Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Max Nofziger, an Archbold native and political activist in Austin, Texas, for 25 years, said his campaign for mayor may be his last venture in politics.

Nofziger, a former Austin city councilman, said, “This is the 25th anniversary of my public involvement. I first ran for mayor in 1979.”

In the May 3 election, Nofziger finished a distant second in an eight-way race.

With plenty of rain and warm temperatures soon to come, it again will be mosquito season.

With the advent of the West Nile Virus, the battle against mosquitoes takes on new meaning.

Dean Genter, a county commissioner, said the rush of people refinancing their homes has been an issue in the question of trees standing near the county airport. The trees may have been a factor in a plane crash that killed three persons.

The commissioners had one stand of trees appraised, but the landowners said they wanted an independent appraisal.

“With everyone redoing their mortgages, the appraisers are busy,” Genter said.

Cathy Castill landed a 30 1/4-inch, 8 1/2-pound walleye while fishing in Lake Erie, Saturday, May 10.

Lacy Short created a retrofashion spring silk dress for the recent Vintage Apparel Exhibit, a program at the Allen County Museum, Lima.

Deaths– Jack Boyer, 75, Archbold; Mary E. Couch, 54, Columbus; Marilyn R. Young, 66, Williamston, Mich.

Larry and Bev Armstrong appear in a photograph square dancing in the gymnasium with the Fountain City Squares.

Headline– Crestview Knocks Streaks Out Of Tournament, 5-1…. Archbold Third, Fourth Graders Sweep Top Spelling Bee Honors

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, June 1, 1988

At least four motorists were reminded in a forceful way that the northbound lane of North Defiance Street is closed during working hours. Police issued four citations for operating a vehicle on a closed road, May 26-27.

According to David Lersch, superintendent of schools, the average cost to Ohio per high school graduate is $45,000 for 13 years of education.

Pettisville High School honor students are Brent Beck, Lynn Miller, Sheri Nofziger, Jason Pursel, Tina Reynolds, Lynelle Richer, Shannon Ripke, Traci Rychener, Dawn Squires, Rick Yoder, Nancy Zehr.

It’s large and imposing from the outside, and warm and inviting inside. It’s Founder’s Hall, the newest and largest addition to Sauder Village.

The new building is open to the public Sunday from 1 to 5 pm with no admission fee. Many activities are already planned for the octagonal shaped auditorium.

Lauber Manufacturing is in the process of renovating its production facilities. It is reworking the sawdust collection system, which is operating at capacity.

Deaths– Mary Ann Poorman, 61, Liberty Center

50th Wedding Anniversary– Robert and Lillian Heer, June 18, 1938

It’s been 24 years since David Bednar, AHS ‘50, was in his hometown. “I’m amazed how nice the town looks,” he said. “So much is still the same, or better.”

Jeremy Short, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Short, and his grandfather, Lowell Rose, Defiance, recently caught several trophy-size fish in Florida.

Dean Zaerr scored a holein one on the seventh hole using a 9-iron. It was witnessed by Bob Strickler, Dave Davis, and Kent Schrock.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor– Americans drink about a billion gallons of orange juice every year…. The best time to start your own business is in your late 30s and 40s, according to a survey by the University of Minnesota and the University of Pennsylvania.

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, June 5, 1964

Mr. and Mrs. Ora Rupp were overnight guests Sunday of their son, Charles L. Rupp, and family, and attended graduation at Central Michigan University, where Charles received a Master of Arts degree, Sunday afternoon.

Mary Silcox, Mary Couch, Linda Pilbeam, and Nancy Hootman, girl scouts, earned the Curve Bar, the highest intermediate Girl Scout award.

Erik R. Brogren, general manager of Fulton Tubing, retired June 1. He is succeeded by John M. Klein.

Four more northwestern Ohio towns will receive service from Ohio Gas Co.: Williams Center, Farmer, Hicksville, Pioneer.

New officers of the Business and Professional Woman’s Club are Melba Schmucker, president; BeEtta Miller, vice president; Otha Mahler, secretary; Frieda Nofziger, corresponding secretary; Myrtie Murphy, treasurer.

Gerald D. Myers will graduate from Miami University, June 10.

Eighteen eighth grade students of the Franklin Township School visited and toured the state capitol, Tuesday, May 28.

Girl Scouts who completed second class are Marsha Finn, Hilda Dohm, Carol Clark, Debbie Frey, Carol Bertsche, Jennifer Thompson, Mary Rupp, Christine McNally, Lynn Wyse.

Judy Spiess, 20, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Spiess, Stryker, graduated as a stewardess with National Airline, Miami, Fla.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, June 1, 1938

Virginia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Buehrer, won second place in the annual horse show at Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, Va.

Virginia appears in a Buckeye photo in proper riding habit. She is a freshman at the private girls school, and will return for her sophomore year.

The Archbold Band will open its downtown concert season, Wednesday evening, June 8.

The entertainment is free and sponsored by the progressive merchants of Archbold.

People from miles around come to town for the summer event because they like to shop the excellent stores that show genuine friendliness and give impeccable service.

The old Angola Road has been taken over by the state highway department and numbered State Route 537.

It is renamed from the Toledo Frankfort Road to Toledo Kunkle Road.

Postmasters of the four northwestern counties of Ohio celebrated National Air Mail Week at the Archbold Airport, Thursday afternoon, May 19.

Three marching bands led an automobile parade through downtown.

Cigarette dealers of Fulton County must pay the county auditor $25 yearly for a license. The money goes to schools. To date, 75 dealers are licensed to sell the product.

Orville Graber, 22, Archbold, was stopped at a traffic light in Wauseon, when another car plowed into him at a high rate of speed. He escaped serious injury, but his car was badly damaged.

Phillip Richard and Stanley Robert, identical twins born Sept. 16, 1937, to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Buehrer of Stryker, appear in a photograph at five months old. The twins are 3 ounces different in weight.

It is illegal to spear carp in Ohio waters, according to the Conservation Division.

The presence of Canada thistles in the fall-plowed fields is one argument against the plowing of fields before winter.

100 Years Ago
Tuesday, June 3, 1913

Better find a job for the boys and girls during summer vacation. They will be better off learning how to earn their bread and butter than running wild. The idle mind is always unhappy.

Couples can no longer run over to Canada and get married. The contracting party must live in Canada six months.

Former president Roosevelt’s libel suit for $10,000 against Georga A. Newett, editor of the Iron Age, Ishpeming, Mich., came to a sudden end when the editor publicly apologized in print for calling Teddy a drunkard in his newspaper. There were plenty of witnesses to prove that Mr. Roosevelt did not use liquor even moderately.

Three brother evangelists who are holding meetings in Indiana towns vary the sermons with acrobatic and juggling stunts. It is said that their methods are quite successful in converting sinners.

When a building or heating plant has been condemned by the state, its use must be discontinued. No playing with the state order will be tolerated. Therefore, it is well for us to vote “Yes” in the school bond matter.

Boys between the ages of 15 and 21 were scarce at the Memorial Day services. The youths of this country don’t want to hear anything about war.

G.W. Dimke is donating his valuable services as leader of the town band. He is sacrificing his time and ability for public benefit. The Archbold businessmen and citizens are not lacking in appreciation.

Automobile manufacturers cannot make the machines fast enough to supply the demand. Working three shifts of men eight hours each at the factories seems still too slow for the joy riders.

Henry Nofzinger, of Bryan, played with the Archbold Band, Friday.

Friday, June 6, 1913

The ocean-to-ocean highway project has just been the recipient of a gift of 2,700,000 barrels of cement from the Association of American Portland Cement Manufacturers.

The gift is said to ensure the cross-country highway. It represents more than $2,500,000. Automobile manufacturers have pledged one percent of their gross business for a year. It is estimated to cost $10,000,000 to build the concrete road from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans.

Do you remember the time when each farmhouse in German Township had a bed purposely for tramps? And when there was company, the boys were obliged to go and sleep in the tramp bed.

That was what fixed the tramp bed, so that when they got to be boss of the farm the tramp bed was burned, and that ended the matter.

It is claimed that Mrs. Will Nafziger, whose body was buried at Bryan last week, was foully murdered at her home at Lima. Her body was found in a pool of blood in the cellar.

A gaping wound on her head told where the blow of the assassin had fallen. It is reported the murder occurred on pay night, amd that her husband had not cashed his check.

Edward Payson Weston, the famous long distance pedestrian who has twice crossed the continent afoot, started today on a 1,500- mile tramp to Minneapolis.

The 77-year-old walker expects to complete the journey in 60 days, including Sundays, and is due to arrive in Minneapolis, Saturday, Aug. 2.

On his two walks across the country he passed through Archbold.

Indiana farmer wives will no longer cook a big dinner for threshers. Hereafter, threshers in that state will carry their own cook wagon. Thresher men as a rule are big eaters. The farmer must pay the thresher bill. So why should he be obliged to set up $1 dinners for the men?

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