Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2003

The Fulton County Board of Development Disabilities is starting from scratch in its search for a permanent superintendent, said Gene Sugg, president. Kurt Morman, the man selected for the post, has taken a job in Toledo.

Steve Buehrer, a member of the Ohio House of Representatives, was recently reappointed to the Ohio Turnpike Commission. He is a non-voting member and was named by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Deaths– Minnie B. Hewes, 98, Archbold; Yvonne P. Kasper, 80, Bryan

Maggie King recently graduated from the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts. Her parents are Brian King and Anita King.

Tom Ehrman leads a group of Wyse Commons members– Carmelita Short, Bernice Wyse, Betty Volkman, Irene Britsch, Marilyn Yoder, Virginia Sauder, Candy Dominique, Betty Grieser, in line dancing, according to a photograph. Ehrman said the group draws many onlookers.

Brian Becher, Archbold head wrestling coach, took 10 Streaks to the Toledo Waite Field House to compete in the Division III district wrestling championships, Feb 21-22. Becher brought home four state qualifiers and a district championship.

Archbold fans won $1,100 for the Archbold Athletic Department in the Rich Ford Shoot-Out, according to an advertisement.

For the third time in four years, AHS is sending a team to the state Mock Trial competition. Thirty-two teams from around the state advance to the competition in Columbus.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, March 2, 1988

Delbert Latta, fifth district congressman, said in a letter, “I can’t help but wonder why Lucas County, which will have most of the prisoners housed in a regional jail, doesn’t build the facility on a Lucas County site.”

In a telephone interview, Latta said he has not, and will not, take a stand on the regional jail.

The Archbold Area School District has the highest perpupil tax valuation of any district in the four-county area. According to information by the Ohio Public Expenditure Council, Archbold schools estimated valuation per pupil was $82,060, which is based on 1986 real, public utility, and tangible personal property valuation.

The Hazel Poorman estate of approximately 78 acres, located 5 1/2 miles north of Archbold in Franklin Township, was sold at public auction, Saturday, Feb. 20, for $750 an acre to William G. Rupp.

The 1.5 acres of real estate sold for $15,000 to John Miller.

Several officials were on hand Feb. 26 to see $165,000 pass from the Ohio Board of Regents to Northwest Technical College for computers.

Deaths– Robert Peugeot, 77, West Unity; Grace Eby, 74, Wauseon

Aden Storrer pedals a stationary bicycle every day for at least 10 miles. In the past three years he biked over 9,526 miles.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor– Truth, like skywriting, is hard to find on a windy day…. In 1916, Archbold had the luxury of having a waterworks system that pumped water to homes, business places, even upstairs.

Steve Nafziger is chairman of the Rotary Club polio fund drive. The club seeks $20,000 in pledges as part of the five-year International Rotary campaign to raise $120,000,000. The local club’s contribution will immunize 160,000 children in the world.

Tom Voigt, general manager of the Bryan Times newspaper, told Commercial Club members about the beautification program going on in the Bryan business district around the courthouse square.

Shelly Poorman is the only member of the Blue Streak swim team, and is the fastest.

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, March 6, 1963

New flashing signals are to be placed on Stryker Street near the Archbold High School and McLaughlin Public Library buildings for the protection of students and motorists.

Orville P. Lohse received a Bachelor of Arts degree at Valparaiso University.

Joyce Ann and Sandra Lee Nofziger, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Nofziger, are on the dean’s list at Bob Jones University

Duane Hayes and Larry Holland received the runnerup trophy for the Blue Streaks, who lost to Pettisville, 68-53, in the county tournament.

The A&P Food store will relocate to 690 West Stryker Street in the Klopfenstein property.

Sale of the Stryker municipal light plant and distribution system to Toledo Edison Company will become effective in 30 days.

Elaine Nofziger and Shirley Rupp are on the dean’s list at Adrian College.

Jesse Storrer and crew wrecked the old home at 106 Ditto Street, which had been unoccupied for some time.

In music competition at BGSU, Saturday, Roger Short played the cornet solo “Carnival of Venice” and Steve Pape, Calvin Britsch, and Paul Buehrer played the cornet trio “Blue Jackets.” They are eligible for state competition,

Dean Rupp is on the honor’s list at Defiance College.

Council accepted the bid of Archie Fielitz to do some remodeling of the fire station.

Council renewed its agreement with Wm. H. King, Wauseon, to continue dumping refuse on his farm.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, March 2, 1938

The red brick schoolhouse one mile north of Archbold has been turned into a store to market goods from a firm at Cement City, Mich., purchased by W.G. Theobald, of Archbold, and Walter Britsch, of Munson, Mich.

Miss Emma Vernier, Mrs. Almeda Geesey and daughter Mrs. Edgar Rice returned Monday afternoon from a two-week trip to Florida. They drove 3,186 miles.

Miss Vernier says the story about our robins being so thick in Florida during the winter is a myth. They saw not a single robin during their stay.

A new business place in Archbold to be known as Bancroft Cleaners is to open in the building opposite the post office, March 7, under the management of Miss Pauline Wyse, according to an advertisement.

The New York Central railroad is now operating daily a through train to Chicago. It stops in Archbold at 7:15 am and arrives in Chicago at 10:50 am.

Mr. Charles Taylor has the receipt of the tax on his farmland paid to Williams County by his grandfather in 1838-39: $4.92.

Today there are only 21 interurban electric lines operating in Ohio with less than 700 miles of track.

The line through Archbold is one of the few in operation in the state, and with its 60 miles of road it represents one-tenth of the entire mileage still operating in Ohio.

Irvin Wotring is making two fine homes out of the residences he recently purchased on Brussel Street.

100 Years Ago
Tuesday, Feb. 25, 1913

Floyd Brace and Miss Maryann Seiler were married at Wauseon. They will live on one of the Peter Seiler farms. They went on a trip to Hicksville and Bryan.

A French physician says that walking on all fours will cure indigestion. Here’s another excuse for the man who must adopt this mode of locomotion when he reaches home at 3 am.

Archbold has made several attempts to popularize a pubic library, but there are few book readers in this neck of the woods. Patrons of such an institution are few. There was a township library, but the books were old and out of date and no one read them.

Archbold schools have a library that is used frequently. The library needs more useful books. Citizens are invited to donate.

Congress has appropriated $7,500 to build a post office in Napoleon. We wish the government had the dignity to build a post office in Archbold.

The township school board is talking of building a new schoolhouse in the Spiess district.

Go see the old Phoenix Fire Extinguisher since it has been painted, striped, gilded and polished.

It looks like a brand new circus wagon and is worth going to the Town & Township Hall to view. With its new coat of paint and careful inspection, the old Phoenix will not raise itself or anything else from ashes but will prevent the ashes from forming.

W.B. Duckworth resigned his position as teacher in the seventh and eighth grades of the Archbold schools. Isaac Carey has been engaged to fill the vacancy.

Rev. David Rupp and Miss Kennedy were married recently at Kaballa, Sierra Leone, West Africa, where there they are stationed as missionaries.

WEAVING–Having purchased a loom I am prepared to weave carpets, rugs, mats, etc., at reasonable prices. Near Snyder’s pond. Conrad Frischknecht.–adv.

Friday, Feb. 28, 1913

The true thrift of the people of a town may be judged by the dooryards they keep. Beauty contributes to the happiness of all, and only selfish hearts can see no good in a poor appearance of property.

The public-spirited citizen, the truly benevolent soul, the heart of good morals, and the thoroughly religious mind will never permit thorns and thistles, brush and briars, and all manner of unsightliness to the surroundings of a precious neighborhood home.

Council is going right ahead with the South Defi- ance Street pavement. Profiting by former mistakes, council intends to get an early start this year.

The fact Archbold has a twice-a-week newspaper, the only one in Fulton County, allowed the project for this year. Had there been no Tuesday edition, the ordinance would not have been published in time to do the work this year.

Archbold is always there with the goods.

Archbold’s first horse show is today and tomorrow. Colenzo Hoffmire, veterinarian, and Wilson Myers are the prime movers. The horses will be paraded and judged in the open on the main street downtown.

Archbold businessmen were most agreeably surprised at the results of their efforts for a poultry and pet show.

With very little effort, the Titanic building was filled with proud roosters, self-satisfied hens, turkeys, geese, ducks, rabbits, pigeons, etc.

The building was crowded nearly all day and evening with spectators.

Some businessmen do not offer encouragement to the proposed illumination of main street. They think the local electric light plant incapable of furnishing suffi- cient electricity to make the lights impressive.

According to government reports, Americans are drinking more alcohol and using more tobacco than ever before. It is not surprising because there are more Americans than ever.

Rev. Vogt, the new minister of the St. John’s Church, is moving his belongings into the parsonage. He has five children.

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