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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Archbold Refuse Service, Taylor Parkway, will expand its operation in Archbold with the addition of 4.88 acres in the Industrial Park.

Council agreed to apply for Ohio Department of Natural Resources financial assistance for a boat ramp and dock at the Archbold reservoirs. The application is for a 50 percent matching grant, or $63,000.

Dennis Howell, village administrator, said the dockramp should be finished by June 2004.

Forty-four Pettisville High School seniors will receive diplomas Sunday.

Levi Rupp, son of Phil and Judi, received the Eagle Scout rank in a ceremony at St. Martin’s Lutheran Church, Monday, May 12.

Kay Wyse, manager of the Adriel Foster Care office in Archbold, was recently promoted to director.

Deaths– Mark T. Lauber, 44, Dover; Mary L. Hurd, 64, Stryker; Anna P, Mendenhall, 73, Wauseon; Gregory Wlasiuk, 54, Archbold

Joel Short, son of Lonnie and Carol, will participate in a program to explore a career in ministry this summer.

Nick Cameron leads the pack in the 300 hurdles en route to a league record, according to a photograph.

Alicia Fether received the John Phillip Sousa Award, and Chris Baden, the Louis B. Armstrong Award.

Archbold girls tennis players who received the Golden Racquet Award are Erica Nofziger, Mindy Enderle, Leah Meyer, Melissa Sanford, Cara Rufenacht.

John Wachtmann, an AHS grad and a senior at Taylor University, received the national Wheeler award at the NCCAA National Track and Field Championships, May 2-3.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, May 25, 1988

Don’t make him out to be a hero or glorify his wartime experiences. That’s what Ralph Crossgrove, an Archbold native, said.

Crossgrove saw combat in WWII of a different kind than on the ground. His battlegrounds were 25,000 feet over Nazi Germany. A frontpage feature story describes Crossgrove’s life in the US Air Force.

By midsummer the walkbikeway to Sauder Village should be completed. The name was selected by members of the Harold Stotzer family, who sold land to Erie Sauder for the walk-bikeway.

When completed, Stotzer Lane will be 3,900 feet long from Lutz Road to the Sauder Village campground. The pathway will be 12 feet wide and honors the Stotzer family, who were early merchants of Archbold.

Archbold radio station WHFD played a role in the capture of an escapee from the Paulding County Jail, May 21. Unfortunately, the man was able to slip away from authorities a second time.

50th Wedding Anniversary– Eli and Mae Miller, June 5, 1938

Kelly Stahl, a senior, was awarded the John Philip Sousa award at the Friday evening pops concert.

The Concerned Citizens Against the Proposed Regional Jail have taken their battle to the courts.

OSU Graduate– Randy Kinsey, March 18

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor– Earl Butz, former Secretary of Agriculture, said it like this. “Not all farmers are going to make it. Some will try to buy the whole country on a shoestring. Some will treat it like inflation will go on forever. The American philosophy that anyone who wants to farm should be guaranteed success is not right.”… Do you feel underpaid and that your work and services are unappreciated? In Tienstin, China, the average weekly wage is $8.75…. In his early days in show business, Jackie Gleason was a high diver at the Steel Pier on the famous Boardwalk at Atlantic City.

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, May 29, 1963

About 60 seniors of the Archbold High School Class of 1963 and eight chaperones will board a New York Central train at Union Station, Toledo, Sunday at 3:15 pm., for a trip to New York City and Washington, D.C. Accompanying the seniors will be Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Collamore, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Grieser, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Short, and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Short.

Seven students from Archbold will graduate from Goshen College in June: Donald D. Nofziger, Carol Grieser, Kenneth Nafziger, Daryl Rupp, Mrs. Rhonda (Nafziger) Schrag, Janice Nofziger, Arlene Sauder.

James E. Nagel and Dean E. Rupp graduated from Defiance College, May 26.

Robert W., son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Russell, was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa scholastic honorary fraternity in liberal arts at Ohio University.

Diane Eash, 18, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Victor W. Eash, has been named state delegate to represent Ohio in the American Beauty International Beauty Pageant, Aug. 8-18, at Long Beach, Calif.

Diane was selected by three judges in New York City: Johnny Carson, a TV star; Mr. John, a millinery designer, and Marie Fromow, beauty editor of Good Housekeeping magazine.

Four persons from Archbold were members of the Adrian College graduating class, May 26: Elaine J. Nofziger, cum laude; Shirley A. Rupp, cum laude; Michael J. Sullivan; Frank E. Winzeler. All received Bachelor of Arts degrees.

Wm. G. Rupp will show pictures taken during his navy tour of duty at the Monday luncheon of Commercial Club.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, May 25, 1938

About 300 persons congregated in the courtroom at Wauseon, Friday, May 20, to discuss the proposed cleaning out of the Tiffin River to remedy the overflow all along the stream from the Devil’s Lake District to the mouth at Defiance.

I.W. Gotshall presented the petition favoring the improvement and judge Newcomer, of Bryan, represented the objectors to the improvement, who were well-represented at the hearing.

C.E. Spithaler, pastor of St. Martin’s Lutheran Church, will give the Memorial Day address when the ceremony is held in the Archbold Cemetery, Monday, May 30, at 10 am.

Village officials at Wauseon are considering the installation of a sewage reduction plant for the town by taking advantage of the federal government’s pump-priming program of spending millions of dollars for public projects.

When Archbold does something, it always does it big, and does it well. And that is why the people flock to this village for most events. Such was the case when the big lights were turned on for the summer softball season in Ruihley Park.

The evening program was well planned and started downtown with band music and a march of townspeople to the park. The public address system was ready, and park board member A.C. Fagley excellently filled the roll as master of ceremonies.

Fine weather and the cooperation of all neighboring communities with postmasters and their employees in the many towns in the Fifth Congressional District contributed to the unusual success of the observance of Air Mail Day at the Archbold Airport, Thursday.

Mr. Horace Thiel, the man in charge of the summer recreation program in Ruihley Park under the Ohio State University recreation department, has started his responsibilities, and is being besieged by eager children who are ready for fun now that school is out.

Mr. Thiel starts shaping the recreational, craft, hobby, and park appreciation program for the summer, according to the needs and demands of the children and adults using the park facilities.

100 Years Ago
Tuesday, May 20, 1913

The state inspector issued condemnation papers against the seating plan of the Archbold schools, and also ordered that more room be provided, as the crowded condition of the schools is contrary to law and good judgment.

The Church of Christ, Akron, is all split up over playing cards. One of the deacons says playing cards at home for fun is no sin, while the pastor, Oakley Shade, formerly of Edgerton, is against the cards. The deacon has the largest crowd with him, but the pastor claims to have the Lord on his side.

Chicago women have passed resolutions against the slashed skirt. It is bad enough to make skirts so tight that they look like one leg of a pair of trousers, without slitting them up so high that men will lose time from their business to watch.

Archbold voters have an opportunity June 10 to express their sentiments regarding the issuing of $24,000 bonds of the Archbold School District, for the installation of a new heating plant in the present building and the building of an addition to the present school building.

B.F. Borton, an Elmira merchant, fell from a buggy near Ed Nofzinger’s, Monday morning. He sustained a broken leg. He was taken to Elmira.

John Poucher was a real Englishman. He kept a flour mill at West Unity and preached wherever he was wanted on Sunday.

Poucher often came to Archbold to preach in the Methodist Evangelical Church. Poucher not only preached with his voice and decided cockney dialect, but he preached with his hands, feet and whole body. He made more motions than a Russian Jew.

Poucher’s sermons were considered highly entertaining about 30 years ago, and the mere announcement that he was to preach would fill the church.

John L. Rupp and wife leave for Flanagan, Ill., this week to relieve Rev. Ben Rupp as superintendent of the Salem Orphanage.

Friday, May 23, 1913

The brick for the South Defiance Street pavement is being unloaded. Some who claim to know say the bricks are not the right kind, and others who claim to be just as wise are sure they are the best ever.

A gypsy woman backed a young man into a corner near the garage on main street of Archbold the other day.

She held his hand and got some money in the old gypsy style, but the young fellow would not make any complaint after the woman was gone. This is how the gypsies get money.

Men and women would rather lose what the gypsies steal than to face the notoriety of making a complaint. But marshals and sheriffs always have an itch to get some papers so they can get their hands on the vagabonds.

P.J. Short is buying potatoes by the carload at Delta and other points. He pays around 30¢ a bushel. He says he is ready to contract this season’s crop at that price. Potatoes are likely to be a higher price than last year.

The farmer who plants about the same acreage of potatoes hits it as often as he misses.

The idea that a nation progresses in harmony with its respect toward women is good as far as it goes, but there is danger of overdoing it.

Mr. Rodenhaus cannot give up the idea that a furniture factory would be good for Archbold. There is plenty of capital to get it started. Who will be the organizer?

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