood on its head in the ditch. Fred Yedica and J.W. Waldvogel happened through in time to help him out.

The circus parade in the neighborhood of the Lake Shore Depot consisted of kids in all kinds of costumes with all kinds of musical instruments.

There are very few empty cars on the siding on the Lake Shore Railroad. There is much to haul and another big crop soon to be on the way.

If you come to Archbold Sunday evening, you will think the whole world is composed of young fellows looking for girls, or pretty girls willing to be looked after by the right fellow.

Archbold is proud of its popularity among the young people. Let them continue to come.

There should by all means be a hay press in every community where hay is grown for market. Where farms are small, the owners should purchase one in partnership.

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