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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, May 14, 2003

It is not certain, but trees near the runway at Fulton County Airport, combined with high winds, might have been a factor in a Sunday, May 11 airplane crash.

Archbold police have been dealing with pit bull dogs living in the village.

Martin Schmidt, police chief, said owners of pit bulls and other vicious dogs are required to register them with the police department, and obtain a $250,000 liability insurance policy.

Peter Short, mayor, said eminent domain actions against two village residents were to be filed today, Wednesday, May 14, or tomorrow.

Eminent domain legal papers will go to Bob Buschur, 100 West Lutz Road, and Steve Grime, rural Archbold. They have 28 days to respond to the legal action.

The Fulton County Highway Department hydraulic excavator was used to remove the wreckage of the four-seat airplane that crashed at Fulton County airport on runway 27, Tuesday morning. Investigators anticipated they would finish the on-site portion of the investigation that day.

Some of the people who volunteered to help young people during St. Martin’s Lutheran Church homework table project appear in a photograph: Nancy Ries, Barbara Stover, Betty Clark, David Shafer, Alice Gieger, Sadonna Spiess, Joan Plassman, Kathie Bedell, Margaret Keim, Marilyn LaPlante.

In a move to broaden its contemporary offering and further strengthen its global strategy of supplying dealers with world-class products, Sauder Woodworking Co., purchased Studio RTA, headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif.

The home of Donald and Fern Wyse, 810 West Street, was sold at public auction, May 10, to Steve Sheeks for $89,000.

Deaths– Clair Augustine, 90, Union City, Mich.; Ronald Aungst, 69, Valparaiso, Ind.; James A. Yoder, 39, Archbold; George W. Nafziger, 49, Wauseon; Patricia A. Baker, 56, Archbold; Marilyn Vanderlaan, 79, Chelsea, Mich.; Tyler M. Stutzman, 23, Ridgeville Corners; Dorothy Wyse, 80, Wauseon

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, May 18, 1988

The architect’s estimate for adding two bathrooms and one shower to the Archbold Fire Department West Mechanic Street station is $46,000. “I didn’t realize it would cost that much, said Nolan Tuckerman, village administrator.

Dinner Bell Foods, Inc., Defiance, said its shareholders approved a merger agreement with BJF Merger Corp., at a special meeting of shareholders, May 12.

Sharing his Christian values, bestowing confidence, offering leadership and having a sense of humor were all used to describe Maynard Sauder Thursday evening, when he was honored as Citizen of the Year.

Deaths– Madonna Brodbeck, 88, Stryker

Eva Bradshaw, who served four years as county extension agent for home economics, resigned to become a computer technician at Ohio State University.

50th Wedding Anniversary– Ralph and Violet Gisel, May 29, 1938

Norma Elizabeth Wyse, Los Angeles, graduates May 29, with honors from the School of Medicine at the University of California.

Defiance College Grads– Mark LaNeve, Lori Nofzinger, Penelope Skinner, Susan Stamm

Ross L. Wyse, national sales manager for Sauder Woodworking, related growth of the local industry when Commercial Club members met Monday noon.

Gary Nofziger and Mark Frey, AHS ‘87, are radio personalities at Bluffton College, where they are students.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor– You’re an old-timer if you remember when a fancy thimble was a standard and common gift for bridesto be…. There was a time when Archbold village had seven ponds to draw water to make steam power for Archbold Elevator, Winzeler Sawmill, Gotshall Sawmill, and Walder Brewery. The ponds were recreation sites for fishing in the summer and ice skating in the winter.

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, May 22, 1963

A groundbreaking ceremony for the $104,000 addition to the Archbold Methodist Church, located on Ditto Street, was held Sunday morning.

A new two-story structure, 44×50, will be added to the present church, and the sanctuary altar extended to the west 21 feet with addition to the basement.

Participating in the ceremony were Gorden E. Tatman, pastor; members of the building committee and board of trustees: John Baus, O.P. Kluepfel, Donald Stamm, Donald Stotzer, Floyd Crossgrove, Hal C. Hackett, Dale H. Pape, Glenn E. Gallaway, Lyle Osborn, Ralph J. Baldwin, Robert W. Short, Jo Lantz.

George Kunkle, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles F., has perfect school attendance, kindergarten through 12th grade.

David Bowman, an AHS junior, has qualified to take part in the state track and field meet at Columbus. Last week he was sixth in the 100-yard dash at the regional track meet at BGSU.

A test oil well drilled on the Ira Jones farm, east of St. Rt. 108 in Fulton County near Oak Shade, proved dry at 3,100 feet. The test cost $250,000.

Mr. and Mrs. O.V. Lauber and Mr. and Mrs. Don Walters left Friday for four days to attend the largest machinery show in the United States, at Greensboro, N.C.

Glenn Gallaway, an AHS teacher, will speak to Commercial Club members Monday noon. Dennis Roth arranged the program.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Britsch left New York City, May 18, for a three-month vacation in Europe.

A.C. Fischer, mayor, and council have designated May 17 through June 17 as cleanup month in Archbold.

Buehrer & Vitello Gun Shop and S&S TV, on South Defiance Street in the Lugbill Addition, were robbed Monday night. Over $1,100 in merchandise was stolen.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, May 18, 1938

Kathryn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Hinderer, and Velma, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Enos Stuckey, are valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively, of the Class of ‘38.

The Air Mail Plane from the Archbold Airport has been changed to 3 pm rather than 1:30, according to H.J. Walter, postmaster. It will carry air mail letters to Cleveland from six Northwestern Ohio counties.

Ridgeville High School will hold a graduation service, Friday night, May 27. There are 22 classmates. Deloris Dehnke and Wilfred Bockelman are tied for highest scholastic honors for the four-year term.

Severe weather forced a United Airlines two-motor Douglas airplane to land yesterday evening at 7:30 at Archbold Airport.

The 21-passenger plane had flown over Archbold earlier in the evening headed to Chicago from Cleveland, and on reaching Chicago was turned back from landing because of weather.

All passengers were brought to the NYC train depot and transported to Chicago.

A lone bandit in a large car held up a gas station in Edon at 9 pm, Tuesday, and stole some money. Archbold offi- cials were notified and were on the lookout for the bandit.

The idea of a Park Roamers Club has proven popular. A number of citizens have been roaming in Ruihley Park once a week, and many more are getting the habit.

Members of the group are Ora Rupp, Victor G. Ruffer, Mrs. Warren Fetters, Mrs. E.E. Bourquin, Miss Sahra Levy, John L. Schwartz, M.A. Farber, H.T. Brown, O.R. Taylor.

John Wyse, of the Archbold Ladder Company, is building a new and modern home on Middle Street, on the former Wetzel property.

100 Years Ago
Tuesday, May 13, 1913

The Archbold Band appeared in its new uniforms and gave a concert on the street. It was creditable to the town and the musical organization. To the surprise of about all the band members a brand new bandstand was in readiness for the boys.

Rev. Kluepfel was the father of the idea and its execution. The attendance at the free open-air concert was not as large as businessmen had hoped, but if the concerts are understood to be real and the public is taught to depend on them, they might prove a valuable trade booster.

For the fourth time in eight years, burglars raided the Edon Post Office early Thursday morning.

If all the boys and girls who attended the Archbold schools remained in Archbold and raised their families here, this would be a city right now.

Archbold people have for years been paying taxes to educate boys and girls to go to other places and help make other places prosperous.

Bishop John Miller of Chicago Junction will officiate at the annual communion services of the Defenseless Mennonite Church of Lauber Hill on May 18.

The name “Archbold” was probably originally Archerbold, which means a fearless shooter with bow and arrow.

In spite of the name of the town we have never had an archery craze.

The greenhouse man is in favor of more Mother’s Days. He would have no objection to a Father’s Day or a Brother’s Day or a Sister’s Day.

In fact any day that demands flowers is popular with the men who work in glass houses.

German Township teachers are now getting $43 a month and $2 janitor fees. This ought to induce teachers to give the work more attention.

Friday, May 16, 1913

If the chicken craze continues in the vicinity of Archbold, poultry will supercede livestock.

Some claim that 100 hens on a lot in town, if properly cared for, will help to feed a family. Better get in the game and get some hens.

The University of Chicago professor who says that when the temperature goes up morals go down has yet to reconcile his saying with the fact that waves of crime occur most frequent in the winter.

Have something for your children to do each evening after school. Work makes things sacred.

The child whose home memories are not saved by work, who is not needed and does not feel a need, will not love honor.

Archbold has long enjoyed the distinction of being one of the best market towns of its size in the state.

You always get the top price for your produce from our enterprising businessmen.

A good many people are dissatisfied with the new nickel. Perhaps they expect them to buy more than the old ones did.

The automobile is no doubt a fine thing and it may bring all the joy to the family that the salesman says. It is doubtful if it brings the real joy to the grown ups that a new sled brings to a healthy country boy who lives near a hill.

The Eager House at Wauseon has been sold to the Peoples State Bank. A new building will be erected.

A nice crowd attended the dance at the Opera House Thursday evening. Many of the dancers were from the vicinity of Ridgeville Corners.

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