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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday June 4, 2003

Diplomas will be awarded to 123 AHS seniors, Sunday, June 8, at the 112th commencement service in the high school gymnasium.

Thirteen students will be honored in scholarship: Cindy Allen, Mindy Enderle, Katie Keefer, Tad Litwiller, Leah Meyer, Carrie Nofziger, Erica Nofziger, Krystina Ross, Jordan Rupp, Jennifer Ruth, Melissa Sanford, Sean Stewart, Betsy Stotzer.

Council and Bob and Janelle Buschur resolved their dispute over 450 square feet of property for $2,000 and a promise to attempt to move a bush.

Council and the Buschurs have been at odds since February over village plans to rebuild and enlarge the North Defiance Street-Lutz Road intersection. Plans call for adding left-turn lanes to both streets.

The AHS student newspaper, The Blue and Gold, received first place at BGSU in the Great Lakes Interscholastic Press Association competition for high school newspapers.

Deaths– Alexis Boettger, infant, Stryker; Theola Hite, 93, Sebring, Fla.; John H. Rodriguez, 55, Wauseon; Carlton O. Meyer, 68, Napoleon

50th Wedding Anniversaries– Merlin and Nancy Fluckinger, June 7, 1953; Melvin and Ruth Lange, June 14

Cal Rychener, son of Lloyd and Marie, has just authored his first book Living at a Higher Level of Faith, according to an advertisement.

Headlines– Andrea Lange And Girls 4×200 Head To State; Jordon Bruner Runs To State; Pettisville Wins BBC All-Sports Trophy Title

Jessica and Jacob Valdez, rural Pettisville, celebrated their last day of school on their ninth birthday, according to a photograph. Both will be in third grade next fall.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, June 8, 1988

The South Defiance Street detour continues to cause problems. Police issued 17 citations for driving on the closed street.

Martin Schmidt, assistant police chief, said there is nothing more that can be done to get the message across to drivers.

Streetlights with underground wiring will be coming to Woodland Oaks II. A recent survey of lot owners in the neighborhood showed 33 voted for streetlights with underground wiring. Council had previously decided to provide streetlights with overhead wiring at no cost, because it provides that service to the rest of the village.

The Archbold water supply remains adequate, in spite of hot weather and little rain. “Years ago a dry spell like this would have us concerned,” said Larry Short, superintendent of the water department.

Marlin and Bueta Rupp, Pettisville, have ridden motorcycles together about five years, traveling thousands of miles, sometimes with a group, other times alone.

Bueta’s first trip was Florida in 1983.

On one trip to Pennsylvania, they rode all day in a steady drizzle.

Evan Bertsche, who is an associate professor and chairman of the Social Work Department, BGSU, was recently honored for his years in social work.

He received a lifetime achievement award from the Ohio Chapter, National Association of Social Workers, in recognition of 37 years of practice in social work.

Three members of the Archbold Business & Professional Women’s Club attended the state convention in Columbus, June 3-5: Helen Drake, president; Elizabethann Boddiger, vice-president; Geneva Armstrong, treasurer.

John Fraas, AHS ‘66, regius professor of economics and chairman of the economics department, has been named dean of the School of Arts and Humanities at Ashland College.

Deaths– June Spiess, 62, Ridgeville Corners; Harold “Schnitz” Short, 77, Fayette; Floyd H. Paxton, 89, Stryker; John Hausch, 80, Archbold; Harold L. Peugeot, 75, Stryker; Margaret McConnell, 49, Archbold

50th Wedding Anniversary– Willard and Grace King, June 9, 1948

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, June 12, 1963

George Clark, eight-year science teacher at Archbold High School, will attend the State University of Iowa on a fellowship from the National Science Foundation. The Clark family will move late in August.

Clark has been director of the Quadri-County Science Fair at Archbold, and the past two years has directed the Greater Ohio Science Fair, embracing 65 counties in Ohio.

Bertha B. Emmons, postmaster at Pettisville, received the Postmaster of the Year award in Toledo last week.

George Petrowsky, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Petrowsky, in the U.S. Army in Paris, recently was on a two-week vacation tour of Rome, the Vatican, and many points of interest in Italy. His two years of service will end in October, when he will return home to Archbold.

Herbert L. Ruffer graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College, June 9.

Ralph Shinaberry, Hudson, Mich., visited Archbold recently. He has become known throughout the United States for his attempt to have the farm program annulled. He wants farmers to support the Adair Bill (H.R. 5157), which would repeal the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938; liquidate the Community Credit Corporation; refund all penalties, and nullify any liens established as a result of violation of marketing quotas.

James Gerken, Ridgeville Corners, Pfc., stationed with the U.S. Army in Europe, recently visited the grave of his father at Salerno, Italy. His father, Edgar, was killed in 1943 while serving in the U.S. Army during World War II.

Roger D. Klopfenstein, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alton, graduated from International College, Fort Wayne, Ind., June 6.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor– At its deepest point, Lake Erie is down 210 feet. The deepest spot in Lake Superior is 1,302 feet.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, June 8, 1938

Miss Donna Marie Bressler, and helpers of the Napoleon Recreation Department, will come to Archbold Thursday to give an archery demonstration. The sport is becoming popular all over the nation.

Archery is attracting young and old, and the park board may encourage the sport as a feature in the park this summer.

The new Franklin Street railroad crossing of the New York Central is open to traffic, and the Lincoln Street crossing has been closed.

The new crossing gives motorists a better view and more protection than the Lincoln Street crossing, where freight cars on the siding and trains switching made visibility difficult.

Little Barbara Ann Rich, two-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Rich, has three great-grandfathers, all in their 80s. A photograph shows her with Mr. J.G. Nofziger, of Stryker Street, who is 81. Her other two great-grandfathers are Rev. Eli Frey, bishop of the local Mennonite congregations, and Mr. J. Gigax, of Elmira.

Cliff Clevenger, a Bryan businessman, is a candidate for nomination on the Republican ticket to the office of congressman from the fifth district.

Drillers struck a promising vein of gas at 100 feet on the William J. Rupp farm east of Burlington. They also tapped a vein of nice water at 170 feet.

100 Years Ago
Tuesday, June 10, 1913

A boy came home from school sobbing with all his might because his teacher had whipped him. His father inquired the trouble. “You know when I asked you last night,” said the boy, “what a million dollars was and you said it was a hell of a lot of money? Well, that ain’t the right answer.”

Twenty-eight graduated from the Wauseon schools.

Lightning burned a $4,000 barn at Holland, Tuesday.

Let the schoolboys kick up their heels and have oceans of sport, now that vacation is here. Now is the time for sport.

However, parents should see that it is innocent sport, and there are hours enough when there is light. The gatherings around the street after night are not calculated to improve their morals and such liberties should not be permitted.

The old-fashioned woman who used to put fresh straw under the parlor carpet every spring–where is she today?

Anyway, the man who is in church on Sunday morning is not endangering anybody by joyriding in his new automobile.

The Boston police have started on an anti-hatpin crusade. The women mediate a sharp resistance.

Some men are even proud of being arrested for violating speed laws. There is no accounting for pride.

If you pay as you go and are able to go as you pay, you will get there.

A Defiance auctioneer advertises he speaks High Dutch, Low Dutch, and Dumb Dutch. Maybe someone should address him in English.

A larger crowd of Archbold people attended the aeroplane and automobile races at Napoleon, Sunday.

If the party that has been stealing from iceboxes on Stryker Street will call at the houses, they will be given what they want without breaking the law.

Friday, June 13, 1913

The biggest woman in Michigan, Miss Ira Ottinger, died Sunday. She was 19 years old and weighed 509 pounds and was five feet six inches tall. It required a tape measure five feet six inches to go around her body; her arms were 23 inches in circumference and required eight pallbearers to handle the casket.

Tuesday was the day when the Archbold school district voted on the proposition of issuing $24,000 bonds for school purposes. It lost 143-57.

There were many arguments and many wordy combats, and some of the arguments were as far from the subject as usual.

The result was no surprise to anyone.

The girls have the best of the boys in Archbold by five, according to the school enumeration just completed.

The greatly decreased number of dead and wounded Fourth of July victims is eloquent testimony of the value of constantly striving to secure reforms.

For years, the agitation for a sane Fourth has been going on, and let us make 1913 a record-breaking event.

The man who cannot keep a 2×4 foot lawn in decent shape is usually quite sure he could manage successfully a half-section farm.

Weston The Walker is coming again. He believes walking to be the best kind of medicine. He takes his own medicine in 1500-mile doses.

In the latest film success, it is the hired man that gets the farmer’s daughter and inherits the farm and all those little chickens in the garden.

The farm films are getting big money in the cities, which proves that the old farm home is always dear to the hearts of the city dwellers.

It is against the law to sell, expose for sale or explode any kind of firecrackers or noise making explosives in the Archbold corporation limits.

Archbold merchants are making arrangements for another Bargain Day.

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