Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 20, 1997

Headlines- Asbestos Problems Could Push Back First Day Of School… Council Vote On Big Cable-Data System Improper Says Attorney… Farmers & Merchants State Bank Celebrates 100 Years

Myrl Sauder serves as president of the newly formed Fulton County Fair Foundation. Robert Frey is vice-president.

50th Anniversary- Hal and Carol Hackett, Sept. 7… 40th Anniversary- Mr. and Mrs. Gene Waidelich, Sept. 8

Kelli Ehrman Short attended the 1997 Chautauqua School of Music, Chautauqua, N.Y.

The Dale Miller estate sold a ranch home at auction at 18 Miller Ave., Aug. 14 to Larry and Doris Diener for $150,000.

Deaths- Lucille H. Bonney, 85, Lakewood; Cynthia Ann McClory, 33, Napoleon; Harriet C. Rudolph, 89, Stryker; Chester Zimmerman, 83, Wauseon; Loueen M. Wyse, 75, Archbold; Almeda Weber, 88, Wauseon

Steven Labbate has joined the Church of Christ as pastor at 262 Chestnut Street, Pettisville.

The National Federation of Inter-scholastic Coaches Association selected Char Sharp as the sectional coach of the year for 1996.

Northwest State Community College enrollment was up 9% over fall, 1996, according to Larry McDougle, president. Over the last three years the community college was the fastest growing college in the state.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 25, 1982

Jodie Short went to the 1982 Ohio State Fair Aug. 6 as the Ohio Pork Queen and returned in 1983 to become the Ohio State Fair Queen.

For two days fire ate away at the home of Bud and Martha Beck, in Pettisville, in the end, the fire was victorious. The brick home on Summit Street was struck by lightning at 5:45 a.m. Aug. 20.

Archbold swimmers can hang up their swimsuits and start thinking about fall now that the pool has closed for the season.

Jodie Short, Ohio State Fair Queen, was in the sale ring when Bob Evans purchased the grand champion barrow.

There are 35 members of the 1982 AHS football team, according to John Downey, coach. They are strong and fast, he said.

Rosemary Schweinhagen received an outstanding of the day award at the Ohio State Fair for her English smocked pillow.

Donna Nafziger reports a goldfinch has built a nest at the end of a maple limb.

Phil Hoverman, band director, guides the band through field maneuvers preparing for halftime football shows, according to a photograph.

A photograph shows school board members Jane Nelson, Charles Beck, Steve Wyse, and David Lersch, superintendent, discussing the possible sale of the Elmira School building with Max Stuckey, auctioneer.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- Erma Bombeck says she hasn’t the foggiest notion what makes marriages work. I’ve seen extravaganzas blessed by church hierarchy and 18 pounds of crab dip, and the hangovers lasted longer than the marriages.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 21, 1957

Robert Kramp, Perrysburg, has accepted the call to St. Martin’s Lutheran Church, Archbold, and the couple will move here Sept. 10.

The large 106 by 40-foot barn on the Jacob W. Rupp home about four miles southwest of Archbold was blown down Thursday afternoon by a wind storm that came out of the northwest and caused considerable damage. Loss to the barn and contents was estimated at $50,000. Ted Rupp, son of Jacob W., was in the barn after driving a truck into the shelter when the storm hit. He closed several doors and, hearing the building tumbling all around him, scurried for shelter. He crawled under the truck he had just driven in the barn and escaped injury. Seven dairy cows were killed. The barn had been re-roofed last year at a cost of over $2,200. Neighbors and relatives were at the Rupp farm Friday with tractors and equipment cleaning up the debris.

Lester Gericke, 18, Defiance, driving east on US-6 Wednesday in a car owned by Leo Gericke, kept too far to the right to permit an approaching car to pass and crashed into a bridge abutment. The car was completely demolished and Gericke escaped with arm cuts and leg bruises. He was able to return to work the next day.

Sandra Miller left Friday for Hollywood, Calif., by plane from Toledo to attend Central Air Line Training School for four months. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Miller.

Cornerstone laying services for St. John’s Lutheran Church, six miles south of Archbold, are planned for Aug. 25 at 2 pm. The church building is being moved back from the highway right-of-way. A new foundation and basement are being constructed while the building is raised on blocks. The original cornerstone laid in 1898 is to be used. A copy of the Archbold Buckeye will be placed in the relocated cornerstone along with sacred books, church and secular publications.

Mrs. Violet Elizabeth Schlatter, Archbold, is a candidate for graduation at Bowling Green State University, Aug. 23.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 24, 1932

The Ruihley Park Festival to raise funds to maintain the park is Sept. 1-2-3. Business places will be closed Thursday and Friday nights to permit all employees and townspeople to attend.

Ten carloads of feeder cattle have been received and distributed to farmers in this vicinity during the past week. The cattle are mostly small and thin stock recently from the ranges of Texas and Oklahoma.

The hearing before the Interstate Commerce Commission, to consider the abandonment of the Toledo & Western Railway has been postponed until some later date when the committees representing the several villages and communities along the line will be advised.

Billy Sunday will be the speaker at a meeting Sunday, Sept. 4, at the Steuben County Fairgrounds. For several years efforts have been made to get Sunday to speak there, this year Sunday promises to be present.

The New York Central railroad has discontinued mail service between Hillsdale and Lansing, Mich., according to the Eaton Rapids Journal, and the mail will be brought in by busses. The railroad will maintain a tri-weekly freight run.

Jean Marie, 3, only child of Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Munro, has been suffering with concussion of the brain and other injuries sustained when she ran into the side of an automobile and was thrown to the pavement. The little girl was playing in front of the Buehrer home on North Defiance Street.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Aug. 27, 1907

Locals are trying to get up a baseball game so Carl Druhot, the famous ball player of the big league, will pitch with Archbold against some neighboring team. Carl says his arm is getting in shape again.

A hot box delayed the 20th Century Limited at Stryker and the locals got a good look at the palace on wheels, Also, they got a squint at some of the bejeweled swells inside who were angry to think they were compelled to stop at Stryker and be gawked at by reubens.

The man who is good because he expects some reward, is good only from a selfish motive. If he is virtuous because he hopes to avoid some punishment then he is virtuous because of cowardice. The man who is virtuous because of the self-respect and pleasure it gives him and the satisfaction of having done his duty to his fellow men, has a pure motive.

The German we speak in Archbold is not German; neither is the French we speak in Archbold truly French.

The German is a dialect that is no more like the written German language than it is like Latin.

In Archbold we have a mixture of German dialects, Alsace, Rhineish, Luxenbourgish, Pennsylvania Dutch Posen, Blat-Deutsche, both mountain and provincial Swiss, Austrian, and Archbold Deutsche.

In many families the father speaks one dialect, the mother another, and the children get so mixed up they stick to English and let it go at that.

Some of the businessmen in Archbold speak all the dialects and switch from one to another unconsciously. Sometimes one hears a conversation in all the dialects.

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